The 145th chapter is war again.


One of the wooden feathers has been stopped in front of the Muyoumeng, but he just landed, and suddenly there were countless grasses in the cracks on the ground. The wooden feathers of the toes were shocked, and the grasses were kicked off. The grass on the ground was firmly held in the hands by the wooden feathers, but now he did not dare to reveal the ability to control the wood, so he did not use the grass to counterattack.

The Muyou Mozu was deprived of control of the vegetation. He took a moment and quickly reacted. He turned and walked into a willow tree and jumped into a courtyard. Where Mu Yu was willing to let it go, immediately over the wall and entered the courtyard. However, the Muyou Mozu has already ran across the yard and turned over, and Mu Yu followed suit. At this time, many residents had left the house and gathered on the street, fearing that their houses were burned by the fire of the Yumeng Mozu, so Mu Yu went all the way and did not see a person.

When Mu Yu chased a courtyard, he could not see the trace of the Muyou Mozu. The toes of his toes have not stood still, and the stones in the ground suddenly surged, and they actually smashed toward the wood feathers! In the hands of Mu Yu, the shadows are swept out, and the swords are swaying in the air. More stones rushed over, and the dirt on the ground actually rolled up a sharp spur, and wanted to wear the wooden feathers.

"Tuyoumeng Mozu!"

Mu Yuโ€™s heart was in awe, he couldnโ€™t see clearly where the Tuyoumeng Mou was at the moment, but only the Tuyoumeng Mozu can control the stone, and now there are several flames rushing, and it seems that there is still Fire Yumeng Mozu. He was a little bit struggling to deal with these Yumeng Mozus alone. What is more helpless is that Mu Yu did not see where these Yumeng Mozus are located!

A sharp stone smashed on the wooden feather sword, a giant force came, and the sword in the hand of Mu Yu was a few inches away. At this time, the Muyou Mozu did not know where to drill, use it. The body is firmly entangled in the wood.

"Human, you are not human."

The Muyou Mozu whispered in the ear of Mu Yu, making the wood feathers a bit stunned. A stone crossed the arm of the wood feather, and the blood splashed out, and it was stained on the wooden Yumeng Mozu around his body. At this moment, Mu Yu's heart was moving, and an inexplicable feeling appeared in his mind. The structure of all aspects of his Muyou Mozu body entangled in his perception.

He was surprised to find that he could control the body of the Muyou Mozu!


The Muyou Mozu also stunned. He didn't know why he was controlled by the guy who looked like human beings and not humans. When he found out that his actions were hindered by Mu Yu, he had an inexplicable heart. Heart, from this human, he also found a breath that makes his soul feel tremble!

The ranks of the Yumeng Mozu are very strict, the blood is more noble, the stronger the power, the supreme Yumeng spirit can control his own people at random, and at this moment the blood of Mu Yu is contaminated by the Moyou Mozu. The kind of majesty from the blood suddenly makes the Muyou Mozu in front of you have no room for resistance!

Who is this human being? Why does he have the great atmosphere of the wood Eumundine?

The Muyou Mozu thought that it was the Lord Mengling who controlled him for a time, but he clearly saw a living human being. What is going on?

Mu Yu could not explain this situation, but he found that he could control the Muyou Mozu, and at this time more stones screamed sharply, his mind moved, and the wood Yumeng Mozu suddenly grew out. Strips of criss-crossings sweep all the stones away!

Mu Yu did not expect this to happen. The last time he played against the Mu Youmeng Mou, the ability to control the wood was not comparable to that of the Muyou Mozu, but this time it was rude to control the other party. Itโ€™s really amazing!

He didn't realize how noble his blood was!


The beautiful sound suddenly sounded, and suddenly there were a few sharp pops in the air, and the surrounding mud stones were all shot into powder. At the same time, a purple signal suddenly appeared in the air.

It has been shining for a long time.

"court death!"

The sound of the fire Yumeng Mozu sounded, and Mu Yu finally saw the fire of the Yumeng Mozu, and he quickly flew into the air. Mu Yu looked up and looked at it. It was a very beautiful woman. She held a guzheng in her hand and a long finger-playing room. From time to time, there was a blue sound blade that slammed into the fire of the Yumeng Mozu, and the blue light flashed. At the same time, the figure also flew up, intertwined with the fire Yumeng Mozu.

Mu Yu knows this woman. She is from Yaomen. She is called Joanna. Just now Tianyunโ€™s Tianyun harassed her, but it seems that she was running away from her. I donโ€™t understand why she appeared here.

"Come on! The human package is over! โ€

A Tuyoumeng demons from the room, he has seen more and more humans coming here, the fire Yumeng Mozu is no longer entangled with Joanna, the flames of the sky are rolled to Joanna, soft Anna fluttered and pushed away, and the fire Yumeng Mozu had already rushed into the room of the Tuyoumeng Mozu, and the Muyoumeng was still caught by Mu Yu.

