Chapter 119 Soul Ghosts

Jiuhua real people let everyone sit and meditate on the edge of the ruined valley. The place where the yin is filled is not a suitable place for cultivation. The cold erodes everyone's body and makes people extremely uncomfortable. Although these forty-nine people are in the Golden Age, they do not like this feeling.

However, no one has any objection. Since this is a test, everyone can only abide by it. In order to save the ribs and prolong life, what does this chill have? Everyone mentioned that spiritual power began to resist the yin of the bones.

The squally winds of the burial valleys were blowing in the air. Forty-nine Jindan periodicians were still doing the dream of washing the ribs, but they did not know that the god of death was standing in the chaotic valley with a sickle.

"Can we do something?"Mu Yu asked in a whisper. He really didn't want to see so many people lost their lives here. They were blinded by the words of Jiuhua's real people, but they didn't know that they were just a tool.

Shaking his head suddenly: "Do you say those people who believe in us or believe in the words of Jiuhua?"

Mu Yu sighed and was right. He has no evidence that the Jiuhua real person wants to take these people's lives. If you jump out loud and shout for them to escape, I am afraid these people will be indifferent. They believe that Jiuhua real people will give them the opportunity to wash their ribs and prolong their lives. They will only look at Mu Yu like an idiot.

If you accidentally get caught by Ghost Xuan Yue, it will be more troublesome.

"You are going to guard the surroundings, and you are not allowed to come here."Jiuhua real people said to the Red Dragon.

"Yes, Master."Chi Longgong respectfully nodded.

He is now more ruddy, and his masculine spirit has been reduced a lot, but at least it is not so awkward. The intermittent grass seems to have made him a normal man again. He is very grateful to Jiuhua, and he does not dare to have two hearts.

These forty-nine people have already settled in, and they are single-mindedly resisting the erosion of yin. Jiuhua lived in the air and sneered at the corner of his mouth, knowing that the time had come. As soon as he waved his hand, a crystal-clear white thick needle suddenly appeared on the head of each person.

This needle has the size of a person's index finger, the tail is a small black skull, and the faint blue light flashes in the eye socket of the skull, and it beats. The body of the needle is characterized by strange lines, sometimes gloomy gray light across.

"The soul of the soul! This is a terrible means of ghost gates, specifically used to extract the souls of others. ”Suddenly, her face is not good-looking, she recognizes this magical magic weapon.

When Mu Yu just wanted to ask how the town soul nails worked, Jiuhua real people had told him by action.

Jiuhua's hands in the hands of a complicated imprint, a black light from his hand spurt out, divided into seven seventy-four ninety-nine light, respectively, into the soul of the town. Forty-nine pieces of the soul of the town, the faint light in the eyes suddenly turned dark red, the raging fire of the raging fire has burned the whole town soul nail, and the soul of the town suddenly stabbed down to the Baihui point in the center of each person's head. !

Jiuhua's real shots are extremely swift. With his cultivation in the Yuan Ying period, these Jindan people have no room for reaction. The long-spirited nails of the index finger were all in the head, and everyone's body jerked, and then everyone suddenly slammed their eyes, and a painful pain seemed to emanate from the soul, sweeping the whole body.

Many people were horrified, their faces were sorely distorted, they wanted to bark, but they couldn’t get out, and the soul of the soul seemed to hold their throats and not give them a chance to speak.

Then, the eyes of forty-nine people became sluggish, and the vitality gradually passed away from their bodies. The eyes were slowly covered by a white film, but in the blink of an eye, forty-nine Jindan period comprehension was accompanied by the burial valley. The underground grievances go!

No one thought that the last scene that he saw before his death would be a funeral valley, and he would not think that he would lose his life without any resistance. In the hands of the Yuan Ying period, it is impossible to resist even if you want to resist.

The dark red fires started to burn from everyone’s head.

Then it was the whole body, burning for about a quarter of an hour, and everyone's body was burnt out by the dark red smoldering fire, becoming a black ashe, and drifting into the ruined valley under the guise of the yin wind. Forty-nine Jindan period comprehenators who were still doing the ribs and daydreams, all of them were killed in an instant!

But what makes people feel creepy is that the flesh of these people has been burned into ashes, but the ashes are scattered. There are already forty-nine transparent people sitting on the ground. This is the forty-nine Jindan period comprehension. The soul of the person! They closed their eyes, and the top of their heads was nailed to the soul of the town, still unable to move!

"Forty-nine Jindan periods are so dead."

Mu Yu tightened his fists. He couldn't do anything about the death of these people. He could only watch them being killed by the strange souls of Jiuhua's real people. They believe in the rhetoric of Jiuhua's real people, and naturally pay the price of life.

Most of these forty-nine Jindan periods are well-known figures in the Mouyun Mountain Range. In their Jindan period, the original martial art was a high-ranking, elder-aged existence, but unfortunately the temptation of Jiuhua real people. Underneath, one by one became the grievances on the edge of the burial valley.

The ghostly ghosts filled with ghosts slowly rose from under the funeral valley. He said coldly: "Father, let me give it to you!"

Jiuhua real person nodded, then floated to the side, and fell to the side of the Red Dragon. Chi Longgong’s face was so scared that he was so pale that he looked at the forty-nine Jindan period that was supposed to be washed and smashed. At this moment, he was burned by the wildfire, leaving only the soul. If you still don't understand it at the moment, he will live so old.

"Old, old, lord…"Chi Longgong was shocked to see the ghost Xuan Yue from the burial valley. The momentum of the ghosts on the ghosts of the moon shook him. It was a stronger breath than Jiuhua real people!

"He is my son. If I don't think you are useful to me, you will actually become one of these forty-nine people."Jiuhua’s real person smiled faintly, and there was a hint of banter in his tone.

