1144th Chapter: War!

        The opening of the market and the change of the Japanese map two pieces of the road to each other, the destructive power is quite large, the white world has let other aliens withdraw from the Dan Ding sent thousands of miles to listen to instructions, so as not to be injured again by two pieces To.

        The dead wood did not rush to shoot, but the stars of the sky once again lit up, and each starlight was connected to each other, falling from the hustle and bustle, squatting on the open market, letting the open dikes continually shake.

        "Let everyone go to the sect, fast!"Dead wood sinks.

        But Lu Xianshi has jumped up from the crowd and said anxiously: "The induction of the transmission array has been broken! The white world is well prepared, and this piece of void is blocked, so that the transmission array can no longer be activated! ”

        "Haha, the dead wood is evergreen, you are already in the middle of the shackles. I can't break the transmission line of the Danding and the sects. But now I have to change the daily map. This whole area is in my path." How can you leave?"The words of the White World made the whole people of the Ding Ding more desperate.


        The starlight that had to be exchanged for the daily picture once again penetrated from the Milky Way, and blasted on the pattern of the opening of the market. This time, even the dead wood was pale, and there was a crack in the sky above the opening. !


        Under the continuous impact of the starlight, the cracks in the pattern of the opening of the market have become larger and larger, and it has reached the point where it will collapse. I am afraid I can't take it anymore!

        Bai Jie laughed: "The dead wood is evergreen, I think you should already understand that in this case, you are not my opponent at all. If you don't surrender, then you have to kill all the people! ”

        The dead wood said coldly: "We the human race never surrender to these aliens, but it is also a dead back!"

        Talking about Qingquan, Chu’s incomprehensible, unnamed, and the ancient Jiangyou who had just achieved the Mahayana’s achievement in the Mahayana period, they stood by the dead wood. Their expressions were filled with decisiveness, and behind them stood the Yuande Dao and several other masters of the robbery period.

No one wants to back down.

        The countless Terrans underneath looked at the condescending white world and did not back down. Although they were all scared by the momentum of the white world, they did not want to surrender at this time. After they joined the sword, they understood what their duties were. For them, being enslaved by aliens is tantamount to never having a day, and it’s better to die!

        "We will not surrender!"The Yuande Dao people shouted loudly.

        "We will not surrender!"

        "We will not surrender!"

        Hundreds of thousands of people are screaming, and everyone’s face is full of perseverance. In this crisis, no one wants to back down. They all know how the other Terrans who have fallen into the aliens are going to end. It is a hellish place, and they are not willing to go in again.

        For a time, the entire Danding faction was full of arrogance, and they all wanted to sprinkle their blood on the battlefield and let themselves die!

        The passion of hundreds of thousands of people has formed a vigorous vitality. It has risen to the sky and impacted on the white world. The image of the white world, like the gods, began to slowly deform, gradually becoming ugly, fangs, and only The majestic posture has long since disappeared.

        The soul people can't stand the vitality of the exuberant.

        The face of the white world has become very embarrassing, but unlike other soul people, he does not seem to be affected by this vitality like other soul people. Although the prototype is shown, the momentum of the whole body is not weakened. .

        "Since you can't wait to find death, then I will fulfill you!"

        The white circles once again stirred up the red lines, and the formations did not enter the hustle and bustle of the stars, covering the whole piece of stars, and the stars once again gathered at a point, and smashed toward the cracks of the open market. .

        Everyone understands that this time, the opening of the market has no way to resist!


        The pattern of the open market is like a tile that is torn apart, floating in the air, and making everyone understand that they have lost their shelter, either dead or enslaved.

        "Do you still want to resist?"The white world sneaked a smile, and the starlight of the sky once again condensed, aiming at everyone in the Danding faction. This time even the dead wood could not protect these people. At this time, there were too many people in the Danding School, and even if they opened the market, they could not accommodate hundreds of thousands of people.


        The purple starlight spurred from the air, ruining the earth, aiming at the dead wood. The goal of the White World is very clear, killing the soul of the dead wood, these people can no longer resist!

        But at this time, there was a black and white breath on the top of Xingyu. These two breaths appeared so abrupt, as if the whole piece of Xingyu was torn open, and there was a gap in Xingyu. .

        "Our people never surrender to these locusts!"

        The sound of Mu Yu is like the rolling thunder and the whole world, so that everyone is refreshed!

        The Tsing Yi flying, plain and faint, but like a sword, cut the blockade of the Japanese map, like a light of the night, appeared in front of everyone.

        "It's Mu Yu!"

        "Wood feathers are coming!"

        Everyone's dry chest gradually bulged, and they cheered and excitedly looked at the young man in the air.

