Chapter 1121: The chaos in the world

        In a waste city in the ancient battlefield, there was a strong aura fluctuation, and the violent voice swept through.

        The slogan stood at the top of the mountain. The whole body in front of the eyes was a giant bear composed of mud. The breath of the giant bear was terrifying, and the eyes of the black hole shimmered with a bit of coldness, roaring. The dynasty culled the past.

        With the wind blowing in the air, I looked at the oncoming giant bear. The power of the field slammed around him and wrapped the giant bear in it. The huge body of the giant bear suddenly became so straightforward. Bound in the air, as if you can't go any further!

        The acknowledgment slowly reached out and held it to the void!


        The giant bear, which was several hundred feet long, was instantly blown up and broken. The huge gravel fell from the air and slammed on the ground, deafening.

        When Mu Yu and others arrived, they just saw the scene where the hundreds of giant bears were easily removed by the rumors, and the heart was shocked!

        The breath of the giant bear is terrible, not even weaker than the thousand skills! However, in the face of the promise, it was horrified that it was destroyed without any resistance.

        Both Su Ran and Yu Mo were shocked. The two looked at each other and saw a helplessness in the eyes of the other party. They understand that they are still too small to bear the word, these two giant bears are replaced by them, I am afraid it is impossible to beat so easily.

        "Brother!"Mu Yu out of the channel.

        "Wood feather? And you guys…"

        It was very surprising when he saw that Mu Yu and others appeared here.

        "How do you guys come together?"The words can not help but ask.

        "Rely on this.

"The compass in the handle of Mu Yu refers to the words."

        The words nodded thoughtfully, and looked at the dumb giants who were so dumb and looked at Mu Yu with a questioning look.

        "This is a long story. I will explain it to you slowly."

        Mu Yu told everyone about what they had encountered, including the shackles and rains that were tied to the south, and how to meet dumb people in the middle, and told them one by one.

        The rumors looked at the stunned and rainy, letting the south untie the bondage of them.

        "Do you both think about finding me now?"The question was asked gently and elegantly.

        Yu Mo snorted and did not answer, but he was generously handed: "We are not the opponents of your brothers and brothers, and they are convinced."

        The words nodded slightly, not much to say, he remembered the things trapped in the ancient battlefield at this time, and then said: "This time it was a big idea, I did not expect the monument will be destroyed, we must rush back as soon as possible. Row."

        This is really the only way at the moment.

        Their group re-started, and since they have found a promise, it is not difficult for the rest to find it. Mu Yu re-determined the number of people to look for. Whether others entered the ancient battlefield, he couldn't control it, but Luo Wei, Ximen unfortunately, jealous and lonely days they had to find.

        For a long while, I suddenly said: "You have to find another person."

        "Your people?"Asked coldly south.

        I shook my head: "We have no one in the shadow family. I have entered the ancient battlefield alone. I will not let other people come in and die. The person you are going to look for is named Chuxia."

        Mu Yu remembered the Chu and the incomprehensible men and women who had met at the beginning. He knew the ability of Chu to be late, and this person was hidden. I am afraid that he has already entered the Mahayana period at this time, and it is very likely that he has also come to this place.

        "You know him?"Mu Yu asked.

        "He and I are a good friend, but at this time the choice is different. He wants to protect the triple sky, and I don't think so, but I don't want him to die. ”Said calmly.

        Mu Yu did not speak, but he would also look for Chu to be late, no matter what, when Chu did not swear by the mentor and the mentor also helped him, this must be helped.

        Through the "inquiry" of Muyu, Mu Yu determined the orientation. The nearest Ximen was unfortunate and embarrassed. The two of them seemed to have come together in the ancient battlefield by relying on the chaotic relationship between them. .

        "Senior brother, what is the ancient battlefield?" Have you heard from Master? ”Mu Yu asked on the road.

        After a long time of contemplation, he said: "Master has mentioned the ancient battlefield a long time ago. It is a lost world. It was once prosperous. Later, some accidents occurred, which caused the whole world to be destroyed, but it is still here. A mysterious and powerful force guards."

        "Is it a world like Santian?"Open south to the side.

        The promise shook his head: "I don't know, Master did not elaborate."

        He kept his eyes on the south. For so many years, the rumors have been pursuing the whereabouts of the south, but now I have never thought of meeting in this place.

        "Go home?"The whispered softly asked.

        I squirmed to the south mouth for a moment, then shook my head.

        The sacred eyes and the disappointment of the sacred eyes: "It is my fault, I have not fulfilled the responsibility of the master."

        "It doesn't matter to you, we have grown up and have our own way to go."Said to the south.

        The creed also looked at Mu Yu: "At least one person is going home."

