Chapter 1120: Questioning

        After Mu Yu saw Joe Snow and Sudden at the same time, the excitement had not passed yet, and suddenly his heart became empty.

        After Qiao Xue and Hao Ran shouted "Wu Yu" at the same time, they suddenly felt that they were not quite right. They looked at each other and then looked at Mu Yu's eyes and began to become unhealthy.

        "So smart and clever!"

        Mu Yu stood awkwardly. He originally wanted to hug two people, but it is very likely that he would be beaten by two girls. Both of them said that the man who is half-hearted is the most guilty.

        Whether it is stunned or Qiao Xue, Mu Yu is very missing, and I don't want any of them to have an accident. It is a very lucky thing to meet in this dangerous place of the ancient battlefield, but Mu Yu is somewhat overwhelmed. .

        Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu thoughtfully, and said with deep meaning: "Someone seems not very willing to see me?"

        Mu Yu quickly smiled: "How come? It is already a blessing to find you here. ”

        "Oh, I see!"Suddenly nodding at the side, the sound dragged very long.

        Mu Yu grabbed his face with one hand and felt a big head. Why did the two of them come together!

        "It seems that you are lucky."Smiled to the south.

        "Don't chill me anymore."Mu Yu is so helpless.

        I took a shot of Mu Yu’s shoulder to the south and then said, “Oh, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

        I was also happy to say hello to the south, and then quickly asked: "To the south brother, you went to the red door…"

        "Your mother is fine,

We took her over and she is safe now. Originally, we wanted to send the teacher to the sect, but she did not want to leave us and said that she would urge me to practice with Luo. ”I know what I want to ask south.

        "I urge you to practice?"

        Mu Yu naturally would not believe this excuse, but then he wanted to understand that, like Master, I would rather not look at the road to South and Luo, she wanted to know what to do to South and Luo. However, with the cultivation of the teacher, it is impossible to stop the south and Luo.

        To the south, I laughed and said, "She is safe now."

        Suddenly revealed a smile of disappointment: "That's good! Thank you to the South brother! ”

        He nodded slightly to the south, and he greeted Qiao Xue. He and Joe Snow also met.

        When Mu Yu’s distracted attention was transferred, he immediately turned the subject away and his eyes fell on the dumb. He asked, “Small handsome, what do you say is the dull goose?”

        "Yeah, he is dumb, I know him, he seems…like……I forgot what he had done before, but I just got an impression of him. ”Xiaoshuai squatted on the nose of the dumb and jumped to the palm of his dumb.

        "Small sword, you are not coming to the dumb to play, dumb is boring."As a ignorant child, he was sitting on the ground and kissed the handsome boy on the palm of his hand.

        Xiaoshuai giggled: "Dear the goose, I will call me a handsome boy in the future, don't call Xiaojianjian, Xiaojianjian is not good."

        "Okay, Xiaojianjian, dumb like a small sword."

        "Call Xiaoshuai!"

        "Okay, Xiaoshuai, right, Xiaojianjian, where did you and your master go?" Why don't you bring dumb? ”Dumbfounded said.

        Xiao Shuai whispered and said: "Call Xiaoshuai!"

        Xiaoshuai has been correcting the dumb ten times before he let the dumb finally stop calling him a sword. He also said how they met dumb and Mu Yu, and heard the dumb slap in the face. Sand, Mu Yu and south are also slightly surprised, dumb actually has such a powerful ability?

        At this time the AMI body has become only two meters of size, and small handsome slapstick, want to ask the origin of the Ah, but a stay apart from the amazing ability, brain is slow, IQ is not high, asked him how long here, he can start from the beginning of a year to the number, want to ask from his mouth what words to basically impossible.

        "Can a dumb leave the ancient battlefield? The owner said that Amumu would take me away. ”Dumb asked curiously.

        "Who is Amumu? Wait a minute, you said that Amumu does not mean Mu Yu? ”Suddenly exclaimed.

        Mu Yu is also quite puzzled: "How can Master specifically tell me to come to me?" It’s been a long time to stay here. When did Master tell him? When was the last time you saw Master? ”

        "Who is Master?"Asked inexplicably.

        "My master is the sword shadow dust."Mu Yu said.

        "Hey, the master is your master, and the dumb likes you."Dumb and stretched out his fingers: "The last time I saw my master was one, two, three years…"

        This time, I didn't interrupt the dumb. After a while, the dumb had already counted up to ninety years, but it didn't even count. Before that, when Mudu came here, Mu Yu was not even born. How could the Amumu be Mu Yu?

        "In short, we still have to hurry to find other people, let the dumbs follow us."Mu Yu said.

