Chapter 1124: Reminiscing on the other side

        Mu Yu comforted Xiao Shuai and flew in the direction just from the 6th place, but after flying for an hour and a quarter of an hour, he saw the linden tree in front and turned back to the original place.

        And with him back to the Bodhi tree is actually a team of Qiao Xue and Hao Ran, others have not returned.

        This time, Mu Yu regretted: I knew that I would choose another direction to inquire.

        When I first saw Qiao Xue and Hao Ran, there were other people in the south. Even if there were words, Qiao Xue and I wouldn’t say anything more than others, but this time they really only have them.

        Qiao Xue walked from the shoulders of the dumb to the branches of the Bodhi tree, looked at the wood feathers, and stood on the other side of the Bodhi tree, looking at the wood feathers. The eyes of the two girls were meaningful, making Mu Yu uncomfortable.

        "At least we can rule out two roads."Mu Yu said calmly.

        "Yeah, we can rule out our direction and your direction is not an exit."Suddenly nodded, like laughing and laughing.

        Qiao Xue said to Xiaoshuai: "Little handsome, come to me."

        Xiaoshuai is about to agree, but he remembered something, clinging to Mu Yu’s neck and shaking his head: "No, I like Mu Yu, I love Mu Yu, I want to be with Mu Yu."

        Xiaoshuai is savvy this time, and he does not want to participate in this warfare freely. Otherwise, he will pass by and wait until his ears are smashed.

        Mu Yu also holds Xiaoshuai, a serious saying: "You two are better for Xiaoshuai, he is still very cute."

        "is it?"Slightly stunned, sitting on the bodhi tree branch.

        Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuai’s head and coughed twice. He said, “We will wait for other people to come back!”

        I can’t understand what these people are saying,

He said slyly: "Small handsome, can we play together?"

        Xiaoshuai nodded quickly, ran to the side, pulled two soft branches, hit a knot, said: "We are going to swing!"

        "I have to swing."The dull body narrowed down to two meters, learning how to look like a handsome boy, and then sat up, then sat up.


        The branches were broken by the dull and bulky body, and the dumb fell into the water, splashing a lot of waves.

        Qiao Xue and Hao Ran couldn't help but laugh. Dumb climbed up from the water, dried up the water on his body, and smirked with everyone.

        Muyu is just an ordinary linden tree, which is no different from ordinary trees. Naturally, it can't bear the weight of dumbness. He asked: "Dumb, have you ever been to the sea here?"

        Dumb nodded: "Daddy went to many places in the ancient battlefield and came to the sea, but the dumb did not like the sea, there was no wild animal in the sea, it was not fun, and the sea was too noisy."

        "Is it too noisy in the sea? No noisy! There is only the waves here. ”Qiao Xue said.

        Dud shook his head, stretched out his little finger and rubbed his ear and said: "It's not the sea, it's the sea." There are all kinds of noisy sounds in the sea. Dumb doesn't like this kind of sound. After listening for a long time, I will fall asleep. ”

        "What noise in the sea?"Xiaoshuai curiously said that he jumped from the swing and fell into the water, slamming up the blisters.

        After a while, Xiaoshuai gradually floated out of the water and gently snorted.

        Xiaoshuai actually fell asleep!

        "Small handsome, wake up."Duo stretched out and grabbed Xiaoshuai, and patted Xiaoshuai’s head. Xiaoshuai yawned and woke up.

        "It’s weird in the water."Xiaoshuai said in confusion.

        "Where is it strange?"Mu Yu asked.

        "I feel that someone is calling me. When I want to listen carefully, the result is that my head is a little groggy and I want to sleep."Xiaoshuai made another yawn.

        Mu Yu felt a little surprised, he jumped into the water immediately, the sea water is clear and transparent, after he jumped into the water, the sound of the waves suddenly all disappeared, replaced by a strange shout, and some people like the sharp roar, and as if the cry, and so on, let the wooden feather eardrum chaos, As if there are a lot of needles in his mind, he just two breathing can not stand, hurriedly climb up.

        "what happened? What did you hear? ”Qiao Xue asked.

        Mu Yu frowned. "I didn't feel sleepy. I just felt very uncomfortable. That voice is like someone who is screaming."

        Qiao Xue hesitated for a moment and jumped into the water. For a moment she exclaimed, got out of the water, gasped, and said with some suspicion: "I heard…heard it……"

        "What did you hear?"Mu Yu asked.

        Qiao Xue shook his head and gritted his teeth: "The villagers want to burn my curse."

        Suddenly I felt very weird and got into the water. She jumped out in a moment and said nervously: "I heard and heard the voice of all the fellows in the Red Dust Gate! But, but they are all dead! ”

        The more I feel in the heart of Mu Yu, the more confused, the different people hear the sound is different?

