Chapter 128, the 2 brothers

"Do you treat Qingsong Taoists like this?"Feng Hao dust frowned.

He asked the Qingsong Taoist people to rise, and the Qingsong Taoist people did not dare to get up. Luo Wei must have ordered the death, so that the Qingsong Taoist people should talk to the wind and dust.

"Master, Qingsong, he is the highest person in the Moyun Mountain. I control him for your safety. We will not be there in the future. You can have more than one servant in the Yuan Ying period."Luo Wei said calmly.

At that time, he did not know where the ghost gate was in the deserted mountain range. He had been pursuing the whereabouts of the ghost Xuan Yue. The ghost Xuan Yue also kept paying attention to his movements. He knew that his master was a sword and dust. Therefore, he did not dare to return to the dusty mountain, fearing the suspicion of the ghost.

It was not until the news of Yumeng that he discovered the relationship between Ghost Xuan Yue and Jiuhua. He knows that Ghost Xuan will definitely kill the Qingsong Taoist or accept the Qingsong Taoist, and control the entire Moyun Mountain Range in his own hands. Because of the relationship between Cheng Yan and Qing Mei, he can only choose to keep the Qingsong Taoist.

However, many things he could not explain to the Qingsong Tao people. If the explanation is unclear, the Qingsong Taoist can't be obedient, so they simply use the slaves to control the Qingsong Taoist. They are simple and rude and effective. They don't have to worry about the Qingsong Taoist being controlled by the ghosts. live. Using the influence of the Qingsong Taoist, he can also secretly destroy the plan of the ghost Xuan Yue.

"The master is the master of the old slaves, and the old slaves should serve the masters."Qingsong Taoist said quickly. This sentence is certainly not his sincerity, but the effect of the slave makes him say this, and let him become the servant of these juniors, it is more uncomfortable than killing him.

"Okay, you will get up first, and you will let him get up."Feng Haochen is also quite helpless. He found that Qingsong Taoist did not dare to get up, and he replied to Luo Wei: "What are you thinking in your mind? Are you so arrogant for so many years? Don't you know the relationship between Qingmei and Chengyan? ”

Luo Wei was not worried about the wind and dust, he suddenly laughed. The Qingsong Taoist was the first time to watch Luo Xiaoxiao. Before Luo Xiao was always a mysterious look, he could not see through.

"Master, that night, the brothers and the daughter of Qingsong sneaked in love, and I did not stop it! I am not pushing the waves to help the Qingsong people come here to raise their relatives? ”Luo Wei kicked the Qingsong Dao, and the Qingsong Taoist stood up.

"What are you talking about!"

The admittance came in angrily and knocked on Luo's head. He didn't feel that because Luo Wei is now in the Yuan Ying period. He already knew that his younger brother had accepted his future Yuezhang as a servant. This is very embarrassing. Fortunately, today, Qingmei did not come, otherwise he had to turn his face.

"Brother, you see that I have helped you so much, and you don't have to worry about being beaten by the old man in the future. Isn't that good? And if I don't control the Qingsong Taoist first, I am afraid that he has already died in the hands of the ghost gate. ”

Luo Wei’s character is very open. He was knocked out by his words and he was not angry. However, he is also telling the truth. Ghost Xuan Yue is the son of Jiuhua Real People. He will certainly help his father to unify the realm of cultivation. At that time, Qingsong Dao will probably become the first person to be removed.

The Qingsong Taoist people looked at the promises a little embarrassed, and he was not willing to go back to his son-in-law when he was killed.

"Qingsong predecessor, I am sorry, my teacher is really not that meaning. I am in love with Qingmei. I only hope that Guangming Zhengda will get your consent. I don't want you to be forced to agree. She is your daughter after all, and she needs you to be the master."The words of truth and truth are said to stand in front of the Qingsong Taoist people.

This is even more interesting. The Qingsong Taoist said nothing at the moment. He was forced to become a slave to the promise, but he was also the father-in-law of the promise. He did not know what he said to get Luo’s consent. For a time, he smiled awkwardly and didn't know what to say.

