Chapter 1125: Going deep into the sea

        "What if we have passed, and they are coming back to the south to crush the jade?"Mu Yu asked.

        This is a very serious problem. I have repeatedly thought about it and said: "Then you are waiting here, I will go through it personally, and we will come back anyway."

        "I am going with you, I have a question, I can find them."Mu Yu said.

        "it is good."There is no objection to the promise.

        Xiaoshuai jumped on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and the three of them went straight toward the direction of Nan and Yumo. Others did not say much. In this place, only relying on the words and the wood feathers, their words are very important.

        Mu Yu initially knew the way to ask questions, but the role of the heart is also limited. If you are too far away, you can't find it. At this time, whether Mu Yu is looking for the south or the rain, the question is not responding!

        "Where did they go?"Mu Yu is puzzled, even if it is reasonable to say that three times should not be able to leave the scope of the question.

        The rumor was grim, and said: "Go and see first!"

        They have tried to speed up this time, flying a whole hour on the sea, followed by a slight glimpse!

        The two of them actually returned to their original place!

        "Why are you coming back and not coming back to the south?"Luo Wei Shen Sheng.

        Cheng Yan and Mu Yu are also deeply puzzled. What is this happening? The road to the south and Yumo was also returning to the original point, but the two of them did not return as planned.

        "Isn't there any accident in the middle?"Mu Yu’s heart sank, and there was no movement on the way to ask for the heart. There was no trace of the two of them. Xiangnan and Yumo seemed to leave the sea.

        "Will they have found a way to get out of here? For example, did they find a way to cross the sea? ”Simon unfortunately asked.

        This thing is really weird, but no one knows how to cross the sea. Once it is not in the sea, it will be affected by that strange sound, or it will fall into a deep sleep, or the eardrum can not bear, the block can not stop.

        "No matter what, I must go to the south."Said the words.

        Suddenly said: "Are you sure you don't want to leave here and say it?" It is necessary to know that since the White World can break the Great Monument, it shows that he has found a way to restrain the perfect river and mountains. Now the triple sky is already in dire straits. It is not a good idea to delay here. ”

        Luo Wei responded coldly: "What is the life and death of the three-day comprehension? What are you doing with you? ”

        Suddenly said: "The three heavens really have nothing to do with me. I just kindly reminded you. If you don't like it, then I didn't say it."

        The promise was silent for a moment, saying: "We must first find a way to get out of here."

        Luo Wei may not care about the life and death of the Mie Palace, but the words have to care.

        "That south…"Luo Wei frowned.

        "If you find a way to leave, you go first, I will stay to look south."Said the words.

        Luo Wei snorted and said nothing.

        But now they are in trouble again, they speculate that the road is on the bottom of the sea, but the problem is that no one can stay in the sea for ten seconds, even Joe Snow can't do it.

        Now how to do?

        This is a question for everyone.

        Mu Yu suddenly remembered something and said: "Small handsome, will you arrange the way of transmitting the array?"

        Xiaoshuai stood up and said with pride: "Of course, how can I say that this biography is my title?"

        At that time, when Mu Yu created the biography, he took Xiao Shuai as the experimental object. Xiao Shuai’s dead skin was to give the name to the array. Mu Yu did not object to it. Xiao Shuai has been following Mu Yu, and some of the Mushui will be his basics.

        Mu Yu said: "That line, now you are the only one who can not suffocate in my wood spirit. I will send you into the sea. If you find a way out in the sea, you will portray a handsome man in the same place. Array, let us all pass, understand?"

        Xiaoshuai said inexplicably: "Then I will fall asleep in the sea!"

        "You have no heart and no sleep, and there will be no accidents. If you are exporting under the sea, I will try to wake you up at that time."Mu Yu said.

        It’s a good idea for everyone to look bright!

        Now other people in the sea will be affected by that weird voice. Only Xiaoshuai, dumb, Simon, and the four people will not be affected. In contrast, Xiaoshuai’s thick knife and guns are intensive and clever. It is undoubtedly the most reassuring to let him do this.

        "Why didn't you use this method originally? Before you enter the Great Monument, you can make a battle. Maybe we have already passed. ”He asked.

        Mu Yu shook his head: "I didn't know that I would have such a situation at the time. Besides, the ancient battlefield may be far away from our triple-day, and the distance between the two is limited."

        "Then you have to protect me. If the wood spirit of Mu Yu is bitten by something, you will lose your coach forever!"Xiaoshuai bit his apple, let’s say it.

        "Do not worry, the promise and Qiao Xue's Jin Ling and Shui Ling will protect you below, and the three of us will protect you."Mu Yu said.

