Chapter 1122: The Sea

        By relying on the guidance of the heart, Mu Yu successfully found all of them on the ancient battlefield.

        Simon is unfortunate, hey, lonely day, Luo Wei and Chu Xia late, a lot.

        “So we have to find the way to get out of here now?”Simon unfortunately opened the fan lazily and asked leisurely.

        "Yes, but the road I know is extremely dangerous. Before entering here, the elders in the family have warned us not to get involved in that place."Nodded.

        Lonely Heaven said: "I don't understand, what is the meaning of the Great Monument to let us enter the ancient battlefield? Why do you have to do this screening? Now we still have to get out. ”

        The creed said slowly: "The significance of sending us to here is to let us understand that there will be a day of destruction in a powerful world. We want to be the last nine sacred gods who guard the triple heaven. You need to understand how big your responsibilities are. If you can't live in this place, don't even talk about guarding your own world. ”

        Everyone looked at the words and was said to be moved by the words of the promise.

        "So, is it abandoned here this time is also in the test?"I twisted my waist and asked.

        "You can treat it as a test."Mu Yu said.

        Xiao Xiao Ying came to Mu Yu, looked at Qiao Xue and Hao Ran, revealing a weird smile, then put the slender hand on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and put it to the ear of Mu Yu, said softly: "Wood Feather brother, isn’t it better for me to give you a test? I want to die for you! ”

        The eyes of Qiao Xue and Hao Ran looking at Mu Yu have become increasingly poor.

        "The relationship between you is very unusual."Holding his little handsome in his arms, he suddenly squeezed his hand on Xiaoshuai.

        "what!"Xiaoshuai screamed,

Shouted: "Mu Yu, what are you two relatives?" I walked away and I pinched me! ”

        Mu Yu quickly pushed open and said: "Hey, don't mess things up, our priority is to leave here!"

        He secretly squeezed a sweat, and smashed the goblin of this evil country. He was so close to him that he wanted to deliberately find him in front of Qiao Xue and stunned. This fairy hobby is so strange to men that he deliberately lured him. It’s really tidy.

        The slogan said with a sigh: "Lead the way."

        Suddenly nodded, a black token appeared in his hand, and the blue spirit was lit up in his hand. Into the black token, the black token quickly transformed into a light and shadow, flew forward. .

        "Everyone keeps up."

        A pedestrian quickly followed the black token, and the black token walked in a straight line, many of them after the territory of the wilderness, countless powerful wild animals are howling, to their disadvantage, but they have a very honest and powerful AH-hang, all the wild beast seems to be a stay to beat, a stay of breath, all the wild animals are avoid.

        "Sleeping goose is really our pioneer! Dumb is doing a good job! ”Xiaoshuai sat on his head and said with a sigh.

        "Can that dumbness leave the ancient battlefield?"Dumb asked poorly.

        Xiaoshuai said awkwardly: "Yes, let's go to the white mouse!"

        "Okay, dumb and Xiaoshuai Shuai go to play white mice together."Dumb said happily.

        Mu Yu asked: "Dumb, how was you brought to the ancient battlefield by Master?"

        Dumbfounded: "It just appeared at once, the master is a strategist, and the dumb is very respectful to the master."

        The words are silent all the way, just watching their three younger brothers from time to time. He always wants to bring back the three younger brothers. Now it’s hard to get together, but in this case, even him I don't know if this is still the case.

        They flew for a day, and soon they saw a magnificent river. The river was infinite and merged into the sea. The end of the sea did not know where it was.

        The black token also stagnated and no longer moved forward.

        “Is this the place to leave the ancient battlefield?”Mu Yu asked.

        Suddenly put away the black token, shook his head and said: "I don't know if it is, but there is some smell in my token. Since it guides us to come here, there is no mistake."

        Everyone looked at the boundless sea in front of them and didn't understand.

        "Do we want to cross the sea?"Chu asked late.

        "Qiao Xue, can you go and see the situation?"Mu Yu said.

        Qiao Xue walked to the beach, kneeling down and reaching for the sea, his brow wrinkled: "The water here has a weird power, I can't control it."

        If there is no place for Qiao Xue, who has the ability to control water, it is really weird.

        "We have no other way, we can only take a step and take a step. The ancient battlefield is very dangerous. Everyone should try to stay together. Don't let go. ”Said the words.

        Everyone nodded, and the dumbness became bigger. Qiao Xue and Sudden had already fallen on the shoulders of dumbness. Mu Yu and Cheng Yan were at the forefront. Others were distributed around dumb, so no matter what happened. The situation is also timely and timely.

        They have been galloping on the endless sea. Everyone is very powerful, and the speed is so incredible that it is almost invisible to the land behind it. There were only a few undulating waves left in the surrounding area. There was no seabird in the sky and no island.

