Chapter 1135: Disparity in strength

  In fact, Mu Yu was also very surprised. At that time, he would think of a person he met as a master of the Mahayana period!

  Half a sigh, Chu unyielding people and talk about Qingquan also appeared in the air, the two of them looked a little unstable, and Mu Yu saw the dark diseases in their bodies at a glance, and the meridians were extremely seriously damaged.

  "I have seen two seniors."Muyu arches.

  "I didn't come back with you?"Chu unyielding people asked eagerly.

  "He is back. In the Mouyun Mountain Range, we have a hard time going out this time, but it is also a shock."Mu Yu said.

  "It's okay, my apprentice, who was a slinger, broke through to the Mahayana period a few days before the opening of the Great Monument. The 37-year-old genius who broke through to the Mahayana period can't have an accident."Chu is not a bit sigh of relief, and then added, "Of course, you must still be a little better."

  “Predecessors have won prizes, and each person has a different chance.”

  Mu Yu is now only twenty-six years old, but he is a talented and intelligent person. Whether he or his brother, the talent is extremely high, but his three brothers did not understand the Mahayana field by themselves, but the fusion. The field of the main body of Yumuning, they are different from Mu Yu.

  Tan Qingquan also nodded slightly. He looked at the wood feather with surprise. Now Mu Yu has made him unable to see through. Obviously, the growth of Mu Yu is beyond his expectation, even if he can't see the depth of Mu Yu.

  "You come back, we have hope."Talking about Qingquan laughing.

  Mu Yu remembered the things of the old man, He Jinglong and Xuan Zhengtang, and asked: "Predecessors, the old town master? There is also a family of Xuan Zhengtang. ”

  Tan Qingquan said: "They are here, you can go to resurrection them at any time."

  Mu Yu nodded, and the talents of Xuan Zhengtang’s family and the old man, He Jinglong, are worth living.

  "In short, the current situation is not optimistic, Qiao Xue, you will go to Kai Dingzhong to practice the filming, and reach the Mahayana period. My dad will use the open market to protect you."Mu Yu said.

  "it is good."Qiao Xue also knows the seriousness of the matter. Now he has to fight with the aliens. The number of people in the Mahayana period is too small, so she must upgrade her strength. This can also lead the water to the Momo to fight.

  Suddenly watching Qiao Xue leave, my heart is not a taste, gently bite my teeth and said: "Mu Yu, I also went to practice."

  Mu Yu understands what she is thinking. She was originally the daughter of Jianying Dustwind. Her talent is second to none. She is only younger, and there is no Qiao Xue who has the main body of Yu Mengling. Therefore, she is still only in the robbery period. But she is not willing to be the burden of everyone, her father wants to protect the world, she also wants to contribute to the human race.

  "Cultivating is ok, but you don't want to think too much, your mindset should be balanced. Joe Snow is not the same as you, understand?"Mu Yu comforted.

  "I will try to catch up with Joe Snow."Strictly said.

  Dumbfounded and said: "Small stunned, dumb with you to practice, dumb to protect the owner for the small."

  "Well, thank you dumb."Nodded.

  Dumb touched his head and said: "If you have a beautiful mountain with a master, you can resonate with Xiaoyan, and help Xiaoxiao improve it!"

  "What a beautiful mountain?"Asked curiously.

  "It's a beautiful mountain. Before I was dumb, I liked playing hide and seek on the mountain."Dumbly smiled.

  Mu Yu frowned, took out the Tianyan round of the peak, and asked: "Dumb, do you mean that the beautiful mountain refers to this?"

  Dumbfounded as he looked at Tian Yan's turn back and nodded. "Amumu, do you have it?" Hey, this is the master, how did you snatch it? You have to give Xiao Xiaoran, Xiao Yanran's breath and the peaks of the mountain. The master used to tell the dumb when he was practicing, saying that his blood and mountains are integrated into one, so the mountain can resonate with him. ”

  "But the peak of Tianyan's reincarnation has been silenced. Is it a device without chaos and yin and yang?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

  The dead wood opened the road: "This road is very simple, and the control of the sword dust is far beyond the two of us."

  Mu Yu gave the Tianyan round back to the peak, and just came into contact with the Tianyan round of the peak, suddenly snorted, and then the Tianyan round of the peak radiated a ray of light, shrouded in the stunned body, and then disappeared into the sky Yan Yan back to the peak.

  Mu Yu can clearly see that it is like a villain, walking up the trail along the mountain.

  Dumb holding the Tianyan round back and said: "Dumbs should guard the little stunned, and dumbs accompany the little sorrows to practice."

  Mu Yu did not expect that this piece of the device left by Master was actually helpful. At the moment, he also let the dumb into the open market, guarding the stunned.


  In the hall of Dan, Mu Yu silently listened to the Yundan Taoist and He Liankong to explain to him the situation.

  "There are only eight comprehensions in the realm of our swordsmanship?"Mu Yu glanced at the entire Dan Dian, feeling very heavy.

  Dozens of eight-door robbing masters have relied on aliens or are controlled by aliens. The survivors of the Terran who do not want to rely on the aliens have only eight additions, including the Heliankong, who has a special identity and no body.

