Chapter 13 Retesting

Late at night, the Moon hung alone in the air. Quietly around, only the screaming screams occasionally break the silence.

Mu Plume looked around, a lot of fairies stay here all night, tomorrow will leave. Now very late, many fairies must also have rested, there are also a few rooms in the light, he needs to be careful to ensure that they do not be found by the Fairy Division, he tried to choose the long way. For him, as long as there is a tree, turning a wall is not difficult.

In front of the faint voice of speech, Mu Yu dodged hid in a tree, he saw two of young people came from afar, the two men dressed in costumes seems to be the Gray disciple of the university undoubtedly.

"It’s too late to let us wait, it’s terrible!"A young man complained.

"There is no way, the status of the elder of Jiuhua School is not low, we still serve well, and it is good if we are happy to accept us as a follower."Another young man said with hope.

"The elder temper is weird. Yesterday, a brother accidentally spilled tea on him. He was shot by him. I heard that the brother has no possibility of repairing the sacred. His dantian has been damaged and his life has been damaged. I can only be a gray disciple."

When I thought about this, the person who spoke involuntarily snorted, saying that the companion was like a tiger, like the disciples at the bottom of the comprehension circle, they were a little careless, and the gray disciple wanted to go up in the realm of comprehension. It’s too hard to climb.

"You don't complain, the elders are mostly eccentric, we just have to make sure everything is in order, and the brother who waits for the elders to leave the gap is no wonder who."The other is still hopeful, and does not deplore the brother who is in trouble. Instead, the person does not serve to be taken for granted.

When the two of them gradually moved away, Mu Yu jumped from the tree. He looked at the backs of the two, and his heart was mixed. The gray disciple is the lowest level of existence in the realm of comprehension. It seems to be commonplace to be insulted or beaten. They don't even have any thoughts of rebellion.

However, if you think about it, they don’t have any way to resist. The immortal has extraordinary means. Where can the gray disciple resist? If you collide with an elder, even if you are killed by someone else, I am afraid I will ignore it.

The two gray disciples were over 16 years old. Apparently they all chose to stay, hoping to find a chance to be seen by a certain sect elder to join a certain sect. The obsession with Xiu Xian allows them to silently endure the ambassadors of the high-ranking immortals. For the illusory opportunity, they may be trapped in the school for a lifetime, but let them give up and seem unwilling to give up, so they live a life of fear every day.

Mu Yu clenched his fist and he did not want to be a gray disciple! I don't want to bow my knees all my life! He must find a way to leave the school. But so far he has no ability to change, the only thing that makes him feel good is to re-test his talent color. Whether you know it or not, at least prove that you are not worse than others.

There is no one on duty at night in the school, because no one dares to make trouble here. Here are some of the masters who use the means to go through the sky, unless they are impatient, they will come in. Mu Yu turned a yard and used the memory of the day to find a place to go to the test stone.

There is an iron gate in front, it has been locked, but there is a small tree by the wall. The wood feathers are integrated into the trees and climbed up the stone wall very lightly. Standing on the stone wall, he could barely see the stone that tested the talent during the day and was lying not far away. Mu Yu was a little afraid of heights. He didn't dare to jump. He could only grab the wall with his hands, and slowly leaned down, then loosened his hands, fell down, and fell heavily on the ground.

Mu Yu climbed up, took off the dust on his body, hid in the shadows and looked around, sure no one, and then crept to the stone.

The gray ugly stone, in the light of the moonlight, presents a strange faint color that looks a bit strange. It has been paid attention once a year.

After a whole year, it will be the ordinary stone here, and only the gray disciples will occasionally wipe it.

Mu Yu feels that such a baby should be collected. After all, this is a treasure used to screen the disciples' talents. If it is broken, it will not be good. But this stone is so big, it is twice as big as the wooden feather, and it is very troublesome to move it.

