The 143th Chapter Dan tries the different change

"This time is the fourth-order Dan test. The assessment time is five hours. The materials are self-prepared. The medicinal herbs must be refining on the spot, not for the test. The malpractices are disqualified from this assessment.

Must test Dan Medicine: four-order hidden gas Dan, four-order explosive Dan, four-order speed also Dan, four-step Yuan Dan. This is the medicinal herb that must be mastered by the fourth-order alchemy teacher. It is also the best medicine that can reflect the level of the fourth-order alchemy teacher.

The choice of test medicinal herbs is: fourth-order glacial Dan, fourth-order re-return to Dan, fourth-order Qingxin Ningqidan, fourth-order cologne Liushendan. Choose the four choices of the drug, you can meet the requirements.

Everyone has to play their own alchemy technology. During the alchemy process, we have someone to evaluate everyone's alchemy techniques and herbal screening. Don't show off your cleverness in front of the examiner, remember! Is the medicinal medicine refining on the spot, we can distinguish it! ”

The master of medicine began to announce the examination plan and the examination rules of the Dan test aloud, and also emphasized the seriousness of the Dan test. There have been many people who would buy the medicinal herbs that Dan tried to check at a high price, and then used them as a refining medicinal herb. They tried to get away with it and obtained the qualification of the alchemy teacher, but without exception, they were all seen by the examiner.

Dan tried the rules are already clear, the Master of Medicine is simply to say two words, then the hands of a wave, countless yellow paper fell in each of the small compartments, this paper named Dan Paper, dedicated to the use of Dan, above is the content of the assessment, refining Dan drug types and quantity, the eligibility criteria are written clearly.

Some alchemists took Dan Paper and glanced at the above contents. They suddenly showed a happy color. Obviously, they were prepared to be more adequate, and they were sure of the several drugs that needed refining. Some alchemists are frowning and have noticed some problems. Those who participated in the fourth-grade alchemy examination were those who were trained in the Yuan Ying period. Think of a person in the Yuan Ying period who can make a rain in the Mo Yun Mountain Range. There are no fewer than a thousand people here. It really makes people feel so sad. !

I am afraid that only Dan can only see so many Yuan Ying period gathered together.

This kind of calculation is a different kind of class. It is estimated that the whole audience will participate in the assessment of the fourth-order alchemy teacher in the identity of Jindan period, which has attracted the attention of many people. After all, he is the apprentice of the famous master of medicine, Mr. Lao, and it is not too surprising and admirable to be able to appear here. This son was trained as a fourth-order alchemy teacher in the Jindan period, and the future is definitely not under the master of medicine.

Lazy and glanced at Dan paper, a listless look. He slowly took out a purple Dan Ding, placed it on the table, and waved another hand, and there were many kinds of herbs on the table. For him, the biggest advantage is that there is no shortage of medicinal materials. Then, Dan Ding has already made a bright flame.

The thing used to make a flame is called Dan Flint, which produces a flame as long as it is input. The degree of the flame depends on the size of the spiritual power, because in order to successfully refine a medicinal herb, the grasp of spiritual power must be skilled and not bad. Once the flame is too big or too small, it is impossible to refine the medicines that should be in place. Different herbs have different requirements for flames. This requires the alchemists to control themselves.

The insider looks at the doorway and the layman joins in the fun. Mu Yu doesn't know how to refine the potency of the herbs. How to grasp them can help the herbs to the fullest extent, but he doesn't like the things he deals with, so his lack of equipment with the alchemy is already nailed. .

Everyone's Dan Ding is not the same, Dan Ding also has good and bad points, good refining Dan Ding can achieve twice the result with half the effort, to maintain the medicinal properties of the herbs without loss, so that the success rate of alchemy is higher.

The purple Ding Ding is definitely worth a lot. The Ding Ding used by the drug master's apprentice is definitely not the best. This Ding Ding actually guarantees the possibility of using the Jin Dan period to refine the fourth-order medicinal herbs. .

