Chapter 1146: Stealing the Life

        "Qinglong Demon King, the change of the daily map is to restrain the field of your Mahayana period. How can you alone shock us all?"The white world's Taoist device directly restrains the ability of the Qinglong demon king, and the Qinglong demon king is also slightly frowning.

        However, the strength of the Qinglong demon king itself is not only because of his field, but also because of his hegemony.


        The Qinglong demon king once again smashed a bone man into a bone, and the bone man even had not been scattered in the field and was already killed by the Qinglong demon king!

        But what makes the Qinglong demon king and others horrified is that the little starlight that had to be replaced by the Japanese map actually scattered countless starlights, reunited the bones of the bones, and the bones did not suffer any damage!

        "refuses to die?"The White Demon King also shredded the body of a winged man, but the smashed body was quickly reorganized under the influence of the stars!

        The aliens who were killed by the Muyu division brothers, all over the glory of the stars, all recovered!

        "A dumb shot dead flies! Shoot dead flies! ”

        The whole body of the dumb has become huge, and it is unstoppable on the battlefield. See who shoots who, his horror is even more eye-catching. A dumb shot is very simple, there is no ability to display in any field, but it is the power of the Mahayana period. When he shoots it, a soul person is immediately crushed into powder.

        But the power of the stars once again shines, and it is actually reuniting the souls who were killed by the dumb.

        "The fly can't die."Dumbfounded.

        Mu Yu’s shadow sword also devours one of the Mahayana’s aliens into a dead air, and then the soul sage shows the original shape in front of him, as if nothing has ever happened.

        "In the daily map,

All of our saints are immortal. How do you fight against us? ”Soul Kui faced Mu Yu and sneered.

        The strength of Soul Kui in the soul group is the most powerful. His soul technique is restrained by Mu Yu, with his two soul people fighting with Mu Yu, or being killed by Mu Yu, but the person killed. It will recover soon and there is no way to kill it.

        The heart of Mu Yu and others have sunk. If the aliens can’t kill in the sky, what should they do?


        At the same time, the entire three major 6 all enslaved Terrans raised their heads in amazement, and each city was converted into a vast starry sky. The atmosphere of each Terran was with the light of the light and the light of the sky. Among them.

        These enslaved people were dragged by the powerful souls of the White World and became the source of the display of the Japanese map. As long as the Terran in the city does not perish, there are tens of thousands of Japanese maps. The power of the meter keeps the lives of the aliens from dying!

        The aliens in the sky are equal to the lives of all the enslaved people of the Terran!

        The vast expanse of the universe, the racial period of the Terran and the intercession of the aliens, all clearly reflected in the eyes of all the enslaved people, they were tied together by the Japanese map, what happened in the stars, they are clear Chu.

        "This is not to win."

        A white old man sighed, and he looked at a young man who had lost his vitality and was full of regret. All the enslaved Terrans know the truth of the matter, but the Master of the Stars in the Stars does not know.

        "The aliens are too poisonous."

        An old woman also shook her head slightly. They were forced to become livestock of the inhabitants of the inhabitants. When they saw the appearance of Mu Yu and other people and the killing of the aliens, there was a burst of blood in their hearts, as if they had seen the renunciation of slavery. hope.

        But soon the blood of their chests will cool down, because the means of the white world is too mean, he makes all the enslaved Terran based, providing a powerful force for the Japanese map, Mu Yu and others are not only with the aliens People fight, and they are competing with the entire three major 6 people!

        Just now, seven people have died. They have been used by the White World to change their daily maps. They have replaced the aliens in the stars and died!


        Mu Yu and others have reunited together and looked serious. They have only directly killed the seven immortals of the aliens, but the seven interracial people have come alive again, as if they were killed. Aphids.

        "What is the need to change the daily chart? Why can't we kill it? ”Talk about Qing Quan.

        The dead wood shook his head: "I only know that it is a very powerful device, but each device is quite special. If you don't control it, it is difficult to know its special features."

        Mu Yu stared at the sky and stars in the sky, and for a moment, he said: "You just noticed that we didn't. Every time we killed an alien, the stars of the sky disappeared. It seems that these stars are going to die in place of aliens. ”

        Others did not realize this difference. Everyone was engrossed in the fight with the aliens of the Mahayana period and did not care about the changes in the stars. But Mu Yu observed the starry sky from the beginning. With his powerful insight, every star that must be exchanged for the daily picture is in his perception.

        "That means we have to destroy all the stars to kill them completely?"Qinglong demon king out of the channel.

        Everyone looks at the stars, and there are at least tens of millions of stars in front of them. Do they want to kill these aliens tens of millions of times?

        The white demon king slammed his fist and his fist creaked: "Then kill him completely, we are afraid that they will not!"