"let me go!"The Muyou Mozu whispered.

"What are you doing here?"Mu Yu asked.

"Of course, to tell you, the war is starting again."Wood Yumeng Mozu said angrily.

"Is this also the meaning of the old tree? The old tree chief said that he does not like war. โ€Mu Yu frowned.

"Do you know the old tree? Our Muyou Mozu is also the Yumeng Mozu, and we can't stay out of it. โ€The Muyou Mozu sneered, "The triple continent has been occupied by humans for so long, and it is our turn to be the Yumeng Mozu."

"what happened?"

The master of medicine and the city owner saw that the purple signal had already rushed over. Their two faces were awe-inspiring, and they paid great attention to the fact that the Yumeng Mozu was still in the city. Seeing that Mu Yu was entangled in a wooden Yumeng Mozu, the master of medicine had already shot and went to the Muyou Mozu.

"Don't–" Mu Yu just wanted to stop, but unfortunately the master of medicine has already grabbed the wood Yumeng Mozu, Mu Yu can only pull out and leave the Muyou Mozu. The master of medicine masters rolled out the majestic spirits, and the Muyoumeng had not had time to react, and had been shattered into debris.

"They went into that room!"

Joanna rushed toward the room, and at this moment, a ray of light flashed through the room, and huge spiritual fluctuations swept through it. In a moment, Joanna flew out and just retreated to Mu Yu. Mu Yu subconsciously reached out and embraced Anna, the other's repair is also the Golden Age, similar to Mu Yu, but Mu Yu took a little bit of strength when she caught her.

"let me go!"Joanna said angrily.

"So murderous…"Mu Yu bowed his head, only to find that his hand seems to hug the place that should not be hugged, where soft, bulging, such as two small peaks. He blinked, a little embarrassed, and quickly released his hand. Joanna glanced at Mu Yu, looked angry, and looked at Mu Yuโ€™s eyes and braved a fire.

She is a noble god fairy sister of Yaomen, and she was attacked by a bastard who did not know where it came out!

However, the master of medicine and the city owner had already entered the room, and Mu Yu also pretended not to see the expression of Joanna, and she followed it.

The room was very bright and was shrouded in rotation, making people unable to open their eyes. After the light slowly dissipated, the sight in front of everyone made everyone wide open their eyes.

Mu Yu is the most surprised person!

Evergreen, Xuanhai Chen Bing, ancient spirits away from the fire, Tianwai ้™จ iron, Shen Yan frozen soil.

These five things make up a small transmission array. At this moment, the light is shining in the center of the room. The ground is engraved with the mysterious lines, which are so complicated that the wood feathers are shocked. This is awesome. To the triple continent of the Yumeng Mozu! Although it is much smaller than the five-line array method seen in the Mouyun Mountain Range, how does this array appear here?

"what is this?"

The city owner has not seen this transmission array, he looked at the formation in surprise, UU reading www. wants to see something from it, but unfortunately Rao is well-informed and he can't see why, he has not seen this before.

"This is probably the way the Yumeng Mozu enters the city."After a long time, Mu Yu said slowly.

Everyone's face changed greatly, they have never seen this transmission array, the master of medicine condensed: "Wu Yu, how do you know?"

"Because we just saw two Yumeng Mozus entering this room disappeared."Joanna opened the door.

"How did the Yumeng Mozu destroy the moat? How did you set up a transmission array here? You don't know this thing as a city owner? โ€The master of medicine yelled.

The city owner is flushed, and the Yumeng Mozu has not reappeared for decades. Where does he think that the Yumeng Mozu will appear for the first time in decades, and his city will become the primary target of the Yumeng Mozu?

"You two havetened to leave? Do you know that the repairers of the Golden Age are very dangerous to deal with the Yumeng Mozu? โ€The master of medicine looked at Mu Yu and didn't blame it. He just waved them and let them leave.

Mu Yu left the place without saying a word, and Joanna also followed.

Just as they had just turned a street, Joanna walked a few steps to Muyu, and then Guzheng appeared in her hands, gnashing her teeth: "You just did a rude thing to me, I will take your hand down. !"


Mu Yu is still thinking about the Umon Mozu's transmission. When he heard Joanna's words, he was also embarrassed. He thought about how this person couldn't understand this style. He just took a hand to catch her, so it was to help her. , not intentional, how so careful?

Wood Yu lazy to care for her, want to vacate, but the voice of Joanna has already turned to Mu Yu.

"Recumbent, come true? Have you made a mistake? โ€Mu Yu feels very innocent, is there a problem with this woman's brain?

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