Chapter 1128: The vast world

        Space barriers, it is impossible to survive without the cultivation of the Mahayana period. This kind of powerful oppression is too great, and it can only be countered by relying on the ability of the field.

        Every self-cultivator of the Mahayana period has realized his own rules of the field. These rules of heaven are controlled by their own refining, and they can resist the invasion of space barriers as long as they are in their own fields.

        Dumb reached out and grabbed a floating stone. He said excitedly: "The master once said that these floating stones, buildings, are the stars in the sky, and these stars are turning around the sun! I picked up a little star again! ”

        I stayed like a child and touched the small stone in my hand, then carefully let go of the floating stone, and said happily: "The little star should be careful, don't break it, or you will not see you when you look up." La."

        Mu Yu and others looked at each other, he could not help but ask: "My master said these stones are stars?"

        Dad nodded: "Yes, the owner used to take me and the handsome young man to play everywhere. He said that our three major 6 is also a small star in the world of others. The bright star we see is a world. It! Only some worlds are far away from us, and some worlds are very close to us. He also said that the two heavens and the triple heavens are almost overlapping, but in different spaces, dumb does not understand that this is What do you mean. ”

        "Is there a living on every star?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

        Dumb scratched his head and said with embarrassment: "The owner said that only nine stars were inhabited, and the other stars were destroyed. The master also said that the dumb accidentally destroyed one, so only eight stars were left. ."

        A ruin of a star is tantamount to ruining a world, and this ability makes everyone stunned.

        "This dumb friend is terrible."Chu was late for a long time to squeeze out these words.

        A honest and stupid guy actually destroyed a world, it is terrible!

        "Dumb is not terrible,

Dumb is very obedient, they are the first to provoke me. ”A dumb argued.

        Xiaoshuai said awkwardly: "It doesn't matter, who will provoke you after the dumb, I cover you."

        Dumb nodded, happy: "Dumb likes small handsome."

        They quickly approached the space barriers outside the three major 6 and then surprised to see a more surprising place. They finally understood what it means to say that the three days and the double days of dumb overlap.

        "Then below is the double heaven, isn't it?"Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

        The three major 6 is like a floating island. There is another island lying under the island. However, some parts of the island are connected with the three majors. Some places are not connected, but the two heavens Block big 6 complete and three major 6 upside down!

        It is as if the three major 6 is positive, and the second major 6 is the opposite!

        The difference is that since they entered the space barrier, there is no difference between heaven and earth, just because they came out from the other side of the sea, they subconsciously took the sea above the head as the ground, and this In the process of floating, there is no restriction of gravity, and it has already been unclear.

        As long as you turn around, you will be on the second day, the triple heaven is down, and the relationship between the double heaven and the triple heaven is that some of their big 6 zones are connected together, and some are independent.

        "This world is really weird."Simon was unfortunately interjected next to him.

        Except for dumbness, anyone is the first time to come outside the world and see the world in person. This kind of scene is not something that anyone has the opportunity to see, because the three days have a strong array, it is the Mahayana period. It is also difficult for people to leave at will.

        "Our priority now is to go back to Santian and say."

        Mu Yu forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart and came to the periphery of the three major 6s. The outside of the three major 6 was protected by powerful patterns. The arrangement of these patterns was very familiar, and it was a master’s sword shadow from Mu Yu. Hand of the wind!

        "Master's arrangement of these formations is to prevent aliens from other worlds from invading the triple sky. How do we get in?"Luo Wei asked.

        The prophecy said: "After the perfect method of rivers and mountains, the three major 6 formations have become unbreakable, all the loopholes have been closed, we can not enter."

        "How did the white world go in?" How did you get into the triple heaven when the no-family and the filmmakers originally started? ”Luo Wei turned his gaze to the stunned and rainy.

        Suddenly said: "According to historical records, our two races entered into it thousands of years ago. It is said that it was allowed by the sword shadow dust, and there were other people who did not dare to come in and out. But now that he has disappeared, no one is guarding the world. As for the white world, I think he must have used the help of the heavenly man to use the kind of transmission array like the immortal monument to forcibly break the guardian of the perfect river. ”

        The transmission array can transfer them from the triple sky to the ancient battlefield, and there may be ways to transfer the aliens from other worlds to the triple heaven. The original triple heaven is a closed world, but the sword shadow dust is not there, and the heavenly person must know how to deal with this defense.

        It is a pity that the current situation is that Mu Yu and others do not have the kind of transmission array, and they cannot enter the triple sky. The entire triple sky is like a closed space, and the inside is protected strictly.