        But the ancient battlefield looks boundless, they can find Choshe and calm rely on is small handsome and the breath between the two people, how other people to find?

        "Ah-hang, master told you to wait here for a wooden tree, what else did you tell you?" ”Mu Yu asked.

        Dumb scratched his head, some confused, his stupid look made Mu Yu can not help but turn his eyes to the little handsome man riding on the neck of the dumb, Xiaoshuai is often confused, why the Master will have these two not reliable Guy?

        A stay crooked head thought for a long time, just said: "Ah stay do not know, he only said that the round cake can guide direction for Amumu." ”

        "Round cake?"

        Suddenly realized, he quickly took out the golden compass that dumb gave her, and said, "This is the round cake you said, isn't it?"

        Dumbfounded nodded.

        Xiaoshuai surprisedly took the golden compass and said: "Is this not a matter of heart?" How can I be here? ”

        "What is the question?"Mu Yu asked.

        Xiaoshuai also scratched his head like a dumb, confusedly said: "I am not very clear, I just flashed the word in my mind."

        Mu Yu took over the golden compass, and the compass was covered with golden patterns. These patterns were extremely complicated, and the center was all concentrated on a spot on the compass that did not seem to be made of any material.

        He carefully analyzed the formations on the compass, and with his accomplishments of the game, he now seems to be not too difficult to drive these formations, and his understanding of the game has reached an extremely powerful At the point, you can barely understand the operation of the pattern.

        He held out a finger, his fingertips were embossed, and he was spotted on the black and white spot above the compass, and then the complex inscriptions began to appear on the compass. These inscriptions were gradually arranged into a line of text.

        "Ask the heart."

        Mu Yu looked at the inscription above and read it out softly.

        Suddenly asked next: "What does this mean?"

        Mu Yu pondered for a moment, he confirmed the inscription on the compass and said: "Writing the heart, it should be used to guide the direction."

        Xiaoshuai seems to think of something, took a dumb head and said: "I know, this question is to hold it, thinking of someone, in a certain range, it will take us to find that people!"

        "Isn't that better than looking for a dragon?"Asked south.

        To know that the dragon seeker wants to find someone, it must be the atmosphere of other people. Others do not say that the five elements of the dragon array are extremely precious and extremely hard, and this does not need to consider other factors. Just thinking in your heart is enough!

        "It's very possible that the things left by Master are not to be underestimated. Maybe this thing can really help us find other people."Mu Yu said.

        “Is it so amazing?”Qiao Xue was surprised.

        Xiaoshuai proudly said: "Well, the things that my old man made are of course magical. For example, I just want to hold it, thinking of the beautiful Joe Snow sister, it will take me to find you!"

        "Hey, Xiaoshuai, it turned out that this thing is so useful, you can just think of Joe Snow sister in your heart, right?"Suddenly, I looked at Xiaoshuai meaningfully.

        Xiaoshuai was stunned by the stunned words. He realized that something was wrong. He said with a smile: "I have to think about my lovely sister, and then I will take me to find my sister."

        "Little handsome is really a good boy!"Qiao Xue stretched out the slender hand and pinched the little cheek of Xiao Shuai. The tone was inexplicably threatening.

        Xiao Shuai Zhang Zhang Mouth, feeling Choshe and calm two people's tone seems not too right, he seems to have offended two girls like Mu Yu, Strange, that the cheating is not himself, he felt the need to clarify the matter, immediately said: "I am not very clear, I think Mu Yu mind what is the most important, is not AH , Wood feather? ”

        Mu Yu can't wait to kill this mouthful: "Little handsome, are you looking for death?" Which pot does not open which pot! ”

        Suddenly put his hands in his waist and looked at Mu Yu: "Which pot are you open?" Let me mention it? ”

        Mu Yu touched his forehead and coughed twice: "We must not have something to do with it. We must first find other people, and then we must find a way to leave here. To the South, you said, isn't it?"

        Smiled south and nodded: "Yes."

        Both cumin and Qiao Xue stunned Mu Yu, and they were smashed together. Shrugging shoulders to the south, it seems a bit innocent.

        Mu Yu pretended not to see the two girls compete with him and said: "We will try to find a brother who is convinced now, UU reading to see if it works."

        He put his hand on the compass, and entered the black and white light point in the center of the compass in his hand. He thought of the appearance of the word, and the black and white light point quickly turned, and soon formed a clear light and shadow. The sooner, the final appearance of the words.

        Everyone's eyes are bright, is this compass really so powerful?

        Mu Yu turned his eyes to the east and said: "On there."

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