Chapter 1119: No need to hide

        The wind blew the clothes of everyone, the gloomy sky was covered with dark clouds, and the wild beasts in the distance kept roaring, and the ancient battlefield was desolate and run down.

        The four people were silent in the air for a long time, and they did not start again, so they thought about their own affairs.

        “Where is the ancient battlefield?”Mu Yu asked.

        "I don't know, we have learned that this is a forbidden place. Even if the aliens don't dare to get involved in this land, we don't know more than you."Said awkwardly.

        “No other exits?”Mu Yu asked again.

        Suddenly and Yu Mo looked at each other and said: "The information in our family records an export, but it is very dangerous, even if the Mahayana period is a nine-death life. This land is guarded by mysterious and powerful forces, and you should be aware of this. ”

        Every ruin here, every territory, has a strong wild beast guarding. The strength of these wild animals is not weaker than the Mahayana period, and the strength of many wild animals even far exceeds the Mahayana period, which is enough to threaten them. .

        "Take us."Mu Yu said simply.

        "If we disagree?"Rain is strange.

        "There is no need to live."Mu Yu said faintly.

        "We are dead, you can't go out!"Rain is emphasizing.

        "You want to bargain with me, I will kill you. I never feel that leaving this place is only the way you said, killing you, I am willing to try my luck, you don't cooperate, I will let you have two chances of not even having luck. ”Mu Yu did not hide the threat of mouth.

        "You–" Yu Mo was speechless.

        However, he suddenly stopped the rain mob. He knew that it was almost impossible to tell the conditions with Mu Yu. At the moment, he could only say: "Wooden friends don't be angry, we cooperate."

        They initially despised the wood feathers that had just entered the Mahayana period, but now Mu Yu has mastered the power of killing, and Mu Yu told the two men with facts, ignoring what his end is, he is never such a good person. .

        Although the two are also the Mahayana period, it is almost impossible to escape from Mu Yu and the south. They can only cooperate.

        Xiaoshuai said: "Mu Yu, are we going to find a goose?"

        "Is it really good to eat at this time?"

        Mu Yu looked at Xiao Shuai’s scratching and scratching face. He smiled slightly, and the attitude of being tough and indifferent to Yu’s and Yu Mo’s has disappeared. He never puts his face on his own, and the hardest part of the fist is outward. He always understood this truth.

        Xiaoshuai also said confusedly: "But I think it is very important to be a goose."

        Mu Yu pondered for a moment, saying: "Now that not only a few of us are trapped in this ancient battlefield, but others are also trapped in the ancient battlefield. We have to find everyone before we can find the exit."

        After a while, four people re-started. Xiaoshuai shouted excitedly: "Chong, move in the direction of the dull goose."

        Xiaoshuai will never feel desperate. Even if he is already in danger, he will escape the hope of the ancient battlefield. But for Xiaoshuai, it doesn't matter where he goes. For him, he just eats and plays for another place.

        The two of them are afraid to have dissent, and they can only keep up.

        Looking south to see the stunned and rainy strangers, then the stone wall of the sky will surround them, just like a cage, isolated their detection, they both unwilling and dare not say more what.

        Looking at Muyu to the south, this said: "We haven't seen each other for a long time."

        The last time the two met in a hurry outside the Great Monument, but there was not much words.

        The look of Mu Yu looked at the south intricately. Nowadays, the south has merged with the consciousness of the back soil, and he has become a stranger to Mu Yu.

        "What are you doing for a while?"Mu Yu asked softly.

        Silenced to the south for a moment, said: "Capacity."

        "You still won't give up on your plan, right?"There is no blame statement in Mu Yu’s discourse, which is plain and faint. It seems to be just an ordinary conversation.

        Shaking his head south: "No."

        Half a mile, said to the south: "What about you? Still like the promise, want to save the three-day comprehension? ”

        Mu Yu took a deep breath and said: "I just want to save people who are worth living."

        Those who have great sense of righteousness and understand the affairs are worthy of being saved. Selfishness and self-satisfaction are fearful of death and ungratefulness. Mu Yu has given up on them.

        "So you will still save them to some extent."Shen Shen channel.

        Mu Yu looked southward, and the eyes of the south had no old-fashioned honesty, but they became unpredictable, so familiar and unfamiliar.

        "I have my own plans."Mu Yu said softly.

        “Is it going to conflict with my plan?”Asked south.

        "I don't agree with your approach."Mu Yu did not hide anything.

        Nodded slightly to the south: "I understand."

        Different beliefs and different principles lead to conflicts.

        "Is there room for recovery?"

