1123th Chapter: Lost Sea

        On the endless sea, everyone is concentrating on the alert, waiting to cope with sudden changes, but an hour has passed, and there is still silence around, no living things, no margins, only the undulating waves of the sea. sound.

        Chu came late and came to the side of the road, saying: "It seems that your plan can't be realized."

        Suddenly sighed: "They are very strong, I have nothing to say."

        These two words, whether it is Mu Yu et al. or the soul family, are not something that can be changed.

        "The perfect river and mountain opening has advantages and disadvantages. Since the Great Monument has been destroyed, you should think of what the Souls will do. It is impossible for the Shadowless people to stand by and watch."Chu Xia later hangs Lang Lang said locally.

        Suddenly shook his head: "Those things may not go to the worst step, no one can say."

        Suddenly looking at the back of the words, I fell into meditation. Although the rumor has always made him feel unmatched, but the wood feathers below is a huge variable, especially the powerful field of defeating the enemy has left a deep impression on him.

        Mu Yu did not care about what he was talking about and he was late. He watched the change of the water surface. A sudden green leaf was suddenly formed in the waves in front of him. The anxiety in his heart was finally confirmed.

        "Stop!"Mu Yu shouted.

        "what happened?"Everyone stopped in the air and looked at Mu Yu.

        Mu Yu picked up a leaf from the front and said with a heavy tone: "We are trapped."

        "Is it trapped?"

        Everyone is immediately alert again. They have not noticed an abnormality along the way. How can they be trapped?

        "Are you sure? Wood feather.

"The words fell on the side of Mu Yu asked."

        Mu Yu held the green leaf in his hand and nodded. "I just noticed that something was wrong. I used the leaves as a marker on the sea. We flew all the way. It is reasonable to say that the leaves will not appear in the leaves. The front, but –"

        Mu Yu went to the front, and suddenly there were countless leaves flying in the sea ahead. He danced beside him: "The leaves have gone to us, which means that we have been spinning around."

        "In situ?"

        With amazement, he looked around and looked at the blue sea in all directions. No matter from any direction, it was the same monotonous scenery. Normal people couldn’t detect whether they were spinning around.

        "Can you be sure of this?"Luo Wei out of the channel.

        Others are somewhat uncertain. In the sea that does not see the end, there is no marker other than the undulating water flow. It is impossible to determine whether it is spinning in place.

        "It is true, you see, that's what I got."Qiao Xue pointed to the front of the sea.

        A huge iceberg floated on the front of the sea, which was very conspicuous on the sea. They hadn't seen the iceberg all the way, but until now they saw that the iceberg that should have been left behind them came to the front, obviously not right.

        When Joe Xue saw that Mu Yu was marked with leaves, she also set up an iceberg to guide the way.

        "So we are lost in this sea?"Southward.

        "Most likely, Mu Yu, have you noticed the existence of the formation?"Asked the words.

        Everyone has also set their sights on Mu Yu. Mu Yu has a very high degree of arrogance. If he is a fanatic, he will definitely be aware of it.

        But Mu Yu shook his head: "This is the most wrong place! There is no atmosphere of the formation, there is no pattern, but we are trapped in this place, just like a mirror array, spinning in place. ”

        Mu Yu’s words are very weighty. When he said that there is no formation, then things are really troublesome.

        Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "It is better for us to verify it."

        "How to verify?"Simon unfortunately asked.

        Mu Yu said cautiously: "Everyone goes in different directions, walks separately, goes straight ahead, and if they can finally come together, it means that we are indeed trapped. I have just measured the time. From the first leaf falling on the sea, it took a whole hour and a quarter of an hour. Everyone used the flight just now to record the time when they returned to their place. ”

        The wood feathers are supported by the sea, and a big tree rises in the air and floats in the air: "You mark this big tree."

        The big tree is floating in the air, so it won't drift away with the waves.

        “What does it mean to do this?”Yu Mo asked.

        "We can determine how big the sea is trapped by us according to the time we come back. What is the general terrain? It is convenient for us to make the next judgment. If a group of people does not return to their original location at the specified time, it means that the direction is the direction of going out. ”Mu Yu said.

        Everyone flies in the same direction in different directions. Once the person in a certain direction spends a little more time, the distance can be calculated. The range of the entire sea magic array can also be determined.

        If you want to break the line, it's important to determine the size of the range, especially the weird place where there are no lines.

        Including Xiao Shuai and Dumb, they have fourteen people at the moment. These fourteen people are not allowed to spread out to ensure safety. At least two people are in a group.

