Chapter 1142: Starting from the heart

        The people of the Mahayana can only comprehend one field. This is common sense, and this is the case for the aliens.

        But the words of the white world have surprised others.

        “It’s impossible, no single Mahayana can control two areas!”The bone is faintly rejected.

        "What kind of person is he in the shadow of the sword? Isn't the adult of the heavens told you?"The white world said coldly.

        Bone faintly said: "Sword shadow dust is an exception, but I don't believe his apprentice has such ability."

        "The disciples of the sword and shadow wind have the power of the Lord of the Spirit, and they control the field of the Lord of the Eugene, but the wood feather is a master of the Taoist, compared to his brothers. His ability is far. It’s much more powerful than you think!”Bai Jie said.

        "He is so powerful, why don't you grow up and kill him?"Asked a winged person.

        "Do you think that the shadow of the sword is just a decoration?"The dark-eyed eyes of Baijie turned to the winged people who spoke, and the winged man turned his eyes away and did not dare to look at it.

        The corpse is resentful and said: "The field between life and death, we want to fight against him, it means that everyone must kill twice, otherwise it will be resurrected by him! This is very bad for us! In particular, he is also able to apply this field to Tianjian. ”

        If the sentence is used in the field of life and death, they are not afraid when fighting, but for Mu Yu, others have to pay attention to it.

        There is a trace of soul power in the fingertips of the white world. There are countless resentments in the soul. It is sneer: "Do not worry about this. The conditions for resurrection in life and death must be the existence of the soul. We must kill and meet." The soul of the people escaped?"

        As a soul soul, Bai Jie has enough confidence that Wu Yu’s resurrection ability cannot be undone. What he needs to consider is what is the field ability of Mu Yu.

        "Then they are now hiding in the open market and the temple, it is always a scourge, let us watch them grow up?"Asked the corpse.

        Bai Jie stood up and revealed a weird smile: "This point does not require you to worry about it. The adults of the Heavenly Master have already told me how to deal with the opening of the market and the temple. I think the last two barriers of the Terran will not last long. It is. The people in the tortoise shell must always come out to accept the fate of being enslaved! ”


        The people of all the cities in the realm of the realm were enslaved. However, the news of the human race and the return of the wooden feathers and other people from the ancient battlefield made everyone cheer. Everyone in the Danding and the sects is trying to cultivate and want to promote their cultivation to a higher level. They all know that in the near future, the war with the aliens will start.

        Both the squad's squadron and the Dan Ding's alchemy division are trying their best to use the tactics and alchemy rationally. The medicinal herbs and the tactics are the strongest reliance on the battle. The seals exist in the formation, and they must ensure that everyone has sufficient combat capability.

        In the temple, Mu Yu realized that the dead wood was dead, and he frowned slightly. There were many places where he couldn't figure it out. He wanted to understand the method of Yu Qiankun.

        Deadwood has already told Mu Yu about the characteristics of the field where there is no life, but Mu Yu still feels that something is missing. His Yukun can only depend on other people's fields, and he wants to use other people's fields directly, or not.

        But at this moment, the question of the heart of Mu Yu suddenly appeared in the hands, a strange light from the heart of the matter into the wood feather body, Mu Yu suddenly surprised his eyes wide open.

        "what happened? I said that it doesn't work. ”Dead wood is on the side of the road.

        Mu Yu looked at the inscriptions in the temple and looked at the questions in his hands. He said thoughtfully: "I want to go to a place."


        “The place to start.”

        Mu Yu stood up, left the temple and flew away. The dead wood did not stop, Mu Yu wanted to do something, he would not interfere.

        Xiaoshuai asked on the shoulder of Mu Yu, curiously asked: "What is the first place?"

        The plume skimmed over the array and looked down at the survivors of the countless Terran the heart produced a hint of enlightenment: "Master said, do things to their own heart, if I want to understand the rules of the world, I think the place where the heart starts is where I want to go, perhaps where I can find a point of the Royal universe." ”

        Yu Kun Kun is based on the rules of small and big, starting from the heart and starting again, and the cultivation needs to grasp a trace of artistic conception.

        "The place where your heart started is in the village?"Xiaoshuai suddenly realized.

        Mu Yu said slowly: "It is there, not there."

        Xiaoshuai didn't understand, but Mu Yu came to the village chief, and the old village chief had been commanding the last Terran in the past year and managed these people. Most of these surviving human races are self-cultivators. It is also ridiculous to say that when they were in Liushui Village, the village chief Laobu had to see the immortal warfare, but he was only a promise, but now he is an unrecognized old man, but he has become a co-ordinator. The key to the whole.

        "Mu Yu, you are here. I tell you about the recent situation…"The head of the old cloth looks a bit tired. Now that the aliens have occupied the triple heaven, he has no higher strategy and can't display it because there are not enough powerful people to resist the aliens.

