Chapter 127, the Qingsong Taoist

"After about eight years, my repairs will fall into the base period. At that time, people in the Yuan Ying period will no longer be able to enter the Mouyun Mountain Range. The Mou Mountain Range can only exist in the Jindan Period, and no one will. Then break through to the Golden Age. The aura here is getting scarcer, you need to leave the Mouyun Mountains, and Luo will take you away. ”Feng Hao dust said softly.

Xiaoshuai seems to be asleep in his arms. He gently stroked the geek and smiled. "You named it Xiaoshuai, right?" This guy is a very magical existence. ”

"How did Master Xiaoshuai come?"When Mu Yu remembers that this geek always likes to lick his head, he is angry.

Feng Haochen smiled and said: "You don't have to worry about how the little guy comes. It seems to like to follow you. You will bring it with you later."

Mu Yu’s heart is secretive, and he is not willing to be the old hen of hatching! However, he did not say it because he respected Master.

"Master, you leave the Mouyun Mountains with us!"Mu Yu Road.

Feng Haochen shook his head: "I am too dangerous in the triple continent. People at the ghost gate will always stare at me. I am the safest here. The dangers of millions of people in the Mouyun Mountain Mountain are caused by my own hands. I can't leave here with my conscience. After eight years, the repair will fall faster and faster. It takes only one year from the foundation period to the training period, and it takes only one month from the training period to the mortal. Then, my life is over, and all the people in the desert mountain are dead. when. ”

Mu Yu’s heart is silent. Master’s treatment of death has always been very calm, but Master did not want to look at the people in the Moyun Mountain to accompany him to death. He pinned his hopes on Mu Yu, they must kill the Triple Palace in eight years. People or find ways to restore his cultivation, no matter which one is unrealistic, eight years is too short.

"Master, we will work hard anyway."Mu Yu is firm.

He did not know what kind of existence of the Mie Palace. He did not know how he was in the triple continent. He is too small now, and many people on the triple continent can kill him.

"It's too early to say this. You have grown up to make me a little surprised these few months."The wind Hao's dust smiled and laughed.

Mu Yu is by looking for the old gather spirit array to become elixir period, this he should already know, after all, Fallout Mountain but a person, master will certainly ask. Mu Yu asked curiously: "Master, have you been in Longhu Gorge for a few months?"

Feng Haochen nodded a little helplessly: "I was trying to protect myself and made an early warning to the heaven and earth array. When there was danger, I sent it to Longhu Gorge. The place of Longhu Gorge is a very hidden place in the Moyun Mountain Range, and it can also prevent other people from searching. I was forced to pass the past. My repairs were so bad that I couldn't get out, so I didn't have time to tell you. ”

"Then you can let Xu Ye of Longhuxia say to us!"Mu Yu complained that all of them thought that Feng Haochen had been taken away by the ghost gates, and everyone worried about it.

"Think about it or not, it's about the lives of everyone in the entire Mouyama Mountains. They will definitely stare at you in the end, but the array of dusty mountains is enough to protect you."Feng Hao dust laughed.

"Mu Yu brother, you can sleep! I have been sleeping for a month! ”

Suddenly ran in, she looked at Mu Yu happily, this month is taking care of Mu Yu, because Mu Yu rescued her with her ability to live and die before she lost control. She is still very grateful. Wood feathers.

"I slept for a month? How can I sleep like this? ”

Mu Yu was embarrassed to scratch his head, he did not know about it. At first he still suspected that he was a group of ghosts and ghosts, but he did not expect that she would give up her own master.

"Awkward, how did you squat in the ruined valley at the time?"Mu Yu asked.

Suddenly spit out his tongue: "I don't want you to die!" You are too weak, so I followed myself, and later I realized that I thought too much. ”

Mu Yu was dumb, and this girl started on her own without a bang.

As a result, the handsome little handsome is more efficient than Ghost Xuan Yue and Hao Ran.

"Predecessors, Qingsong Taoist came to visit, I am here to inform you."Suddenly rubbed his eyes, his eyes looked at the wind and dust in awe.

"Go, go see him!"

Feng Haochen looked at him with a smile. He didn't know what to say about this simple girl. I don’t know how Miaoyu’s brainwashed the hoe. On that day, he would have to give up and rescue him, which made him very surprised. After returning to Dust Mountain, this month she has always had a very respectful attitude towards Feng Haochen.


The Qingsong Taoist was sitting in the hall and looking for the old man to pour a cup of tea. When he saw the Qingsong Taoist, his face was very embarrassing. The old and the Qingsong Taoist were the same people in the same period. It was only the natural talent of the Qingsong Taoist people that became the admiration of the world. Nowadays, it has become a myth. His qualifications were dull and he became the deacon of the school founded by the Qingsong Taoist. In front of the Qingsong Taoist, he was only a humble man.

Looking for an old man smiled: "I have seen the Supreme."

The Qingsong Taoist people were somewhat embarrassed. He naturally knew to find the old man. When he went to the school to do things, he was looking for the old man to serve him personally. He did not expect to see the deacons in the dusty faction. This incident made him feel a little flustered.