        Mu Yu always felt that there was something wrong with this sea. He called the little handsome and said: "Little handsome, do you think that this sea is a bit strange, like the feeling of deja vu?"

        "Do you mean the sea to the east of the Mouyun Mountain Range? It feels different. We went to the territory of the King of the Seas last time. The sea there is more lively than this. The various monsters are in groups. The sea here looks like the Dead Sea. ”Xiaoshuai said.

        "It's not the sea of ​​the mountains, not even the sea itself, but the area is very strange."Mu Yu said with vigilance.

        If they just stepped into the sea and rushed out of countless wild animals to attack them, they wouldn’t be surprised at all. On the contrary, it would be normal, but now it seems that all the way, calm and the biggest encounter The waves are only a little over ten meters, and there is no threat to them.

        When a crisis-ridden place suddenly becomes smooth, it is extremely abnormal.

        The wooden feather fell to the surface of the water. He touched the sea while flying, and his heart moved. Numerous green leaves had spread out and soon disappeared into the sea.

        Qiao Xue also fell from the shoulders of Dumb, stepped on the water and asked, "What are you doing?"

        Mu Yu shook his head: "I just feel that something is wrong, right. Before you came here, there was nothing else in the Yaozu?"

        Qiao Xue said: "There are some things on the side of the Yaozu. The poisonous fog of the ruins is becoming more and more restless. The strange diseases of many Yaozu people are becoming more and more obvious."

        "My father and I have mentioned that the ruins of your demon clan are a very strange place, there are some strong inside, was sealed in the other side of the waste market, the existence can let the day to retreat, a few demon king want to solve the seal of the land reclamation market, but the ruins of the three-day continental end, seal once untied, On the other side of the famine market, the ethnic groups that guarded the seals rushed over to occupy the body of the demon people, who were also eyeing the Sanchong continent. Before you came here, did the demon kings say anything to you? ”

        Before Muyu rushed to the Great Monument, he talked to the dead wood, and the dead wood told many things he didn't know before, the most important of which was the seal of the ruins.

        Qiao Xue said: "We have been controlled by some unidentified people and become extremely addicted to killing. Several demon kings have to kill them. The dead wood predecessors let the Zhuge lord come to help re-release the seal. Before I left, the Zhuge lord just happened to bring the uncle to the Yaozu. ”

        After a while, Qiao Xue asked strangely: "Why do you suddenly care about this?"

        Mu Yu shook his head: "No, I always feel that this sea is very weird, and it is very irritating to me."

        Mu Yu put his hand into the sea. He flew very fast. The sea water was cut like a hard cut, leaving a long white mark behind him.

        On the shoulders of dumb, I was biting the teeth, my eyes sparkling with strange light, watching Joe Snow and Mu Yu.

        Xiaoshuai ran around and sat down, curiously asked: "What is your sister thinking?" How does it seem that I am not very happy? ”

        "I am not unhappy."Suddenly licking his mouth.

        Xiaoshuai laughed: "I still said that there is no unhappiness, and your mouth is up."

        Suddenly stunned Xiaoshuai, then pulled Xiaoshuai’s ear and whispered: "Small handsome, I ask you, do you think Muyu likes me a little more or likes Joe Snow?"

        The young handsome bitter face, he has not been able to attract two people since he met Qiao Xue and Hao Ran. Qiao Xue and Yu Ran have opinions on Mu Yu and also involved him.

        Xiaoshuai quickly said with a smile: "Of course, I like to be a little more sister."

        "Hey, deceive!"Suddenly, I glanced at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, who were whispering underneath, and said with dissatisfaction.

        Xiaoshuai pitifully changed his mouth: "Then like Joe Snow's sister is a little better."

        "Okay! You really think so! ”Said with a bite of his teeth.

        Xiaoshuai is crying out: "What answer do you have to listen to?" My sister, you should go to the ear of Yumu Yu, isn’t that the same thing? ”

        "No matter, you and Mu Yu are half a catty."I whispered. UU reading

        Xiaoshuai said with a sad face: "I think Mu Yu likes me a little more, is this OK? Would you like me to call Mu Yu and let him pay attention to the image? ”

        Suddenly shook his head: "No, no, is he really discussing important things with Qiao Xue?" I can't bother them. After all, in the sea, Qiao Xue will control the water and have the most say. ”

        "What if they are not discussing important things?"Xiaoshuai asked subconsciously.

        Suddenly snorted and pulled the little handsome's ear: "Then you will die."

        Xiaoshuai screamed unfairly, why is he dying? Obviously, I am only eating melons and people, why do I have to bear such a right and wrong for Mu Yu! …


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