Chapter 1145: Starry Sky!

  Originally, the entire Terran had only four compradors of the Mahayana period, but at this time, they suddenly stood up so many times. The entire Dan Ding faction was excited. They understood that the Terran is not absolutely weak.

  The dead wood, Chu unyielding, anti-Thunder real people, the nameless and the old Jiangyou five people also stood up, a total of 18 masters of the Mahayana period, a huge pressure sweeping over the Danding faction, like the vast tide, rolling turbulent.

  "You, are you okay?"Chu unyielding surprises to meet, grabbed Chu’s late arm and looked up and down.

  "Nothing, but I will come back in time."Chu Xia smiled late.

  No name went to the lonely day, and he was surprised: "When did you break through?"

  Although Lonely Day did not have any repairs and fluctuations at this time, but at a glance, he saw the cultivation of Lonely Sky. Lonely, I glanced at Mu Yu and said, "Five days ago."

  After he came back, he and the Chengyan and others stayed in the dusty mountain. He was about to step into the Mahayana period. What was missing was only an opportunity. Five days ago, Mu Yu returned to the Dust Mountain and found him. He used the field of Yu Qiankun to show him how to look at the rules of Heaven in a small and ugly way. He learned from the help of Mu Yu’s powerful Yu Qiankun field. His own rules have successfully entered the Mahayana period!

  "Then you should return my sword to me."Nameless said.

  Lonely Day untied the broken sword behind the nameless, and returned it to the unknown, the nameless holding a brake of his own sword, the momentum of the whole person soared again!

  But the white world still has no fear. He stands alone under the stars and looks down on everyone in the Danding school.

  "Since all come together, it will be solved."

  Hey! Hey! Hey!

  The Baijie voice just fell, and the entire 50-year-old aliens appeared behind him. The appearance of these 50 Mahayana periods made the atmosphere more depressing. Hundreds of thousands of Terrans felt extremely sorrowful. The masters let them deeply feel the powerless feeling.

  In addition to the white world, the other party has a total of fifty-one Mahayana period. Obviously this is not the full strength of the soul family, and there are many masters of the Mahayana period guarding the sword city. Even so, the White World is so motivated to convene 50 Mahayana masters to encircle the Danding School, which has already anticipated the obstacles of Mu Yu and others.

  Many of the people of the Terran have been slowed down by the momentum of these Mahayana periods. They have added a total of 18 Mahayana periods, and there is a white world that holds the unfathomable path.

  This battle is not evenly matched.

  Dead wood sinks: "Mu Yu, you should go to the sword movie city, you should not come here."

  "I've been there."Mu Yu said.

  "Can't get in?"The dead wood asked inexplicably.

  Mu Yu looked at the white world and said: "This is the sword city."

  "What do you mean?"The dead wood asked inexplicably.

  Bai Jie laughed again: "The dead wood is evergreen. Do you really understand what you need to change the daily map?"

  “Is it necessary to change the daily map?”The dead wood seems to think of something, and said, "Is it necessary to change the daily map to guard the sword and shadow city, and send you here?"

  Mu Yu nodded: "Yes, it is necessary to steal the sky for the day, the battle to move the stars, the sea and the sea, this device is very powerful,

We have no choice but to kill the white world. ”

  "There is only war!"

  Rolling Longwei swept from the sky, majestic and overbearing, and the momentum was like a rainbow. Only the atmosphere of my uniqueness made the aliens involuntarily beat a cold.

  The Qinglong demon king proudly stands in the void, holding hands on the interracial people, and the contempt in the eyes has no cover. Not only him, the white demon king, the phoenix demon king, the sea demon king, the sand eagle demon king all gathered here!

  The momentum of the five demon kings made the whole momentum once again set off a storm!

  Bai Jie smiled and said: "I thought that your Yaozu has been self-sufficient."

  The Qinglong demon king said in a majestic manner: "Just rely on you a small hybrid of the soul family and dare to put it in front of me! When the old man was in the world, you couldn’t even have a grain of dust! ”

  "so what? If you want to fight against the heavens, you must be prepared to be decapitated! ”Bai Jie said contemptuously.

  The green dragon demon dynasty wood feather nodded slightly, and the wooden feather also gestured.

  The Shaying Demon King stared coldly at the south: "You should return my heart to me."

  As long as the heart has spiritual power, he will not die, and even his own cultivation will not be lost, but the heart is in the south, and it is impossible to exert all strength.

  Mu Yu said: "Brother, we want to kill the aliens, we must rely on him."

  Coldly chilling to the south, a little cold glare toward the Shaying Eagle King, the heart has returned to the hands of the Shaying Demon King: "I don't have to rely on your heart."

  Mu Yu greeted the people around him coldly: "One dozen, everyone should be careful."