        Mu Yu shook his head and said: "The grandfather of the village, you don't have to work too hard, and temporarily hand over these things to Lu Xianshi. If there is anything important, my dad will handle it, and the sect and Dan Ding will be established. Transfer array, convenient to travel. Do you want to go back to the water village? ”

        The old cloth looked up and asked with surprise: "Returning water village?"

        For the sake of safety, the village chief Laobu came here with Mu Yu, although he was well-fed, but because he was one of the nine immortal people, it was extremely important, and he did not cultivate himself. It was not safe to walk in the realm of cultivation. He was also quite Was banned in the sect.

        Although the village chief has not been out of the village before, the scope of the array can move thousands of times larger than that of the Liushui Village, but after all, there is no such thing as a flowing village, and there are no children who can tell him stories.

        "I will take you back."Mu Yu said.

        The head of the old cloth was so excited that he nodded, and the fatigue of the day was swept away, and he agreed to it. After Mu Yu and Lu Xianshi made a greeting, they left the village with the head of the old cloth and went to the Moyun Mountain Range.

        Three majors 6 The only place without the aliens is the Mogan Mountain Range. The Mou Mountain Range has been set up with a strong array of methods. The aliens can't kill anyone here, and now they can't even do it.

        It has also become a paradise. The residents of the Moushan Mountain do not know what happened to the outside world, and they do not know that they have become the last habitat of human beings.

        However, there are already more and more people in the 100,000 mountains. These residents are all promised to be rescued from the three majors.

        “Who can think of the abandoned desert mountain that would become a refuge for the Terran?”The old village chief said with emotion.

        For a moment, the old village chief hesitated: "Mu Yu, have you lost hope for the Terran?"

        Mu Yu gave a slight glimpse and asked: "Grandpa, why are you asking?"

        Mr. Laobu smiled and said: "I grew up watching you grow up. You have any thoughts in your heart that can't help me. I can easily see what you are thinking. You don't want to save everyone's thoughts. ."

        Mu Yu was silent for a moment and asked: "Grandfather, will you blame me for not saving those people?"

        Laobu smiled and said: "How come? Three major 6 so many cities, you can't save them one by one, and now they are very likely to be ambushed by the white world. No matter how you choose in the future, I believe in you, because you will never be targeted. ”

        Mu Yu nodded silently.

        The face of Liushui Village soon appeared in front of him. It is still a peaceful scene. The villagers are farming in the fields. The rest of the old farmers are ridiculing the gossip of the nearest village chief. Their faces are filled with a simple smile. Did not scrape here.

        "Pharaoh, this year your family's rice grows gratifying!"

        "Yeah, this year must be a bumper year!"

        "When the autumn harvest season is coming, I will not eat and wear this year, hahaha!"

        The oxen grazes in the field, the little baby sleeps in the shade of the trees, the adults work hard, the sparrows are in the 蹦Q, the magpies are singing, they are full of vitality and happy.

        The villagers here are delighted for the harvest year, but the outsiders are struggling to get rid of the bitter sea, and no one affects each other. The original remote ditch has become a place like a paradise.

        The head of the old cloth walked quickly toward the familiar village. He shouted loudly to the familiar villagers. The villagers saw the old village chief returning. They were also pleasantly surprised. They put down their hands and greeted the village chief, even more awe. Looking at the wood feathers.

        "Mu Yu Xianshi! It is a wooden feather fairy! ”Wang Auntie exclaimed excitedly.

        "Grandfather grandfather, Mu Yu brother, are you coming back?" Great! ”Many children also ran quickly. These people grew up listening to the story of Mu Yu. Most of them were told by the village chief, and they were also awesome.

        "Mu Yu brother, when a fairy teacher must be very good?"The two-year-old little iron cow asked excitedly to pull Mu Yu’s hand.

        When is the immortal teacher?

        Mu Yu didn't know how to answer this question. The fairy teacher was so tempted to fly, the sky was soaring, and the sleeves were broken. It looked very good, but the immortal master had to go through various dangers, and even at risk, it didn't seem to be good.

        "The immortal teacher can go out and play the Yumeng Mozu, Mu Yu brother, are you playing the Yumeng Mozu?"The three-year-old boy jumped and asked.

        Is the existence of the immortal teacher just to fight the Yumeng Mozu?

        Mu Yu remembered the comprehensions of Dongsha City who had to hand him over to the Yumeng Mozu for self-protection, UU reading www. He can't answer this question either.

        The village chief Laobu noticed the mood of Mu Yu. He is no longer the rural old man who will only tell the story to the children. He knows the nature of the comprehension, but he still said with a smile: "Don’t worry, We have to come back for a while, first to clean up the house and say."

        "Well! Hurry everyone to help clean up the house! ”

        Wang Da Niang shouted at the big door, and soon all the men, women, children and children in the village mobilized to help clean up the houses where the old cloth village chief and Mu Yu lived before, and the house was cleaned.

        The busy villagers made Mu Yu's heart very happy. He seemed to forget all the strange troubles at a time. …


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