Chapter 142 Dan Test

Three days later, Mu Yu also helped the master of the medicine to remove the wood residue, which solved his problem of shortness of breath and chest tightness for many years. The master of medicine has been very grateful to Mu Yu, and he has made the comrade Xiaohua particularly depressed, because he has always looked down on Mu Yu, but now he is not too obvious in front of his master, otherwise it will be approved.

"Small flowers, today Dan tries to cheer!"Mu Yu patted the shoulders of Yan Hua and shouted like an elder. Yan Hua’s expression quickly condensed out of the water. If the master of medicine told him to be kind to Mu Yu, he had already slapped it.

"I have already passed the fourth-order Dan test."Yan Hua said coldly.

"That's a shame. I can't see the comrades of Xiaohua show their talents."Mu Yu shook his head.

"Humph!"Yan Hua was too lazy to leave with Mu Yu and left.

Lazily came over and said: "Brother, my brother is very proud, but his alchemy talent is really high, don't underestimate him."

Of course, Mu Yu will not underestimate the comrade of Xiaohua. The apprentice of the master of medicine will be the way of the road. There must be two things. The wood feathers can’t be used by the comrades of Xiaohua.

"The brothers and sisters, Dan will start, you are not ready!"Suddenly came over, she has recovered to the past few days, and changed back to the simple and lively girl.

The martyr said: "This kind of Dan test is a waste of my time. It is better to have a good sleep at this time."

The dying spirit will already refine the fourth-order medicinal herbs. The fourth-order medicinal herbs he refines are better than the average fourth-order chemist. He always feels that there are too many things to evaluate, and his ability is to be certified by others. What?

But this world is often like this. There are always people who like to set some standards. If you pass the assessment, others will agree with your ability.

"Don't complain, let's go! I have not seen how the alchemy master refining the remedy! ”Mu Yu grabbed the tail of Xiao Shuai, who was sleeping, and hung it like a hanging sausage on his shoulder. Then he went downstairs with both of them and walked toward the place where Dan tried.

The Dan test was held in the central square of the Chok City, where it is a special venue for large-scale events. At this moment, the compartment is divided into a thousand people, each compartment has only one table, and nothing else. The number of people onlookers is innumerable. They are basically self-cultivators, and only a small number of mortals who join in the fun.

The practitioners are not allowed to fly here, otherwise they will be driven out by the law enforcement team in the city, so most people choose to stand on the roof and watch the field of vision. There are also some shops that build a viewing platform on the roof of their own building.

According to the master of medicine, the qualifications of the fourth-order alchemists are very strict. The estimated number of people who can truly qualify is less than one hundred. The conditions for becoming an alchemy are too harsh. However, the identity of the fourth-order alchemy teacher is quite honorable. It is also good to know a few of them.

There are many people who specialize in recruiting alchemists for the sects. As long as a person who has not been sent to the ranks becomes a fourth-order alchemy teacher, many people will immediately embrace them and recruit them into their own martial art under attractive conditions. If a sect has an alchemy teacher, the improvement of the strength of the disciples under the door is very significant. Many people do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to find a suitable viewing platform to find potential alchemists.

It can be said that the Dan test is an opportunity for every alchemist to fly into the sky. If they can become a fourth-order alchemy teacher, then they will embark on a different path after their life, becoming a certain martial art or family alchemist. The status is very high.

The people who participated in the assessment have already entered their own compartments. They are sitting on the table and adjusting their interest to prepare the fourth-order medicinal herbs in the best condition. Mu Yu and Su Ran looked for a relatively good position, mainly to be able to see the glory, and at this moment, the lie is lying on the table and sleep, making people quite speechless.

The method of assessment is very simple. The examiner will give each person a random name for the drug. The participants must refine it within the prescribed time.

The fifth-order alchemy teacher determines whether he is eligible for the certificate by virtue of the drug identification of the drug. The ingredients of this remedy have to be prepared by themselves, so people who are not prepared may also lose their eligibility for examination.

The Dan test was presided over by the master of medicine. The master of medicine was very high in the status of Dan Ding, and his appearance also represented the authority of Dan test. There are five other fifth-order alchemists who are with him as judges. They are not from the Dan Ding.

The same is true for the fifth-order alchemy division. There are many kinds of medicinal herbs. It is not that becoming a fifth-order alchemist means that you can refine all the fifth-order remedies. Each of the alchemy divisions has several representative medicinal herbs. As long as they are refining these kinds, it is an introduction, but the success rate of many rare medicinal refining is quite low, even if the master of medicine has failed in refining.

Although the alchemy techniques of the five alchemists are as superb as those of the masters of medicine, they are also well-known in the realm of cultivation, and no one dares to take a nap.

"The middle-aged man next to Mr. Yao is the alchemist from the Dihuangmen, Shuyang. He used to be the outside disciple of Mr. Yao. Like me, now everyone can be equal to Mr. Yao."Calm to Mu Yu about the alchemists, "Of course, is an equal or a point, the drug is now only to fix the problem, he has been able to refine the six-order Dan Medicine, but every time after refining the six-order Dan Medicine, he will be weak for several months, because the six-order Dan Medicine cost of the spirit is too large, Not an out-of-body period to be able to withstand. ”

Mu Yu heard the Dihuangmen, and the Dihuangmen was one of the eight pillars of the realm. When he first came to the Three Continents, he met a man and a woman at the Dihuangmen.

