Chapter 1138: Must-have for the day

  Under the old tree in the sunbathing field, the head of the old cloth boasted a new generation of wood feather myth. Mu Yu listened quietly under the old tree. He found that it was also very good, stay away from the hustle and live in the present.

  When he was a child, he listened to the story of the village chief, telling the story of the Yumeng Mozu, and was uneasy among a group of children. Because he had the ability of Muyou, he was always worried about whether he was a Yumeng Mozu.

  Later, he qualified as a immortal, showed his ability in front of the village chief, and assured the grandfather of the village to be a good immortal and protect the human race. But now he seems to never find the original intention.

  But he has never felt that his ideas are wrong. Not everyone is worth saving.

  Starting from the heart, his initial heart is from here.

  The rules of the world are diverse, starting with a child who hears stories and dreams of the future. With their own hopes and goals, began gradually to work hard, out of the small mountain village, contact the world outside the simple and good and evil, and then leave the Desert Yun Jiangyong vein, to see the world's ups and downs, people's thoughts slowly change, slowly become no longer a child of their own.

  Growing up is a process of constantly overthrowing the former childishness.

  Mu Yu looked at the old trees in the sun-drenched field, the leaves were flying, the sun was shining, and the photos were very careless. His heart suddenly caught some artistic conception.

  It is said that the rules are big and small, but what about people’s lives?

  Everywhere life is a rule, it is a heaven, even if this simple mountain village contains countless heavenly laws.

  Mu Yu looked at the passionate village head and the excited and excited children under the old tree. His heart was bright, as if the sun had opened the haze and shone on him.

  This time, he knows what to do.


  Triple continent, Dan Ding.


  The entire Dan Ding faction is already in jeopardy, and there is a fierce roar. The ground is like an earthquake, and there are cracks. Many of the comprehensions have changed their faces. The airborne era is dominated by dead wood and the robbery period. The masters have gathered and are all waiting.

  "Isn't Wood Yu still connected?"The dead wood asked quietly.

  Lu Xianshi said with anxiety: "Mu Yu left with Mr. Laobu ten days ago. He said that he had to do something, it should be back to the running village of the Moyun Mountain."

  The Dan Ding faction has been surrounded by tens of thousands of aliens. The alien army is in full swing. There are countless self-cultivators. These self-cultivators are either controlled or choose to rely on aliens for their survival. Attacked Dan Ding.

  The dead wood stares at the white world headed by the interracial people in the void, and his face is awe-inspiring. This is the second time in the past, and the second time confronted the white world. The last time Bairen took the aliens to break the Dan Ding, but he used it. The market was blocked from the outside, and the white world could not help but open the market.

  However, this time, the white world has come back, and it has threatened the opening of the market!

  The White World looked down at everyone in the Dan Ding School. There was a scroll floating in front of him. The scrolls were red, and they were engraved with mysterious lines. The vast and simple atmosphere spread all around, impacting the opening of the market, every impact will be Let the open market tremble.

  "The dead wood is evergreen, you are now a person who doesn't even have a body.

What are you still struggling with? ”The sound of the white world is majestic and mighty, like a god. If it is changed to a weekday, it will make many comprehensions pay tribute, but now everyone in the Danding faction understands that the white world with the appearance of the gods in the sky, how true the real face is!

  The dead wood looked at the red scroll in the hands of the white world, and coldly said: "You will have to change the map!"

  The white world laughed and laughed, but many people felt a shudder.

  "The dead wood is evergreen. You are indeed a person who knows the goods. If you control the opening of one of the nine devices, will you not allow me to get a picture of one of the nine devices?"

  It is necessary to change the daily map, which belongs to one of the nine roads. Each of the nine pieces of the road is very mysterious and has its own powerful ability. Whether it is the opening of the market, the temple or the peak of the Tianyan, it is amazing. It’s natural that the map will not be inferior to wherever it goes!

  "How can you change the daily chart? Nine pieces of the road have their own merits, and you want to break through the open market and whimsical! ”

  The dead wood screamed coldly and fell on the open space of the open market. At his feet, it was the quaint atmosphere of the opening of the market. The opening of the market was slowly rotating. The golden inscriptions were looming around, and the chaotic yin and yang flowed around the dead wood, forming a The strong breath of the stock is countered by the need to change the daily chart.

  "Withered wood, have you still been stubborn until now? It is a matter of time for the Terran to be enslaved by our saints. If you lie in front of me and owe allegiance to me, I can still consider reusing it for you. After all, you are also a great genius. You are a top-notch in the human race, follow me. I will not bury your talent. ”

  The white world is an alien, and their aliens can't look down on the weak people. But the dead wood is a few bright stars in the human race, and the white world has to admit the ability of the dead wood.

