Chapter 1137: The Land of Ethereal and the Perfect River

        Yuande Dao nodded: "At that time, Bai Jie asked all of us to know where the ethereal land of Triple Sky is, but we all don't know. Later, he let us take the initiative to forget this and erase ours. memory. However, Mu Yu’s ability seems to let me remember all the things that have been forgotten. Many things are clear, even the details of your bed weary when I was a child…”

        "Which ribs are wrong?"The dead wood is full of anger, and I can’t wait to slap the old man.

        The Yuande Dao people were chased and quickly hid behind Mu Yu, and cringed and said: "Mu Yu, my little ancestor, you will help me this old man, right? He is not big or small, you are a good boy who respects the teacher. I want to stand on my side. I just habitually think of something and say that I am quick. ”

        Mu Yu wants to laugh. This old man is really guilty. He just forgave him. His nature is revealed. In front of the outsiders, he looks like a fairy, and in front of them is a pair of old and old. However, Mu Yu does not mind that the Yuande Dao people rely on the old and the old. He still feels that the matter is important, he asks: "Predecessors, have you determined that Bai Jie said this?"

        Because whether it is wood feather or dead wood, they all know the land of ethereal, and even have been there!

        "It's quite certain, I said that the memory is now very clear, and many things that have been forgotten have been remembered."Yuan Dadao said.

        Both Mu Yu and Dead Wood looked down in meditation.

        The land of ethereality is the place where the five elements are absolutely balanced. In order to set up the nine-day magic circle, five of them went to this place.

        "I remember that Master said that the nine-day magic and the ethereal land are dedicated to restraining the Yumeng Mozu, how is it related to the aliens?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

        The dead wood thought for a moment: "The nine-day magic array is right to deal with the Yumeng Mozu, but the ethereal land is not just as simple as dealing with the Yumeng Mozu. The world is only because of balance, the ethereal land is a powerful array, the sword shadow dust cloth, in fact, the ethereal land is the perfect river mountain! ”

        This wood feather is really shocked: "The ethereal land is the perfect river mountain? Where is it? ”

        Perfect River Mountain has always been the nail of the aliens.

Both the shadowless and the shadows wanted to find it, and the promise of protecting the perfect river and the mountain protected everyone, but the white world tried to destroy the perfect river.

        Mu Yu did not think that the perfect river mountain actually he had been there, it is indeed a peaceful and peaceful mountain river, any five elements of material can not be controlled there, the destroyed stone will also be in place.

        The dead wood said: "Do you remember the eight seals that have asked me?"

        "Remember, the grandfather of the village was telling me now, the gap between the eight worlds, the deserted mountains of the Mouyama Mountains, the ghost pits of the ghost gates, the cracks below the southern fifty-mile garden, the valley below you, and the island of the sea. , the marshes of the Yaozu, and a barren forest and the mountains near Peng Liancheng."The last two places of Muyu have not been visited.

        The dead wood continued: "The array of eight seals is used to connect the final ethereal land. The position is unpredictable and can only be found by special means. I ignored this incident and knew that the white world would destroy the monument. I should let you guard the perfect river. ”

        This incident can't be recovered. If the Great Monument is not destroyed, the nine Xuan Xian must be in the hands of Mu Yu and others. When they use Tian Heng's power to deal with the White World, they pay attention. On the Xuanxian, the result is that the white world first found the perfect river.

        “Does that mean that all aliens can be expelled as long as the balance of perfect rivers is restored?”Mu Yu asked.

        "That's right, but I think the perfect river has been protected by the white world, and even moved away. It is not so easy to find it. But now this is the best way to deal with the aliens, and it is necessary to restore the balance of perfect rivers and mountains. ”Said the dead wood.

        "So how do we know where the white world has moved the perfect river?"Xiaoshuai asked.

        "Sword Shadow City, definitely in the sword city!"Yuande Dao people interjected on one side.

        Both dead wood and wood feathers looked at him: "Why?"

        Yuan Dedao said with awkwardness: "I have the impression that before that, when I was in trouble, I sent him to Jianying City and entrusted the people of Baicaotang to send him back to Dan Ding, and he only had an accident. At that time, I did not leave the sword city, but was forced to order to the sword studio for a while. In the sword city, there is a strange array of methods. The white world was said before me. Here is a wonderful array of swords and dusts. It is suitable for transferring the place of ethereality. At that time, because I was controlled, he did not guard me. ”

        Jianying City, when the legendary sword shadow dust wind defeated the Yumeng Mozu, settled here, so the Terran called the city of the sword to commemorate him, but did not expect this city to have such a story .

        "Is it actually in this place? Dad, have you been there yet, is there an abnormality? ”Wood feathers frown slightly.

