1132th Chapter: Kill!

        The swordsmanship traversed the sky, and the whole sky trembled. The sky seemed to rotate around the sword. The sword fell, and it instantly turned into a small sword, and it sneaked into the city. Among them!

        The whole suffocating city has a meat-winged horned horn, and the most powerful is the repair of the looting period. They also proudly used humans as livestock, but the face of all the flesh-winged horns was shocked!

        Hey! Hey! Hey!

        The sword that was put into the city was suffocated into the suffocating city, and all the horns and horns were pierced. The sword penetrated their chests and brought their bodies to the sky. All the meat-winged horns were all flying. The sword was nailed in the air!

        Jiang Zhengxian looked at the man in the air. He was trampled under the foot of the meat-winged horns, but the ugly creature that stepped on him in the next moment was pierced by the sword and brought to the air, and next to it. The original charming, fierce, has been scared to face the earth, sitting on the ground and overwhelmed.

        That one, that sword, like an eternal pattern, was deeply engraved in Jiang Zhengxian's mind.

        He thinks that the person in the air, everyone in the realm of understanding knows, that is the apprentice of the true God, Mu Yu!

        The hot tears came out again. Jiang Zhengxian never thought about it. He really would have waited for such a day. The goddess of the true god held a sword, and all the ugly invaders were shackled.

        That sword made him surging, and his blood was boiling. He also wanted to hold a long sword, sweeping the world, killing all the invaders and destroying all the cartilage heads of the Terran.

        "It's Mu Yu!"

        "It is the apprentice of the true God!"

        "He is back! He came to save us! ”

        The entire slain city was enslaved and embraced as if it had seen the light in the long night.

Someone came to save them, and they no longer have to be forced to sacrifice blood every night and every night. They were so excited that they crouched down in the same place, tears in tears, kept licking their heads and begged Mu Yu to save them.

        However, those who are the chiefs of the animal husbandry for the sake of survival are all in the same place. They are human races, but they help the aliens to oppress the human race, but now their charming monsters are only wiped out by the wood feathers in a blink of an eye!

        They can't be excited, and some only have deep fear!

        Mu Yu walks slowly in the void. Every time he takes a step, the lines under his feet will emerge. It is like a rope, and all the comprehensions of the animal husbandry are bound together.

        "I have always tried to speculate on the human race with the worst malice, because the nature of the human race has always been this way. But those of you who are greedy and fearful of selling and selling people to seek glory and ruin their compatriots make me feel sick. You are even more damn than the aliens! ”

        Mu Yu kills and looks at more than three hundred so-called animal husbandry chiefs. These people have the distracting period of cultivation, but they have no bones like a poor worm, but they are swaying at the moon people and then letting themselves survive. .

        Those animal husbandry have been crouching in the air, screaming: "Mu Yu adults, forgive! We are forced to help! We have no way! ”

        "We just want to live, and Mu Yu is forgiving!"

        The animal husbandry of the distracted period cried and begged for mercy. They were squatting at the feet of the aliens in order to survive. Now, in order to survive, they are kneeling at the foot of Mu Yu.

        Mu Yu looked at these people with pity, he would not let go of these people because of the so-called living. In the face of the aliens, in order to survive and ruin the compatriots, such people are already difficult to understand.

        "Wait, don't kill, not all animal husbandry is bad!"Jiang Zhengxian shouted desperately in the crowd. His voice was drowned in the cries of mortals who were sobbing. He squeezed desperately and squeezed in the direction of Mu Yu, but the crowd excitedly filled the whole street. He couldn't squeeze it and was squeezed into the corner.

        "Not all livestock chiefs are bad!"Jiang Zhengxian shouted hard, but no one listened to him. Everyone was cheering for the rest of the robbery. They were crying out to execute the animal husbandry and execute the meat-winged horns!

        "Not all livestock chiefs are bad."Jiang Zhengxian bit his teeth and gradually lowered his head. He knew that Mu Yu couldn't hear these words, but he still wanted to try and tell the truth.

        But a strong pattern suddenly caught him, rolled him into the air, and fell in front of Mu Yu.

        "Why do you think so?"Mu Yu looked at the fifteen-year-old boy in front of him.

        Jiang Zhengxian ecstatically looked at Mu Yu: "It's you, it's really you, you heard me!"

        "Why did you just say that not all animal husbandry leaders are bad?"Mu Yu asked.

        “Some of the immortals are still very good, they just want to protect us.”Jiang Zhengxian said cautiously.

        While listening to Jiang Zhengxian, who was responsible for watching Jiang Zhengxian, he immediately shouted: "Yes, yes, I just want to protect them. I just want to protect them before the animal husbandry!"

        "Pooh! You are not! You are a man who is really shameless! ”Jiang Zhengxian angered, and he said for a long while: "Like the last time we watched our fairy teacher, Feiming is really wanting to protect us. I have always been ignorant of those monsters. He is very good to us and never beats us, but Later, I was accidentally caught by the monsters, those monsters…Just killed him. ”

        Jiang Zhengxian’s grief and indignation.