  If Mu Yu did not return, then the master of Jianying had only four Mahayana periods, eight periods of robbery, and according to the information that was inquired over the past year, at least 50 of the inhabitants of the alien races, as for the robbery. The period is no less than two hundred!

 The difference in strength is really different!

  "Yes, there are two elders in the eight gates who are unwilling to marry and escape. They are the Yuhe Taoist of the Dihuangmen and the scorpion of the Xuanlingmen. They are not in the middle of the gods. The dead wood has already been checked. ."Heliankong said.

  "I have seen the lord!"The Yuhe Dao and Cangzhang immediately stood up and respectfully bowed.

  The people of Yuhe Road must be white, and they look at at least eighty years old. They are repaired in the three days of the robbery. The age of Cangbangzi is similar to that of Yuhe Road.

  "Cang Bangzi seniors? It's you! ”

  Mu Yu looked at the scorpion in front of him in surprise. When the white scorpion demon king just returned to the triple sky, he took a group of Yao people to compete for the aura of the Eight Grass Village. At that time, the Terran reinforcements did not arrive, and Mu Yu was the traitor of the Terran. The identity played, defeated the Yao people, then Cangjiezi also intends to hold Mu Yu.

  However, at that time, Cangjiezi was only a repair period of the fit period. Over the years, he has already broken through to the robbery period.

  Cang Bangzi sincerely feared to bow his head and said: "When the Eight Grass Village was under the eyes, he did not know Taishan.

  Mu Yu raised up the scorpion, saying: "The princes of the princes don't have to be polite, the past things are not mentioned for the time being, you have not forgotten your identity, it is excellent."

  "The lord said what he said."Kuang Bianzi said respectfully, when he thought that the wood feathers that had only been in the early stage could now become the ally of Jianying. Although the main position of the alliance was agreed between the dead wood and the active Lu Xianshi, the strength of Mu Yu itself was enough to shoulder this responsibility.

  "As a human being, nature is not willing to live under his people. But there are sent, despite the instructions, the subordinate must be liver and brain, killing the aliens! ”Although the age of the Yuhe Dao is large, it still exudes an old-fashioned strength.

  The master of medicine is on the side: "Mu Yu, Yuhe Dao is the master of Xing Gao, who is a brother. I remember that you should know Xing Gao. Their brothers are now practicing together."

  Mu Yu nodded, and he was very happy. This is a natural understanding of the famous brothers Mu Yu. He did not actually feel bad about Xing Gao.

  "The Yuhe predecessors have the determination to kill the enemy, which is the backbone of the Terran. You need to be assisted in the future."Mu Yu said.

  "These two are the Hualong Taoist and the Shengming Taoist. The two of them are the secrets of the real world."He Liankong introduced the road.

  "See the lord."The Hualong Dao and the Shengming Taoist also got up and saluted. The two are also old-agers who have to be white, and they are very old.

  Mu Yu did not support the big, said: "You do not need to pay more for your predecessors."

  "As for the life-and-death gate of the old river, he doesn't like to talk more, we don't know, but Lu Xianshi said that he is the guest you invited…"

  Yundan Taoist looked at the old river tour sitting in the corner with a face and no words. Therefore, when Jiangyou was young, he was chased by the people who died in the name of the priest. The specific situation is why the river tour is too lazy. To say more than one word, there is no such thing as Yundan Taoist. In addition, there are too few masters of the robbery period of the Terran, so Jiangyou is the master of the nine-day squad, and they do not want to bury this person.

  "He can trust."Mu Yu said.

  Therefore, Jiangyou stood up and bowed to Mu Yu. He said stiffly: "I didn't expect you to enter the Mahayana period so quickly."

  Therefore, Jiangyou relied on the transmission array. Now, between the Danding and the ancestors, through the means of dead wood, a transmission array that can be connected at any time is arranged to facilitate the operation.

  "Now there are many human traitor corpses waiting for you to refine. UU reading "Wu Yu smiled slightly, but his laughter was full of savage killing, so that everyone else was awe.

  "I also want to refine the bodies of aliens."Therefore, Jiangyou re-sit.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng is also one of the eight masters of the Terran, but he has been assisting several demon kings in the past year to seal the seal. This is the dead wood let him go, so he is not present.

  After a few counts, Mu Yu asked, "Is there only seven people in Zhuge Xiaosheng, and one person in the robbery period?"

  He Liankong and Yundan Taoist glanced at each other and sighed.

  The dead wood said aside: "There is another Yuande Shibo, he is not here. Yuan De Shi Bo’s brain was traumatized, he forgot all things, and his mind was unclear, that is, I could not cure this kind of trauma. The white spirit made by Soul is too vicious. He knows that you will eliminate the soul, so he has done his hands and feet. Anyone who has his soul will be irreparably traumatized, so strictly speaking There are only seven. ”

  Nowadays, the masters of the Sword and Shadow Alliance are all older generations. Although they have the heart to kill the enemy, they are too old, and the Mahayana period is high. The people who are against the real people and the unruly people have also suffered serious trauma. If it weren’t for the existence of the two avenues of the opening of the market and the temple, I am afraid that the triple sky has already fallen!

  In addition to Mu Yu, the entire hall, the seven robbery periods and four Mahayana periods, as well as many elders of the fit period, felt a heavy pressure.

  This war can't be beaten at all!

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