Chapter 124 is life and death but in the blink of an eye

"Mu Yu, you must find a way out of the Mouyun Mountain Range."

Feng Haochen suddenly tried his best to stop in front of Mu Yu, calmly facing the spear in his twin hands. He wanted to exchange his life for the life of Mu Yu. He had already run out of light. He doesn't care about death, but he can't let Mu Yu be hurt by the ghost door.

"Do not!"

Mu Yu wants to push Master away, but he can't push, he is so weak, everyone is protecting him, but he has no ability to protect others. His consciousness gradually blurred, his eyes flashed in the blink of an eye, and the strange sense of killing swept his whole body again.

"Don't fall into this state."

Feng Haochen awakened Mu Yu with his last spiritual power. He didn't want Mu Yu to enter the state of out of control. Once Mu Yu was out of control, if he could not wake up, he knew that the consequences would be more terrible than twins.

Mu Yu woke up and the spear came to the front.

But the spear did not stab the wind and dust, and stood in front of the wind and dust.

It is awkward!

The stunned Xianlu sword blocked the spear of the twins, her face was awe-inspiring, and the fairy in her hand flashed orange light, pointing to the twins.

"God, you dare to kill!" Are you afraid that the ghost gate will be destroyed by the Triple Palace? ”

"Triple palace? Hey, who knows that the sword shadow dust is dead here! ”The twins stared at the stunned, and the face appeared cautious. He did not expect that he would suddenly come up with a sudden sigh, and there would be a repair of Yuan Ying. If he wants to kill Mu Yu, he must first solve the problem.

"My fairy sword? Who is Miao language? ”Feng Haochen stared at the fairy in his hand and asked in surprise. This sword was given to Miao language, but he did not expect to appear in the girl's hands.

"Predecessors, Miao language is my master. The predecessors rest assured that today I will not let the people of the ghost door succeed. ”

Suddenly smiled at the wind and dust, she saw the moment when the wind was in front of Mu Yu, and there was an envious emotion in her heart. The true God is willing to give up his life to save his apprentice. Is the position of the apprentice in his mind so important?

"Why are you coming now?"In the moment when it suddenly appeared, Mu Yu knew that he was wrong. He thought that he was a group of ghosts and ghosts. He did not expect that they would save their lives.

I am a little confused: "How do you run faster than me?"

However, Mu Yu failed to answer her, and the ghost spear had already rushed to the stunned, and she had no choice but to fight back.

The orange sword is flashing and intertwined with the spear. Suddenly repaired is actually not weaker than twins! In the hands of the illusion of the lotus flower, each lotus flower is like a living, and usually goes to the twins under the guidance of Xianlu. The lotus flower spreads out in the air, and the petals of the sky wrap the spears of the twins, giving the twins a illusion that they can't make it.

"Red Lotus, you are the person of the Red Dust Gate!"The twins snorted.

"Ghost sound, you have just recovered soon, how to fight against the people of the Red Dust Gate? If you want to kill the kid, you must get my help! ”The voice of Ghost Xuan Yue came again from the soul of the twins.

The twins are obviously aware of this. If they change to normal times, he will not be in vain, but now he has just awakened from the Horcruxes to a normal soul, even though it is more powerful than the injured ghost, but it is not a loss. opponent. The red dust door is not weaker than the existence of the ghost gate, and the disciple of the red dust gate will lose to the ghost disciple!

"As long as we kill the sword and the dust, we will follow each other in the future, and we will not be related to each other."The twins are still hesitating, and Ghost Xuan Yue said again.

The twins were restrained by the stunned red lotus. He struggled very hard. He finally nodded. "Well, you helped me kill the kid and the true God. We will not be related in the future!"

The twins repulsed and slammed, and the soul of the ghost Xuan Yue was drilled out of his mouth. Ghost Xuan Yue went directly to the wind and dust and wood feathers.

"Not allowed!"Suddenly, I want to stop the ghosts, but the twins are full of ghosts.

Will be entangled.

The black sword appeared in the hands of the ghost Xuan Yue, and it stabbed the wind and dust. For Ghost Xuan Yue, it is most important to kill the wind and dust.

"You are not allowed to hurt the true God!"

Suddenly, the fingers in the hands of the shadows, thousands of lotus flowers fly together, suddenly all the ghosts of the twins are sucked away, but the ghost of the ghost of the moon has been pierced into the dusty chest, her mind is blank, nothing thought, It was actually directly in front of the wind and dust!

The black sword hole wore a stunned chest, and the black sword that was condensed by the yin was still dripping blood, only one inch away from the body of the wind and dust. Suddenly in the hands of the Xianlu sword, the ghost Xuan Yue repulsed, Yin gas into her body, she fell in front of the wind and dust.

Mu Yu looked down and slammed down, but in the critical moment, he blocked the blow for the wind! Why is she doing this?

I turned my head and looked at the wind and dust, trying to squeeze out a smile: "Real God, my Master said that you can't die…"

The wind smashed, and Mu Yu also stumbled.

Why do you want to block this sword for someone you don't know? Even if she is very afraid of the legendary mainland god, is she really willing to use her own life to help the true God?

"My master said that you are a good person, a good person can't die…"Suddenly his face turned white, and her vitality in the body quickly passed.

