Chapter 131 Parting

After a few days of delay, Mu Yu was still planning to leave, and Xiao Shuai also decided to follow Mu Yu. Regarding the origin of Xiaoshuai, Feng Haochen has never told Mu Yu, just let Mu Yu take a small handsome, Mu Yu is still an old hen that hatches eggs, he has been speculating that Xiao Shuai hatched it will not It is an ugly duckling.

However, although Xiaoshuai is stupid, sometimes it will give people unexpected surprises. Of course, when Mu Muyu’s head is not counted. It knows a lot of knowledge that wood feathers don't understand, and it doesn't know where it comes from, as if it were born.

The air and the wonderful two stayed, they were too naughty, except that Master did not care for them, and they were not willing to leave Master.

"You two have to listen to Master's words, understand?"

Mu Yu touched the heads of two sluts. These two little guys are not small now, and they can be cultivated in a few years. When they are guided by the teacher's father, they will save a lot of trouble. These two people are uneasy every day. In the past year, they have brought a newcomer, this geek, in the dusty mountains, and they have trouble with their dogs and dogs. They don’t know when they can understand things. In fact, Mu Yu is also worried that if they have repaired, will they dismantle the dusty mountain.

"I know, I can't be naughty, I can't make my master angry. This is what the master has said before, how can you say it again?"

The air snorted and complained in his mouth, but he still could not bear it. The brothers and sisters who grew up together have all left, and after the fall of the mountain, there are really only two of them left. When they are tired and rested, they will disturb other people's cultivation. Now everyone is not there. I don't know who to meditate in the future.

"You are bored after you leave."

Miao Miao also muttered her mouth, she took the stunned hand and did not let go. In the past year, Lan Ling was not there, she was entangled in stunned, the two had a great time. There are always a variety of secret stories between girls and girls. Some things, the wonderful thing is not to talk to the air.

"You give me a honest point. If I hear that you have blown up the latrine or bombed a horse cell, I will definitely run back to clean up yours."

Mu Yu remembered that the air blasting of the latrines in the first few days came to the air. The horrible scene still makes the wooden feathers vomit, and the things in the latrines are scattered everywhere. Suddenly ran over and looked at it, and immediately ran back with his mouth to let Mu Yu go to clean up.

Mu Yu will not forget the process of cleaning the latrine. After he finished, he simply wanted to swear, and his body was chased by flies for several days, letting him lick his stomach.

"Fried horse honeycomb? We have never done this before! ”The empty eyes lit up. He didn't care about Muyu's feelings. Instead, he found a fun idea from Mu Yu's words. In his mind, he thought of a black horse's nest in a grass in the back hill, ready to fight the black horse.

"This is a good idea, thank you brother, we will try it."Miao Miao and the empty air looked at each other, and the face could not conceal the excitement. They had already thought about how to deal with the dark horse peaks in their small heads, and they were ready to practice.

"Hey, this is not a joke."

Mu Yu rolled his eyes and quickly grabbed the collars of both of them. Once he was confused and deceived by two tricksters to the Hummer Cell. At that time, he had nothing to repair, and was called a miserable by the wasp! Fortunately, he got into the trees and removed the red envelope on his face, so that he would not cry and cry.

"Wind uncle, you have to take care of yourself, I have thrown away the broken clothes, I have bought you a few new sets, and I also wear a few spirits. I bought a few pairs of boots. I have greeted the Qingsong people. He will send people to bring you clothes and boots every time, and they all know the size. I have removed the grass from the vegetable garden. I personally pulled it out and didn't use it. An Shu cooking does not grow, and I will let the old cook cook in the future, you should not do it…"As a few words, Jane said.

Feng Haochen nodded and smiled at the side, not interrupted, and patiently listened to the embarrassing embarrassment.

Mu Yu did not interrupt, he quietly waited for the words to finish, and then said: "An uncle, looking for the old, take care of Master. Master, we are gone. ”

"Be careful."An Shu is still expressionless.

"Do not worry, I will take care of the head of the adult."

Looking for the old man sighed, Mu Yu was his savior, and he also had a decent identity and became the elder of the Pines. Although this elder has no real power, but his status is also very high, the self-cultivators who did not look for the old face looked like the last time in the Qingsong faction to find the old, even the heads of other sects did not dare to neglect him.

Thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi, looking for the old to be a gray disciple of a lifetime, watching the self-cultivator's face singularly alive, now can finally raise his head and look up, all this is Mu Yu gave him, he knows himself How to return the wood feathers.

Feng Haochen took a shot of Mu Yu and took care of the collar of Mu Yu. He said: "Remember, don't be confused by the power in your heart. The comprehension outside the Mou Mountain Range is even more cruel and more extensive, and it is enough to do things right. ”

Mu Yu nodded and passed a touch of sadness in his heart. He clenched his fists, and he must do something in some things. Although those things are too difficult for him, they have to try. The true God of selfless devotion will face death, how can Mu Yu make the trivial guards of all the initiators go unpunished?

