1138th Chapter: The Corpse

        "The future is left to the future!" I know that you will make a correct judgment. There is still someone waiting for you. I think he may have something to look for. I will go back to the market first. You can find time to see if you can reverse the thunder and the unyielding. The two injuries were restored. ”

        After the dead wood finished, he left the Dan Temple and went back to the market.

        "it is good."

        Mu Yu had already noticed the people outside the Dan Temple, so Jiangyou had been waiting and did not leave.

        "What do you want to do?"Mu Yu went out and asked.

        Therefore, Jiangyou was silent for a moment and said slowly: "I have an excessive request."

        "any request?"Mu Yu asked in confusion.

        Therefore, Jiangyou has had very few words in the past. He was locked up in the double corpse of the sea for decades, and Mu Yu rescued him. Therefore, Jiangyou has been staying in the sect, and rarely asked for anything.

        "Help me kill a guy."

        "Who kills?"

        "A gang of humans during the Mahayana period."Therefore, the river tour is not enough to say.

        Mu Yu nodded: "Yes."

        Therefore, Jiang You was surprised to see Mu Yu. It was also puzzled for Mu Yu’s answer so clearly: "You don't ask why?"

        "Is aliens damned, killing who is not killing?"Mu Yu said calmly.

        Therefore, Jiangyou shook his fist and said: "In the year you were not there, I went out to investigate the corpse,

The corporal people are also the aliens who come to the Three Heavens. Their exercises are very similar to me. The difference is that they have no twins, or they are conscious of the powerful strong bodies. I can't comprehend the law of heaven now, and I am trapped in the heavens. But now I am refining a corpse of a Mahayana period, enough to take over the other's field rules, and then slowly take away its cultivation and become a Mahayana period. ”

        Therefore, Jiangyou was originally a life-and-death gate. They were the opposite of the ghost-doormen. They killed the twins, refining the bodies, and repairing the bodies and themselves. Therefore, the ghosts and the dead and the dead are extremely difficult to kill. The practice is also very strange.

        After a pause, Jiang You continued: "This is the only way I have entered the Mahayana period. I know that this request is very excessive. Now those people in Jianying are very vigilant to me. After all, my previous reputation is not good. It’s the anti-Thunder people who have always guarded me. There are not many people who trust me. I can only help you.”

        "You have already found a good goal, are you?"Mu Yu asked.

        "Yes, there are two Mahayars in the Mahayana period who are at our death."Therefore, Jiang You said.

        Mu Yu asked: "If I do it, those who die and die will also be killed. Can you watch the demise of those who are mortal?"

        Therefore, Jiangyou was silent for a long time before he replied calmly: "I am not a good person, but I am at least a person. I know which side I should stand on at this juncture."

        "Yes, I will go to life and death with you tomorrow."Mu Yu did not say much, he believes that Jiang Yan, a person who has a bad reputation, has at least his own principles.

        Therefore, Jiang You said: "What do you want me to exchange?"

        "The more you kill the aliens, the better."

        "It's that simple?"

        "It's that simple."

        "it is good!"


        Mu Yu wants to go to life and death, the dead wood is not at ease, please be accompanied by an unknown name, there is also a care on the road. There is no name and no objection. He and Mu Yu set off on their own hands.

        "Your sword gives you a lonely day, no longer with a sword?"Mu Yu asked.

        "No, there are swords in my heart. Everything is a sword. You and I are all people who use swords. How can you not understand this?"Unnamed in plain linen, standing with his hands on his back, there is no breath on his body, and anyone who sees him will not associate him with the famous sword.

        "you are right."Mu Yu nodded slightly, then said: "But there is a sword in the hand that is better than no sword."

        "The sword without a hand is not equal to no sword. For me, except for my own sword, the swords of others are no different from the broken copper."Nameless said.

        The nameless sword is a cracked iron sword, without any fancy, but once any swordsman is familiar with his sword, injecting the soul into his sword, then the ordinary sword is also a sword.

        "I really want to see your swordsmanship with your own eyes. As a disciple of the sword shadow dust, swordsmanship is famous all over the world. When I saw you for the first time, you were just a swordsman in the Golden Age. Now it is no match, and your growth makes me curious. ”The nameless eyes are full of challenges, and this kind of eye-catching wood feathers has been seen in the lonely sky.

        Mu Yu said: "You will see, this is also the purpose you agreed to come out with me, isn't it?"

        "Yes."No name does not hide anything.

        Mu Yu's swordsmanship is inherited from the sword shadow dust, and Tian Jian Jiu cited is called the world's first sword method. Any top swordsman wants to challenge, no name is no exception. Mu Yu once saw the nameless swordsmanship, and the power of the sword could not be underestimated, let alone the namelessness of the day, and entered the Mahayana period, and realized his own field.

        What is the focus on the field of swords?

        "When I kill the aliens, you will understand."Mu Yu said.

