Chapter 1140: Rules are established by people

        The corpse and the corpse looked at their two companions and they were killed for a moment. They also changed their faces. They looked at Mu Yu and the unknown, and the anger had burned to the extreme.

        However, there are already several Mahayana breaths coming from here in the distance. The aliens in other places have already known that they have been attacked and ready to come to support.

        "The field of swords is very strong."Mu Yu praised.

        The same is the person who uses the sword. He understands how strong this field is, no name, even the sword is not used. It is entirely holding the void, as if the sword is the world, the sword is already powerful enough to be an unbeatable point.

        "But I can't help you."Said anonymously and calmly.

        "There is no need to say this now, your field is quite powerful."

        Mu Yu's Yu Qiankun can turn the other's field into his own use, but he can control life and death. He also has the nine-nine-nine-one of the Tianjian nine-in-one, and the nameless pair, both sides are simple swords, one sword illusion Thousands of people are powerful and unbelievable.

        "They reacted very quickly and we should leave."

        Anonymous looked at the atmosphere of more than a dozen Mahayana periods flying in the distance. Once so many Mahayana periods came over, it was an unknown number to be able to retreat with them.

        "Hey, you killed our people and wanted to escape without paying the price?" dream! ”The corpse was also feeling the reinforcements coming from far away. It looked at Mu Yu and the nameless, and prepared to drag the two people anyway.

        "We have to go, no one can stop, but I think both of you need to take a trip with me."

        Mu Yu stepped out in one step, and the golden pattern of his feet rolled out. He had already appeared in front of the corpse, and his eyes blazed in black and white, directly covering each other. The corpse is screaming and screaming, but wants to escape, but now he can’t escape this field anyway.

It screamed and his eyes were dimmed.

        The field of life and death Yukun Kun directly wiped out the other's consciousness, and the corpse has truly become a dead body!

        "Asshole! I will kill you! ”

        The corpse was roaring, and the mouth shouted, but the body turned directly and rushed toward the ground. There was no thought of resisting or delaying. It lost its three brothers and had no courage to continue fighting!

        Mu Yu and the nameless did not chase, because they were delayed, and other aliens in the Mahayana period would come, and immediately seized the body of the corpse, and took the river to leave the door of life and death.

        Almost on their forefoot, just a dozen shadows have appeared in the sky above the door of life and death, but the greets of these aliens are only in front of the sky.



        Therefore, Jiangyou was excited to see the corpse of the corpse in front of him. The strength of this corpse is self-evident. The corpse is a strong person before the consciousness becomes a corpse, but after the corpse consciousness is wiped out The body still has the ability to remain in the field.

        "How do you take the field of this corpse?"Mu Yu asked.

        Therefore, Jiang You said: "The corpse's field is closely related to its own body. Even after death, it will remain on the body. I use my own research method to turn its field into its own field, so that I can Step into the Mahayana period!"

        Therefore, Jiangyou did not conceal the wood feathers. He told the wooden feathers of his own research. Mu Yu looked at the technique created by the old Jiangyou. He was slightly surprised and immediately fell into meditation.

        "What are you thinking?"Therefore, Jiangyou saw that Mu Yu did not speak for a long time, and he immediately asked.

        "No, you have to go and refine this body, I will let other people not bother you."Mu Yu laid a strong guardianship method around the river, and then rethought this question.

        Refining other people's fields into their own fields?

        Mu Yu’s Yu Qiankun is to break and control other people’s fields, but once the other’s field is removed, he must be attached to his own life and death. Although the field between life and death is now very strong, but Mu Yu has a more daring idea for the field of Yu Qiankun.

        The idea was that he was born when the ancient war scene was against the souls of the Mie Palace.

        What if he refines the field of others into his own field?

        This is an idea that is almost impossible to achieve, so Jiangyou can be realized because he and the corpse have similar cultivation exercises, but Mu Yu does not. But what Mu Yu thinks is not to deprive others of the field, but to comprehend the field of others!

        When he used Yu Qiankun, he used his powerful deductive ability to control the opponent's field. It was equivalent to copying other people's fields and making it impossible for opponents to counterattack through the weakness of the field. Once others removed the field, his field It will also fail.

        However, if he can improve Yu Qiankun to another grade, in the face of other people's fields, he will be able to fully understand his field and no longer rely on other people's fields to display the field. Is there such a possibility?

