Chapter 146, a miserable man

Mu Yu blocked the sound of the soft Anna, and retired a few feet. In the good style of a good man who did not fight with a woman, he did not fight back, just dodging. Xiaoshuai couldn’t stand it anymore, and he got out of Mu Yu’s arms and said, “Oh, isn’t that just touching her chest? I didn't say anything about my sister every day. Why are you so careful, I just pressed me into a patties. Mu Yu, you let her touch you too! ”

"I have no opinion."Mu Yu bowed his head and escaped a sound edge.


Joanna rushed over with anger, and the sound of the sky swept from all sides, wrapping the wood feathers. Mu Yu’s hand-shadowed sword was turned into four pieces, and he swam around the whole body, blocking all the sound edges.

This soft Anna looks really good. She is a disciple of Yaomen. She is quite beautiful. She usually dares to squat outside the door of the Star Gate. She always keeps herself clean. Who wants to be attracted by the Yumeng Mozu today? But was attacked by a young boy! If she can bear it, it is not the soft Anna of Yaomen.

"I really don't want to fight."Muyu's body shape turned, and a flash shadow fell on the side of Joanna, who took the guzheng in her hand and then jumped away.

"give me back!"Joanna was mad at her madness. Her disciple of Yaomen was not an opponent who did not know where to come. This was a big blow to her self-respect.

Just then, there was a gust of wind on the street, and then the rain fell on the sky, dancing with the wind, the petals formed a tornado in the wind, and a blue man stood at the top of the tornado. The man in blue is about twenty years old, and the long black hair is combed casually. The supple light makes many girls envious. The handsome face makes many girls dump it, and the slightly raised mouth is full of bohemian.

"I rely on! You play and sprinkle yourself, do you want to shame? ”Mu Yu looked at the guy who didn't know where it came from.

"The Taoist friend said this, I am here to set off the atmosphere."The blue man did not feel ashamed at all. He fell lightly on the ground and gave a gift to the soft Anna. "The girl, I saw you again. You see, I said we have a fate!"

"Who are you?"Mu Yu knows that the person is not good, the strength of the other party is in the Yuan Ying period. Seeing this feeling is still the pursuit of Joanna, and this is even more unfavorable.

"Ximen unfortunately, you come right, kill him for me, I will not pursue the past!"Joanna said with a grin, she did not show any joy in the appearance of the blue man. On the contrary, she was a little bored, but she couldn’t beat Mu Yu, and she wanted to use the blue man’s hand to deal with Mu Yu.

"Home is unfortunate? How do you take such a name? ”Mu Yu laughed out loud.

"This Taoist friend, my name is Ximen blowing snow. Everyone calls me Simon, so you can call me Ximen Shuai."The blue man said in a serious way.

"Shuai is my proper noun, you are not allowed to use!"Xiaoshuai shook his big tail.

"Why are you calling your home unfortunate?"Mu Yu is very curious.

"It is Simon's unfortunate! But my name is Ximen Blowing Snow. Everyone calls me Simon, so you can call me Ximen Shuai. ”The blue man corrected again.

"So why did she call your house unfortunate?"

The blue man decided to ignore this question this time. He coughed a bit and said, "This friend, the girl who wants me to take your life, I am not going to make you alive." However, if I kill people, I must make people die clearly. The old man said that such a person will not be entangled in you after he dies. What are your last words to say, I will wait for you to finish. ”

This guy is really wonderful, killing is also very particular, but Mu Yu is not afraid, he continues to ask: "Why are you calling your home unfortunate?"

“Is this your last question?”The blue man turned his eyes.

"Yes, otherwise I will not be blind!"Mu Yu nodded seriously.

Simon unfortunately sighed helplessly. He closed his hair with his hand and said faintly: "This is a long story.

This is going to start from Pangu, saying that the world was still chaotic at that time…"

"Ximen is unfortunate, let you kill so many nonsense?"Joanna's face is embarrassing.

Simon unfortunately blinked his eyes; "I will make a long story short." My four-year-old grandmother drowned, five-year-old grandpa died, six-year-old father was vendetta, seven-Year-old Niang suicide, eight years old was too good-looking to be sold to the brothel, the lecherous old man to eat the grass, fancy I put my trousers are off before I found that I was a man, and then because I was gifted and intelligent unprecedented hundred years after the rare see, decided to accept me as a disciple. The unlucky old guy listened to my experience and gave me the name Simon. However, I came out to mix and say that I want to call Ximen Shuai. ”

Simon unfortunately said that he had sprinkled a flower, then found a flute and played a sad tone.

Mu Yu was infected by this atmosphere. I didn't expect this man's life to be so miserable. He must have made something in his life. It will be unfortunate in this life.

Simon's unfortunate flute sounds long and sorrowful, Mu Yu involuntarily immersed in this tune, his heartbeat beats with this melody, then the flute melody becomes sluggish, Mu Yu's heartbeat begins to slow down…

"Wood feathers, don't get stuck in the flute!"

They also saw the signal here, and ran along with it. He just saw Ximen unfortunately playing the flute there. He suddenly understood that this guy had to do something again. He took his ear and walked behind the wooden feather and lifted his foot. Directly turn the wood feathers up and down. Mu Yu woke up, Simon is unfortunately where the flute is playing, he is killing people with melody!

"Damn! I said the sorcerer! I am killing you personally, what are you doing! ”

Simon was unfortunately somewhat annoyed to put away his flute. One of his killings was this blame, and many unprepared people died under his trick. His face is thick and can be ridiculous. The easiest way is to tell others about his life, and let people relax their vigilance. Even if Mu Yu doesn't ask him, he will make an excuse to sigh with his unfortunate life.

"It almost went."After the wood feathers were scared for a while, this Ximen unfortunately was so evil, what was he coming to?