        This time he sinks his heart and sinks into the sea again. He tries to hold back the sharp voices, and then he hears it clearly. It is the scream of the residents of Dongsha City!

        Mu Yu looked up, his ears filled with Weng, and his chest was a little ups and downs.

        "What happen to you guys? It looks too bad, why? ”

        At this moment, Simon unfortunately and the two men rushed over, and after the two breaths, Luo Wei also turned into a fire, appeared here. Apparently they also circled around and reinvented the place, but they were farther away than the wooden feathers.

        "There is a problem with the sea."Mu Yu said.

        All of them were looking for a way out on the sea, but they ignored the sea under their feet.

        Simon unfortunately said lazily: "What is wrong with the sea?"

        He shrugged and jumped directly into the sea. After a while, Simon unfortunately floated on the water and fell asleep!


        He walked over and was unceremonious. He slaps him and wakes him up. He said, "Are you a little bit out of your way?" Actually asleep? ”

        Simon unfortunately smothered his face and said with resentment: "Hey, you can do it lightly."

        "What did you hear?"Mu Yu asked.

        Simon unfortunately shook his head: "Nothing, it feels very sleepy. Hey, do you want to try it? ”

        "I am too lazy to try it!"It’s unfortunate to see Ximen’s eyes.

        This is strange, what is this sea? Why is everyone's reaction so strange?

        Soon, the words and the sudden came back. I heard the words of Mu Yu and others, and they insisted that the brow was locked and then snorted.

        "Brother, do you know what this sea means?"Mu Yu asked.

        The words fell into the water, and soon jumped up, silent for a moment, said: "I understand, I have heard from Master before, if I think it is right, here is the other side to remember the sea."

        "The other side recalls? what does that mean? ”Mu Yu had never heard of this before.

        "The other side recalls the sea. In this sea, it will remind you of the memory you are most unwilling to face. The memories you don't want to return will come to your mind and torture you until you can't bear it. If you stay in the sea It’s been too long and it will be tortured to death!”It is said.

        "Then why am I going to fall asleep?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

        The remarks said helplessly: "A person who has no heart and lungs will not have too many thoughts and will fall asleep."

        "Speaking brother, you are a little hurtful when you say this, how can I have no heart? I am still in the realm of comprehension! ”Simon unfortunately spread his hands.

        What Mu Yu heard in the water was the screams of those who were slaughtered by Dongsha City. What Qiao Xue heard was the curse that she was caught by the villagers when she was a child, and I heard the dead red doormen. Xiaoshuai and dumb are both carefree, a stupid, not too impressive memory.

        As for Ximen, unfortunately, this is a sinister. There is no right or wrong in this matter. If you do what you want, you will not be able to return to the past.

        "The other side is reminiscing about the sea. What is the significance of this kind of thing? Is it trapping us here? ”He asked.

        The prophecy said: "I am afraid this is the case."

        They have walked separately at this time, but they have come back for a while and are enough to explain the situation.

        Mu Yu stood on the water and took the sea and said, "I want to leave the road is very obvious."

        "where?"Simon unfortunately asked.

        "Do you still ask? Of course it is at the foot! Yes, Mu Yu’s brother. ”Sui Chao Mu Yu threw a wink.

        Mu Yu looked at him with a headache and always intentionally or unintentionally yelled at his jealousy. He felt two bad eyes next to him, and his heart was helpless. He hated his teeth.

        "I think the bottom of the sea is very likely to be a way to leave. The point is how we will enter the sea."

        Mu Yu has just tried to integrate into the trees and sneak into the sea floor, but even with the cover of trees, it will still be affected by the sound in his mind, and there is no way to dive.

        It is no wonder that the way out of the road is dead and lifeless. From the moment they step into the sea, they can't turn back, they can't leave, they can only be trapped here forever, almost equal to death.

        "We can only wait for other people to come back and make plans."He tried it for a moment, and he couldn't stand the sound.

        Soon afterwards, the late and lonely days also returned in a circle, leaving only the south and the rain strangers have not returned.

        But they waited for two more hours. They still didn’t come back to the south and Yumo. All of them raised their hearts. What happened?

        "Three hours have passed, UU reading South should not forget the time."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

        "Don't you have any accidents?"Cheng Yan and Mu Yu looked at each other.

        At the beginning, Mu Yu told everyone that it would fly for up to three hours. If three hours have not yet flown back to the original place, the jade will be crushed back to the original place, and everyone will go to explore together, but now three hours In the past, Xiangnan and Yumo have not yet returned.

        If they are not repaired to the south, they may really worry about whether the rain is in the middle of the road, but it is impossible to let the rain have a chance to do it.

        "Let's go find them."The assertion made a decisive decision, and in this place he would never allow any change to the south. …


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