Chapter 1130: Sacrifices and Animals

        Mu Yu sat on the flying sword and flew in the air, staring blankly at the distance.

        Is he right or wrong in doing this?

        Many times he is asking himself.

        But he doesn't like those self-interested self-cultivators. What is the meaning of those people living? Like those in Dongsha City, they can live for themselves, to denounce the Old City Lord, to denounce the Xuan Zhengtang family, to denounce the wood feathers, and to hand over the others to the Yumeng Mozu, in exchange for their own vitality.

        There are too many such people in the realm of comprehension, and he can't help with the peace of mind to save all the people.

        Qiao Xue and Hao Ran sat behind Mu Yu, and they both faintly knew what happened to the cliff. Luo Wei and the south left without saying hello, Mu Yu was very heavy and called them, and did not explain any situation.

        Others are still in the dusty mountains, they may follow the words, may leave, Mu Yu did not care for them. Dumb is going to play with Xiaoshuai, so he is also behind.

        They quickly left the Mouyun Mountain Range and headed for the Dan Ding School. The nearest city to the Mouyun Mountain Range is the suffocating city. Mu Yu turned away and headed for the city of suffocating. He needed to explore the movements of the Mie Palace.

        When he was about to get close to the city of Choking, he was suddenly shocked!

        At this time, the suffocating city was filled with a sigh of suffocation! Over the city, there are many ugly creatures with wings on the patrol, and in the city, dozens of people are tied to the neck by a chain of chains, and they are screamed by the horns of the flesh-winged horns, causing painful mourning.

        Every black whip falls, and those people will scream in tears, and there will be a black sigh in their bodies. The flesh-winged horns waving the whip will scream in excitement and scream. Black gas is swallowed up.

        “Is the aliens already invading the triple heaven?”Mu Yu looked at the suffocating city,

There was a bad feeling in my heart. "You are waiting for me here. I will enter the city to check it out."

        After Mu Yu finished, he had disappeared into the place, and the stealth pattern covered him, covering his whole body. When it appeared again, it was already on the street of the suffocating city.

        At this time, there were many people standing on the streets of the City of Suffoc, these people lined up in a pale, sinister, terrified, and there were many strangers who looked strange and strange, and there was a long whip whipping there. These people line up.

        "Give me some quick!"A meat-winged horn smirked with a grin.

        Mu Yu came to the front of the line without a word, and then saw that it was a spacious courtyard, the courtyard was filled with hundreds of winged horns, all of them seated in front of the table, as if in a meal, and the men in line went to the winged horns, knelt before them, and stretched out their hands, The wings and horns were laughing and rudely pulling over the hands of these men and sucking their blood!

        All the people who were sucked up in blood were suffering, and their faces were panicked, but no one resisted, because there were four robbers and horns at the side of the robbery period, which gave off a powerful pressure to make these low-lying people Shake, no determination to resist even a little!

        The meat-winged horns that suck the blood are repaired to a very low level. The highest is only the Yuan Ying period. It is obviously a newborn of the meat-winged horns. It is specially used to suck blood to restore blood!

        A seemingly fragile old man squats in front of the meat-winged horns. He is already skinny, but he still has to give his blood out. The blood keeps flowing out of his hands. His whole person is pale and weak. on the ground.

        "Oh, don't bother the blood of others. If you die, you will lose one animal. We must raise the family of the Three Heavens, so that there will be a lot of blood in the future!"Next to a distracted period of the meat-winged horned horns, the hand of the little old man who fainted past was taken out of the mouth of the red meat-winged horned horn.

        There are dozens of densely printed tooth prints on the hands of the little old man. Some of the tooth prints have even been ulcerated and bitten, and they have been bitten and unbearable. Obviously, it is not only the first time that they have been so sucked by the meat-winged horns.

        Next to the meat-winged horned horn, he looked at the half-dead old man and kicked him. Then he said, "This old beast has not survived. He sent him to the souls to see if his soul can still suck. !"


        In the corner of the corner, two comprehensions came out with trepidation, and looked at the flesh-winged horns with fear, and quickly towed away the half-dead old man.

        A period of time of the meat wing horn blame loudly shouted: "You are the epigenetic to listen to me well, triple-day people are now very precious farms, you eat when all give me to slow down, the amount to control well, if dead, then there is not so much blood for you to suck up, after all, to triple-day is not only our moon people, understand? Food is limited! ”

        Many of the meat-winged horns are busy, but some of the meat-winged horns are still taking a few more mouthfuls, obviously not so good.

        Mu Yu looked at these people like the beasts who were used as blood sources by the meat-winged horns, and there was an inexplicable anger in their hearts.

        The purpose of the aliens attacking the triple heaven is this!

