Chapter 1126: Phishing

        Mu Yu’s head was also snarled by the sound, as if there were countless needles slamming in his mind, but he still resisted the pain in his mind and pulled Joe. Snow, pushed her up.

        At the same time, other people waiting outside have already pulled Qiao Xue out in time, and everyone has changed their face slightly. They did not expect that there will be a change in the sea. The strength of Cheng Yan and Mu Yu is obvious to all. I thought that there were both a promise and a wooden feather. There are no wild animals on the bottom of the sea and it is impossible to get benefits in their hands.

        However, Rao is powerful, such as Cheng Yan and Mu Yu, and they have been smashed by the unseen tentacles of the seabed. The horrible wild animal strength underneath is probably out of everyone's expectations.

        After Qiao Xue’s return to the gods, the water spirit in his hand swept out again, plunged into the sea, and quickly caught the wooden feathers and promises that were struggling under the sea, and wanted to bring them up, but that The strength is too strong, and Qiao Xue has not yet entered the Mahayana period, and she alone cannot pull it up.

        Fortunately, the dumb caught the water spirit in time, his strength was also surprisingly large, stopped the trend of wood feathers and the decline of the words, other people also reacted, one person caught the end of the water spirit, desperately pulled them out water surface.

        Mu Yu and Cheng Yan are already pale, and the horrible power makes them almost almost unconscious and fall into a deep sleep. The sea is so strange that neither of them can cope.

        But even though it has been out of the sea at this time, the mysterious tentacles underneath are still trying to get them into the water again. Both Cheng Yan and Mu Yu firmly control Jin Ling and Mu Ling, and with the help of others, they are deadlocked with the tentacles in the sea floor.

        "What the hell is this?"Mu Yu asked for a bite.

        "I don't know, I can survive in this terrible sea that is enough to threaten the Mahayana period. The strength has already come out of our imagination!"The words are heavy.

        Others do not know the situation at the bottom of the sea. It is not clear what happened to the bottom of the sea, and they can only face each other. For a long while, Luo Wei asked: "Is that handsome guy okay?"

        Mu Yu has not had time to answer,

The whole sea suddenly began to violently roll and boil, as if the sea water was boiled, the waves of the sky were kept open, and the waves reached a few hundred meters and poured toward them.

        "Be careful!"

        Mu Yu screamed, everyone rushed to the sky and rushed toward the sky. When they stopped for a few kilometers above the sea, the whole sea was already roaring in turmoil, and countless dark tentacles were When the waves are hidden, each tentacle has a length of kilometers and a few tens of meters thick!

        No one has ever seen such a monster. This monster is so powerful and powerful. This monster roughly counts at least tens of thousands of tentacles. The damage caused by each tentacle rollover is faintly mixed with the field. power!

        What shocked them the most was that after the monster tentacles rolled out, the top of each tentacle was connected with a powerful wild beast. Each of these wild animals was huge, and they were in the fields of the ancient battlefield. The wild animals you see are almost the same!

        And the top of the tentacle is not only the wild beast, but also the meat-winged horns, the souls, the ghosts, and even the humans! These people's eyes are scarlet, shimmering with the brilliance of killing, watching the wood feathers and other people in the sky coldly.

        "What the hell is this?"Chu can't help but ask.

        No one can answer his words. The power of this monster has already come out of everyone's imagination. It is more like a combination of various ethnic creatures, and it has put the Terran and the aliens and the wild animals on their own tentacles!

        Xiaoshuai has been transferred by Mu Yu through Mu Ling. Fortunately, Xiao Shuai has a special body and can be blended into the trees like Muyu. At the moment of danger, Mu Yu will catch Xiaoshuai.

        At this point, Xiaoshuai woke up and yawned and asked, "What did I miss?"

        Dumbfounded: "Little handsome, we have to catch the octopus, do you like to eat barbecue?"

        Xiaoshuai blinked and stared at the monster below for a long time. Suddenly he said with amazement: "Is this not a god?"

        Everyone turned their eyes to Xiaoshuai: "What is the sky?"

        Xiaoshuai shook his head: "I also forgot, anyway, I remember this guy faintly, as if I have seen it before. If this guy swallows something, it will become a part of itself, and the other party’s repairs are also Will be deprived of it. The tigers you see, the people, the pigs, the flesh-wing monsters, the ghosts, are all swallowed by it and become part of its body. ”

        "so smart?"

        Mu Yu was shocked. He paid attention to the two human races. The two comprehensions faintly flashed a strong Mahayana period. This shows that these two people were also Mahayana comprehensions before, but they died in this place!

        And if every tentacle is a wild beast, it means that this monster has swallowed at least thousands of wild animals!

        Everyone was shocked by the words of Xiaoshuai. What is this so-called heavenly thing?

