Chapter 135 Choking City

This city is known as the LAN-rest town, the cities, such as a sleeping tiger general, quiet and majestic. Calm is right, the Sanchong mainland does see the statue of the True God Sword shadow wind everywhere.

There is a huge statue on the top of the city tower of the suffocating city. It is a handsome man with a handsome spirit. He looks light and gentle, and he has a flying sword on his feet. He stands on his hands and looks like a god. He looks far away and makes people feel awed. .

Mu Plume was surprised to find that the man's appearance was his master's youth.

"Master is so handsome when he is young. It is no wonder that people who have the Red Dust Gate will be soaked."Mu Yu had a sense of closeness to the statue. You can see Master's statue in a foreign land, and that feeling is wonderful.

This city is very large, living with a variety of comprehensions, when Mu Yu saw these people's cultivation, he found a very shocking problem.

Most of the self-cultivators here are in the Golden Age!

In the Mouyun Mountain Range, it is generally a certain elder-level figure in the Jindan period. However, here, it seems that it is a true comprehension in the Jindan period. Everyone in the Mouyun Mountain Range who can cultivate to the Jindan period is not a year of sorrow, white hair is green, and the youngest is almost half a hundred, but there are geniuses like Bailang and Ju Wenxing everywhere. In the twenties, Jin Yu’s nine-day-old days, Mu Yu also saw several, not to mention the two people who claimed to be from the Dihuangmen.

Because of the imprisonment of Xianji, the Mohe Mountain Range has been greatly restricted. This is the triple continent. The aura is several times that of the Mouyun Mountain Range. It is not unacceptable for the cultivation speed to be fast.

With the age of Mu Yu, this kind of cultivation is actually much stronger than many people in the triple continent. However, Mu Yu knows that his current strength does not show off the capital, so he did not show his true cultivation.

He was holding a girl into the city in a negligent manner, attracting the attention of many people, and everyone looked at him strangely. Mu Yu didn't care about their gaze, found an inn, opened a room, and put it on the bed.

"Hurry and wash."Mu Yu called the buddy to play a bucket of water, and then thrown the handsome boy into the bucket with a look of disappointment. It now still has a burnt smell on his body.

Xiaoshuai stirred up in the bucket and made a splash of water. When Mu Yu was too lazy to pay attention to it, he stayed with him and looked depressed and stared at the sleepy look.

"When my sister is fine, she just can't bear the pressure of the transmission array and will wake up."The little handsome "哗啦" slammed out of the water, the body shocked, all the water drops were smashed, and it slowly fell on the stunned body.

"Hey? How did you turn white? ”Mu Yu looked at Xiaoshuai with amazement.

This is a very cute creature, full body furry, rounded head, two ears pulled aside, a pair of blue jewel-like eyes, pink and tender nose. The whole looks like a delicate kitten, but its tail is fluffy like a squirrel, and the short limbs are grabbed and grabbed.

"You are not an ugly duckling!"Mu Yu was somewhat disappointed. Xiao Shuai took a shower and just judged two beasts. It was really bad.

"I said that I was because the handsome was thunder."Xiaoshuai proudly licked his tail, and then it suddenly screamed twice, saying: "I am hungry."

"What are you hungry? You haven't seen anything you eat before when you were an egg! ”Mu Yu said with no anger.

"I don't care. I used to watch when you were eating. Now I have to eat too. I want to eat roast chicken legs!"Xiaoshuai is holding a big tail.

Needless to say, Xiao Shuai is mixed with the air and the sky, and the food is sure to see a lot. He felt a little regretful. If Xiaoshuai broke the shell early, he could also let him taste the cooking of An Shu, and guarantee the idea that Xiaoshuai had a hunger strike. He touched his stomach and thought that he was hungry too. He should have nothing to do here, and he picked up Xiaoshuai and went downstairs.

Mu Yu found a place by the window, and greeted Xiao Er with a large roast leg.

Finally, I ordered a lot of chicken legs. He is not a poor man now. Before the wind and dust, he gave him a lot of Lingshi. He felt that there were at least tens of thousands of people. He was so beautiful that he became a rich man. Splurge.

If the true God of the Three Continents cannot produce hundreds of thousands of Lingshi, it is really impossible to say that Mu Yu has been a poor child for so long. He suddenly realized that he is a hidden rich second generation, and occasionally has to be extravagant.

"No wonder you like to eat so much, it turned out to be so delicious."Xiaoshuai unscrupulously stuffed the chicken legs into his mouth. I really don’t understand how the small mouth is stuffed into such a big chicken leg. It is holding a chicken leg and it’s a bit of a break. The chicken bones are sprinkled. A full table.

"Hold a little."

Mu Yu tried to clip the chicken legs with chopsticks and prepare to taste the chicken legs gracefully. He is now a rich second generation, how can he be as ugly as Xiao Shuai? However, the weight of the chicken legs was too heavy, and the clips could not be clipped for a few times. Finally, the chopsticks were thrown away in a disappointing manner, and they were directly grabbed and eaten. If he is rich in the second generation and poor second generation, fill his stomach and say.

The two comprehensions of the next table are talking about Dan's test. Mu Yu is idle and has nothing to do. He listens to the chicken legs and listens to it. It is very important to come to an unfamiliar place to inquire about the situation.

After listening to it for a while, Mu Yu finally understood a general idea. He went to the discussion of other tables and found that most of these comprehensions were discussing the so-called "Dan test". Dan tried to become a hot topic recently.

