1134th Chapter: The leader of the Sword shadow

        "The Sword Shadow Alliance, can the leader give me as?" ”Xiaoshuai asked excitedly.

        Qiao Xue smashed the head of Xiao Shuai and said, "No, you belong to Meng."

        Mu Yu in the "Gossip Extinction kill" this matrix in the shape of a towering motionless, he carefully observed the ingenious of the formation, found that the formation of the two-day to trap the master almost all more than enough, this form of each pattern has reached the point of almost perfect, anyone who does not understand the formation of a person can hardly find the weakness of this.

        "The old man designed this formation perfectly, but unfortunately, I still know you best."Mu Yu smiled slightly, rolled his hands on the lines, and swept through the gossip pattern of the head of the middle-aged man in a smashing angle, and defeated the array of eyes.


        The eyes were broken, and eight people shouted in horror, and immediately jumped over and looked at Mu Yu with amazement.

        "You actually cracked our formation? impossible! The dead wood Supreme said that if you want to break the battle, you can't achieve the rest of the way except for the double-day of the robbery! ”

        The middle-aged man, who is headed, said incredibly that Mu Yu had never used the real repairs. He seemed to be just a person of a fit period.

        "Okay, Hong Sheng, stop."An illusory shadow suddenly appeared in midair, shouting at everyone, and then silently watching Mu Yu.

        This person is awesome!

        The middle-aged man headed quickly squatted on the ground and said: "I have seen the dead wood."

        "The dead wood sage?"Xiaoshuai screamed and laughed. "Oh, this name sounds like I am not used to it, the dead wood father."

        "Bold, you actually insult the dead wood,

court death! ”The Hongsheng Taoist angered.

        The dead wood said: "Okay, he is Mu Yu, the ally of your sword-shadow alliance, can't you recognize it?"

        "He, is he really a Muyu lord?"The Hongsheng Taoist was shocked and suddenly stayed, and soon returned to God. He looked at Mu Yu’s eyes full of sincerity and fear. He quickly said: "The lord forgives sins, and his subordinates do not know Taishan, and they collide with the lord. Sin must die…"

        When Mu Yu raised his hand, he raised the Hongsheng Taoist and smiled slightly: "You don't have to be polite, you are doing your duty and you are not at fault."

        "Thank you for your lord."

        The Hongsheng Taoist sneaked a glimpse of Mu Yu. This person is young and promising. It has already reached the legendary Mahayana period. Naturally, it is curious and awe. But seeing Mu Yu does not have any shelf, it is also a good feeling. After all, the reputation of this great god in the realm of cultivation has always been extremely prominent, and even the Hongsheng Taoist people are the first to really see it.

        "Go in and say. Hong Sheng, you continue to be on duty, no mistakes. ”A wave of dead wood has already disappeared at the door with Mu Yu and others.


        Dan Ding, open the market.

        Mu Yu looked at the dead wood and immediately smiled: "The dead wood sage, can you tell me what is the situation now? How did this Jianying Alliance infiltrate the Dan Ding faction? ”

        The dead wood snorted and heard that Mu Yu had teased him in a serious manner. He raised his hand and took it to the back of the wooden feather. But when he remembered something, he stopped his hand and said: "You are also a party, everyone. They are counting on you, you are not serious."

        "Oh, after I became a ally, the dead wood will not smoke me, right?"Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully.


        Dead wood smacked to the back of the head of Mu Yu.

        "No."Dead wood said unceremoniously.

        Qiao Xue and Hao Ran could not help but laugh. Mu Yu's face is helpless.

        "Dry, wood feathers should be pumped."Suddenly smiled and said that she had recognized the dead wood as a reason for her own mother.

        Qiao Xuexing said: "I have seen the dead wood."

        The dead wood just responded to the head, Xiao Shuai suddenly said yin and yang, "Why do you still have to call the father-in-law?"

        Dumbfounded: "Little handsome, I heard that my father-in-law seems to be a female shout."

        "Oh, yes, you should call the dead wood sage, right?"Xiaoshuai changed the way.

        Qiao Xue and Sudden suddenly blushed, a little overwhelmed. Mu Yu said generously: "Nothing, the daughter-in-laws will soon see a father-in-law, and you will shout."

        Qiao Xue and hesitated for a moment, glanced at Mu Yu, and then went to the dead wood for a later generation: "Hey."

        The dead wood opened his mouth, apparently still did not respond, suddenly remembered the story of Mu Yu this guy, did not expect that he had two more daughter-in-law, and quickly squeezed a smile: "That, I did not prepare anything to meet, You shouted too suddenly, I don't know what to take…I think about it, I…"

        Speaking annoyedly, he glanced at Mu Yu.

        Mu Yu was stunned by three people in a row and was quite hurt.

        "You are laughing, we are younger generations, it should be that we are abrupt, and we have not seen you."Qiao Xue said softly.