Feng Haochen turned his head and patted his shoulders. His eyes flashed a bit of color. He seemed to want to say something, but hesitated. He smiled for a long time and said: "Be careful. That letter will be given to your master. ”

Feng Haochen asked her to give a letter to Miaoyu, and she collected the letter very carefully, for fear of losing her letter.

"Can I hold you? Wind uncle? After I go back, I will tell Master, I have embraced the real god sword shadow dust, and even my master will marry me later! ”

Suddenly smiled, her smile was not as pure as ever, and she smiled very stubbornly. She tried her best to hide her innermost heart. The person in front of her eyes was her father, but she was slow to refuse to call.

Her jealousy is the true God of the Triple Continent, the hero of the entire Terran, which is enough for her. She has been with her for more than a year. Although she has not called for export, what does it mean to have a relationship?

Feng Haochen opened his arms and held it into his arms.

The father and daughter who did not dare to recognize each other, the heart of the heart has been shaking, her eyes are red, and she has been restraining her own tears. If she can, she really wants to hold her own forever.

In the dusty clothes, she didn’t throw it away. She put them all neatly and placed them in her sleeves. She didn’t know why she was doing this, maybe for her own mother, maybe It is for yourself. She likes to dress very simple, those are the clothes she has worn for a long time, and some places are her hands-on sewing, maybe in the future when I miss my own, I can take a look.

Suddenly grabbed the wind and dust, and then secretly wiped away the tears in the corner of his eyes, pretending to be nothing, and then vacated with Mu Yu, they recruited and slowly left.

"Take care, Master."

Mu Yu sat down on the flying sword. He looked at the falling dust mountain and gradually disappeared, and finally disappeared on the vast land. He set foot on the road of cultivation here, and he grew up here to this day, but now he has to leave.

He knows that it may take a long time for him to come back, or he may never come back. The future is awkward. He wants to keep Master's life and to save the lives of millions of people in the Moyun Mountains. Finding the Mie Palace and finding the Guardian, these things have a long way to go, and he doesn't know if he can do those things.

Feng Haochen held his hand and looked at the back of the two people. The desolateness in his eyes could not be dissipated. He sighed heavily and his face was awkward.

"Hey, you still haven't made up your mind to tell me about it."An Shudao.

The wind on the mountainside blows the wind and dusty clothes. His figure looks so thin and reveals a vicissitude, but it is still difficult to conceal his stubbornness. He made sacrifices for the Terran, but did not get the rewards he deserved, and fate wrote unfairness on him.

He shook his head and said: "It looks like a singer and a slang, it is carved out of a mold. How can this girl get me?" This girl has been here for a year, this year is fifteen years old, except for the pregnancy in October, almost 16 years, the calculation time is in line. One night sixteen years ago, I did something wrong. If it wasn’t for this gimmick, where would I think that the language would be unexpectedly pregnant? After so many years, the children have grown so big. ”

Feng Haochen knows that he already knows! At the moment he saw it, he almost knew it. How can he admit his mistakes? Suddenly and Miao language are too similar, he can even see his own shadow from the stunned body! The blood is thicker than the water, and Rao is the wind and dust, and the heart is also surging.

But he did not say it because he did not know how to face his daughter.

He is a hero of the Terran, but he is not a good husband, nor a good father. He became the true God of the world, but he was not good at his most basic role.

"She has been so good to you this year, I am afraid she knows you are her father?"In fact, looking for the old man has already seen this thing, UU reading but they all choose to be silent. He and An Shu are both outsiders. If the wind and the dust choose to disapprove, they have no reason to say anything.

The wind on the mountainside was even more violent, blowing the corners of the wind and dust, making his white hair a little messy. This true god, once a storm, trapped the entire Yumeng Mozu with one person, and the family continued. It is so lonely now, as if the residual candle swaying in the wind is likely to go out at any time.

"Know it, don't know, I can't give her the best, I won't break her life." The time of getting along with this year also made me satisfied. I am right with her, and for her mother, I am worried that I will say, I can not convince myself to stay here. But I have to stay here. I can't leave the Mouyun Mountain Range. I have to do it myself. I have to protect the people here. If she does not want to leave, then I am not hurting her? She hasn’t come to her father for so many years, and I will not be my father in the future! ”

For the peace of the Terran, he paid a lifelong cultivation, separated from his lover, did not dare to recognize his daughter, but suffered the abandonment of the Triple Palace. However, the villain is still in charge of the entire realm of comprehension, and he is the boss behind the scenes with peace of mind, but the real hero has long been late, and even the ghost gates dare to put his mind on his head.

Feng Hao smiled bitterly and turned and walked toward the mountain. He knows that he is escaping, but he has no choice but to recognize it. Can you be together if you recognize each other? I realized that I could only push my daughter away again. He has already hurt his daughter once, and once he recognizes it, he will hurt another time. Instead of doing this, it is better to be stupid with each other.

The father and the daughter are not willing to break through the barrier and are not willing to disturb the other party, and they remain in a subtle state. Whether it is the wind uncle or the hoe, they know enough in their hearts.

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