        "Then I am a good group with my brother Mu Yu? I like Mu Yu's brother! ”绾绾笑盈盈 reached out and grabbed the waist of Mu Yu, his eyes sparkling, charming and charming, and also joined the ears of Mu Yu, gently sighed.

        "No!"Qiao Xue said with a sigh of relief.

        Mu Yu glanced at the glance and opened his hand. He knew that he was purely looking for something. Her woman who liked the abnormality could like Wood Feather. When I saw Joe Snow and was on the scene, I deliberately found him uncomfortable.

        "That's a pity!"Twisted the waistline.

        Mu Yu said: "Hey, you and Simon are unfortunately a group, you two can not be separated. Qiao Xue, you are still a group with the dumb, you three are the same. Xiaoshuai followed me, Master, you and Yuran, to the South Brothers, you and Yumo, a group, Chu, you and a group of lonely days, Luo Wei, you alone, can you? ”

        Luo Wei nodded.

        Strictly speaking, Mu Yu is also a person, because Xiao Shuai fights are all about playing with the mouth, in addition to eating is to cheer for the last time, let him use the Tianjian last time, although the power is amazing, but directly stop the food. But the two of them are all along the way, familiar with each other, Xiaoshuai's perception is also very strong, will help him analyze.

        And Mu Yu naturally can't be with one of Qiao Xue or one of them, or they will definitely be unable to sleep at night. At present, there must be more people to explore the direction and look for more opportunities to go out. Qiao Xue and Hao Ran and Lonely Day have not entered the Mahayana period. There must be people with a Mahayana period. As for the two people, they are both stunned and rainy. Let them avoid the scorpion with the promise and the south.

        "To the south of the brothers, give me fourteen pieces of good jade, the kind of aura should be abundant."Mu Yu said.

        Waving south, fourteen pieces of jade appeared in his hands, and each piece of jade was filled with a strong aura, which he gave himself.

        Mu Yu's fingertips flashed, and soon he depicted fourteen-way squad, all hidden in the jade. It is the most effective way to portray the formation in jade. It can control the earth and stone to the south. He wants to make jade easily.

        He handed the carved jade to everyone and said: "This jade is good. Once something unusual happens, you can crush this jade. If you are fast enough, you can return to this bodhi tree in an instant. Everyone remembers that it takes at most three hours to fly. If you haven't seen this big tree yet, you must immediately crush the jade, and maybe that road is the direction of going out. The role of the squad is limited, and once it is out, it will not work. ”

        Everyone understands the seriousness of the matter, and at the same time, it is also impressive for the formation of Mu Yu, because everyone is the degree of the Mahayana period, flying three hours is enough to reach a terrible distance, saying that it is not too much for a hundred thousand miles. However, the scope of this jade can be transmitted to such a terrible distance, it is really extraordinary!

        Since Muyu has entered the Mahayana period, his formation has naturally improved by a certain level. The transmission distance of the squad is much larger than before.

        He quickly arranged for each other their respective directions, a total of seven directions.

        "You two should be careful, don't want to be a dumb, fly with the same degree."Mu Yu said to Qiao Xue and Suo Ran, the dull dullness is dull, but the strength is not a joke. Once you are happy, you may fly faster. When you accidentally, you will be out of the distance. Not good.

        "Got it."Qiao Xue and Hao Ran said nothing.

        Everyone disappeared into the sea in different directions at the same time. The wooden feathers flew while watching other people, but unfortunately, everyone was gone after a blink of an eye. The degree of the Mahayana period is not comparable to that of ordinary people.

        The wind whizzed past the ear, and the waves rolled up and down.

        When Mu Yu looked at the sea, he still felt that something was wrong. He flew in the direction he had just returned, because they had not been far away from the 6 places, so if they fly for three hours, they should be able to see six places. of.

        Xiaoshuai sat on the shoulder of Mu Yu and sighed and sighed: "What if we are trapped here and we are not hungry?"

        "You haven't seen you starved for thousands of years in the eyes of Aura!"Mu Yu said with no anger. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com, he asked again: "Does Joe Snow and Sudden say anything to you?"

        When Xiao Shuai heard this, he immediately said: "I still say it! It’s a fascinating thing that you’ve gotten out, why are they spreading the air on me? ”

        "Good brothers have to help each other, less nonsense, say Joe Snow and ask you what?" I am so prepared. ”Mu Yu said.

        "Well me, who do you like more?" This question is a trap. How to answer will be pitted and cannot be answered. ”Xiaoshuai sat on the shoulder of Mu Yu, stretched his little feet and kept groaning, his face sad.

        "Next time I will answer you most!"Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuai’s head with a headache, and righteously said: “Do not worry, you will not be wronged in vain. Next time I buy one hundred roast ducks to compensate you.”…


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