Chapter 129 People at the Wedding

The marriage was held and the wedding was held in the Qingsong School.

Nowadays, everyone knows that as the only Yuan Ying period defender in the Moyun Mountain Range, the Qingsong Taoist people are already very honorable, and everyone is bowing to him. The marriage of his daughter is naturally a major event that sensationalizes the entire realm of cultivation. The most important people of each sect are dressed in the wedding of Qingmei.

What everyone didn't expect was that the groom's official turned out to be an unknown boy who was a poor boy. Why did the Qingsong Taoist condescend to marry his daughter to a shabby sect who would look down on? This incident has been plaguing everyone, and when everyone saw the attitude of the Qingsong Taoist people at the wedding ceremony, they were so surprised that their eyes would fall!

Qingsong Taoist is the god of the Mouyun Mountain Range! Whoever his daughter marries, everyone has to treat her as a princess. Marry fallout sent such a poor place, supposedly said wind Hao dust should be flattered, the pine is grateful, but the fact is that the pine Taoist almost did not leave the sight of the wind Hao dust, everything to and wind Hao, although the pine Taoist tried to conceal a respectful look, But the conscientious person still discovers the pine man's that kind of smile is more like to please the Wind Hao dust!

How can this be! A god of the Yuan Ying period to please a ridiculous head of the Golden Age?

Everyone knows that they want more, how can the Yuan Ying period go to please the Golden Age! It should be that the Qingsong Taoist married his daughter is happy, and the relationship with the family is familiar! No one will think about other aspects. After all, who can think of the Qingsong Taoist people in the Yuan Ying period who did not dare to violate the Jin Dan period?

Fortunately, the wind and dust are more accommodating, and everything is almost done by the Qingsong Taoist people, the lanterns are colored, the firecrackers are shaking, and various etiquettes, the Qingsong pie is noisy.

"Sister, hurry, this burning suckling pig is delicious."

"Don't worry, my brother, I will cut off one of the feet of this chair and say it!"

"What am I doing? Then what am I doing? ”Xiaoshuai shouted, it was empty and wonderfully covered with four pieces of cloth, and then two people painted two small and small eyes on the eggshell with ink, and also painted less An eyebrow is not awkward.

"You are responsible for scary! The disciples of the Qingsong pie dare to come over, and you will scare him! ”

Two gangsters with Xiaoshuai in the Qingsong faction all over the place, but the Qingsong Taoist gave orders to all the disciples, not allowed to slow down the dusty people, so these two little guys add an egg to make the wedding a chicken fly No one is going to take care of him. From time to time, someone has just sat in a chair, and the chair has fallen. The self-cultivator has not been able to prevent this kind of accident, so don't mention it.

"A world!"

Marriage is a big event, and the wedding of Qingsong Dao’s daughter is a top priority, so the secular etiquette is inevitable. Their wedding was held in the magnificent hall of the Qingsong school. This is like a palace in the palace, decorated with joy, less a solemn solemnity. The Qingsong Taoist people were sitting on the first seat of the High Court of the House of Representatives, but today they became two seats, and Feng Haochen sat side by side with him.

"Two worship high church!"

The clothes of Feng Haochen have not been patched anymore. It looks gorgeous and the whole person is very noble. His beard was neatly combed, his hair tied with a trace of hair, and the bun was made of sapphire, firmly holding the white crown. The clothes are white robes with gold silk edges, and the solemn black gold boots. The whole person looks spirited and radiant, as if he is young and several decades old. These are both Lan Linger and Hao Ran personally helped him choose to wear, I am afraid that the former sword shadow dust wind has not been dressed so solemnly.

At the beginning, Feng Haochen felt very awkward. Before he left, he wanted to secretly exchange his simple clothes, but he couldn't help but two prostitutes. Finally, he was helplessly wearing this noble and incomparable robe to attend the wedding.

Not to mention the Qingsong Taoist people, it’s awesome to raise their hands and throw in a king’s demeanor. No matter what clothes he wears, no one dares to swear at him. And today he is wearing the most grand clothes, and it is not okay for him to marry his daughter.

Naturally, you have to dress up.

"The husband and wife are worshipping!"

The confession is dressed in a red robe, full of heroic, and instrumental, it is really a dragon and a phoenix. He worked as a guest in the Jindan period to live in a number of guests, and also let everyone know why he is qualified to marry the daughter of the Qingsong. So many young people who are already better than the present are better than white waves. If he is not qualified to marry Qing Mei, who is there?

The green rose is covered with a gauze, and there is a trace of exquisiteness in the scorpion. Like a fairy, it makes people think and feels. She has a shallow smile on her face, and she is very shy and fascinating. Once inexplicably rejected, she has not yet to understand the reason, but one day his father with a word come over, she would have to curse words coward, but put forward to marry her, at that time she did not know how to promise, the old words of unfeeling seems to be left behind in the brain, She was surrounded by an indescribable sense of happiness.