        "This suddenly became polite and made me uncomfortable. You just prepared some roast ducks for me to meet up."Xiaoshuai said awkwardly.

        Mu Yu rudely licked Xiao Shuai’s head and then said seriously: "Daddy, what happened now?" How is this alliance still…I always thought that your old man didn't like the word "Jian Ying". ”

        The dead wood looked at it with a glance, remembered the stunned identity, and resisted the sound of the sword without the opening, saying: "You lost a year outside, the aliens invaded the triple sky, and broke through countless cities. Now we are Danding And the sect is the last stronghold of the Triple Heavenly Terran. You come with me. ”

        The dead wood with the wooden feathers appeared in the Danding faction. The Danding faction was set up with numerous arrays at this time. Each array of law blocks a house of law, and countless self-cultivators and mortals live. In the formation, every house floats in the air, patchwork, and fills the entire Dan Ding faction.

        As the number goes down, the total number of Dan Ding parties adds up to 500,000!

        The dead wood explained: "Now the Dan Ding faction is no longer a pure martial art, but a bastion of human resistance against aliens. When Lu first came to me last time, he said that you had a sword shadow force, although reluctantly, but because of your current reputation in the real world still have two down the appeal, and the title of the fellow Apprentice, so I took the liberty of the last no fall of the people to form a sword Shadow Alliance, let you become a cheap leader. ”

        Mu Yu touched his forehead. He couldn't find a word to refute, because he was indeed a cheap ally. The big and small things of the lord were all handled by the dead wood and Lu Xianshi. The dead wood controlled the open market and had the white. No one dares to obey the power of the world.

        "Because I am your old man, they call me a saint. You are back now, but also pay attention to the image, mature, you are the backbone of the human race, don't always look like a cynical. ”The dead wood said annoyed.

        This said that Mu Yu was a little embarrassed, he said: "That is not what you call to drink."

        "You are not satisfied?"Dead wood is cold.

        "No, where dare!"Mu Yu said helplessly.

        For a long while, the dead wood said: "You have told me about what happened in the past year."

        Mu Yu actually stayed in the ancient battlefield for a few days. I didn't expect Santian to live for a year. He sorted out his thoughts and said everything. He didn't hide anything about the dead wood.

        "This is the dumb you said?"The dead wood looked dumb, suddenly remembered something, and was surprised: "You are from the Giants?"

        "Dumb is a giant spirit, how do you know? I thought that only the master knew that he was listening to the master's words. ”A dull scratched his head.

        Mu Yu asked: "The Giants are a very powerful race?"

        "It's very powerful, a kind of ancient race from other worlds, very few. Their existence threatened many races, and later they were slaughtered by other races because of their slow relationship. I learned from ancient books that I thought that the giant spirits had all been extinct. ”Dead wood couldn't help but see more dumb eyes.

        Mu Yu can also see the identity of dumb, and a dumb one can easily shoot the third month of the deadly list, which is so simple.

        "Daddy, what is the current situation of the aliens?"

        "A total of twenty-one races have come to the triple heavens. The other party is led by the white world. The masters of the Mahayana period are based on the news, at least fifty! And now we have only four people in the Mahayana period, and the gap is too big. Nowadays, the two people who were inferior to the thunder and the unbelievers of Chu were seriously injured in the white world a year ago. Now they have not healed. There are five demon kings on the side of the demon. You can fight with each other, but even if they add up to each other, they cannot compete with the aliens. Everyone has returned this time, which is a hope for us. ”Said the dead wood.

        There are few self-cultivators in the Mahayana period. The dead wood is the most powerful person. Although it is only a soul, it controls the opening of one of the nine devices. The two people who were against the thunder and the incomprehensible people were destroyed in the Great Monument. On the day of the invasion of the aliens, they were seriously injured by the White World and barely escaped.

        "There is still a Mahayana period, you should see him."Said the dead wood.

        "who is it?"Mu Yu asked.

        "it's me."The voice of indifference sounded from the side, and a man of perseverance appeared in front of Muyu.

        Once the unknown swordsman, relying on an iron sword to smash the world, people call the sword!

        "It's you!"Mu Yu was amazed. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

        Broken sword and he once had an intersection. When he left the Mouyun Mountain Range, he met him. That time, the young man also saved the woman who likes to break the sword. This person is also a half-master of the lonely day. Although the lonely days have not been recognized.

        "Lonely heaven?" He took my sword and took my sword back. ”Nameless said.

        "Lonely days are in the Mouyun Mountain Range, with my brother."Mu Yu was grateful for the namelessness. The sword that was given to him by namelessness made him through several difficulties.

        Anonymous saw Mu Yu for a moment, said: "When you first saw you, you were only the repair of the Golden Age, but I did not expect that you have already entered the Mahayana period, I am surprised."…


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