Chapter 1129: I am a master!

  The wind of the falling cliffs blew the leaves, swaying the slate on the edge of the cliff, rustling, and the smooth slate left countless memories.

  Xiaoshuai’s swing sitting on the banyan tree swayed happily. In order to not break the swing, the body became as small as Xiaoshuai, and the two giggled on the swing.

  This swing was once the exclusive of the empty and wonderful, they like to listen to the story of Master on the swing at night, but now the two restless little guys do not know where to go, the swing becomes a handsome and dumb Exclusive.

  Mu Yu sat on the banyan tree as usual, looking out into the distance. Sentences sit on the slate under the banyan tree, the feet stick out of the cliff, lie on the slate to the south, watching the sky daze, Luo Wei is leaning against the trunk of the banyan tree, staring at the distant white clouds and pondering.

  For a long time, the words broke the silence.

  "Now there is no need to stare at me. What are you going to do next? ”The words sighed slightly.

  Luo Wei and Xiangnan, they all have their own plans, want to change the world in their own way. These years, the rumors have been looking for their own younger brother, want to prevent the younger brother from squatting, can really face their younger brother. At the time, his mood was a bit complicated.

  To the south: "Build a country, regulate humanity, let them live in the way I ask, disobey, kill."

  The voice to the south is calm, but there is a firmness.

  "Only people who believe in Master can survive, so some people are destined to die."

  Luo Wei’s words are also very simple.

  The words of the two of them are so harsh in the ears of the words, whether they are Luo Wei or south, their decisions are not what they want to see.

  The wood feathers of the treetops have been silent for a long time, and they said: "I will deprive anyone of selfishness and greed for fear of death."

  With a slight sigh, he raised his head and looked at Wood Yu incredulously: "I thought you were already home!"

  He never expected that Mu Yu would say such an almost extreme word.

  Mu Yu said calmly: "I just can't forgive those who betrayed Master. Master gave them life. They all swear by Master. Since they don't cherish life, they don't need to live any more."

  With Mu Yu's array of techniques, he can create a powerful soul-like array like Master, and control everyone, and any life and death only needs his thoughts. This is completely achieved by Mu Yu’s current strength. !

  Cheng Yan stared at Mu Yu, he always thought that Mu Yu was standing on his side, can be with him to persuade Luo Wei and south, let the four brothers go home well, but now everyone sat down and talked about it. At the time, Mu Yu changed his mind and had already walked south with Luo Wei.

  The expression is slightly tight: "You are wrong. You should have been the one who loves life the most. You once told me that anyone has a reason to live. No one should deprive anyone of your life. You Forgot?"

  Silence for a moment, Mu Yu slowly replied: "That was only once, I did not know that human nature can be dirty to this point, people who lose the principle, I can not forgive, just like I can not forgive Dongsha City Like the people I slaughtered!"

  Dongsha City is the pain that Mu Yu’s heart can never erase. He wants to be a good person, but he has not found a reason to be a good person.

  The breathing of the words is getting heavier and heavier.

His chest kept undulating and he didn't understand the choice of Mu Yu. He said, "Why have you become so extreme?"

  "Anyone who has strength wants to establish his own sect, his own kingdom, and let everyone live in the rules he has set. I just want everyone to live in the rules, not wanting the same tragedy in themselves. It happened to loved ones."Mu Yu said.

  It is the practice of most sects to establish a door rule. Once you break the door rules, you will not be punished!

  Mu Yu, the martial art he wants to create, is based on the entire triple heaven.

  The words raised the voice: "Those people will never be able to kill, human reproduction is endless. If you kill a corrupt and fearful person, there will be another selfish person!"

  Mu Yu still said calmly: "The world is always hurt by good people, the bad guys are arrogant, and what I want to do is to rely on my own ability to make good people live better. The bad guys can't hurt good people."

  Just like he wants to protect the old city owner of Dongsha City, Hejinglong, to protect the Xuan Zhengtang family, he wants these people to live instead of the shameless people who killed the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family.

  When he entered the Mahayana period, he had the temper to re-establish the rules for the world.

  "So the nature of the three of you is the same?"The words clenched the teeth.

  Luo Wei and Xiangnan glanced at each other and looked at Mu Yu. The two of them always thought that Mu Yu’s plan and the promise were essentially the same, but Mu Yu had already lost his original intention.

  Luo Wei looked at the words and asked: "Brother, why do you believe in human beings?" When they were swearing at Master, when you were crusting us, did you never resent it? ”

  The words clenched his fist: "I don't believe in humans. Anyone who knows Master, I want to kill them!" But I must believe in Master, Master, he believes in mankind, he wants to protect the world, so I have to complete Master's beliefs. ”

  "You don't have to force yourself."Said slowly to the south.