        The chaotic yin and yang are floating around the wood feathers, echoing the chaotic yin and yang of the dead wood control. The four chaotic yin and yang rotate rapidly, forming a powerful and vast atmosphere, and even resisting the attack of the Japanese map!

        "Wood feather!"

        The white world looked at Mu Yu with a sullen look. His sharp vertical eyes were filled with annoying light, like a wooden feather to penetrate, but Mu Yu only looked at the white world indifferently, and his body was restrained and fundamental. People can't see the depth.

        "Wu Yu, you…"The dead wood looked at Mu Yu with amazement. He always felt that there was some strange change in Mu Yu's body, but he couldn't say where the specific changes were.

        "I am sorry, I am late."Mu Yu said.

        The dead wood said firmly: "Since the opening of the market can no longer protect everyone, then we will fight with the aliens!"

        "Decisive battle!"

        "Decisive battle!"

        All the races are roaring, passionate, and bloody.

        Mu Yu looked at the self-cultivators underneath the bloody, and his heart was touched. He wanted to save nothing more than those who did not forget their race and dignity. For these people, he can stand up and make a final match against the White World!

        "A dead battle? Just two of you? You two can't fully use the device, how can I fight with me? ”The white world laughed disdainfully.

        The Tao can be a powerful reliance, and the power is enough to influence the direction of this war. The two people, Mu Yu and Dead Wood, could not fully use the temple and open the market. There should be no chance of winning the white world with the daily map.

        "Do you really think that we are not human?"

        The calm voice came from afar, and the voice contained a strong character, but it was so gentle and gentle that everyone would make another meal.

        Standing on the volley, has appeared in the wood feathers!

        "I am afraid that the most hated is your pests."

        The dazzling fire was overwhelming, as if it had ignited the stars, and the stars were slightly dimmed, and Luo’s red and flamboyant figure also appeared.

        "Triple days definitely do not allow dirty races to get involved."

        The heavy breath rushed to the south, stepping in from the distance in the south, and every time he took a step, the whole ground trembled and the air seemed to solidify.

        The four apprentices of the sword shadow dust all gathered together!

        Cheng Yan, Luo Wei, Xiang Nan, Mu Yu, all the tribes in the realm of comprehension recognize the four disciples of the sword shadow, their image has long been known to the world, and now they gather together, but for all People bring infinite hope.

        "Is it all coming? Then you can do it all! ”The white world said coldly.

        "White devil, what are you doing so urgently?"

        There are a few petals in the stars, which are sprinkled in the air, and they seem to have a charm. The familiar way of appearance makes hundreds of thousands of people a glimpse.

        Simon is unfortunate!

        "White devils, so long, how can you come out to meet people?"

        绾绾 绾绾 地 踩 踩 踩 踩 踩 踩 踩 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾 绾绾

        "Not late, very good."

        Chu had a straw in his mouth, slowly stepping out from the void, holding his chest in his hands and looking at the white world lazily.

        Lonely days slowly came in without saying anything. He didn’t have any repairs and fluctuations, but the two broken swords behind him were especially eye-catching. Everyone dared not to smash these two broken swords because they could bear these two. Everyone who knows the broken sword and repairs the real world knows him.

        The seven most famous people in the younger generation of the real world suddenly appeared, and many people saw hope. The momentum of these people was shocking, and all of them were Mahayana!

        "Is it dead for you guys?"The white world looks at these people with a cold eye, but it does not change color.

        "And we."

        The figure of two people, like the rain and the stranger, appeared on one side, and the rainy body was covered in the shadow and could not see any real body, but the graceful appearance was impressive.

        "Are you a traitor, do you choose to be a traitor?"The white world sneered.

        Suddenly shook his head: "We are not traitors, because we are the origin of the three-day human race. The most important thing is that you should not ruin our Qishuicheng! ”

        Yu Mo also said coldly: "From the moment you started to us, we are not dead."

        Whether it is a shadowless or a shadowy person, their territory has been attacked by aliens, and it has been a huge loss!

        "anything else?"The white world seems to be not in a hurry, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is still waiting.

        "And I."

        The figure of Qiao Xue also appeared in the air. Her eyes turned and flowed slowly, and she walked slowly to the side of Mu Yu. The water flowing on her body was elegant and elegant. She has also completed the integration and became the comprehension of the Mahayana period!

        "And me who wants revenge."

        The stunned figure also leaped and fell to the side of Mu Yu. At this time, it suddenly entered the Mahayana period!

        "There are dumbs that want to take flies."

        The sly dumb hand stood out with a chicken leg! …


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