“Dihuangmen heard that I like to tame a monster?”Mu Yu Road.

Suddenly nodded: "The Emperor's Gate is the control of the Wicked Beast. The beast that is tamed by humans is called the Spiritual Beast. The Emperor's Gate can control its own beast to fight against others and has a strong fighting power. The fifth-order alchemy teacher, Shu Yang, is specialized in refining the beast, and the beast is used to improve the combat power of the beast. ”

It turns out that the alchemy master can not only refine the medicinal herbs that people take, but also refine the things that are specially used for the beasts.

Suddenly pointed to the yin old man on the right hand side of the medicine master, said: "That is the fifth-order alchemy teacher of the Star Gate, named Tian Hate. The sect of the Star Gate is too arrogant, I don't like it very much, especially the little doorkeeper of the Star Gate. The Tianyun always likes to move hands on me. The guy is here today. It is there, he seems to be playing. Joanna of Yaomen…"

Mu Yu looked in the direction of the stunned direction, where a pretty young boy was talking to a girl in yellow. The girl from Yaomen is the proud woman of Yaomen, and she is also in Jindan. She was glaring at the sky with a sullen anger, and she slammed it straight away, and Tianyun quickly ducked.

Suddenly turned his head and sneered at Mu Yu: "Ruo Anna is a very talented person in Yaomen. Yaomen, like our Red Dust Gate, only accept female disciples. Her temper is very straight, and Tianyun will only be boring. ”

"Oh, my sister, have you been missing for a year and actually appeared here?" I was really anxious to die this year, I did not expect you to talk about me! I am so touched! ”As soon as I finished, one hand put a stunned shoulder from the back, and suddenly opened the hand, looking at the boy in front of me, the expression was like stepping on the shackles. Tianyun did not sing to the soft Anna, turned and saw the disappearance of the red dust door and the re-emergence of the saint, and suddenly came over again.

"Tianyun, don't bother with your hands, don't bother!"It’s really a narrow road, and when I just said this guy, this guy is here.

Many comprehensmen next to me suddenly exclaimed. Listening to Tianyun’s words, this woman is the missing woman of the Red Dust Gate?

"Sudden sister, I haven't seen you for a long time! Do you miss me? ”Tianyun is a young man with a pale face. His age is similar to that of Mu Yu. He is a very handsome person in Jindan. He is very handsome, but his eyes are always staring at the chest. .

"Are you looking for death?"Suddenly cultivated in the Yuan Ying period, if not the other is the identity of the small door of the Star Gate, she really wants to shoot this guy.

"Oh, stunned, you see, you are the holy lady of the Red Dust Gate. I am the future gatekeeper of the Star Gate. We are right at home!"Although Tianyun is the owner of the Star Gate, his talent is not as good as it is. In fact, there are too few talents.

"Hey, you give me a point, and you have to move your hands and feet."The wooden feathers are in front of you. It’s just because the identity of the other person doesn’t want to do this guy, but Mu Yu can care no matter what he is, the window owner. It is a daughter of her own master, and she is also her own sister. He will not be allowed to be bullied.

"who are you? Dare to take care of my business? ”Tianyun narrowed his eyes and looked at the wood feathers up and down.

"You don't care if you love it. I can't allow it to move hands and feet."Mu Yu frowned.

"Mu Yu brother, ignore him, let's go!"

Mu Yu may not know the character of this guy, UU reading she is very clear. Tianyun is the owner of the Star Gate. No matter his identity or status, he is extremely noble. No one wants to provoke this guy. If you have a background, you will be annoyed by this guy. If you don’t get a background, this guy will be killed by him. He is a Jindanian, how can his father be willing to let him run around? There are naturally followers around.

"go? I don't think so. ”Sure enough, a middle-aged man in the Yuan Ying period stopped their way. Tianyun sneered and said: "Where do you know where the high-heavy kid is going to take care of this grandfather's business, don't go out today if you don't make it clear."

Mu Yu smiled and said: "What? In Dan, here, do you dare to do it to me? ”

Dan tried to defend the defense, and there were patrols flying around from time to time. They were only allowed to fly here. Each patrolman had a level of Yuan Ying, specializing in dealing with restless comprehensions.

At the moment, their movements have attracted the attention of many people. The patrols of the Yuan Ying period have already noticed this.

"Kid, wait!"

Even if the Tianyun Gate is a small doorkeeper, it will not be stupid to start here. Dan’s test is not his family’s opening. It’s the Danding’s business. The Danding party’s people don’t care if he’s the star of the door. Even if he doesn't know how to treat him, he will be taken out of the city.

"Mu Yu brother, you shouldn't provoke him. He must report this, and he will definitely not give up."Looking worriedly, Tianyun left here.

Mu Yu spread his hand and said: "What can I do?" Can you let him be teased by him? My master knows if I want to interrupt my leg? ”

Mu Yu was joking, but she gave a sigh of relief, and she remembered the father who did not dare to recognize, and my heart was not a taste. Mu Yu touched her head and said: "Don't think too much, Dan tries to start."

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