1133th Chapter: Aftermath

        Three major 6 There are thousands of large and small cities, and the suffocating city is only a negligible one. If all the people in the city have been enslaved like the suffocating city, how can he save and guard one by one?

        Before the winged horns could bear the sun of the triple sky, Mu Yu the first time to see the red month, Red Moon is directly by the sun into soot, presumably because the master set a strong formation, enough to suppress the action of the alien, but now these meat wing horns strange fearless action, obviously those restrictions have disappeared.

        "The killing of the white world is the most direct way."Mu Yu said slowly.

        Baijie is the leader of these aliens. At this time, there must be many powerful aliens who have entered the triple sky. The strength of those people is definitely in the Mahayana period. The most powerful meat-winged horns in the town garrison Only the period of the robbery, just because it is an insignificant side of the small town.

        Silenced to the south for a moment, and scanned these crazy humans again, he said indifferently: "I will go with you to kill the aliens, the life of the triple heavenly people belongs to us, those foreign races are not eligible for contamination!"

        Luo Wei looked at the rolling hills in the distance, and then said: "There is no trace of aliens in the desert mountains. It is obviously their restricted area."

        After they left the Dust Mountain, there were no traces of aliens in the small towns of the small villages. The Moushan Mountain, which was originally abandoned by the Three Majors, became the safest barrier.

        Shaking head south: "The three major 6 comprehensions chose to abandon the people of the Mouyun Mountain Range, but now they are allowed to enter the Mouyun Mountain Range. Don't you think it is ridiculous? The three major 6 comprehensions are generally higher than the people of the Mouyun Mountain Range, and once they enter the aborigines that only disturb the Mogan Mountains. The pure land of the Mouyun Mountain Range is the only place I don't want to control. I don't allow them to destroy it. ”

        To the south, I want to control the entire three major 6 races, but he never thought about going to the people in the Mo Yun Mountain Range. In any case, the people there were once closely related to the Master.

        Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "Then let them be among the 100,000 mountains, not allowed to cross the 100,000 mountains, and the 100,000 mountains are vast and innocent.

Enough to accommodate millions of people, I will set aside the law, so that they can not interfere with the comprehension of the desert mountains. At present, only the city of suffocation can be saved. Other people in the city will say it later! ”

        "it is good."Believe in the south of Mu Yu's array.

        The sound of Mu Yu suddenly rang through the entire suffocating city: "Everyone listens, I will arrange all of you to escape the disaster in the desert mountains, where all the comprehensions bring me mortals. At the time of the invasion of the aliens, anyone dares to make things that will kill the compatriots. I will kill them!"

        After he said these words, he placed a powerful transmission array in the center of the suffocating city. At this time, Qiao Xue and Yan Ran also rushed over and understood what Mu Yu had to do. Mu Yu let Luo Wei and Dumb wait for them here. He and Xiangnan and Qiao Xue went to the 100,000 mountains in the Mouyun Mountain Range.

        They selected a relatively flat mountain range in the 100,000 mountains. The wood feathers used the ability to control wood and built countless tree houses in a thousand miles. In the south, several mountains were removed and built on the ground. Thousands of simple but solid earth houses. Qiao Xue completely renovated the groundwater and drained the river for the mortal to drink.

        The Eugene ability of the three of them is fully shown here. Mu Yu uses a powerful array of techniques to enclose the entire area of ​​the residence. It is basically impossible to get out of the masters of the robbery period. A transmission array is set up in the mountains, which is connected to the transmission array of the Choking City.

        They made such a big move here. In order to build a house, they used the power of the Mahayana period. They have also alarmed the words of the Dust Mountain. He looked at the tree house in this wild house and could not help but be amazed: What are you doing?"

        "Save people."Mu Yu said slowly.

        I didn’t speak to the south and I didn’t want to admit it.

        Xiaoshuai said about the suffocating city and the situation in the realm of cultivation today.

        As the words looked southward and looked at Mu Yu, the lips squirmed. It seemed to be unexpected and pleasant for the decision of Xiangnan and Muyu, but he did not say anything else, just said: "I will help you."

        Mu Yu nodded silently, he left the Mouyun Mountain Range and returned to the Choking City. With his current cultivation, it takes only a quarter of an hour to get back and forth between the Mou Mountain Range and the Choking City.

        At this time, the mortals of the suffocating city have been quiet, they are waiting for the news of Mu Yu, and everyone is excited at the moment when Mu Yu reappears.

        Mu Yu has fallen into the crowds who have been sucked up by blood and are half dead. They are forcibly sighed by the method of the Soul, and the body is dead, but the soul is still in the body.

        These corpses are piled up here, and then they are handed over to the souls, so that the souls will take their souls away, and the body and bones will be handed over to the bones, and all the values ​​of the human race will be drained.

