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Chapter 1136: Forgotten things

  The atmosphere is very depressed. If it is not that Mu Yu is now with the Mahayana of the Mahayana period and the return of Qiao Xue and the robbery period, I am afraid that everyone will be more desperate, and they will only be able to hide in the Dan Ding and the ancestors and spend the rest of their lives.

  Mu Yu sat in a chair and meditated. Everyone looked at him. Now the most powerful person is nothing more than Mu Yu. He is the faith of the entire Jianying Alliance, not only because of himself, but also because he still has three A strong brother, he is the apprentice of the real god sword shadow dust, everyone is waiting for the decision of Mu Yu.

  "Daddy, trouble you bring the Yuande seniors here."Mu Yu said softly.

  "it is good."The dead wood did not say much. The entire Danding faction was under his control. Only one thought was needed. The Yuande Dao people had already been taken to the Dan Temple.

  Yuande Dao looked at everyone in panic and shouted in his mouth: "You don't kill him, he can't die, don't…"

  "I am not dead, you don't have to blame yourself."Dead wood will be a pattern into the back of the Yuan de Taoist, let him quiet down, then he said: "Mu plume, this year I let them go to collect materials, has been to the original Dan 50% Dan Refining out, but the last step I can not fuse, you now since you have come back, then try to fusion 50% dan how?" ”

  Returning to the original Dan had inadvertently healed the injury of dead wood and made him rejuvenate. This is clear to many people. However, returning to the original Dan is a kind of semi-finished Dan. This is something that can't be successfully refining. The original refining success was due to the wood-control ability of Mu Yu and his drop of blood.

  He Liankong also said: "Yeah, Mu Yu, if you can make a successful refining, we might also be able to cure the injuries of the anti-Thunder and the unbelievers."

  The inventor of Guiyuan Dan is a Jiuyang Dao, an apprentice of He Liankong, and Heliankong is a source of origin.

  "Daddy, how much have you refining the original Dan?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Two, this material is too rare, and many materials are basically difficult to find a second."Said the dead wood.

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "Guiyuan Dan is set aside, I can use another method to treat Yuande Dao."

  The power of the field spread out from him, surrounded by Yuande Dao, his left eye lit up with white awns, his right eye shimmering with black light, and two very different atmospheres intertwined, forming a huge pressure. Let everyone in Dan Dian be amazed.

  Domain ability, life and death!

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, the two black and white lights penetrated into the minds of Yuande Dao. In his field, everything was controlled by him, including the life and death of Yuande Dao!

  His eyes gathered in the minds of Yuande Dao, and all his previous memories were reversed, and the wounds in his mind were reversed. Just as when facing the cold and fragrant, the cold incense destroyed his memory, but he was restored to the wood feathers.

  The flustered eyes of Yuande Dao gradually recovered the Qingming and became dignified. He looked at Mu Yu with a sly look and then exclaimed: "Wu Yu, you…"

  When the Yuande Dao people shouted the word "mu Yu", the dead wood and other people were shocked! They originally thought that if they wanted to restore the Yuande Dao people, they needed to use the original Yuan Dan, but no one thought that the field of Mu Yu actually had such a powerful effect!

  “How can this field of Yukun be so powerful?”Dead wood can not help but be surprised.

  Yuande Dao people looked at Mu Yu,

Soon he discovered the powerful atmosphere of Mu Yu, which has far exceeded the power of the robbery period, but the pressure of the Mahayana period!

  Mu Yu’s eyes have gradually returned to normal, and he smiled slightly: “Predecessors, okay?”

  Yundan Taoist stood up in surprise and eagerly asked: "Shi Bo, are you all right?"

  The Wende man completely remembers all things, in the field of wood plume inversion, he even remembered what had happened to him since his memory loss, including how he was controlled to frame Zhuge, and how he had been caught by the white world by leaving the dead wood in an accident, and everything returned to his mind.

  Yuan Dedao’s face was dull, and he nodded silently: “I’m fine.”

  The heart of Yundan Dao and others have finally been put down. Yuande Dao is not only a master of the robbery period, but also an eighth-order alchemy teacher! Although he is not good at fighting, he is able to provide a powerful medicinal aid for the battle and is an indispensable person.

  Mu Yu said: "Now we need to really face the aliens. In addition to my three brothers, we also have the unfortunate West Gate of the evil faction and the apprentice of the unruly predecessors, Chu Chuxia is a Mahayana period, nevertheless, The dilemma we have to face is still very big. Everyone goes back to prepare and wait for the order."

  "Yes, the lord!"

  Everyone was bowed and looked at Mu Yu in awe. Mu Yu’s ability is enough to shock everyone, and the realm of life and death has convinced everyone. They all know that following the wood feathers means that there are two lives. It is enough to bring them back to life in the blink of an eye. This is the only weak advantage they can resist with the aliens.