  "I can play seven!"The white demon king pinched his fist to the sound of the sky, "specially playing the soul of the soul!"



  The violent snoring sounded loud, and all the bloodyness of all people was provoked. The void was severely distorted, and all the Mahayana periods were turned into phantoms, and they rushed toward the aliens!

  The power of the field rises from everyone, and the fifty Mahayana masters of the aliens scream wildly and slammed into the Mahayana period of the Terran.

  Everyone must be covered in the sky, and everyone seems to be in the starry sky. The collision between the field and the field makes the whole star tremble slightly, and the light of all the stars is even distorted.

  All the comprehensmen underneath also sipped, and under the leadership of Zhuge Xiaosheng, who had just returned with several demon kings, fought with the alien army.

  The war is on the verge!

  The atmosphere of the five heavenly swords rises to the sky. Even the vast Xinghe can't stop the power of the Tianjian. Tianjian stirs the stars, and the swordsmanship sweeps across the aliens.

  The field, Qiankun source!

  The body shape flashes, one person and one sword will cover the three-month-old people. His net-etching sword flashes with a strong cold, and the sword light flashes in the stars, facing three ugly flesh-wings. The horns are strange.

  The three flesh-winged horns are full of colorful light, and the light is rushing toward the past. However, their technique is like losing the direction in the source of the words, all the techniques of attacking the words. They were all hard-pressed and controlled by the words, and they rushed to each other.

  A red-colored moonman screamed in anger, and the horns on his chest had been cut off by the sacred sword, and the whole body was smashed by the sword of the word.


  The field, the degeneration!

  Facing to the south is the two winged people, a ghost man, the star-watching sword sweeping the millennium, the heavy and incomparable, the yellow sword gas buried in the yellow sand of the sky, the yellow sands, the two wing people spread the black giant wings, the giant wings Spread the sharp claws and grab it toward the south.

  However, their wings were instantly opened by the yellow sand sword of the southward stargazing sword. The swordsman covered the wings. The winged people who were originally like steel gradually became petrified and became stones. Finally, they burst open and collapsed. Yellow sand!


  In the field, I am angry!

  Luo Wei’s sword is filled with fiery heat. He is confronted by a corpse and two bones. His burning sword is flying wildly, and the faces of the corps and the bones are reflected in red. The flame burned in the air, and he seemed to be a veritable vulcan.

  One of the corpses has turned into a corpse, but his corpse field collided with the implemented flame field. The stinking corpses were all ignited by the flames, and the flames burst out. The corps screamed, the sky The corpse was burned and burned, and the corpse was dead!


  The field, life and death Yukun!

  Mu Yu’s Tianjian circumvented the three souls, and the shadow swords were full of vitality, leaving the three souls to fall completely. His eyes are black and white, black and white light is intertwined in the sword, and the sword is overwhelming. It is divided into two sections and directly hits the souls.

  The souls of the souls have changed their face in the face of this unchanging sword. The vitality is the nemesis of the soul. One of them is swept in the wrist by the sword of Mu Yu. The vitality invades the arm, and the vitality skyrockets. To the blast, the Mahayana of the Mahayana, die!

  The strength of their four brothers is higher than that of other people. They rely on Tianjian to control all the aliens of the three Mahayana periods, because they have to take care of Qiao Xue, Hao Ran and Lonely Day who have just entered the Mahayana period. And the old Jiangyou and other people, let them face the two masters of the Mahayana period alone is still quite difficult.

  Not only are they four brothers, but each demon king also holds three masters of the Mahayana period. UU reads Four people, such as dead wood and Tan Qingquan, go toward the white world. They only need Drag the white world, let the Mu Yu Shi brothers and several demon kings kill other aliens, and then you can deal with the white world together!

  "Only I am alone!"

  The field of the Qinglong demon king is the strongest, and his field is covered by the aliens of the three Mahayana periods. One of the world’s people is the moment to make the three aliens change their faces! After all, the Qinglong demon king is a three-time-old antique-level character. His strength is also a general alien.

  In the field of the Qinglong demon king, the three aliens felt their own smallness. In the face of the power of the king, their fields were weakened by three points, and even their own strength could not be fully exerted.

  boom! boom! boom!

  The three aliens were instantly swept by the mighty breath of the Qinglong demon king, and they blasted out and smashed the bones during the flight.

  "Want to kill us, you are still tender!"

  The white world one person faces the dead wood four people all did not fall to the leeward, instead of stepping out of the way, the soul of the force tumbling and into the body of all the alien, blocking the Dragon Demon King overbearing field, the vast stars in the stars are excited to shoot the road starlight, will each alien all connected together, Each alien Mahayana period of people as if all communicate the stars in the sky, a time is no longer afraid of Dragon Demon King's imposing repression! …


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