"Mu Yu brother, are you okay?"Suddenly ran over, she and the two people saw the signal here also rushed over, but they did not dare to approach, only squatting nearby, and then met Mu Yu.

"My lady, my gentleman is good."Ximen unfortunately saw that he suddenly looked at his eyes. He was so handsome, but he was still lascivious, and with his appearance many girls lost their wombs.

"Oh, girl, it’s polite, is it good lately?"Simon unfortunately licked his hair and fell awkwardly. His movements are polite and graceful, and according to the plot, the girl will be blushing and nodding.

"Have you wanted to kill Mu Yu's brother?"Suddenly inserted in the waist, asked angrily.

"The story is not so developed!"Simon unfortunately secretly stunned, but he quickly smiled and adjusted the kindness of a modest son: "Oh, girl, you misunderstood, I just talked with you, Mu Yu, and learned the music." Look at him, this is not okay! ”

"Mom, you are shameless!"Mu Yu broke his mouth.

Simon unfortunately did not feel shameless, and his skin is not a day or two to build: "The girl is really in the next saw the most Qingcheng woman, I and you mu brother is a encounter, Mu Yu Brothers to music attainments is not in the next, just Mu Yu brothers have promised a day and I together in the Building Music Court exchange of music, It is a very rare thing for a girl to be able to attend the scene. ”

Mu Yu was convinced by the unfortunate shamelessness of Simon. Just now, he still had a knife to kill himself. When he saw it, he turned his attitude and said that he was close to himself.

"Is that right?"It’s too simple, I don’t know what medicine Simon is unfortunately selling, and I take it seriously.

"West Gate is unfortunate! Do you want to kill me for me? ”Joanna was so angry that she gnashed her teeth.

"Soft girl, we are all cultural people, killing and killing more hurt feelings, you see, the last thing you and I are not intentional, isn't it?"Simon unfortunately pretended to be a Sven.

"You two are waiting for me!"Joanna slammed her feet and vacated her head, leaving her head away.

"Hey, your guzheng."Mu Yu threw the guzheng toward the soft Anna, and Anna Anna caught it and then disappeared.

"Soft girl, don't hurry!" If you don't want to leave a contact, I also welcome you to Louyinyuan. ”Simon unfortunately shouted at the back, but Joanna had already flew far away, and Simon unfortunately shook his head slightly: "The girl's heart is relatively small. The last time I didn't accidentally touch her fragrant hips!" Now remember the hatred…"

"Where, you touched her ass, I touched her chest, why did she die to live with me, but let go of you?"

Mu Yu is stunned, and this guy has done something similar! Mu Yu has a kind of impulse to shoot this cockroach. They are all people on board. He is also very eager to kill people.

"Ah, Brother Mu Yu, you are also a satyr!"Suddenly grabbed his chest and shouted dissatisfiedly.

Mu Yu blinked and said that he was innocent. He explained it quickly. The situation was so urgent. He took care of it so much. He carefully reminisced about it. The feeling seems to be good. Now the 16-year-old girl is It’s so fast, it’s not too small…Hey, it’s my own sister, how can I have that idea! Mu Yu is a little despised.

"Wu Yu, this soft Anna's tofu, you dare to eat? Do you know who she is? ”The fierce words say so, but the thief on the face betrayed him, "You know Yao door and the red Door women are very holy, they are not allowed to touch their bodies, how many young people to marry Yao door woman proud, you pour, directly to someone else caught so, no wonder her face so ugly, you be careful, Yao men are not very easy to be a good girl. ”

"I and Mu Yu both touched the body of my sister."Xiaoshuai held his paws.

"You don't talk."Mu Yu took Xiao Shuai into his arms and looked at Mu Yu with a grin.

"I said that it was not intentional. Since the Yaomen woman was so holy, she was not careful when she came out. She said that she went to this place for no reason."Mu Yu scored his hand.

"I said that this fairy sister is also very poor. UU reading was first unfortunately touched by Ximen and was attacked by Mu Yu. Isn't it true that Tian Xian's sister can't touch the ordinary comprehension? How is the girl so soft, I know that I also tried luck, I want to pinch her face…"The sorrow was annoyed at the side.

Ximen unfortunately heard the words of the sorrow, and suddenly he laughed. He took a hard shot of Mu Yu’s shoulder: "Brothers have the same experience as me!" You have to say early when we have a misunderstanding, is it? Yes, her place feels good, but I think the place where you touched the brothers might feel better. Hurry and tell me what it feels like. I read countless women, and Yaomen haven’t touched them yet…”

"That's good, you can try it! Anyway, she can't beat you either. ”Mu Yu feels that Ximen is unfortunately at least compared with Tianyun. Although they are all shameless, Ximen is unfortunately more open.

"I want to try it, but Yaomen's Mengxin Fairy is also there. I can't always go to her."Simon unfortunately shook his head helplessly.

"If you even move Mengnian fairy, then Yaomen is absolutely desperate with you."Seriously said.

"Who is Mengxin Fairy?"Mu Yu asked curiously.

"Dream! That is the woman that many men are dreaming about…"Said with a look of dementia. Mu Yu remembers the ugly graffiti girl painted on his textbook. Wouldn't it be that dream?

Suddenly listening to the discussion of these three men, the more I listened, the more I was wrong. I couldn’t help but say that I was leaving here with the spirit and the wood feathers. I stayed here again. I am afraid that Mu Yu will be taken badly by Xi Lie and Ximen.

"Hey, how are you going? It’s okay to leave a contact with the girl! ”Simon unfortunately saw Mu Yu take them away, shook his head and said: "Hey! Young talents are always unpopular, no way, who told me to be Ximen Shuai? ”

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