"Child, what are you doing stupid things…"

Feng Haochen looked at the sorrowful and incomprehensible. Someone blocked the sword for him. If he was his apprentice, he would only feel sad, but that would not surprise him, but how can an outsider who has never seen him help him? Block this deadly sword? He was a dying person, but he did not expect to make such a move!

Mu Yu’s consciousness once again fell into a chaos. He didn’t know why he would give up his life to save the wind and dust. He didn’t know what purpose he had. He only knew that neither the Master nor the Master could die. Feng Haochen no matter how he called this time, Mu Yu did not pay attention to it, he was too weak, he stubbornly want to use that state to deal with the enemy in front.

He is shaking, he is eager to kill, he wants strength, he wants to kill his twins, he wants to save Master and stunned. If he does not accept this state, then more people will die!

There was a cyan glow in his body, his eyes flashing gray, his left eye was pale, his eyes were as unfathomable black holes, his right eye was dark as ink, but his eyes were strange white. . A black and white eyelid appeared in his eyes, black eyes filled with sinister death, white eyes illusion of endless anger.

The wood spirit in the shadow sword was held in his hand. The wooden spirit was pitted, and the blade was covered with holes of big and small, which looked extremely weird. However, Mu Yu took Mu Er's brakes, and everything seemed so peaceful. Only the black and white breath that could not keep his body was tumbling and chasing, and the blue light was shining.

"Ghost door, die."

The wooden spirit in the hands of Mu Yu was raised, and the surrounding trees suddenly grew madly creeping. The long branches floated in the canyon and floated in the wind. The leaves leave the branches and wrap around the wooden feathers. The wooden feathers are on the green leaves. Each leaf has half of the dead yellow and half with a vibrant green, interpreting life and death.


The breath of the twins in the infanthood suddenly trembled and shattered all the leaves around him! However, among the shattered leaf powder, more leaves have emerged again, and there is no end to it, and it is frantically surrounded by twins. The twins screamed, and the gloomy spirits rolled out again. He wanted to break through these strange leaves, but his spiritual power would have more leaves to grow again every time he broke a leaf.

Mu Yu’s hand waved, and thousands of leaves were like being summoned, and they went to the twins in a dense manner. Each leaf is scraped with the twin of the green in half, and his soul is smeared with a leaf. Thousands of leaves penetrated his spirit, criss-crossing, but the twins became a transparent form, and only a hint of shimmer was barely supported.

He screamed and quickly re-drilled back into the ghost. The ghost will wave a hand, and the golden lines of the heavens and the earth will rush to the leaves of the sky. However, the trees in the Dragon Tiger Gorge have already extended the branches of dozens of feet, firmly binding the body of the ghosts. Each ghost will shatter a branch, and more branches will grow!

"Life and death are not in the blink of an eye."

The left eye of Mu Yu is covered with white awns, and the right eye is flashing black. He closed his eyes, his right eye slammed open, a strange black gas shot from his eyes, and fell on the ghost, the ghost will shake the body, then no longer move. There was a crack in his body, and there were more and more cracks. Under the binding of the branches, they were crushed, and they were smoked with weathering, disappeared, and the twins could not escape!

The wood feather closes the right eye, the left eye opens again, the white light shoots out from his left eye, shrouded in wind-ho dust and calm two people, the surrounding trees suddenly emit a little green light, slowly gathered to their two bodies, repair their wounds, disperse their body Dengbal, exuberant vitality back to wind Hao dust and calm body.

Feng Haochen looked at the air in the air, UU reading The injury on his body has been cured, but his face is quite dignified, he understands that Mu Yu can not control this power!

The pattern of the heavens and the earth was once again surging, and suddenly all condensed on the wooden feathers. The ghost will be the eye of the heavens and the earth, but the wood feathers will destroy the ghosts, and instead of the ghosts, it will become the eye of the imprisoned.

Mu Yu’s brain suddenly appeared in the soul of millions of people. Through the brand of the soul, he can see the evil and goodness of each soul. The ugly, selfish, greedy, and murderous souls of the self-cultivating souls are not responsible for the lives of others, and their souls are at a glance.

Since you don't cherish life so much, it is up to me to decide if you are eligible for life!

Killing, killing is what he wants to do. He can control one's life and death in a blink of an eye. Why can't he be the master under the sun? He can remove those who are not worthy of living in this world. He can shuffle the Mou Mountain Range. He can decide who he lives according to his own preferences!

Let's take a look at the humble ants! Their lives are insignificant!

Mu Yu screamed and his eyes shot black and white. He shot all the creatures in the Dragon and Tiger Gorge. Each insect beast was swept by black light, and he fell to the ground and was swept by white light.

He skyrocketed and was a few hundred feet away from the ground. He overlooked the earth and looked at the Qingshou City in the distance. There are many human beings and many self-cultivators. He wants everyone to kneel at his feet. As long as he is willing, he can decide everyone's life and death in a blink of an eye!

He became the eye of the imprisoned Xianji, deserted the mountains, he is the king!

"Only if I think you are qualified to survive, you can live!"

The corner of Mu Yu’s mouth reveals a cruel smile, and he wakes up the emotion that is not human.

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