        More than 300 livestock husbands and more than 200 people began to beg for mercy, and they vowed that they have never abused those mortals. Among them, the broken tiger that has just been promoted to the head of the animal husbandry is also begging for help, saying that he is also the same as Feiming. purpose.

        But there are still dozens of animal husbands who just watched Mu Yu silently. They didn't ask for mercy, but they were there, they were excited but didn't say anything.

        "Is this so-called animal husbandry damn, I will find out."At the foot of Mu Yu, the spirits of the gods have been flashed, all the animal husbands have been covered, and they have been controlled and their memories have been explored.

        Those who are desperate for mercy are those who are greedy and fearful of sorrow and sorrow, and those who truly want to protect mortals are not as shameless as they are.

        "Damn, I will never let go."

        Mu Yu looked indifferently at the 277-year-old animal husbandry, just a thought. These people instantly turned into flying ash, dissipated in the air, and the soul was directly broken by the wood feather!

        And the remaining 93 animal husbandry chiefs, they are the true self-cultivators who want to protect mortals at this moment, and they have never ruined mortals, so that these mortals can live in peace and quiet without their own animal husbandry. .

        Mu Yu will only save people who are truly worth living.

        Ninety-three comprehensions watched with horror as the animal husbands around them turned into gray, and they felt a shudder. They didn’t understand how Mu Yu knew it, but they also knew that they had gone from the ghost gate. Suffered.

        "You made the right choice."

        Mu Yu lifted control of these 93 people and said slowly: "As for whether you want revenge, more than a thousand monsters, whatever you dispose of, I have completely abolished their cultivation, they are now It’s just a poor pest that doesn’t have the ability to step on it.”

        Hey! Hey! Hey!

        More than a thousand flesh-winged horns of the suffocating city fell into the crowd and were nailed to the street by the sword!

        All the mortals are horrified to see the fierce and savage horns that have been violently ruined this year. At this time, they are like a waste dog lying on the ground, dying. The means of Mu Yu came out of everyone's imagination, and he actually ruined these meat-winged horns directly!

        Those who were sacrificed had long been disgusted with the winged horns, but at this time also don't know those meat wing horns will stand up to bite them a mouthful, there is a bold person rushed over to kick the meat wing horn strange foot, the meat wing horn strange howl up, clatter Everybody all believe, began to roar toward the meat wing horn strange flutter up, The oath to tear up all these monsters, the whole year to vent all the resentment.

        The whole city has already boiled, and everyone wants to shred the meat-winged horns and squeezing them. The scene is chaotic. Even if the body is unusual, but under the pressure of the wood feathers, it is no different from the ordinary cattle and sheep, they are directly torn into pieces by the raging mortal!

        None of the souls of these monsters escaped, and their souls can be shredded by the mortals in the battle of Mu Yu, and they are torn away!

        Mu Yu’s eyes fell on those comprehensions who tried to cultivate in order to join the holy princes. His sacred spirits poured out again and controlled all these comprehensions. It was just an order. Those who wanted to sell their compatriots to join the holy The comprehension of the princes broke their own and killed themselves!

        Mu Yu watched indifferently, more than 3,000 comprehensions committed suicide in front of him. He had no fluctuations in his heart. When they chose to sell their lives for the aliens, they were doomed to this kind of end, and Mu Yu wanted to kill this kind of person. !

        There are only more than 5,000 people who have survived the entire suffocation city. These people are indomitable people, or they want to fight against the aliens. Even if they can't fight, they have no intention of yielding. Mu Yu’s soul is very powerful, he controls these people, enough to let these people make their own choices whether they are qualified to live!


        "I didn't expect you to let these people commit suicide directly."Luo Wei said.

        "You can never kill such a person. It is these mortals. If their strength allows, they will also make things that are embarrassing and stealing. The best way is to completely control them and let them live in our way."Slowly speaking southward.

        "People, there is no choice in the face of aliens, so I allow them to live. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Master said before, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, the self-cultivator, but a little conscience should also understand the importance of protecting their race, they choose to be a traitor, I will kill the traitor! ”

        Mu Yu speaks indifferently, killing people is not a difficult thing for him, and those people's lives have been completely swallowed up by his wood spirit.

        Luo Wei shook his head: "Even if it is a mortal, I will never allow them to marry Master. Anyone who dares to make irresponsible remarks to Master, I will kill! ”

        Looking at the people in the city to the south, he said: "Now I am afraid that the entire three heavens have been occupied by aliens. You have killed the aliens in this city. Other aliens will definitely unite. When you leave these people. Still can't help but die, you can't protect them."

        Mu Yu took a deep breath and knew that this was the most important issue. He could protect the city, but what about other people in the city? …


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