The alchemists who participated in the assessment were there to concentrate on controlling the flame in Danding, and then the various herbs began to be mixed together, and the order and the components could not be mistaken.

This is a fine work, very strict.

"Don't look at the brothers who are very lazy, his alchemy talent is very high."Both cumin and Mu Yu are staring at the glare.

At this moment, he is doing the subdivision work of the material. He does not need to use a special blade to divide the herbs. Just put the index finger and the middle finger together, and a sharp air blade is generated at the fingertips, and the excess roots or leaves of the herb can be removed. . The brown fruit is shattered into powder by the spirit, and the powder is scattered around, then a full green stem is taken, and the skin is broken and the juice is sprinkled.

The whole process of picking up alchemy has no direct contact with the medicinal materials. He relies on spiritual power. This requires a multi-purpose realm. This is a must for every qualified alchemist.

The whole Dan test was carried out in an orderly manner. The various alchemists were carefully operating their own Dan Ding's medicinal herbs, and the people around them consciously watched quietly, not dare to disturb this Dan test.


No one expected that a fire column suddenly rose to the sky. One of the participants did not seem to control the Dan Flint, causing a fire, and other participants around the scene were affected. It is reasonable to say that as an alchemy teacher, it is impossible to control the fire of Dan Flint. This thousand people are all third-level alchemists, and they are familiar with Dan Flint.

"what happened?"

The examiner quickly went over to investigate the situation. The participant's face was dark and lying on the ground, and the clothes on his body seemed to be scorched by the flames. Then the assisted personnel ran over to check the condition of the participant and looked serious. Many participants were forced to stop and did not understand what happened.

Everyone has been talking about it. It is very rare for the Dan test in previous years to rarely suffer from such a fire-damaged situation.

But suddenly there was a few more bursts, and the other participants’ tables exploded, and several others were blown up.

"Hey, I like the place to play with fire!"

A figure of a whole body bathing flame suddenly flashed out of the huge pillar of fire, and then several figures appeared from the fire.

"This……This is not the fire Yumeng Mozu! ”

Many people even saw the moment when the fire of Yumeng could not turn, because the Yumeng Mozu was trapped in the Mohe Mountain Range 100 years ago. Everyone knows that the Triple Continent has never seen Yumeng again. The trace of the Mozu. Many self-cultivators were not born a hundred years ago, and they have never seen what the Yumeng Mozu looks like, so this sudden burst of fire has scared many people.

"brush!"It was just a breathing effort. The Dan test site of more than a thousand people suddenly became a sea of ​​fire. Many self-cultivators did not even have time to react. The things that can be burned around them have been swallowed up by the fire!


I don't know who screamed in horror, then someone screamed, someone was shouting, and some of them didn't say that they ran straight out, and the scene suddenly became confused. Many self-cultivators stalked in the air, and even some people were hit by flying in the process of flying, falling into the sea of ​​fire, and the burning flame suddenly surrounded them.

"Use our flames to make alchemy, you humans are really interesting!"

Many of the alchemists' Dan Ding suddenly burst open, and dozens of Yumeng Mozu, who were full of steaming flames, burrowed from the raging fire, floating in midair, watching the chaotic scenes, many alchemists were ignited by these flames. I was wearing clothes and was extinguishing the fire in horror at the moment.

"Youmen Mozu? How can there be the Yumeng Mozu in the Triple World? ”

The master of medicine was shocked. He turned his palms, and a huge handprint was shot in the air by the fire of the Yumeng Mozu. The fire Yumeng Mozu was dodging, and was instantly shot and broken!

However, more fires of the Yumeng Mozu rushed out of the fire, screaming arrogantly, and reveling in the sea of ​​flames. The flames changed the image of their respective monsters and spread toward the house. Many people who were weakened were burned into black charcoal in an instant. Many self-cultivators and mortals shouted in horror in the fire. Become alive and smear.