  The slogan stood up violently, staring to the south, angered: "I must do this, because I am a master, I have to worry about the master, I must be responsible to you, I am a master! Responsible! ”

  The rumor was almost smashed out, as if there was a volcano hidden in his heart. He had suppressed it for so many years and never told anyone about it. No one knows what his true thoughts are. He does not trust human beings, but he remembers his identity and he has to shoulder his own responsibilities, so he forces himself to believe in human beings and discover the goodness of mankind.

  He always told himself that he is a master. He wants to protect human beings like Master, even though he often wants to destroy the world and destroy the treacherous people.

  But he resisted hard! Just because he is a master!

  The three Muyu did not speak. They were the first to see the enthusiasm. The previous words have always been gentle and refined. He is kind and responsible, bears the duties of the brothers, and strives to protect the home of the dusty mountain. Over.

  The confession is also very confused. The more he thinks about protecting human beings, the more he is disappointed by human behavior. He is also suffering in his heart, hoping that he can follow his own ideas like Nannan and Luo Wei, killing those damn people and relying on brute force to conquer the world.

  But he can't, he always tells himself that it is wrong, even if he doesn't know where it is wrong, but Master thinks this is wrong. He believes Master, so he must force himself to believe that this is Incorrect!

  He can't let himself get out of control, because he understands that if he loses the principle, then the home of the Dust Mountain can't really go back.

  No one has spoken again, and he has to bear the pressure on his heart. Only he knows it. Living repressed, making people die better than death.

  All these rumors have been deeply buried in the bottom of my heart. He is a determined man. He silently endures the incomprehensibility of his younger brothers, and his own incomprehensibility, to do things that he does not understand.

  The words "master brother" are like a mountain, pressed against his back, and he can't breathe, but he can't throw the mountain away, and he never thought about discarding it.

  He wants to fight this mountain to the end, and find that his three younger brothers are going home!

  Xiaoshuai and dumb were quiet, no longer noisy, and some looked at the four brothers at a loss.

  "I'm sorry, brother. I want to go my own way. ”

  Standing south from the slate, I looked deeply at the words, and looked at Mu Yu and Luo Wei. I left the dusty mountain without heading back and headed for the sky.

  "Brother, Master asked us to do things with a clear conscience. I always remember Master's words."Luo Wei also slowly stepped out and stepped out of the dusty mountain. "I don't allow the Master to live."

  His figure turned into a fire and flew in the direction of the south.

  The words clenched his fists and looked at Luo Wei and the back of the south. He was shaking all over his body and his lips were white. He couldn't convince his two younger brothers that he could not stop them from leaving. He didn't want to start with his own younger brother. Even if he caught Luo Wei and went south, it was completely useless. When their heart did not belong here, nothing would help.

  The wind blowing in the dusty mountains is getting bigger and bigger, and the clothes of the words are hunting.

  "Don't you leave?"The voice of the voice asked hoarsely.

  Wood feathers lay on the treetops, watching the leaves of the eucalyptus grow slightly, and life is flowing in an inexplicable way, thriving.

  "Brother, we have not done anything wrong. With the ability to change the world, we want to change the world. Every martial art has its own rules. Every country has its own system. We just want to be the one who establishes the rules. ”

  The wooden plume is still lying on the banyan tree, and the sun is swaying through the eucalyptus, like a broken gold on the ground, making people feel relaxed and happy.

  He loves life, but he loves his loved ones more and loves those who are really good. However, good people who have the responsibility to be ruthless will always be excluded in this world. UU reading is persecuted by traitors. He wants to protect those people by his own strength and change the "good people are not long-lived". Missing.

  He has a life and death in the blink of an eye, there is a perfect soul, he can establish his own rules.

  So he will also leave here.

  "I am going to Dan Ding."

  Mu Yu stood up and jumped under the tree. Xiaoshuai scratched his head and walked over to hold a slogan, but he did not know what to say comfortably, and then jumped to the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  Dumb also learned how to look like a handsome coach.

  Mu Yu silently turned and left the falling cliff, he was going to find Qiao Xue and stunned, take them away.

  The wind of the cliff fell like a knife on the body of the rumor, the leaves swayed in the wind, and the leaves of the eucalyptus swayed.

  A dead leaf fluttered on the shoulders of the words. The body of the word is very lonely, and the whole person seems to be crushed by the leaves, so thin in the wind.

  But the words slowly straightened up the waist.

  "I will not give up."

  The words are as saying.

  "I am a master."

  The voice is low but so tenacious. …


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