Mu Yu is no stranger to the medicinal herbs. Master has told them a lot about the magic remedy before, but he did not tell Mu Yu how to make alchemy. Mu Yu only knows that the drug is divided from the first order. The higher the grade, the higher the preciousness of the drug.

The practitioners in the training period can refine the first-order medicinal herbs, and the self-cultivators in the base period can refine the second-order medicinal herbs, and so on. At the beginning, slaves were sixth-order remedies, which meant that people who were distracted could refine.

Low-order medicinal herbs are basically worthless. The realm of comprehension is full of second-order third-order medicinal herbs. Only those who can refine the fourth-order medicinal herbs are the real alchemists. However, it does not mean that it can become a fourth-order alchemy teacher when it is in the Yuan Ying period. Whether it can become a qualified alchemy teacher requires many factors, and it needs to be assessed by Dan Ding.

Dan Ding sent Mu Yu is not the first time I heard that Dan Ding is the status of the triple continent and its lofty martial art. This martial art specializes in cultivating alchemists. Others who want to become an alchemists who are recognized by the real world must first be recognized by the Dan Ding.

The Dan Ding School's method of recognizing the alchemy is to hold a Dan test every year. Those who pass the Dan test will be awarded the title of alchemy by Dan Ding and become a true alchemy teacher. The location of the Dan test is not fixed. This year happened to be in the city of Suffocating.

Mu Yu did not know how the Dan test was held, nor did he know how the medicinal herbs were refining. He heard that the Dan test was held a few days later, so he also came to interest. Feng Haochen did not teach them how to refine the medicinal herbs. He only said that Mu Yu and others are not suitable for alchemy, but Mu Yu still wants to see it.

The status of the alchemy teacher is very noble in the realm of cultivation, and many medicinal herbs have magical effects. It is reported that some medicinal herbs can even bring people back to life. The kind of medicinal herbs are too ridiculous. Basically, they are rare in the realm of cultivation. Even if they are, they will only be cultivated as masters of the sky, and will never come out.

As for Yanshoudan, it is a fifth-order medicinal herb, which is quite precious, but it is not so rare. It will weaken the use of such a thing, and it will bring many side effects to itself, but it will not give much to Shouyuan. People use.

"The shopkeeper, come to three superior rooms!"An old-fashioned sound, three people walked into the inn, and many people put their gaze on them, and whispered.

"Oh!"The shopkeeper rushed up.

Three people stood in front of the counter, and they spoke out a cold-faced youth, dressed in a white robe with black moirΓ© on the back and a Danding pattern on the chest.

Behind him, there is a crane-faced old man dressed in a purple coat. His clothes are set with gold rims, extremely noble, and his chest also has a pattern of Dan Ding. The old man was carrying a blue crutches with a medicine gourd hanging on his face.

There is a teenager standing next to him. The age of the boy is almost the same as that of Mu Yu. He looks lazy and looks like a slinger, but he is also in Jindan. His clothes, like the cold-faced man, are also black and white robes, but the black and white robes are always strange to him.

These three people are naturally an alchemy master. Alchemists generally have a unified alchemy costume, which is used to demonstrate identity. The alchemy suit is generally white, with a Tai Chi texture or a Danding pattern on the chest, black edges on the edges of the clothes, and black clouds on the clothes. Many alchemists who came to participate in the Dan test were wearing alchemy suits. As for the old purple man, the identity seems very unusual.

β€œIsn't this a Dan Ding medicine master of medicine?”

"I heard that this Dan test was presided over by the famous fifth-grade master of alchemy master medicine."

"Master of medicine? God! Actually he? ”

"How could he appear here?"

"This master of the drug is said to have produced a fifth-order remedy in the same period of the Yuan Ying period. UU reading is famous!"

"Yes! The spiritual power required for the fifth-order medicinal herbs is not something that a person in the Yuan Ying period can have. It is unbelievable! ”

"He is now rehabilitated and has reached the expiration date. It is a veritable fifth-order alchemy teacher…"


The guests who started eating began to whisper, and someone recognized the identity of the old man and quickly discussed with his companions. The Danding people are all from the alchemy. Their identity and status are very honorable on the triple continent. Many alchemists from the Dan Ding School go out and are admired by thousands of people.

"Live the air, build the foundation, Jin Dan, Yuan Ying, go out…"

Mu Yu licks his fingers and counts the fifth-order alchemy teacher. This means that this master of medicine has a period of repair. Mu Yu was shocked. The Yuan Ying period was enough for him to worry about his brain. How can he come directly to a repairer? This triple continent is really a talented person.

"Not just alchemy! I made it into a ball, and I saw it at a glance. ”The little handsome mouth slammed and the chicken bones fell on the plate without any mistakes.

The chicken bones that Xiaoshuai spit out can fill at least one small bucket. Fortunately, now that Mu Yu is not short of money, it is not enough to feed such a snack.

"ball? good to eat? ”Mu Yu thought for a moment. "I have only seen slaves and Yanshoudan. I haven't eaten the drug. I don't know how it tastes?"

Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai, the two bandits who have never seen the world, only know that the medicinal herbs are round, can eat, and have some powerful effects. Others don’t know anything. If you let others know that they compare precious medicinal herbs to meatballs, I really don't know what to think!

"This friend, have you finished eating? Can you make a seat? ”

When Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai were thinking about the taste of the medicinal herbs, the old-fashioned sound rang in their ears.

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