        He hesitated again and again, his left eye still lit up with white awns, and the endless vitality rolled out from his left eye and illumined them. A strong field of atmosphere enveloped everyone, and those who were pale and bloody and fuzzy were gradually waking up and looked at the man in the air with amazement.

        "I am alive?"

        "What about those monsters?"

        Everyone climbed up from the ground and went out. These hundreds of people died and resurrected. They didn’t understand what was going on. When they got out of the room and saw the mortals who were cheering on the street, they only knew that the monsters were already Killed by Mu Yu, suddenly excited.

        Mu Yu saved only a few hundred people, and other dead people had already been sent away, and he could do nothing. The boy named Jiang Zhengxian also excitedly shouted to run toward his parents. His parents were sucked up by blood yesterday, and they have not been sent away. They survived.

        "You leave here through the transmission array!"Mu Yu has already started the transmission array. Under his pressure, no one dares to crowd, and all of them are honestly queuing to leave here through the transmission array, while on the other side, the promise is to meet there.


        "We will go to you later."Xiangnan and Luo Yu left the city of suffocating, and did not say anything.

        Mu Yu is still going to the Dan Ding faction. He is going to find the dead wood old man to discuss things well and see how he will deal with the aliens. They haven't been in charge of other cities along the way. They must go out of the big picture and go back and say, after all, they have been unconsciously left for three years and have been a year old. This is very weird.

        When returning to the Danding School, the Danding School has been completely blocked by dead wood. Anyone who wants to come in needs to be determined by the dead wood. Even the wooden feathers were blocked by the powerful atmosphere of the open market, and they could not enter.

        "Do we have to sing directly? I think the dead wood will come to us. ”Xiaoshuai said.

        "Not needed."Mu Yu shook his head.

        Kaixuan Ding has also returned to the original owner. Mu Yu wants to go in and out and can't do it. He took Qiao Xue and Hao Ran to the entrance. The entrance is already heavily guarded. They just fell, and suddenly they have already rushed out of several composing people in the fit period and surrounded them!

        "Stand up, you aliens are looking for death!"For a middle-aged man to drink.

        Xiaoshuai said: "What is your look? Even a group of mortals know our wood feathers, can't you recognize them? ”

        For the middle-aged people cold channel: "Hey! Don't think that you can be fooled by pretending to be a wooden feather. In the past year, this is already 98 times of aliens posing as Mu Yu adults. You dare to come over, don't blame us! ”

        "The ninety-eighth time pretending to be me?"Mu Yu gave a slight glimpse. He didn't expect anyone to pretend to be a man. He asked strangely at the moment, "Is the aliens actually pretending to be me?"

        "Less nonsense, you are a sin of this group of aliens!" Gossip and kill! ”

        The middle-aged thundered a sound, the body light up the gold pattern, not only he, but also next to the other seven fit period of the strong, they also scattered a strong breath, everyone at the foot of the baguazhen, eight people stand in each direction of the gossip, pattern streamer overflow color, pattern like flood monstrous, Power is actually faint reached the time of the robbery!

        "what? This battle -"

        Mu Yu was amazed, and the eight joint-time joint movements, the power to be able to cross the robbery, was really beyond his expectations. His eyes also had his formations, and the texture of the gossip and annihilation was immediately reflected in his mind.

        "Stable and extremely murderous, defense and attack are integrated at one point. This battle should be from the hands of the old man."Mu Yu can't help but admire.

        Mu Yu was on the rise and decided to try some gossip to see how powerful this kind of battle can be. At the time of the invasion of the aliens, it is natural that the comprehensible can have the means of confrontation.

        The masters of the eight fits have already surrounded the wooden buffs, and both Qiao Xue and Yan Ran have already retired. This is completely unnecessary for them to intervene.

        Mu Yu stood in the center of the Eight Diagrams, UU reading www.uukanshu.com The other eight masters of the complex period were violently swaying the golden tiger, and the tiger roared and bite toward the center of the wood feather. Mu Yu looked at the shadow of the tiger in the sky, nodded slightly, this array of methods can be attacked and retreated, it is really powerful.

        "Yes, there are defenses for you. I am afraid that the aliens in the robbery period will not go in easily."Mu Yu praised.

        The middle-aged people are now being attacked by Mu Yu, and all of them are dispelled. They are also slightly surprised. Then they roared and said: "You are a group of damn aliens. The sword-shadow alliance is not a place where you can be freely contaminated. !"

        "Jian Ying Alliance? Here is the Sword Shadow Alliance? ”

        Mu Yu was even more surprised. At the beginning, under the advice of Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian, he wanted to form a sword-shadow alliance in the comprehension world, gathering people who are not afraid of death, but Mu Yu almost forgot this thing. It is. …


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