Chapter 1118: Alien invasion!

        Beyond the Polar monument.

        All the comprehensions were once again stunned.

        The ranking of the extremely fairy list has been replaced, the first one is a wood feather, and the five people of the soul family are completely annihilated!

        In just a few hours, Mu Yu directly killed two soul people and shocked the audience.

        The five souls are all over the army, so the remaining nine Xuan Xian will not have any connection with the Mie Palace. The nine Xuan Xian places will also be in the hands of the three-day comprehension. The news seems to have ignited a glimmer of hope in the hearts of all people, and it is getting stronger and stronger.

        "The people who can be seen by the sword and the dust and the dead wood are really two."Tan Qingquan stood at the top of the mountain and nodded slightly.

        Chu is not convinced but the brow is locked: "I always feel that things are not that simple."

        Both of them turned their attention to the sky at the same time, where the Triple Palace was called the location of the soul of the first person under the white world.

        Soul Kui was extremely gloomy at this time, but there was no mad look. He also paid attention to the two people who talked about Qingquan and Chu, and then suddenly showed a sneer: "You are too happy."

        His whole body suddenly lit up with white light, and the majestic soul poured out, but did not force the past to all the comprehensions, but flocked to the vast sky, where there was a gap, like the sky was Ripped open, revealing a black hole that is bottomless.


        The horrible atmosphere spread from the black hole, the rolling soul force turned out, and the whole air was shrouded. The sky was clouded, as if it were going to collapse, and hundreds of thousands of comprehensions all felt breathless.

        A majestic figure from the black hole stepped out of the black hole and appeared in front of everyone.

This man stood there, stronger than everyone they saw, and powerful to an unreasonable point.

        The owner of the Mie Palace, the white world!

        The faces of Qingquan and Chu Unyin have changed slightly. Other people present may have never seen this person, but they know it. None of them thought that the White World would appear here at this time. This is the first time that the White World has appeared in front of all the self-cultivators.

        "A good and powerful person."

        Everyone involuntarily swallowed. When they saw the white world, they had vaguely guessed the identity of this person. Such a strong existence, besides the owner of the Mie Palace, who else?

        No one dares to scream freely, even if they know that there is a so-called mysterious perfect river, the people of the Soul can't kill them, but they still look very awkward, and the powerful oppression in the white world makes them unable. Opening.

        The white world gently took a step, and the blink of an eye had already arrived in front of the two people who talked about Qingquan and Chu.

        "Reversely, Chu is unyielding, and both of you dare to appear in this place."The sound of the white world is very thick, like a god, like a mountain.

        Talking about Qingquan and Chu unyielding, they clenched their fists. Even when they were facing the white world, they were also scared. The strength of the white world now makes both of them chill. They wanted to leave at the moment when they appeared in the white world, but the white world has blocked this area and did not give them any chance.

        Tan Qingquan said angrily: "Despicable aliens!"

        "mean? Do you realize this now? I thought you should have known it! ”The white world laughed.

        His laughter was very loud and passed on to everyone's ears. Now that the conspiracy of the Souls has been exposed, the White World simply no longer needs to hide. He stands there, enough for everyone to dare to scream.

        Chu is not convinced that the people are no longer so unreasonable, and become very serious: "Do you want to kill us?"

        "It is inevitable to kill you! Save you two two secretly give me a stick! ”The tone of the white world is very natural, there is no cover, and the meaning of killing is also endless.

        Talk about the clear spring eyes like electricity, the Blue Electric mans wandering on the body: "You are killing us also useless, your soul race into the polar monument of the people have all perished, now nine Hyun Xian places have no relationship with your soul clan again, extremely immortal monument will screen out nine Hyun Xian, they nine people enough to control the days of constant power to kill your soul people! ”

        The most powerful thing in Triple Sky is the power of Tianheng. It is the power to keep a world eternal. This kind of power is enough to kill the soul people. The strength of the white world is not enough to compete with Tianheng. It is also a card for them to compete with the Mie Palace.

        "Is it a monument?"

        The white world faintly turned his attention to the monumental monument. The monumental monument still floated in midair at this time, magnificent and magnificent.

        "The ancient gods, sword shadow dust, the ancient gods created something that is truly extraordinary."Bai Jie nodded slightly, even if he could not match the sword shadow of the heyday, he did not deny it.

        Everyone was shocked. This monument is actually created by the sword shadow dust.

        What is the ancient god, the sword shadow dust wind?

        Endless questions appear in the minds of the self-cultivators. The true gods that they once smashed for the Triple Palace turned out to be such a powerful person.