"Luo Luo, where is your slave?"

Feng Hao dust patted the forehead, and some could not help. With so many disciples, Cheng Yan and Lan Linger and the south are obedient, the two gangsters will not say it. Luo Wei is the least like to behave in a discipline.

Mu Yu is also afraid that the world will not be chaotic, like Hu Lai.

"Getting it from a predecessor of Dan Ding."Luo Xiao smiled. "He said that this book is what you created."

"I don't care about this, you know what to do."Wind and dust.

"Got it! Got it! ”

Luo Wei unceremoniously grabbed the collar of Qingsong Dao, and the Qingsong Taoist was scared. How could he be shackled for no reason? However, Luo Wei just rudely warned: "You can ignore other people in the future, but if you are a Master, you are not allowed to defy! You have given me a repair in the Yuan Ying period. You have to give my master as your master. If my master has one cold hair, I don’t care who you are, the father-in-law. Don't die. ”

"Don't dare, don't dare, your master is my master, I will remember this."The Qingsong Taoist sighed and Luo Hao made this order, which meant that he did not have to be a slave to other juniors. He hurriedly and respectfully, and smashed his head toward the wind: "Adults, Qingsong categorically dared not to violate the will of the adults. What the adults have to do, though they can."

"What else can I do? Of course, give my brother a father-in-law! ”Luo Wei interjected next to him.

"Yes Yes Yes! Qingmei and Chengyanxian are a pair of heavenly creations. Qingsong naturally will not be a great snoring person. ”

Qingsong Tao people actually do not oppose this marriage, the talent of the promise has been against the sky, his younger brother is so horrible, their master is not simple, Qing Mei married to the promise, naturally will not be wronged.

“Thank you for the Qingsong predecessors!”

The promise was overjoyed. If he had known in the Qingsong faction that the young people in red who controlled the Qingsong Taoist were his younger brother, he would say no to Qingmei. At that time, the reason why Luo Wei did not appear in front of them was because Luo Wei had not yet determined who the ghost door was. He could not rashly reveal his identity, and thus made such a big oolong.

"Also called seniors, brothers, you are stupid!"Luo Weidao, "You know that after Qingmei went back, I felt like I was crying into tears. I felt bad about her. You are really sad!"

"It's not that you pretend to be a ghost, Mu Yu doesn't know you, treats you as a wicked person!"Cheng Yan took a look at Luo Wei, and then respectfully said to the Qingsong Taoist: "Thank you for your father-in-law."

The smile of the Qingsong Dao was smooth, and it was not too embarrassing for her daughter to marry the promise.

"Right, Qingsong Taoist, how is Jiuhua Reality now?"Mu Yu out of the channel. Ghost Xuan Yue did not pay attention to it at the time. It seemed that he was allowed to run. He only killed the twins of the ghost Xuanyue. If you can, you must scribble the roots.

Qingsong Dao suddenly said with some smugness: "Now there is no Jiuhua faction in the realm of cultivation, all of which belong to our Qingsong faction. Oh no, they belong to the wind."Qingsong Taoist people quickly changed their mouths.

"what happened?"Feng Haochen asked.

"The Jiuhua real person suddenly disappeared a month ago, and even his men's Chi Longgong disappeared. Jiuhua’s real person was missing, Jiuhua’s faction fell apart, and I was included in the door. As long as the adults say a word, including the cedars of Qingsong, they are willing to work for adults. ”Qingsong Taoist people respectfully.

From now on, only the Qingsong faction is left in the Moyun Mountain Range. If it is not counted as a person from the Dust School, the Qingsong Taoist is the god of the entire Moyun Mountain Range. Feng Haochen has always been inconsistent with the world, so as long as you take care of the real god behind this, the Qingsong Taoist can justifiably act as the emperor of the entire Moyun Mountain. This has always been the ambition of the people of Qingsong. A big one, this is what he wants!

"He runs fast, otherwise I want him to look good!"Luo snorted.

"They will make a comeback."