        When everyone was wondering, countless giant tentacles under the sea had rolled over to them, and everyone immediately dispersed and used their own abilities to start dealing with this huge tentacles.

        For a time, all kinds of spiritual powers in the sky suddenly rushed, and the light and the field were mixed.

        "Dumb, you protect Joe Snow and stunned."

        Mu Yu was drunk, dangerously and dangerously avoiding the sharp-pointed attack of a tiger rhinoceros. When the screaming flashed through the cold mans, the air ignited fiercely, and it seemed that the void was to be thrown out. A big hole.

        The tiger rhinoceros on the tentacle is far from the usual Mahayana period!

        Others are also attacked by their tentacles, everyone has resorted to a strong field, but they have to do their best to even can only and tentacles above the wild beast into a draw, in their all-out effort, countless tentacles again swept, blotting out, dense, seemingly endless, do not know exactly how many wild animals swallowed!

        "go! Leave here, don't fall in love! ”It was said that a sword cut the saber-toothed wolf in front of the tent into ashes, and then shouted to everyone.

        The monster in the sea of ​​the other side of the sea is not a barren beast of the Mahayana period. But in general, they are not able to deal with it. They try their best to kill the wild beast on a tentacle. However, the steady stream of tentacles emerged from the water, and the tentacles could not be killed.

        Everyone has not fought, and can only graze in the distance.

        The tentacles didn't catch up, just staring at them coldly behind them and then disappearing into the bottom of the sea.

        Everyone was stopped in amazement and stood at the center of the sky. Everyone has their own means, and everyone uses their most powerful field. Even so, it only slightly interrupts some tentacles, but there are more tentacles to make waves, and it is a matter of time to lose.

        Among all people, dumbness is the most violent. He cuts a tentacle directly, and a flying eagle beast connected to the tentacles is broken into pieces by him.

        "Little handsome, holding this tentacle, you can eat, very delicious, I have eaten before."Astonished and smirked and smirked, the dumb has once again become a giant hundreds of meters high.

        "Dumb, have you ever met this tentacles?"Mu Yu was really surprised at the strength of dumb, dumb stupid is stupid, but the cultivation is surprisingly high.

        Dumb scratched his head and held a dozens of thick tentacles that were still twitching. He said, "He used to touch it before the sea. He wanted to catch me. I pulled out its tentacles. But I can't beat it. Every time I pull out a tentacle, I rushed to the shore. Last time I used the flame of a fire bear to roast and eat. It was delicious."

        "really? Luo Wei, then you have to ignite me, I have to try it, be careful not to burn. ”Xiaoshuai said excitedly.

        Mu Yu and others are speechless. This powerful monster, dumb, dares to pull out his teeth and also eats the tentacles of others. The two guys, dumb and Xiaoshuai, have a good appetite and dare to eat anything. Picky eaters.

        "So the powerful monster on the bottom of the sea is the guy who guards the exit. As long as we don't anger it at sea, it doesn't seem to attack us. How do we get around now to get out of here?"Simon unfortunately asked.

        "I don't think it is not attacking us, but waiting for us to have no energy to deal with us, we can't escape, it has time and we consume."Mu Yu said.

        Anyone who enters this piece of the sea will return to the sea of ​​souls, the back road will be broken, walking aimlessly in the sea, and soon will fall into despair, when it will be exhausted, the tentacles will come out and swallow them. More than enough.

        As for the competition time, the tentacles must live longer than them. The lifespan of the comprehensor for one or two hundred years is negligible for it. It is not everyone who has a few parts of the wood and other eternal life, and wood Feathers can't afford it because they have to get back to the triple genius as soon as possible.

        I can’t beat it, I can’t run, and I’m really in a dilemma.

        "Do you say that they will encounter this tentacles in the south?"Luo Wei out of the channel.

        Cheng Yan and Mu Yu have no end in mind. They are not willing to imagine this result. Mu Yu simply said: "Never to the south, his strength is very strong. Maybe they found an exit and left unintentionally. It may not be here."

        "In any case, let's take a break, we must maintain the best energy, beware of the sneak attack of the tentacles."Said the words.

        Everyone is sitting in the void and not talking anymore. UU reading Xiaoshuai and dumb are really barbecues and tentacles of tentacles. Luo Wei reluctantly became a gang, the fire is in place, very A strange fragrance spread across the sea. Unfortunately, except for Xiao Shuai and Dumb, others have no appetite.

        “Would we like to try somewhere else?”Asked awkwardly.

        "I am afraid that it is useless to try anywhere. It is already a closed puzzle. As long as we enter the water, we will be aware of the place where we are. We must think about other ways."Mu Yu said.

        Everyone is thinking, just then, a huge roar sounds in the distance, the violent waves are rolling, the whole sea is like being turned over, the water curtain is overwhelming. Out.

        "What happened to you?"Mu Yu stood up and turned his eyes to the stormy waves. …


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