Luo Wei is the red-shirted young man behind Qingsongdao. It is also Luo Lan who asked Qingsong Taoist people to come here today.

Feng Haochen has come in, and the old man also saw him at a glance, which made him relieved. In the same room as the Qingsong Taoist, it is very depressing to find the old.

"Masters."Looking for the old man to see the wind and dust into the hall, and greeted with respect and respectfully, "Adult, Qingsong Zun is here, you see…"

Looking for the old is a little worried, he knows that Feng Haochen is only the repairer of the Golden Age, and the Qingsong Dao people now realize the true body of Yuan Ying, but it is a unique existence. He thought that the Qingsong Taoist came here to coerce the wind and succumb to the Qingsong faction, which made him somewhat uneasy.

"Don't worry, come with me."Feng Haochen knows what the old man is worried about. He pats the old shoulder and signals him to rest assured.

The Qingsong Taoist stood up fiercely and turned to face the wind and dust. Looking for the old man thought he was going to start and was shocked. However, the Qingsong Taoist suddenly fell on his legs and fell in front of Feng Haochen. He bowed his respectfully and respectfully, saying: "Qingsong, I have seen adults!"


Looking for the old like a thunder, squatting in place! He wiped his eyes and made sure that he was not mistaken. Nowadays, the status of the Qingsong Taoist who is supreme in the realm of the real world is unparalleled. However, it is such a emperor of the realm of comprehension that he is in the realm of comprehension and is most looked down upon. Only in the face of the dusty faction of the Jindan period? Isn't this a dream?

"Ok!"Feng Hao dust smiled and walked to the first seat and sat down.

"The head of the adult, this…this is……"

Looking for the old man to slow down for a long time, he carefully bypassed the Qingsong Taoist, standing beside the wind and dust, apparently frightened. This is incredible. How did the Qingsong Taoist people fall to the ground? Is he really the sage of the real world?

"what? How are you squatting! ”

Mu Yu and the two of them held an egg and ran over, and found a position to sit down. They also pulled the old man to sit down and sit down. Among the entire hall, only the Qingsong Taoist people are there. If you let the realm of the comprehension know, I am afraid not to be crazy! Their supreme emperor was squatting in front of the weak dusty pies?

"Get up!"Wind and dust.

"Green pine does not dare."

The Qingsong Taoist did not get up and still stayed there. He already knows that Feng Haochen is the master of the young people in red, able to cultivate such a good disciple, and where the dusty party will look so unbearable! Feng Haochen has always been very low-key, but he did not expect him to be a hidden high man.

"The owner of Luo Yu asked Qing Song to come to see the adults of the dusty party. The owner of Luo Wei said that Qingsong must be respectful and respectful in front of the adults, and he would live as a servant. Qingsong would not violate it."Luo Wei took the slave to the Qingsong Taoist. When he said something, the Qingsong Taoist did not dare to resist.

He glanced at the old man sitting on the side, and his heart was awkward. He finally realized the feeling of looking for the old man to come and go in front of him. The feng shui turns, and he used to sit and look for the old man. Now he is squatting and looking for the old man. This incident is a bit subtle, and the search for the old is also a member of the dust-splitting faction, which means that the servant who was humbled by his knees became his master.

Looking for an old face is also unbelievable. The Qingsong Taoists who are respected by thousands of people have become their servants?

He is restless and UU reads www.uukanshu. Com did not expect that he had inadvertently joined the dust-splitting faction, and then everything suddenly changed. The once unattainable Qingsong Taoist people squatted in front of them at this moment. Who would believe this?

He hated the rules of the school. The rules of the school were originally set by the Qingsong Taoist. Now the Qingsong Taoist people are in front of him, which makes him greatly angry. All of this is because the old search for the old man used his conscience to maintain the wood feathers as a gray disciple, but he took the blessing of Mu Yu, rewrote his destiny, and his identity became a Qingsong Taoist who was respected by thousands of people. The status is even higher, and for a time he feels a little restless.

"Naughty! What about Luo Wei? ”Feng Hao dust frowned.

"Master, I am coming."

Without waiting for the old man to look for it, Luo Wei walked in. He was still wearing a fiery red dress, so conspicuous. He glanced at the Qingsong Taoist and sat down on his own.

Mu Yu stared at Luo Wei, this is his first time he saw Luo Wei. At the time of the Qingsong faction, he had seen it twice, but at that time he did not know that this guy was his second brother, and thought it was unfavorable to the sword shadow.

Now think about it, Luo Wei found the Qingsong Taoist, and used the slave to control the Qingsong Taoist to find a person to compete with the Jiuhua real people, and not let the ghost Xuanyue truly unify the entire Moyun Mountain. If it weren't for him, I am afraid that the Qingsong faction had long been annexed by the Jiuhua faction, and the Qingsong Taoist people could not enter the Yuan Ying period, and even suffered the persecution of Jiuhua real people. And all that Luo Wei did was to stop the ghost Xuan Yue from finding the sword shadow dust.

Mu Yu still remembers that in the other courtyard of the school, Lan Linger found that the quilt stack of the other hospital was not in the right way, and he suspected that the second brother had returned. He also laughed at Linger and thought too much. Now it seems that I am afraid that person is Luo Wei!

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