        "Sword shadow dust has lived in endless years. One of the most wrong things he has done is that he has pity for human beings and is willing to sacrifice his endless cultivation to protect the world. He is a god who only covers the sky, but he wants to protect these weak and selfish waste comprehens. However, how can he lay out, is it not my words to put him in a position of injustice? ”

        The laughter in the white world is very embarrassing, even to a morbid distortion, the sword shadow dust has made so many sacrifices for the triple heaven, but these stupid comprehensions have not realized that the white world uses the ugly side of human nature. The sound of the sword and the dust is easy.

        "But it's a pity that you want to defeat me by the nine monuments of the mysterious fairy, it is impossible to achieve, because from today, the great monument has ceased to exist!"

        The white world raised his hand slightly, pointing at the monument, and suddenly a white mans appeared in his hand. The white mans were like the gods of the world, and they shot straight to the celestial monument of quaint vicissitudes. The power of the pour out of the white mans, did not enter the monument!

        Oh! Oh!

        The crisp sounds were uploaded from the Great Monument, and clearly echoed in everyone's ears. Everyone had a horrified look on his face.

        The powerful and indestructible monument has already been covered with cracks!

        "Do you really think that the nine Xuan Xian who were screened out by the Great Monument will save you and the fire? You are too naive, and the power of the immortal monument in the perfect river and mountains is weakened, enough to be destroyed by me! ”Bai Jie laughed and held his hand!


        The monumental monument that originally symbolized the glory of glory directly became a powder!

        Everyone was shocked, and the Great Monument was destroyed in front of their eyes. Doesn't that mean that the immortals who entered the Great Monument have not come back?

        If the great immortals can't come back, if the four disciples of Jianfeng Dust can't come back, who else can save the triple heaven?

        "And now, with the help of the adults of the heavenly masters, I have the means to restrain the perfect rivers and mountains, enough to kill everyone in your presence. Three Heavens will become the hunting ground for all the saints under our rule!"

        The white world screamed wildly, and the soul power in his hands slammed into the sky again, breaking through the sky. A lightning bolt tore the sky in half, and a crack appeared again, like a dark passage.

        Hey! Hey! Hey!

        Countless shadows rushed out of the gap, the moon-shaped people with sharp corners on their chests, the ghosts of the whole body like the phantoms of the road, the souls of the sharp-eyed and sharp-eyed people, all of them are bones of the bones, the skin is stiff and complex. A stagnant corpse, a winged winged man behind…

        The overwhelming alien army is coming to the triple heaven!


        In the ancient battlefield.

        Suddenly and Yu Mo and the two face Mu Yu, they have been dumbfounded. The purpose of their two races is to take advantage of the fishermen’s interests and be dismantled by Mu Yu. At this time, they are somewhat angry and angry, but there is no way to refute them. Because of today's situation, it is difficult for them to live to take advantage of the benefits of fishing.

        However, at this time, all the celestial beings who survived the ancient battlefield suddenly trembled. They were still able to feel the existence of the great monument even if they were in the ancient battlefield, but at some point they were extremely immortal. The connection of the monument has been completely disconnected, as if completely lost in this land!

        Suddenly and the rain stranger exclaimed, his face was ugly to the extreme.

        Mu Yu and the south frowned. They didn't understand what was going on, but the connection was broken and they felt bad.

        "Mu Yudao friends, it seems that you are killing us now and it doesn't matter. We have been abandoned in the ancient battlefield."I smiled bitterly.

        "What do you mean?"In the heart of Mu Yu, there is an unpredictable hunch.

        Yu Mo said: "Before entering the Great Monument, the elders of the tribe once yelled at us and entered the ancient battlefield. The only way we can return to the triple heaven is to transmit the array, so we can't go too far from the transmission array anyway. However, it seems that the transmission array has all been destroyed. It is impossible to achieve the final nine people. ”

        The smell of the south has become extremely mad: "In such a situation, UU reading is very likely to be a problem with the Great Monument!"

        Mu Yu’s mind flashed through several thoughts and asked: “Isn’t the monument is not something that can’t be destroyed?”

        Suddenly shook his head: "When the perfect river and mountain are opened, the power of the great monument will be transferred away, and it will become very fragile. Now, no matter you or me, there is no way to leave."

        "What is the purpose of the Mie Palace?"Asked south.

        "Taking the Terran as a prey and nutrients, specially for the aliens to take, like a captive animal, once it is mature, it will be slaughtered directly! If I didn't think wrong, the white world must have found a way to restrain the perfect river and mountains. Now, the aliens may be able to massacre the Terran. ”Mu Yu said slowly. …


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