        "You are less slammed, the other party is also a Mahayana period, you kill them tens of millions of times, you can afford it?"The phoenix demon king stunned the white scorpion demon king.

        "We want to kill them, we can only leave this starry sky, and the white world connects all the aliens with the stars. This connection can't be cut off."Said the dead wood.

        Mu Yu's eyes were covered with lines. Looking at the stars in the sky, a compass suddenly appeared in his hand. The compass turned into a pattern, and a strong pattern appeared. He fell into the Milky Way. He suddenly woke up and exclaimed. : "We can't kill them!"

        "why?"Asked the words.

        Mu Yu said heavily: "Because these tens of millions of stars represent all the three major enslaved people, we just killed seven aliens, which is equivalent to killing seven people. The Japanese map has stolen the lives of these Mahayana aliens!"


        Everyone is a glimpse, never imagined that things would be like this!

        "So if we kill these aliens tens of millions of times, the entire three major 6 enslaved Terrans will all be killed?"The slogan asked seriously.

        If everyone in the entire triple day is killed by them, how can this be said to save the Terran?

        "I am afraid this is the case."

        Mu Yu looked at the heart and asked for a burst of mysterious lines. At the beginning, he asked him to guide him to find other people in the ancient battlefield. He also asked them to bring them back to the dusty mountain, and asked him to see things clearly. The image of this, he must make good use of the question.

        "Haha, have you already guessed it?" Yes, I have to admit that the Terran still has a few hard bones, but if you kill one of us, I will let a person who has replaced me to die. This time, how do you start? ”The white world sneered.

        He looked worried and worried, but the cat teased the mouse and looked at Mu Yu and others.

        "What do we do now? How can we fight them without killing them? ”Talk about Qing Quan.

        No one can give a concrete answer. The means of the white world are too cruel. He almost completely blocked the back of the Terran rebellion. As long as he killed all three majors, he could kill the aliens. Yu and others can't do it at all.

        However, the White World did not give them any chance to think. The 50 immortal aliens were bound by the light of the stars, almost in an undead body, killing and resurrecting, and each alien was more brutal and arrogant. And let go of the hands and feet, almost fighting with them in a life-saving way.

        The battle in the air is once again mad, but the difference is that Mu Yu and others have been tied up with their hands and feet this time, and they can't fully deploy them.

        "Don't stop shooting them again. If you kill them, you will kill someone!"Shouted.

        Dud scratched his head, his body was a hundred feet high. At this time, two fingers were pinched like a pinch, and a bone man was pinched. He was about to crush the bone man, and he heard the words in a timely manner.

        "What did you tell the dumb to do?"Asked dumbly.

        "Dumb, go catch the white ghost!"Xiaoshuai shouted at the white world.

        Dumb twisted the huge body, turned to the white world that stood in the sky and volley, then the bones in the hand smashed out and jumped toward the white world: "A dumb shot of a white ghost."

        The dumb hand with a huge roar, powerful force suddenly smashed the corpse in front of Qiao Xue, and slaped it toward the white world.

        The white world sneered, and the stars in the air also gathered into a huge palm. They greeted the dumb. Two huge hands collided in the air, suddenly bursting into a powerful roar, and the waves rolled out and let Everyone stepped back two steps, and the dumb body was knocked out.

        boom! boom! boom!

        Dumb continuously fell a few heads in the void, sitting in the void, touching the back of his head, muttered: "Dumb is fine, dumb is fine, this little white ghost is so powerful, dumb shot can not kill it."

        The strength of dumb is extremely strong. At first, the hard-boiled life directly sent the moon to the dead, but in the face of the white world, it was hit and flew out. The strength of the white world has been strong enough to make people look up.

        Mu Yu knows that this will not work. He wants to kill the aliens. He must first break the field of the Japanese map, but at this time they are all in the map of U.S. UU reading www.uukanshu .com White World is to close the map of the Mizuto to prevent these people from leaving the stars.


        The lonely day in the distance was also hit by a bone man, and the body flew out. He has just entered the Mahayana period and is not proficient in his field. It is still too difficult for a person to fight against two people. He is also a person who is physically fit. He is born with a bone of a bone, and his body is not broken.

        Not only is the solitary day, so the Jiang body is almost also been beaten full of cracks, he leaned on the people to refine the corpse for their own twins, into the Mahayana period, but the face of the is the corpse decay luo, corpse decay Luo see his brother become so Jiang twins, he almost kill red pharynx, to corpse decay Luo's fix, so jiang swim difficult to get benefit.

        And the words and other people have gradually been at a disadvantage from the previous advantage, they are more and more wrong, in order to avoid killing, almost severely limited the strength of the wave! …


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