Chi Longgong quickly crouched at the foot of Jiuhua, and kept squatting. He was shivering. He had always been a murderer, but he never killed him in such a strange way, and he did not even think that he almost became a murderer.

"More, thank you for the lord's not killing."Chi Longgong said with luck.

He is a person who is afraid of death, because he is afraid of death as a servant of Jiuhua real person, and because he is afraid of death, so when he first felt that death was so close to himself, his back was cold. This Jiuhua real person can have such a good son, repaired to reach the Yuan Ying period! Who are their fathers and sons?

There was a colic in the heart of the Red Dragon. If he accepted Jiuhua as a real person, I am afraid that he is now the elder of two Yuan Yingxiu. He naturally has to wind up the rain. It was a pity that at that time, I was fainted and refused to be a real person of Jiuhua. Now I am still a servant who has become a family. This is really a sad thing.

"The ribs are fake, but the fate is true. I still have dozens of Yanmingdan here. If you do not let me down, these are yours. If you dare to have a heart, then you become the 50th person! ”Jiuhua real people looked at the ghost Xuan Yue, and the ghost Xuan Yue began to pull the forty-nine town soul needles.

"The old slaves don't dare, the old slaves must do their best for the lord, and do their best, never die!"

Chi Longgong heard that Jiuhua real person even said that there are still dozens of Yanmingdan, suddenly excited. The age of Jiuhua is not high. It is only sixty or seventy years old. Now it is entering the Yuan Ying period. Shouyuan has increased substantially, and it is not natural to use this fate. As long as he is loyal to the work of Jiuhua real people, then these dozens of Yanmingdan must be his, a longevity Dan can live two more years, dozens of more than one other life!

In fact, Chi Longgong naturally does not know that the more Yantai Dan is taken, the less life it lasts, so even if he takes dozens of pieces at a time, it is estimated that he can only extend the life of less than ten years. These things are mentioned by Ghost Xuan Yue and Jiuhua Real People, but how can Jiuhua Real People and Chi Longgong say?

The black light from the forty-nine towns of the soul was all gathered on the ghost Xuanyue. The ghosts in the hands of the ghosts were interlaced, and the red light flew out of his hands, depicting a huge formation in the air. With his big hand, forty-nine souls floated to the various positions of the formation under the traction of the soul of the town, and composed the strange soul shape.

This array of battles is based on forty-nine souls. In the ruined valley, bursts of horrible yin suddenly erupt, sweeping across every soul, and each soul's face reveals a painful look. They are no longer transparent, but they look like black lacquer, and there is a faint red light in the soul that will come out.

Ghost Xuan Yue stood in the soul of the soul, he became the eye of the Soul. Forty-nine souls suddenly screamed with screams like 10,000 ants, their voices filled with pain and fear, and forty-nine souls were writhing, like cooking in a frying pan, the whole The souls are starting to boil.

In the burial valley, the resentment rushed upwards, and it was continuously injected into the Soul Ghost. At this moment, Ghost Xuan Yue seized a soul, held it in his hand, pinched it hard, and the black fragments dissipated in the human world, and truly became a soul! With the first one, there was a second one, and forty-nine souls could not detonate in the hands of the ghost Xuan Yue.

When pinching the forty-ninth, the soul of the soul trembled fiercely, giving off a dazzling red light, and the ghost in the ruined valley screamed into the void!

I don't know how long it took, Ghost Xuanyue trembled, his whole body's ghost slammed open, and Mu Yu finally saw the true face of Ghost Xuan Yue in the distance. This is a young man with a white face like a piece of paper, almost the same age as a white sea. He wore black clothes all over his body, and his clothes were painted with strange gimmicks.

At this time, Ghost Xuan Yue was gray and full of yin, his face turned from white to red, and the blood vessels burst, seemingly to split.


All the arrays of light suddenly disappeared, all the souls have been shattered, and the yin has re-entered into the burial valley. The ghost Xuan Yue suddenly opened his eyes, and his mouth showed a smile:

"I finally found you, UU reading sword shadow dust!"

He snorted and stepped out in one step, and the ghost of the sky suddenly wrapped him into the soul of the soul!

"He found it?"Mu Yu’s heart was shocked, and Ghost Xuan Yue actually found Master by this strange array of methods?

"Stunned, fast!"Shouted Mu Yu.

Mu Yu jerked back, but found that she did not know when it had disappeared! His heart sank, how did he leave?

"Little handsome, what a loss?"Mu Yu quickly asked. Xiaoshuai still floats beside him, and it has always been in the arms of the sea.

Xiaoshuai shook his body: "I don't know! She suddenly disappeared and left me here. ”

There is an unpredictable hunch in Mu Yu’s heart. Ghost Xuan Yue has found his master’s whereabouts by the strange Soul Ghosts, but the only one who can help himself in the critical moment disappears.

Soul Ghosts is similar to the search for dragons under the old cloth. The search for dragons needs to be found by the breath of the person they are searching for. Does the Soul Ghost Array need this? How did the ghost Xuan Yue get the breath of his master?

Only those who can get the sword and dusty atmosphere, except for the disciples of the dusty school, are left alone!

Mu Yu suddenly thought that at the beginning, she always said that the sword shadow dust wind is her most admired person, let the wood feathers give the swords and shadows on the body as a souvenir. Isn't it just a sham and a ghost of the moon is a group, she came to the dust mountain is just to deceive everyone to get the clothing of the sword shadow dust?

He should have long thought that he could not find the whereabouts of the people in the Yuan Ying period, but how can she track the Yuan Ying period that is more powerful than her?

Unless she knows Ghost Xuan Yue, she does everything for acting to show herself!

Mu Yu came out with a chill, and he vaguely felt that he was being deceived!

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