  "Allegiance to you, dreaming!"

  The dead wood stepped out in a step, and the illusion of the opening of the formation formed in the air, the bigger and bigger, and finally it became a tall and tall, in the air like a heavy mountain, at any time, the void can be collapsed and broken, as if the whole Heaven and earth can not afford this huge open market.

  Everyone was horrified at the open market in the air, and everyone’s face was shocked by the thickness of the open market. Although the opening of the sky in the air is only a phantom of the formation of the formation, but the mellow vicissitudes of life and the vastness of the atmosphere are as rock-solid, that is, those aliens have also changed their faces.


  The opening of the market has made a loud voice, and it has been rushed toward the map of the Japanese!

  However, the white fingertips turned out to have strong formations, the formations covered the scrolls in front, the reels slowly unfolded, and a mysterious starry sky map appeared in front of everyone. This starry sky map is deep, as if it covers a piece of star, encompassing the whole world.

  "You must steal the day!"

  The white world shouted and the daily map was gradually faded, but the whole sky was already moving, and the star map that had to be replaced by the daily map was unconsciously changed to a starry sky. Everyone felt It seems that I have appeared in the universe for a moment.

  The heavy illusion of the open market is on the starry sky, and the Big Dipper in the sky changes slightly, forming a purple light, spurting out, and the phantom of the open market is banging together!


  The opening of the market tripod issued a sharp sound, crisp and thick, as if exhortation, swept out, the horror of the sound waves like the avalanche of rolling out, open the outside of the market ding of those alien people looked at, are frightened, they want to escape, and then can not escape the opening of the market ding and the need for a day of confrontation between the power of the map.

  boom! boom! boom!

  Numerous interracial people were hit by the breath of the opening of the market and the change of the map, the body was actually exploding, and even the soul did not escape!

  But those in the Dan Ding faction were not spared, and they were under the shelter of the opening of the market-tripod, although not dead, but when the open market tripod issued a Zhong light, open the market ding people like in a huge clock, rolling bells as if the road thunder in all ears exploding, everyone cried up, cover their ears, Yuan period of people are all shocked to tinnitus, already is not hear clearly voice.

  Oh! Oh!

  Countless people can't bear this kind of voice, the ear is already bloody, and the mouth is also squirting blood, and it is in a coma.

  The dead wood is slightly shocked. At this time, he wants to protect hundreds of thousands of Terran survivors. He can’t do everything in his power. It’s just a confrontation. The Terran has caused huge damage on its own. If you go all out, I’m afraid the Terran will not be alien. The slaughter will also be damaged in the powerful sound waves of the open market.

  The dead wood has scruples, but the white world has no scruples at all. Even if there were hundreds of aliens killed, he didn’t even wrinkle his brows. For him, as long as he took the dead wood, he sacrificed tens of thousands. An alien is not a word!

  Bai Jie sneered: "The power of the Tao is its user. You are just a soul. Even if you control the Taoist dynasty, you can't play its full power. How do you fight with me?"

  The heart of the dead wood has already sunk. If the white world does not have the means to change the Japanese map, he can still block the white world by virtue of the opening of the market, but now the white world has to change the daily map to The repair of the white world, the power of the hand in the hands can far outweigh the dead wood!

  "Don't say it is you, even if Mu Yu personally came over, he is not my opponent by virtue of the temple!" The opening of the market and the temple are the eyes of the sword shadow dust wind to guard the three heavens, UU reading Do you really think I don't know? ”

  In the white world, the heart of the dead wood is getting heavier and heavier. With the opening of the market, he may be able to restrain the master of the Mahayana period, but if he has the same white space in the same way, he has no chance of winning.

  "Is there really no way?"Chu does not sigh and sigh.

  Talk about Qing Quan’s voice: “It’s a pity, I sealed the soul of the soul, otherwise…”

  Dead wood shakes his head: "The soul is a powerful evil thing, second only to the Tao! Anyone who comes into contact with it will not end up with a good seal, and we will not be able to use it because it will also cause huge casualties. ”

  A few decades ago, when the dead wood went to the ghost gate to rob the soul of the soul, it was hurt by the power of the soul to return to the heart. At that time, he did not open the wall to protect the body, and could not cope with the soul of the soul, which led to the later return to the fit period. , dead wood knows this!


  The Japanese map has once again exudes a strong breath, and it is on the protective pattern formed by the opening of the market. It seems to be knocking on the hearts of all human beings. Many people vomit blood again and fall into despair. .

  Dead wood wants to protect these hundreds of thousands of people, he can't go all out!


  (It’s over, but I don’t want to write it down, I don’t know why.)…


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