        Mu Yu pondered for a long time, he surrounded the golden pattern, the cash-colored pattern has been unable to be cracked, even with his current array of techniques can not be done. Even now, his cultivation is still far from the level of Master's past.

        “So we are now trapped in space barriers?”Asked in a lonely day.

        No one knows how to get in, even if it is a promise, there is nothing to do at this time. However, Dumb said with awkwardness: "Does dumbness not lead the question to Amumu? Asking the heart can guide Amumu to where he wants to go. ”

        "Ask your heart?"

        Mu Yu was surprised to take out the golden compass. At this time, the black and white two lines on the golden compass were spinning fast. At the moment when the wooden feather was taken out, the compass automatically flew toward the periphery of the triple sky. Then, it was tightly attached to the outer array.


        The crisp and simple voice came out from the heart of the heart, and the heart began to change and rotate. As it grew bigger and bigger, it gradually spread out the majestic atmosphere, and it shocked the surrounding, causing a strong and turbulent fluctuation.

        Then I asked the place where the heart was cited to form a gossip array, and the mysterious inscriptions were mixed.

        "Is this a transmission array?"Mu Yu was amazed!

        "Does Master know that there will be such a thing today, and deliberately leave such things to guide us?"The rumors were also very excited, and I never thought that Liu Huaming would be another village!

        "Everyone is standing on the side of the transmission line."Excited by Mu Yu, he has already landed in the center of the transmission array. His fingertips shed a mysterious pattern, blending with the pattern of the heart, and he already knows how to start the transmission array!

        "White-bearded old man is really smart."Xiaoshuai exclaimed.

        After everyone was standing in the transmission array, Mu Yu immediately started the formation, and the formations quickly flowed, and soon they disappeared into the space barrier!

        When they re-appeared, whether it was Mu Yu, Cheng Yan, or Luo Wei, Xiangnan, or stunned, they could not help but stunned!

        Falling cliffs!

        They were asked to send their thoughts to the falling cliffs of the Dust Mountain!

        No one thought that the heart will lead them to the Dust Mountain here, and their familiar cliffs still hide such an unknown secret!

        "where is this place?"I curiously looked at the fragrant eucalyptus tree that fell on the cliff.

        "our home."

        The words closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

        Here is where they came out and their roots. When they were young, they practiced here. At night, they watched the night sky at the falling cliffs. Listening to Master’s anecdote about the cultivation of the real world, everyone was carefree and there was no worldly dispute. Live a life of paradise.

        Nowadays things are human and the birds have grown into eagle and become the king in the sky, but they all have a shortcoming in their hearts.

        "Here is your dusty party?"

        Ximen unfortunately also felt quite strange, not only him, but also the first one to visit the dusty faction. They also want to know what the legendary place of the true God is. The sword shadow dust wind is a god that no one can match. The land where the true gods live is inevitably extraordinary.

        However, when they left the cliffs and saw the simple houses, they also squatted. This is not like the appearance of a martial art. It’s so cold that it’s so cold, Qionglou Yuyu Palace’s jade ladder, it’s worth it. But nothing.

        However, the four brothers and brothers of Mu Yu silently pushed open their respective doors. They watched the cobwebs in the hut, the dust was everywhere, and the scenes of the past went back in their minds, and their hearts could not calm down.

        "Let's find a place to take a break."

        Mu Yu sat on the threshold of his door, waved his hand, and several wooden chairs and wooden tables appeared in the West Gate unfortunately waiting for others.

        Ximen unfortunately did not disturb the four brothers and brothers, but went to the side to practice. Suddenly sitting on the threshold, like a little girl in a farmhouse, without any restraint. She used to live here for a year, and spent a year with her father and Mu Yu.

        Qiao Xue glanced at the wood feathers and stunned. He didn't say much, and went to the side to rest.

        Cheng Yan, Luo Wei and Xiang Nan leaned in front of their own doors and silently said nothing. Even though Luo Wei had left the dusty school for many years, Lan Linger had stubbornly cleaned the room for him, expecting him to come back, but now Lan Linger is not there, and everything is covered with dust. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

        At some point, the four divisional brothers suddenly raised their heads and their eyes met quietly in the air.

        In the eyes of his eyes, he showed his ambiguity and helplessness. He looked at his three younger brothers and his heart was mixed. From the moment when the younger brothers decided to go their own way, the rumors always wanted to get the younger brothers back. He wanted to take up the responsibility of the master. When the master was absent, protect everyone in the family. This home is in good condition.

        However, the number of people returning to this home has become less and less, and they seem to be drifting away from each other.

        "You don't want to go home, but now you are back home."The whisper said softly.

        Mu Yu removed his gaze and he found himself, but he did not really go home. …


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