        Mu Yu did not go to see the eyes of the words, he just found himself when the killing power was entangled, but many times things are far from simple.

        Looking south also at Mu Yu, he did not go through the wood feathers.

        No one can say anything about the future.


        The western swamp of the triple continent, the Yaozu.

        The majestic Qinglong Dynasty Dragon Palace is like a pearl in the barren land of the whole west, bringing hope to all the Yao people.

        But at this time in the Dragon Palace of Qinglong, the atmosphere is already very dull.

        "Is the aliens still invaded after all?"The Qinglong demon king sat on the throne and looked awkward. Sitting below is the Kraken King, the phoenix king, and the white-faced demon king with a pale face, and the sea eagle, Wang Haiqing, who lost his heart.

        Although Haidongqing broke free from the seal, his heart is still in the hands of the south. At this time, even if he resumed a little repair, life and death are still in the hands of the south, and this is the Qinglong demon king is also helpless.

        In addition to the five demon kings, there is another person present, and it is Zhuge Xiaosheng!

        The white demon king Shen Shen said: "According to the news of the people who inquired about intelligence outside, the three continents have completely fallen, and they have become hunting grounds for aliens. All the human races have been enslaved by aliens. Perfect rivers and mountains are bounded by white people. Restrained, there was a problem."

        The Qinglong demon king frowned and said: "Are they killing the human race?"

        The White Demon King said disgustedly: "They are tormenting the Terran. For those of the aliens, it is the most wasteful way to kill them directly, because that can only get the soul and body of the Terran. It is far from satisfying the needs of all the aliens. ."

        Zhuge Xiaosheng clenched his fist and said: "I have to go back and see!"

        "You are not allowed to leave!"Qinglong demon king cold channel.

        Zhuge Xiaosheng stared at the Qinglong demon king, and said without fear: "I am only responsible for conveying the words of Evergreen, and I am not responsible for helping you to resist the things in the wilderness. Now that the human race is at stake, can I stand by and watch? ”

        The Qinglong demon king said with majesty: "You only have the cultivation of the robbery period. You will only become a member of the enslaved by the aliens. You will come to help us to help the demon to consolidate the ruins of the ruins. You must Leaving, there is nothing we can do about it."

        Zhuge Xiaosheng whispered: "It is not enough for you to demonize the demon people themselves in the ruins of the ruins. Are you still planning to watch our people being enslaved by aliens? Don't you know the truth about your lips? ”

        The Qinglong demon king screamed coldly: "I naturally know the truth of the cold, so we must think of a better countermeasure. Besides, I will not let you go back to death. You are a rare strong strategist in the current realm, Mu Yu is now Being trapped in the ancient battlefield, you have to take responsibility!"

        "My responsibility is to protect the Terran, not to protect your Yaozu!"Zhuge Xiaosheng angered.

        The white demon king said: "Zhuge Xiaosheng, dead wood Evergreen has come alive, he will definitely find ways to protect those people, you can do your own things now. Evergreen Evergreen is the old man of your door. How much should you know about his ability? Since he has asked you to come here to help the cause of the ruins, you should do the things of the ruins, otherwise the ruins will come out. The problem, the whole three days really fell off! ”

        Zhuge Xiaosheng was unwilling to chill and screamed.

        For a long while, the white demon king said: "The hateful thing is that Tiangan actually fell into the hands of the Triple Palace. It is almost impossible to destroy the damn locusts with the help of Tianheng."

        Nowadays, the monumental monument has been destroyed, and it is impossible to screen out nine Xuanxian. Among the nine eternal people, the keloid is not known, and Tiangan is also taken away by the Triple Palace. Both methods of using Tianheng’s power are invalid. To fight against the white world has almost become a luxury.

        The phoenix demon king glanced at the white demon king and said: "It is not because you are careless, you are going to the soul of the trap, you almost killed, but also tired of the day, if you wait for me Going, it’s not going to let the sky go wrong."

        The white demon king was dumbfounded, UU reading muttered two sentences, did not dare to scream again.

        The entire hall was in a state of silence. No one spoke. Everyone was troubled by the current situation and seemed helpless. The white world destroyed the Great Immortal Monument, and the alien army rushed into the triple heaven. The entire triple continent has fallen. Now, Mu Yu and others are still unclear, and the situation is quite serious.

        After a long time, Zhuge Xiaosheng broke the silence: "How big is the chance of Mu Yu coming back from the ancient battlefield?"

        A few demon kings face each other, Qinglong demon king sighed and said: "The road back is very dangerous, almost nine dead without life, it is I dare not easily get involved. I am afraid that they will be fierce and fierce. ”

        Zhuge Xiaosheng's face is white, and the strength of the Qinglong demon king naturally understands that if the Qinglong demon king is not sure of the way back, then how can they get back? …


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