Chapter 1127: Underpass

        Everyone is unclear, so I look at the waves rising from the sea in the distance, and my heart is quite puzzled. Isn’t that the tentacles that are attacking people in the distance?

        Mu Yu hesitated for a moment and said: "Look at the past."

        This sea area has been calm and calm until the tentacles appeared, and these anomalies were born. Now both the south and the rain are missing. Perhaps the movement here is caused by the two of them.

        After flying for a quarter of an hour, everyone came to the place of the matter, and then they saw a shocking scene.

        A huge sea tornado was formed over the sea beyond the kilometer, and it penetrated straight into the sky. There was a strong pattern at the height, forming a gap, like being opened, countless Starlight Guanghua pours down from the gap and shines on the sea.

        At this time, I don’t know when a huge island has appeared on the sea. There is a majestic palace on the island. It is splendid and splendid, and it is echoed with the stars in the sky.

        The south and the rain are strangely over the palace, avoiding the terror of the tentacles!

        "It's south to them!"Mu Yu has already headed south to help the south.

        It was a bit difficult to fight against dozens of wild animals in the south. The rain was sullen and sullen. Her whole body was a shadow, but at this time the shadow had cracked from the shoulder, and it seemed to be injured by the tentacles.


        Mu Yu kicked off the tentacle that swept toward the south. The shadow sword was cut from the sky and the tentacles were cut off directly. The sword gas suddenly shook all the tentacles into powder.

        Their group has fallen on an island on the island and floated over the palace.

        "what happened? Where have you been? ”Mu Yu asked.

        "We had just stumbled across this island, would like to come to the end, but did not think it is very strange here, we just stepped into the island, the entire island disappeared, the sea also disappeared, we seem to be imprisoned in the Void of space, until I broke a void space of the mirror to escape, did not think of one out, The bottom of the sea suddenly came out of this tentacle strange. ”Explain to the south.

        Several people appeared on the island, and the tentacles seemed even more arrogant. They roared toward them, and countless tentacles swept from all sides, as if they wanted to drive them away from the island. It is obvious that the island seems to be extremely important to it and does not allow others to get involved.

        "What is the mystery of this island?"Mu Yu’s heart is quite puzzled. Since they came to the ancient battlefield, all the sights they saw were broken and ruined, and it was the first time to see the complete building of the island.

        Mu Yu carefully observed the movement of the tentacles, and now the tentacles are attacking them, each tentacle is cautious, not afraid to destroy the island.

        "All landed on the island!"Mu Yu shouted.

        Everyone didn't understand why, but they followed suit. Just after their group of people fell on the island, the tentacles of the tentacles had stopped, and they were raging over the outer periphery of the island, and countless tentacles covered the sky. Sweeping on it, but did not dare to fall down the island.

        Everyone is relieved, at least for now it seems safe.

        "What exactly is this place? It would be so strange. ”Mu Yu stood on the island and kneeled down to touch the stones and vegetation on the island.

        "Let's go to the palace and see."Mu Yu proposed.

        Everyone came along the path to the entrance of the palace. The architectural style of the palace is different from that of the triple sky. The whole palace is octagonal, and the walls of the palace are made of quirky materials. Mu Yu pushed open the door of the palace, and a vast atmosphere came on the scene. What was seen inside was not the throne ladder, but a huge abyss that was bottomless!

        The abyss bends and bends. I don't know where to go. The abyss is surrounded by surging sea water. The sea water is like a mysterious force separating the hard and living, forming a passage.

        "Is this channel not an export?"Mu Yu was surprised.

        To say that it is a passage, in fact, it is actually bigger. The entrance of the passage fills the entire palace, and the diameter is nearly 100 meters. The sea water on both sides is rolling and staggered, and the waves beat the passage wall from time to time.

        "try it."The words took the lead and stood out carefully behind the passage.

        Because the water is on both sides, here is the sea of ​​the other side. As long as it is surrounded by the sea, there will be sharp and painful voices in your mind, so they must be careful.

        The slogan dropped carefully ten meters and shouted to other people: "Nothing, that kind of voice does not appear again, it seems that this is the export! Everyone uses the field to protect themselves and avoid problems. ”

        The others were overjoyed and quickly followed. Everyone walked down the channel formed by the sea, and they slid down to the bottom. They hadn’t gone far, and the tentacles of the tentacles rushed out of the sea, and they rushed toward them!