        "You are too bold in this idea? Sounds hard to achieve! ”Xiaoshuai said.

        "I know that it is really difficult to achieve. After all, one area is a heavenly rule. To control the field of others forever is equal to taking the time to comprehend the rules that other people control. It is not a matter of time."The wooden badminton plate sits in the temple, and the chaotic yin and yang surrounds him.

        "A Mahayana period can realize that an area is basically against the sky, and I have never heard of anyone who controls multiple fields."Xiaoshuai sat on the top of the little blackhead and bit a chicken leg.

        However, Xiao Shuai ate half, but suddenly stopped, wondering: "It is not impossible to achieve, because your Yukun Kun is very unusual, and I seem to remember that it is not impossible to control multiple areas. Just to be in a higher realm."

        Mu Yu in the first time in understanding, is in the attempt to start from a very small aspect, small, in fact, the understanding of a lot of small areas before the formation of the Royal universe This is a strange area.

        "I don't know what Master's field is."Mu Yu pondered, Master is a very powerful person, but he never knew how much Master's field was, and he had no chance to see it.

        "The field of my white beard old man is very strong, right, I vaguely remember the area he controls…what is it then! what is it then? ”The little handsome chicken bite halfway, suddenly stopped, widened his eyes, and ignored the oil stains on the chicken legs, and fell on the little blackheads, so he sat and tried to rack his brains.

        Mu Yu didn't bother Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuo is not reliable because he doesn't rely on it, but many times his things in his mind are extremely useful.

        "I can't think of it, but I think of a sentence, it seems that — no one can get rid of the rules of the world, but we can understand the rules of the world with heart. Heaven has established many rules, but in fact many rules are ours. There are different surprises when you build your own and look at the world from different angles."

        Xiaoshuai held his hand on the small black back, a deep look.

        "This sentence is what Master said?"

        "If you have such a philosophy, it must be what I said!"Xiaoshuai laughed happily.

        Mu Yu is not allowed to do so, this kind of words do not have to think that it is from the teacher's mouth. He carefully pondered Master's words, and what Master said is really reasonable. Everything in the world is in a certain rule, and Heaven establishes rules, but everyone is also building their own rules.

        Just like a martial art wants to exhibit, it is necessary to create its own rules, not to kill the same door, not to smuggle the law, not to collude with outsiders…These are the rules that people establish themselves. For example, a congenital matrix is ​​worth 200,000 Lingshi, but if you only spend 20 pieces of Lingshi, no one will be willing to sell it to you. This is also the rule.

        However, Mu Yu turned to think again, many times everyone is breaking the rules and taking the road outside the rules. Those who want to kill the same door, those who want to smuggle the law, collude with the outsiders who frame the same door…They did not follow the rules, but acted outside the rules.

        The rules of this world are set by the people. It is the flowering and thanking, and it is also defined by people. "The words "the sun" and "the moon" are words in themselves, but the person who creates the words stipulates that the word "sun" is used to represent the fireball that appears during the day, and the word "moon" is defined in the night. The wheel of the jade that appeared.

        But in fact, if the person who created the text first called the fireball in the daytime "the moon" and the nighttime jade plate as the "sun", there is nothing wrong with it, but the preconceived notion of human beings leads to This rule has been continued and become common knowledge of everyone.

        There is no road on the ground, but someone has stepped on a road. Many people will walk this road involuntarily. The existence of this road is equal to a rule. The first one called the fireball in the sky during the day called the sun, so that everyone later called it the sun.

        The rules are set by people.

        Mu Yu looked at the chaotic yin and yang, he suddenly remembered that when he was in the temple, when he and the patriarch of Fu Zong competed for the control of chaotic yin and yang, UU read the inscription of .

        Chang Tiancheng only specifies one category, so that eighty inscriptions are subdivided in this category, while Mu Yu sees eighty inscriptions in the long run, because inscriptions can represent far more than just one species.

        Before the Deadwood father once told him that the ancient inscriptions are not specific meaning, but they are all interconnected, and when you look at what an inscription means, it means that once you set the meaning of the first glyph, the remaining inscriptions will find the meaning of it, which means you are creating meaning for the 81 inscriptions.

        This is how you define the rules.

        Since the rules are all set by people, and people can break it from different angles, then why do people who are in the Mahayana period can only comprehend a rule? Why can't the field of Yu Qiankun be able to integrate other rules into one's own? …


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