        The people who were forced to sacrifice at the scene were all mortal. These people did not have any cultivation, and they had no resistance in the face of the powerful moon people!

        He just wanted to do it, but suddenly appeared to him in the south, and said indifferently: "Wait a minute, we need to determine the situation."

        "Follow us."Luo Wei also appeared next to Mu Yu, pulling the wood feathers disappeared into the courtyard.

        They appeared in a dimly lit room, and the room was large. It was like a slaughterhouse. The ground was full of dead bodies, piled up in a row, stinking. There are still a few people who are lying on the ground dying, and only the gas that has entered is not out of breath.

        "What happened in the end?"Mu Yu saw that the old man who had been sentenced to death was lying in the corner, no different from the dead.

        The people here are old and weak, their faces are like gray, their arms are covered with tooth prints, their wounds are white, their skin is bones, and the blood in their bodies has dried up.

        Slowly said to the south: "We are only two hours earlier than you. It seems that we have underestimated this conspiracy."

        Mu Yu walked to the old man's head. He looked at the other's injury and his heart gradually sank. The other's vitality has gradually disappeared, but the soul is still firmly locked in the body. There is a group of Souls in this room to ensure that these mortal souls are not separated.

        "We only have a few days in the ancient battlefield, but the time of the triple sky has passed a year."Luo Wei said slowly.

        One year?

        Wood feathers glimpsed, they actually left the triple day for a year?

        He glanced at the people here, and the dying people on the ground were mainly elderly people, and the thin children. Even if an old woman was in a coma, she was holding a little boy in her hand. The little boy had no vitality. .

        Mu Yu is angry: "I am going to kill these aliens!"

        Said to the south: "It is easy to kill these aliens, but we must consider whether the Terran is worth saving."

        "What do you mean?"Mu Yu asked.

        "Do you know where the most sad part of the Terran is? Help the aliens squeeze their compatriots! Many people have chosen to join the Holy Glory in order to survive. The comprehensions of the Holy Journey are living for themselves. They are helping the aliens to do things, helping the aliens to sort and classify their compatriots! ”When Luo Wei said, he left the room.

        They are now extremely powerful, relying on their own fields, except for the Mahayana people, they can't see them.

        The three men walked along the street, through the mortals who lined up, and then came to the west of the city. There are a group of self-cultivators wearing purple clothes. These self-cultivators seem to be arrogant, sitting on the square and screaming at the mortals.

        Every mortal was frightened. They walked one by one on a stone and pressed their hands on the stone. The stones would shine differently according to their physique, and then they were arranged in different teams. Many mortals look at the light of the stone in front, and when the stone illuminates the purple brilliance, they will be very excited, and when the stone shines red, their faces will be white.

        "Seven colors, red orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. This stone has been laid down. It can measure the physical condition of the mortal body, avoiding the excessive blood given by the mortal and directly dying. The Moon people regard the Terran as a beast and specialize in blood supply, but they will not directly kill the Terran. When the purple light is shining, it means that these people can no longer sacrifice in seven days, blue can rest for six days, red can not rest, and tomorrow will continue to sacrifice blood. ”

        Looking south to the south, there are more than a dozen distracted self-cultivators who are commanding there. They are also human races, but they are helping the aliens to do things and helping the interracial people to marry their compatriots!

        To the south, continue to say: "The person who joins the companion of the Holy Journey is the minimum requirement for the distraction. Those who are not able to pay for the distraction can only become sacrifices, and those who have reached the distraction period can replace The aliens do things and avoid becoming sacrifices. Do you want to save them? ”

        I left the place with the wooden feathers to the south, and went to the area of ​​the east of the city. There are no mortals, only the self-cultivators. Among them, there is a strip of people who are out of the atmosphere, about a few hundred people. They all sat on the ground and practiced desperately.

        The self-cultivator has also become a sacrifice for the aliens. UU reads They are responsible for the supply of blood to the interracial people above the fit period, the grade is strict, and the management is well organized.

        Shortly after they arrived here, there was a distraction in the crowds during the outing period. One person who had a period of squatting broke through to the distraction period.

        "I broke through! I broke through! I can join the Holy Order, ask for a few adults, let me join the Holy King! ”It was a middle-aged man with a vicissitudes of life who stood up excitedly and ran to a body-shaped period of the meat-winged horns. He fell to the ground and kept licking his head: "Adult, ask the adults to accept the minions!" The minions have reached the distraction period. ”

        This middle-aged man is full of flattery, although there are countless tooth prints on his arm, but he completely ignores anything. When he stepped into the distraction period from the embarrassing period, he can get rid of the identity of the sacrifice and reach the join. The requirements of the Holy Prince! …


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