        The three of them went to the sword and shadow city, but did not go in, just watching the sword city from afar. Nowadays, all the residents of Jianying City are also enslaved, similar to the situation in the City of Choking, but there are more than a dozen strong breaths that are looming, all of which are Mahayana!

        "Seeing that Yuande’s predecessors were right, Jianyingcheng really was the focus of their guards."Mu Yu did not rush into it. If the ethereal land was really transferred to Jianying City, it is unwise for him to rush in now.

        Not to mention whether the dozens of people of the Mahayana period have played with the strength of their three, and the white world is so strict with this place, he can't have no left-handedness, and he will not let Mu Yu easily succeed. Maybe Mu Yu’s forefoot has just stepped into Jianying City, and the white world will come over.

        Even though Mu Yu has a strong field ability, it is unrealistic to want him to face more than a dozen Mahayana periods.

        "Do we want to sneak in?"Therefore, Jiang You asked.

        "No, let's go to the door of life and death!"Mu Yu did not stay in Jianying City, left directly here, to the door of life and death.

        The location of the life and death gate is also in a very chilly zone, the ghost gate is deep in the ground, and the location of the life and death gate is on the four gloomy snow-capped mountains. It is in an extremely cold place, with thousands of miles of snow floating in the area, the temperature is as low as a horrible point, and mortals cannot survive in such places.

        "Low temperature can keep the corpse in the corpse. There is a corpse in the big mountain. The body is specially soaked. If I didn't guess wrong, the two members of the Mahayana were in the corpse."Therefore, Jiangyou pointed to the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

        The snow-capped mountains here are not millennium, shining with the chilly light, that is, the foot of the mountain is also full of ice, the sky is overcast, the atmosphere is extremely depressed, the ground is not born, it is a dead place.

        "The four Dacheng period atmosphere."Nameless said.

        Therefore, Jiang You’s face changed slightly: “I always thought that there were only two! How could it be two? ”

        "Two?"Mu Yu looked thoughtfully at the life and death zone.

        Therefore, Jiangyou himself is not a master of the Mahayana period. He worriedly said: "We still go back and discuss it."

        Mu Yu had already patrolled near the door of life and death, and said indifferently: "No, four of the four Mahayana periods are handed over to us. You are responsible for the fish that slips through the net. Be careful."


        "Nothing, killing."No name, no idea of ​​long-term planning.

        Therefore, Jiangyou still wants to say something, but Mu Yu and the unnamed two have stepped out and disappeared in the same place. When they appeared again, they were already over the snow-capped mountains of the dead and the dead.

        The gloomy sky began to roll up and gathered toward the center. A sword mans came out from the sky, and it was filled with the murderous intentions of the dragon.


        The horrible sword is like a heavenly god. The four tall snows can't resist this sudden sword. When a sword squats, the snow mountain is cut directly, the sword gas invades the whole mountain, and the whole snow mountain crashes. Every piece of rock, every piece of snow, is turned into ashes!

        Among the snow-capped mountains, there are countless people who live and die, and they have buried many corpses. They have not reacted yet, and they have lost their lives directly in the sword of the Mahayana period, and they have been smashed by the sword!

        Just a blink of an eye, the landscape of life and death has been completely destroyed by the sword of Mu Yu!

        In the distance, the old river tour was shocked to see Mu Yu. Mu Yu was already reborn compared with the past. The sword of the Mahayana period was unstoppable. This sword destroyed the earth and made the whole life and death door feel tremble!

        "The atmosphere is so majestic, the courage goes straight forward, and the Tianjian nine leads, and the name is well-deserved."Anonymous is also a slight movement, with Mu Yu's current cultivation, there are only a handful of people who can catch this sword in the realm of cultivation.

        Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

        Four figures rushed from among the snow-capped mountains, standing in the air, glaring at Mu Yu and the unknown.

        The four masters of the corpse of the genius, the corpse of Luo, the corpse is a thousand, the corpse is ruined, the corpse is chilly!

        "You two gangs who don't know how to live and die, dare to come to our site and find death!"Repaired as the highest corpse, Luo Hansheng shouted.

        These four Mahayana periods are all corpse people. They have limbs, but they are not normal races. They are more like some other races, and UU reads www.uukanshu. Com The sound is ugly, as if the sharp nails are scratching the slate, which makes people uncomfortable.

        The corpse is formed by the dead corpses, and the people of this group are looking for the body of the strong. This corpse is a variety of racial strong, can be a month, a human, a soul…The corpse assisted the corpse to open up the sensibility, allowing the corpse to re-cultivate in another form. After the cultivation, the corpse will gradually change to another form, without hair, old-fashioned, the skin is copper-colored, hard as iron, and the bones of the shoulder are high. High protrusions, extremely weird.

        "I have seen so many interracial people, I always think that the human form is more pleasing to the eye."Anonymous and disgusted to see the corpse.

        "indeed."Mu Yu nodded.

        "Is the Mahayana comprehension of the Terran finally emerged? Hey, I always thought that you are hiding in two turtle shells and dare not come out! ”The corpse was sneer and sneered. …


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