No one had thought that the Yumeng Mozu, which had not been seen for a hundred years, actually appeared in the city of Choking!

The tribes of the Three Continents have not been invaded by the Yumeng Mozu for a hundred years. They don’t even know that the Yumeng Mozu has escaped from the Mouyun Mountain Range. There are also fewer guards against the Yumeng Mozu. Many people simply don’t know. How to deal with the Yumeng Mozu!

"The people below Yuan Ying gave me evacuation. The people above the Yuan Ying period listened to the order and jointly killed the Yumeng Mozu in the name of the Mie Palace!"

The master of the medicine’s majestic sound was half-empty. He waved his hand and a huge handprint turned to the fire of the Yumeng Mozu. His face was full of anger, and even he did not expect that there would be a fire. To disturb the Dan test.

The Yumeng Mozu has not appeared on the triple continent for decades. The people of the Three Continents know that all the Yumeng Mozus have fled into the Mouyun Mountain Range and were trapped by the Real God, but why Yumeng Mozu? And still try on Dan!

Several people in the squatting period appeared in the air, and they couldn't help but attack the Eumunds who had blazed the flames. Their shots were unreserved, and they used their own big killers from the beginning. At once, two Yumeng Mozus were beaten and destroyed, leaving only a few ignition stars to fall.

"Old man, come kill us!"

One of the fires, the Yumeng Mozu, screamed and screamed at the crowd. Those people are mortal, and their clothes in the crowd are on fire, screaming and crying loudly, and some people trying to use water to extinguish the fire, but where can I find so much water here?

"Let it burn! I like the taste of ash most. ”

The other fires of the Yumeng Mozu also understand that they are not the opponents of these human races. They have rushed to the crowd, and those who are out of the flood season will certainly not be able to start the people who run away. They rushed into the house next to them, and immediately the houses on the whole street were burning, the black smoke rolled, and the fire was shining.

The Jin Dan period's repairers trembled and fled their own magic weapons. The non-flying people screamed in the fire. Many people were lying on the ground, they were still black, and some people were rolling on the ground. UU reading attempts to destroy the flames of the body, and some people have already suffocated.

The fire Yumeng Mou stunned in the fire. For them, the flame is their toy, their nutrients, they can disappear into a flame and then appear in another flame. This is the most destructive fire of the Yumeng Mozu! Their appearance will bring huge disasters to human settlements!

At the moment when the fire Yumeng Mozu appeared, Mu Yu’s heart was happy, because it meant that the people of the Three Continents already knew the fact that the Yumeng Mozu escaped from the imprisoned imperial concubine, and they no longer need to go to the Sangong Palace. Prove what.

However, when he saw a few breaths, the fire Yumeng Mou turned a wealthy city into a hell on earth, and countless people were buried in the sea of ​​fire. He suddenly felt a little angry. This fire Yumeng demon dared to so brazenly slaughter humans!

Some of the Jindan and the base-building comprehensions failed to resist these flames and were swallowed up by the flames, not to mention the unarmed mortals!

"Mu Yu brother, go! leave here. ”I suddenly pushed a wooden feather.

"how about you?"Mu Yu asked.

"I am a Yuan Ying period repairer. Only the Yuan Ying period repairers can really deal with the Yumeng Mozu. Mr. Yao has called us in the name of the Triple Palace. We can't help but go!"Suddenly looked at Mu Yu anxiously, and then skyrocketed, and other Yuan Ying period repairers flew into the air.

Mu Yu didn't know what he could do. He saw the smashing of the injured arm in the Dan test. He quickly flew over and lifted the squad and ran out.

"Mad, crazy! How can the fire Yumeng Mozu appear here! ”He slammed his arm in one hand and left the place under the help of Mu Yu.

The Yumeng Mozu did not appear in the suffocating city without any warning, and the human beings in the suffocating city were caught off guard!

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