In fact, this stone needs to absorb the aura and essence between the heavens and the earth. Under the baptism of the sun and the moon, it is more able to maintain its spirituality. This is why those who do not take it away. Mu Yu simply did not understand some aspects of the cultivation of the real world. He grew up in the village and he would know this.

Mu Yu looked at the stone. This stone that determined his fate during the day, if he was not scrupulous during the day, should he give himself a higher level of talent? If you are also judged by the stone as cyan or green, then your own destiny should be different at the moment, maybe you will enter a good martial art, and will not fall to the point where no one wants.

But what is the use of the measurement?

Mu Yu suddenly hesitated, even if he measured his talent is blue? No one here saw it, and no one knew that even if he was testing, the stone would be useless. Because no one has proved that no one will specifically watch his talent identification results. If he runs to tell others that his true talent is not gray, I am afraid that no one will believe him, and he will only be a joke.

When I first tested in the village, the immortal teacher didn't pay special attention to it. The talent is definitely the same. Then why bother to take it?

However, due to the halfway of the day, the stone did not show the color at all, which made Mu Yu very unwilling. Sometimes things are like this. One thing can obviously be done better, but it is messed up because of some accidents. It is very uncomfortable to not use your true ability to be labeled as a misnomer.

Even if your talent is not enough to attract the attention of the immortal, at least there should be a red or orange reaction. He just wanted to understand all of this, and he didn't want to be a gray disciple, and he trampled on his life.

He calmed down his mood and then slowly placed his hand on the gray stone. He thought about it, no matter what color, as long as it is better than gray, then there is a bottom in his heart, and there will be no hope for the future.

When the hand touches the stone, the stone is not cold, but has a faint temperature. The familiar warm current was again uploaded from the stone, flowing through all the meridians of his body, and his body was once again taken away of control, but at the same time, his facial features became extremely sensitive. He saw the sleeping grass suddenly shaking the dew on the leaves, the branches and leaves shaking, and the roots growing. Mu Yu also noticed that the flower buds, which should have bloomed in the morning, trembled at this moment, and began to shake the petals, as if they were echoing the wood feathers, and began to open.

These feelings are no stranger to Mu Yu. He used to find that he would control the growth rate of plants, but he never dared to be too obvious, because the Yumeng Mozu also controlled the trees. He was afraid that others would notice. The same, so I dare not let the plants grow too obvious.

At this moment, his body is not under his control. The flowers and plants are also indulgently rhythm under his influence. UU reading leaves constantly appearing and growing out of time, all these wood feathers are not Law blocked.

The feeling of pleasure is uploaded from the surrounding plants, and the seeds buried in the ground once again happily rise, and the earth is seen at a speed of visible growth, and the world is clear. Mu Yu likes this feeling very much. Like the spring breeze, the earth rejuvenates, everything becomes vibrant, and the human spirit is shaken.

He felt the flow of certain currents in his veins, these currents were strange, and he had not previously found these currents in his body, and when the currents entered his body, they did not know whence they had come out, all over the body, leaping, full of vitality, and then drawn by the gray stones, Endless to the gray stone, endless, continuous.

After a while, the warmth of the gray stone gradually receded, and it seems that it has completed its mission and returned to the embrace of the stone. The surrounding flowers and plants also stopped growing, and everything returned to calm, the breeze swayed, the grass and sand swayed, echoing the screaming screams.

Surrounded by lively flowers and plants, each flower has already passed the knees, and even the fragrance of flowers hits, swaying in the night wind, refreshing. The fresh feeling is pervading around, and Mu Yu feels refreshed, as if he had been reborn.

"What color is it?"

Mu Yu closed his eyes. He didn't dare to open it all at once. He knew that the stone at the moment should show color. He had a hunch that this time would never be gray, would it be red or yellow? Mu Yu was a little nervous. He didn't even dare to imagine the color above yellow. He felt that if he had yellow, it was also a very good thing.

He slowly opened his eyes, the stone in front of him caught his eye, and then the wooden feathers widened his eyes.

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