        "That's good."Xiaoshuai said with satisfaction.

        Mu Yu re-drawn several squadrons and portrayed the arrangement of the arrangement at Muling, arranged by Xiaoshuai, and then turned Muling into a one-meter square cabin. According to Xiao Shuai's request, he also comfortably engaged in a small wooden bed.

        Xiaoshuai took a blanket and several chicken legs from Mu Yu before he got into the cabin and said, "Okay, it can be closed."

        Others are quite helpless. Xiaoshuai’s goods are ancient and strange, so he has to prepare for something to eat. But Mu Yu is also understanding Xiao Shuai, try to make the cabin comfortable, so that the cabin is completely closed, and then began to quickly let Muling extend, with the cabin to drill deep into the sea.

        The wood is buoyant on the bottom of the sea, but the wood feather turns the wood spirit into a kind of sinking wood, which is enough to restrain the buoyancy. He does not dare to go down to the wood spirit, and now he can only rely on Xiaoshuai.

        The metal of the promise is also covered on the left side of Muling, followed by Muling. Once there is any situation around it, or if there is something on the bottom of the sea that wants to cut off Muling, he can respond in time.

        When Qiao Xue’s water spirit covered the right side and contacted Mu Yu’s Mu Ling, the two had a strange match, and the two had once again made their minds.

        "Go back and give me a confession."Qiao Xue’s voice was remembered in Mu Yu’s mind.

        Mu Yu feels quite a headache: "The teacher is next to him!" First protect the handsome. ”

        "Humph."Qiao Xue took a look at Mu Yu.

        Sitting next to the dumb, sitting on the shoulders of dumb, looked at Mu Yu with dissatisfaction.


        In the perception of Mu Yu, Xiao Shuai entered the sea and immediately fell asleep. The apples only bite half, slept and snorted. Muling feedbacks the scenery around the seabed. Unfortunately, in the perception of Muling, the seabed is dark and there is no light that can penetrate into the seabed. The visibility around it is not very good.

        However, the pressure on the seabed has become larger and larger. Even when it is enough to crush the comprehension of the robbery period, Mu Yu’s heart is also a dark shock. What is the end of the sea to recall the sea? Actually, there will be such a terrible pressure!

        Muling has been sinking deep into the sea, sinking for an hour, still not in the end. Gradually, the strong pressure of Mu Yu is getting more and more horrible, and finally the comprehension of the Mahayana period is quite strenuous!

        "What is hidden underneath?"Mu Yu and Cheng Yan face each other, both of them are self-cultivators of the Mahayana period, naturally understand what this pressure means, even if they are not in the sea and are not affected by that kind of sound, the ordinary Mahayana period is impossible to survive. !

        This place is really weird, even powerful and a bit abnormal!

        However, Mu Yu always felt that this pressure had met before, and he suddenly understood: "Right, this is the pressure of space barriers!"

        When Mu Yu went to the Double Heaven, he relied on Mu Ling to enter the space barrier and return to the triple sky through the aura. It was also indestructible when he maintained the prototype, and he could hold the strong pressure.

        The testimony also reflected: "Does the other side of the sea recall the space barrier? So does the ancient battlefield exist in an independent world or float in space? ”

        This is a mystery that can't be solved for a while. Both Mu Yu and Cheng Yan did not think deeply. They all focused on the small cabin of Xiao Shuai. In any case, Xiao Shuai is now their hope and must not be accidental.

        However, at this time, the seabed suddenly ignited a horrible stream of water, just like a volcanic explosion, began to impact the cabin. The water flow underneath seemed to become more and more unstable, and then suddenly a huge tentacles rolled up in the darkness, sweeping over the wooden spirit and the water spirit!

        "not good! What it is? ”

        Mu Yu was shocked by the three people. They tried hard to control the direction, but because of this time, whether it was Muling or Jinling Shuiling, because of the extension of too long, UU reading seems to be somewhat difficult to control, hiding The small cabin of Xiaoshuai was directly caught by the tentacle!

        A huge pulling force was uploaded from Muling, and the horrible tentacles had to take the cabin away!

        The three wooden feathers were pulled by the giant hand. The strength of the three people could not resist the strength of the giant hand. They were directly pulled into the water and sank for dozens of meters!

        In the sea, the sound of a sharp popping sounded in their minds!


        Qiao Xue made a scream, the sharp noise formed in the sea made her a headache, her water spirit has completely lost control, scattered from Muling and Jinling, and shrunk back to Qiao Xue. …


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