  The Yuande Dao did not leave. He stood under the temple and crooked at the dead wood and Mu Yu. His face was pale.

  "Please ask the Lord and the Supreme Master to forgive."The Yuande Dao people suddenly crouched down.

  But the dead wood kept him firmly, and did not let the Yuande Dao people salute.

  "What are you talking about with us? Is the brain confused? ”Dead wood snorted bluntly.

  "I……"The Yuande Dao people were ashamed and flushed: "I used to be wrong, please respect and ally…"

  The dead wood brows a pick, and meaningfully looked at the Yuande Dao, the oldest man who had the highest score in the Ding Ding class had seen the dead wood, and he hated the iron and did not become a steel. The dead wood basically had no good words, but dead wood. In fact, he never complained about him. He used to leave the Dan Dingpai just to prevent the Yundan Taoists from doing it.

  "Okay, my predecessor, just call me the name. You call me the lord, call me the old man, I always feel that something is missing, this is not like your style. You are still my father-in-law's father-in-law, you don't have to be extravagant. ”Mu Yu did not care about spreading his hands.

  The dead wood also showed a smile like nothing: "Are you usually not very embarrassed?" Seeing me is not uncomfortable. ”

  Mu Yu touched his chin: "How do you listen to this sentence?"

  In the past, the dead wood often licked the wood feathers, and the eucalyptus plum became the norm.

  The dead wood looked threatened at Mu Yu, and Mu Yu did not say anything.

  Yuande Dao shook his head and shook his head: "I was blinded by my eyes. I didn't expect you to hide so deep in the dead wood. I obviously entered the Mahayana period, and I also controlled the opening of the market, but I never said it to me. Let me I have misunderstood for so many years, and I have been making progress because of your abandonment of Dan Dao…"

  "My own business doesn't need to say anything to you."The dead wood illusory body floated into the chair and sat down.

  "I know that you don't want Yundan to be embarrassed. At that time, I only looked angry and didn't think about it. It was me who was confused."Yuande Road is humane.

  Controlling the opening of the market, is the master of the Dan Ding faction, the dead wood did not want to be the head of the Dan Ding faction, so they chose to leave.

  "It's not easy to make you admit that you are confused."The dead wood said faintly.

  Mu Yu laughed and said: "Predecessors, don't be too self-blaming, my old face is cold and hot, you can live, he is more happy than anyone else, but he wants to face, don't like to say good things…"

  "Who do you say you want to die?"The dead wood asked angrily.

  "Well, my old man doesn't want to face."

  "Short for a shame!"Xiaoshuai said positively next to him.


  A slap in the palm of the head of the wooden feather.

  Mu Yu looked helpless, although this slap is not painful, but he is still very embarrassed: "This is not what I said! You play handsome! ”

  Yuande Dao couldn't help but laugh: "Mu Yu, you still haven't changed."

  "Some things can be changed. There are no other people here. Everyone is their own. It is normal to have a set of people before, and you are not welcome. I am not a cold person."Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

  "Then I…Can I go out and tell others that I am the father-in-law of the Sayādaw, let them call me a father? ”Yuande Dao asked cautiously.

  "You really will take advantage of it!"Mu Yu said with a grin.

  The Yuande Dao people usually have the largest number in the Ding Ding class, and they do things by their preference. No one can help him. When Mu Yu first came to the Dan Ding School, he counted that he would most rely on the old and the old, and all kinds of wood feathers set, although in the end Mu Yu instead slammed him several times. UU reading

  The dead wood said coldly: "Do you let Helian empty ancestor call you a respectable father?"

  The Yuande Dao people remembered the identity of Heliankong, and suddenly his face was green. He shook his head quickly: "When I didn't say it, when I didn't say it, I knew it in my own heart, yes, anyway, you two generations are better than me. small……"

  "You are very thick."Xiaoshuai is out of the channel.

  The Yuande Dao people solemnly said: "Reassured, in the future I will fought bravely to kill the enemy, take out the determination of the old man, and go to the battlefield to kill and make up for his fault."

  "Are you an alchemy teacher, go to the battlefield to find death?"The dead wood said annoyed.

  Wende's beard, embarrassed, then remembered what, seriously said: "Right, there is one thing I forgot to tell you, when I was under control, went to the Triple Palace, had no intention to know one thing, the white Circle said, as long as the land to find ethereal, broken off the balance of ethereal land, They will be able to live in the triple-day fair and square, I do not know whether this information is not important, because I do not know what is the ethereal place …

  The dead wood looks dignified: "Are you sure?"

  Mu Yu is also slightly surprised, destroying the ethereal land can let the aliens survive? Is this the reason why aliens can survive in triple days? …


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