        The dead wood was silent for a long while, indifferently said: "I know that he set up a big array there, but he did not tell me the reason, I don't like to ask, I am not interested in things related to him."

        Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, and there was a grudge between the dead wood and the wind and dust. This made Wood Yu quite hurt.

        "In this case, then the sword city is our next goal. When I arrived, I went to Jianying City to see the situation. ”Mu Yu said.

        Yuande Dao quickly asked: "Would you like me to go?" I remember where the array is! ”

        "No, you have to go back to rest, and you want to go to the old and sell old in front of others and go quickly. I can go to the sword city."Mu Yu couldn't help but laugh.

        The old man of Yuande Dao is high and is an alchemy teacher. Many people know his relationship with the dead wood. It is difficult for him to rely on the old and the old. Mu Yu knows that he will go back and must have a sacred bone. The appearance is boasting with others.

        However, this guy is very reliable in doing things, and the work will be out of the overall situation. Being controlled is only a last resort. Mu Yu still believes him.

        The Yuande Dao people smiled. With Mu Yu, he looked at the dead wood provocatively and looked proud: "I don't care about the rudeness of others."

        The dead wood said with a sigh of relief: "Wood feather reminds you of something that was not glorious in the past. You better forget that I will shut you down to open the market!"

        The Yuande Dao people cringed a little. Before, he could still lick the dead wood. Now he is really afraid. After he said, "I don't know how to respect the elderly." He quickly left the Dan Temple.

        Nowadays, the human race is in a weak position. It is very difficult to face up with the aliens. In addition to those who are greedy and fearful of death, there are many people in the Terran, such as the Xuan Zhengtang family and the old city owners. These talents are to be saved by Mu Yu.

        He asked Tan Qingquan to send the soul and body of the Xuan Zhengtang family and the old man, and then he was able to resurrect them in the blink of an eye.

        "I didn't expect that we really had time to come back again."The old city owner, He Jinglong, moved and was excited.

        "Yeah, now we have to face not only the Yumeng Mozu, but also the aliens."

        At the moment when the old man, Hejinglong, was awakened, Mu Yu’s heart was mixed with each other. The upright elder, although only a fit period, but when he was in Dongsha City, Mu Yu could not make his own choice. Responsible for the actions of the old city owner.

        "Since let me live again, I will definitely fight to kill those aliens. This is an inescapable thing!"The old town owner said with a strong face.

        "Yes, we will not back down."Xuan Zhengtang also solemnly said.

        Xuan Siwei and Chishan looked at each other and held the other hand firmly. Their eyes showed a firm determination.

        Mu Yu knows that these people who have saved themselves are the hopes of the Terran, and they have hope for their survival. He gave many life-saving remedies to the Xuan Zhengtang family and the old city master. It was only once in the blink of an eye. Once on the battlefield, if there was an accident, he could not be revived a second time, so he must guarantee the safety of these people.

        The old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family were arranged by the dead wood to go to Qingzhufeng to rest, and then the dead wood said: "If we want to fight against the aliens, we need more helpers."

        At present, even if there is more than one Yuande Dao, it is not enough. In the four Mahayana periods and eight times of robbery, these people are all older generations. In particular, the eight people in the robbery period, the average repair is only less than five days of robbing, and really let the wood feathers on the battlefield, only the Zhuge Xiaosheng with the array of skills and the jiangxi of the corpse.

        Zhuge Xiaosheng's array is enough to make him stand in an invincible position during the robbery period. Therefore, Jiangyou itself is the strength of the nine-day tyrannical, and there are several corpses.

        Other self-cultivators are not allowed to stand by and they must strengthen their own strength. Nowadays, Dandan's alchemy refining medicinal herbs provide support, and dead wood is also teaching the comprehensists to use the array to improve their combat power, but this is not enough.

        According to the dead wood, the two temples of the temple and the open market are the core of the eight seals. They are located in the yin and yang of the Taiji, so the opening and the temple cannot be moved. Now it has become The two fortresses of the guardian family cannot be removed at will.

        The dead wood of the Mahayana soul, UU reading left the opening of a certain range of the market without any fighting power, so in fact, the human race can participate in the war of the Mahayana period, the hands of an extremely powerful dead wood.

        "Do you disagree with your brother? Isn't it? Can't coordinate? ”

        Looking at Mu Yu with dead wood, he vaguely knew the thoughts of Mu Yu, and also knew the relationship between Mu Yu and his brothers. The opinions of the four divisions and brothers were inconsistent, and the power could not be made.

        Mu Yu was silent for a moment and said: "Our opinion differs in the view of the Terran. In the face of the aliens, we all have common enemies."

        But this sentence Mu Yu is actually not at the bottom, because many people are now controlled by aliens. If Nan and Luo will treat the Terran in the future, what should be done? …


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