"Send into the cave!"

The host of the wedding is to find the old. The search for the old is the public figure in the realm of cultivation, and basically everyone who knows the real world knows him. Everyone saw that a gray disciple presided over the wedding. They were a bit weird. They didn't understand this grand event. The Qingsong Taoist even found a despicable person to host.

However, after the Qingsong Taoist announced that the old man was the elder of the Qingsong school, he suddenly lost his chin! How can a young man who is only trained in the training period be treated as a courtesy? After the old man heard the announcement of the Qingsong Taoist, he was also excited and almost shed tears. Where did he think that he would have such a good day, and he would become the elder of the Qingsong faction.

At the wedding, all of them are distinguished and distinguished. They are the big men of every martial art. In the past, they were the people he looked up to, but now their identity has covered so many people at once, like a dream, so that the old-fashioned feelings are endless. .

It is natural that Mu Yu let Qingsong Tao people do this. Mu Yu has always been grateful to find old people. Whether it is the maintenance of the school or the creation of the Soul Eater, he wants to return to the old. Looking for the whole life, I hope that I will be seen by the elders of a certain sect. I will become a follower of a certain sect of elders and step into the ranks of the comprehens. Nowadays, he has become the elder of the Qingsong, and it is really impermanent.

Qingsong Tao people naturally have no objection. Looking for the old man is also one of the people who know his details. He is also a dusty person. He can't refuse. Fortunately, before I was looking for the old, I was the deacon of the school. I was very diligent in doing things, and it was extremely reassuring to give him the wedding ceremony.

Both Luo Wei and Lan Linger are very active. Since Lan Ling’s return, her whole person has been cheerful, and she is happy all day. For her, the two brothers who have been hanging for a few years have finally returned. And promise not to be separated from her, she does not mention how excited.

Someone is excited and someone is jealous.

Mu Yu did not go to the big brother to go to the cave room, he sat in a chair, staring at Lan Linger's back in a daze. Luo Wei has been holding the hand of Lan Linger, and Lan Linger has not let go. If the usual wood feather touched her, I was already taken to the horizon!

"I really want to marry the guy's hand!"

Mu Yu depressed the hand of Luo Wei, and he thought of the action of 108 kinds of Luo Luo in his mind. Although it could not be realized, it was still very refreshing.

"You are thinking again."Suddenly came over and scraped the nose of Mu Yu, said with a smile.

She just let the promise and Qing Mei step on the flying sword, the body lying in the air, the feet of the promised to the left, the feet of Qingmei to the right, kissing one by one, the posture is too beautiful, won a round of applause, She is not happy.

"I do not have."Mu Yu continued to draw, his eyes did not leave the hands of Lan Linger and Luo Wei.

"Mu Yu brother, I have been observing you for several days. Since you woke up, you have to eat Luo Wei. You are so jealous!"

Suddenly stood up and watched Cheng Yan and Qing Mei were asked to kiss another in the south. This action was too difficult and required them to form a heart shape in the air. Both of them were red-faced and strange. Everyone laughed.

"Where is the cockroach of Luo Luo, UU reading is clearly a glimpse."Mu Yu snarled angrily.

"The look you eat is so cute!"I just patted the hand.

Mu Yu rolled his eyes and didn't want to bother.

"Do you really want to make it clear to Linger?"Suddenly sitting next to the wooden feather, asked the chin.

"How to say? Or is your tree shouting Dafa? I have been beaten once, don't come to the second time. ”When Mu Yu actually believed in the simple tree of Dafa, he doubted whether his head was kicked.

"You like Linger sister, but Linger sister does not know! She doesn't know why she likes you? ”Said awkwardly.

Mu Yu felt that he was right, and he felt that something was wrong. But if she likes herself, she has already shown it! After Luo Wei came back, Lan Linger’s performance clearly made Mu Yu know that he could not occupy a place in Linger’s heart. Even if there is, he only exists with the younger brother who always likes to say the second brother’s bad words.

Mu Yu was still hurting alone, but suddenly she pulled Lan Linger over.

"Linger sister, Mu Yu has something to tell you."Suddenly, behind Lan Linger's eyebrows at the wood feathers, she gestured to Mu Yu to quickly tell the matter.

"What is it?"Lan Linger’s face was full of laughter, perhaps because of the relationship between the master and her marriage, her attitude was very friendly.

Mu Yu was a little confused. He was not ready to say anything. He just pulled her over. He squatted for a moment and smiled: "Linger, the master is married, have you ever thought about who to marry in the future?"

"Of course, the second brother! But it is still too early to say this. ”Lan Linger’s eyes consciously and unconsciously bowed to Luo Wei, who held the glass to the wine.


It was like a sword, piercing the heart of Mu Yu, and the blood dripped.

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