        But those tentacles fluttered on both sides of the passage, but they were blocked by a force. The sea was still rolling in the choppy waves, and the tentacles couldn’t get in. They kept going down, and the tentacles groaned and rolled angrily, keeping them down.

        "Small octopus, come back, you can't catch me, haha."Xiao Shuai’s head was laughing at the top of the tentacle.

        "When you come, you will bake again."Dumbfounded.

        In addition to these two unscrupulous guys, others are not afraid to relax their vigilance. In this place, they must pay attention to the dangers that are coming at any time. Now the tentacles are chasing them, but God knows what dangers are there. Waiting in front.

        Fortunately, after all of them entered this passage, everything was calm. As the number of people descends, the pressure on the surrounding area is getting bigger and bigger. Mu Yu will protect Qiao Xue and the stunned people to help them share the pressure. They are the lowest here, and they also use their field ability in a timely manner. Help the lonely day to resist this oppression.

        After turning a corner, everyone suddenly saw the light, they can already see the exit of the passage, and it is a star in front of the sky!


        Everyone flew out of the passage, and suddenly they were shocked by the sights in front of them.

        Starry sky, countless stones floated in the void under the feet, and they did not know where they were, and looked up, the piece of the other side of the sea just turned to the top of the head, the sea was rolling over it. However, it is always blocked by a strange force.

        They are really under the sea at this time!

        "Where did we come here?"I couldn't help but exclaim.

        Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai face each other and say, "This is a space barrier!"

        The two of them have seen space barriers more than once in the triple sky. Whether it is the space barrier between the Reiki Eyes, the Mogan Mountain Valley, or the ghost pit of the Ghost Gate, there are space barriers!

        The words of the face said solemnly: "The space barriers here are too much pressure. If we are not a Mahayana period, I am afraid that they will be destroyed at once."

        "No, I am not afraid."Xiaoshuai said indifferently.

        Dumb touched his head: "Don't be afraid."

        Mu Yu now finally understands that if he wants to enter the space barrier, the minimum must be a Mahayana period. When he came to the space barrier, he was blocked by the powerful array of masters.

        "So how do we go back here now?"He asked. She and Simon unfortunately leaned together, and two very different atmospheres flowed together to resist this powerful oppression.

        Xiaoshuai took a nap and pointed to the left and shouted: "There, there are three heavens!"

        Everyone looked in the direction of his guidance. There was a huge 6 places in the distance. It was so horrifying, boundless, and vast. It occupied an area in the space barrier. The whole piece was wrapped in golden stripes. live.

        These golden patterns are like hard barriers that block all the dangers of space barriers. This piece of land is also floating in the void, there is no support point below, like a huge island, floating slowly in the void.

        Everyone carefully flew along the stone of the space barrier to the distant 6 places. There were countless stones floating in the space barrier, and they even saw some of the remains of the building broken down and shattered into this space. Among the barriers.

        Some floating objects are abandoned city blocks. I am afraid that at least tens of thousands of square meters are scattered in the space barriers. It is like a ghost city. There is no smoke, but it is wandering in the void.

        "There is no such strong oppression that destroys these buildings. What is the construction of the building here?"

        Mu Yu carefully crossed the broken city that had collided with it. The heart was also amazed. He always thought that there were only stones at the top of the space barrier. Now I think that these stones are part of a certain building.

        They saw two floating cities colliding with each other, and then slowly left each other, leaving a few pieces of broken stones to separate and continue to wander in space barriers.

        "Is there still a mountain in the space barrier?"

        Everyone looked at a huge mountain at least 10,000 meters tall, but the mountain was sloping, there was no vegetation on it, only stones, floating in the air, extremely mysterious. It floated forward and smashed an abandoned city into two halves, leaving a muffled sound.

        The weirdness of space barriers has already come out of everyone's imagination, but everyone is afraid to stay longer, because the pressure of space barriers makes them feel very difficult for the Mahayana period. They all rely on their own field strength to deal with this. Share pressure, once you leave your field, I am afraid it will be crushed into pieces in an instant! Real-life lady sister online service, help you find a book to accompany you to chat, please micro / letter / search / cable hot text or r4 waiting for you to come ~…


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