        Mu Yu looked at the strange and familiar southward, and the south was no longer the southward. He merged with the consciousness of the back soil, and with the suffocation of the back soil, although the consciousness of the south occupied the initiative, it could no longer be It is complete yourself.

        "Do you change because of the words of the promise?"

        To the south, I don’t even want to ask Mu Yu what is the plan. He understands that Mu Yu has not been a simple boy who did not like to kill people in order to protect the world.

        Mu Yu is silent, he won't, because he doesn't want to go to Master's way, he is destined to run counter to his words.

        No one is wrong, who will follow the promises made when young and ignorant? The 12-year-old Mu Yu walked out of the Liushui Village and assured the village chief that he wanted to prove that he was a person, not a Yumeng Mozu, so he cultivated the immortal to protect the world. At that time, how could he think of the so-called self-cultivator and selfishness? Self-interested ungrateful side?

        At that time, how could he think that he would kill a city in the future because of anger?

        People will always grow up, and the grievances in the world will make many people unable to maintain their original intentions.

        "Is Luo Luo going with you?"Mu Yu asked again.

        Shaking his head south: "No, he has his own plans, but we have agreed to help each other and resist the obstruction of you and the words."

        There is no concealment to the south.

        There is nothing to hide between their teachers and brothers.

        Mu Yu no longer speaks, he feels that his chest is very depressed, but everyone has their own beliefs. Since they have strength, they want to change the world and let the world work in its own way.

        Whether it is Mu Yu, Cheng Yan, Luo Wei or South, they all want to protect or change the world in their own way.

        Both of them fell silent and the atmosphere seemed to be a bit dull.

        "At least we have a common enemy."Smiled south.

        Mu Yu seems to see the glory of the past from the smile to the south, but it is fleeting.

        "Yes, we will definitely kill it!"Mu Yu put those thoughts away.

        Xiaoshuai bit a duck leg and curiously asked: "What can't you sit down and talk together?" It’s better to change the world than to eat. Do you want to eat chicken legs? ”

        Xiaoshuai handed a bite of chicken legs to the south.

        Hesitated to the south for a moment, took the chicken legs and said softly: "I haven't eaten for a long time."

        "Then you must be hungry, hurry to eat more, I have a roast goose, and wait for you to divide your goose ass."Xiaoshuai sat on the shoulder of Mu Yu without any scruples.

        Xiaonan is not so vocal, Xiaoshuai is always so naive, he does not eat because it is repaired to this point, there is no need to eat, rather than nothing like Xiaoshuai said to be hungry.

        But he still bite the chicken leg.

        Chicken legs are oily but not greasy.

        He hasn't tasted the taste of chicken legs for a long time, he almost forgot what the chicken legs are.

        "An uncle's cooking doesn't know if he has grown up yet?"

        In the south of my mind, the uncle's face was unveiled. What makes him strange is that he is very strong today, but he thinks of An Shu, but he still feels awe.


        Several of them are flying fast, and now it is not clear where other people are, so they can only go to the direction of the dull goose that Xiaoshuai said.

        After about four hours of flight, Xiaoshuai shouted again: "The dull goose is getting closer, I feel that they are not far away, right behind the mountain!"

        Xiao Shuai’s voice just fell. A giant mountain with a height of several tens of meters suddenly appeared on the top of a mountain with a height of several kilometers. The giant jumped and flew toward them.

        Both the south and Mu Yu were shocked at the same time. The giant had a terrible horror, even stronger than the two of them!

        In the ancient battlefield, many wild animals are very powerful. They usually go around in order not to get into trouble. Even if they can fight, there is no need to waste energy on the wild beast. However, they did not expect Xiaoshuai to lead them to a horrible giant!

        "Be careful."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

        The strong Hongliang is like a thunderous rolling voice coming from the front: "Sword sword, is it really you?" Xiaojianjian, have you come to the dumb to play? I am so happy! ”

        Xiaoshuai shouted excitedly: "It's really a goose, UU reading Goose goose, how are you here?"

        "Little handsome, wait!"Mu Yu wants to stop, but Xiaoshuai can't wait to get out of the shoulder of Mu Yu, jumped to the nose of the giant dumb, and laughed happily.

        Dumb also arched his nose and cheered in place.

        At this time, the dull shoulders also passed two light figures, and the pleasant voice came out from both populations: "Wu Yu!"

        Mu Yu was also overjoyed. He never imagined that he would see Joe Snow and stunned at the same time!

        But he suddenly saw a glimpse, wait, how did Qiao Xue and Sudden appear together? that……that………


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