Mu Yu knows that this still leaves the bane, Jiuhua real people must have and the ghost Xuan Yue has escaped from the Mouyun Mountain Range and went to the master of the ghost Xuan Yue. Chi Longgong knows the location of Ghost Island, and he also left the Mouyun Mountain Range, so the master of the ghost Xuan Yue will surely make a comeback.

"Nothing, Qingsong served the slaves, they can no longer control the pines, I will set up some arrays to limit the actions of the ghost gates."Feng Haochen knows what Mu Yu is worried about, and the ghosts are coming back, and they must first start with the Qingsong Taoist.

Qingsong Dao’s face was very helpless. He became a commodity that every adult competed for. Everyone seemed to like to control him as a servant.

"The brothers can't wait, Master, you have to talk to Qingsong about the marriage of the brothers!" You give me out! ”Luo Wei suddenly grabbed Mu Yu and took him away from this place without waiting for Mu Yu’s consent.

"What do you want!"On the cliff, Luo Luo released his hand. Perhaps because of Lan Linger's relationship, Mu Yu did not like this sudden second brother.

"If it wasn't for Master to stop me, I would slap you back!" What are you asking me? ”Luo Wei said bluntly, his temper is very violent, and he never gives up on the people who hurt him.

Mu Yu was in a loss, so there was no rebuttal. If Master is really dead in his hands, he will not forgive himself for the rest of his life.

"The bearing is most familiar with the power of the Yumeng Mozu in the body. He is more mature and stable, easy to meditate, more honest to the south, not easy to anger, and he will not have an accident. You are like a fool, your eyes are coming and going, you control yourself to die! ”Luo Weidao, he did not like Wood Yu.

"Mom, you are a fool! I want to fight with you! ”

Mu Yu rolled up his sleeves and slammed the little handsome in his arms. He had to say that sometimes it is convenient to hold an egg in his arms. It is quite convenient to be a weapon. He didn't care what Luo Yu was in the Yuan Ying period. This guy abandoned Lan Linger for so many years before he ran back and let himself be rejected by Lan Linger for no reason. This alone cannot be tolerated.

"Duel you a big ghost!"Xiaoshuai shouted again.

“Master told me that you are as good as I am to practice the Tao. Do you know what it means?”Luo Wei was not angry. He grabbed Xiaoshuai and threw it back.

"I really don't want to be related to you."Mu Yu muttered a word to catch Xiaoshuai.

"I control the fire, UU reads So my temper is very unstable, you control the trees, symbolize life, passionate, and I am similar, so if we don't cultivate our own mind, it is easy to be Things in the body are around. I have found a way to suppress, and you give me honestly, understand? ”Luo Weidao.

"How to do it?"Mu Yu frowned.

"It is easy to suppress when they do not need to do anything in the south. I did it when I was able to practice the dusty method to the sixth floor." Meditation, meditation does not understand? ”Luo Weidao.

"This is still for you!"Mu Yu overslept. After a long while, I asked, "Why did you leave here?"

Luo snorted and then said: "Because I am afraid that I can't suppress it will hurt them."

"Okay! Honestly, did you hurt others at the beginning? Then you are too embarrassed to say me? Let me think about it, you hurt Linger, right? ”Mu Yu jumped up and pointed at Luo's nose.

"Do your best!"Luo Wei blocked the hand of Mu Yu very coldly.

He did not deny, said: "Linger did not blame me, but I can not forgive myself, so I left the Mouyun Mountain. Now I have the ability to protect her, and I am coming back to pick her up. ”

"She agreed to go with you?"Some of Mu Yu’s heart is not a taste. The second brother is back, and Linger’s heart is even more likely to accept himself.

"Not only her, but also to the south, the confession and his mind, and of course, you have to leave me here. The aura outside the Mogan Mountains is more mellow than here, where you can improve your cultivation faster. As for the two little guys, when they can cultivate, I will come back again. ”Luo Weidao.

Mu Yu was awkward. He didn't like this decision. It was more because of Lan Linger. He didn't want to look at Lan Linger and Luo Wei, and he was alone in their shadows.

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