Chapter 155 Deadwood Valley

The singer and the sorrow have returned to the Dan Ding faction. The master of medicine told the Ding Ding faction that he had to appear in the suffocating city, so he did not immediately send it back. He let the stunned stay with the sorrow, don't play and disappear.

When he saw the figure of the drug master hurriedly leaving, he climbed up to a tree and sneaked out a wine gourd from the sleeves, took off the bottle and sipped a drink, and intoxicatedly "ah" A few times, then I thought of something: "Oh, I forgot one thing."

"what happened?"Sitting under the tree, I asked absently. This year, I was playing with Mu Yu. It was already inseparable. Suddenly separated from Mu Yu, she was somewhat uncomfortable.

"If Mu Yu wants to go to Fuxianyu, there is a dead wood valley on the way there. He should never go in!"He said with some fear that he was not sure if Mu Yu would turn, and if he followed the road, he would definitely pass there.

"what? Is the dead wood valley? There, the elders seriously warned us that we could not go in. Will Mu Yu’s brother be in danger? ”Suddenly nervous, I obviously know what the dead wood valley is.

He touched his head and hesitated: "He should not go in?" He just has to fly through the air. ”

However, Mu Yu has entered the dead wood valley.

There is a river in the valley, and the wood feathers go in and follow the river bank. He originally wanted to follow the young man, but the other side ran too fast and had not seen him. The fog is so big, the visibility is low, and the wood feathers don't know how far they are going.

On the bank of the river is a soft stone of the goose, which grows with yellow water. The river is very clear, but you can't see any creatures. It was empty and there were occasional crows flying over, leaving unknown tweets, echoing in the valley, and it was very strange.

Mu Yu looked back and saw that the road that had come in was no longer visible and was covered by fog. The fog in this valley has not been scattered for a long time, and now it is obviously a little dark feeling at noon, which makes people feel very dull.

However, Mu Yu is not nervous. Anyway, he came in along the river bank. When he is in danger, he will return to the original road. He went on, and after a while, he suddenly realized that the color of the fog in front seemed to have changed and turned into a tragic green.

"Is this poisonous?"

After Mu Yu walked for so long, he still didn't see a half-personal shadow. He had some hair in his heart. This blue-green fog looked so irritating. He is not afraid of poison. Anyway, he brought a lot of seeds of the roots of the grass. When the poison is poisoned, he will give birth to the seeds and hide in the plants.

"Card wipe!"

Mu Yu only looked at the front and ignored his feet. He seemed to be smashing something. He looked down and it didn't matter. He almost shouted. Fortunately, he has experienced a lot of such scenes, but it has not been too exaggerated.

It was a skeleton, and there were only bones and some broken cloth strips. The man was clutching his neck, as if he could not breathe. Mu Yu just smashed his toe bone. According to the degree of bone fracture, this person has been dead for several years, and there are still unshed hair on the scalp!

"He feels poisoned."Xiaoshuai used the leaves to keep moving around the green fog.

Mu Yu has seen a lot of bones. The last time I saw a lot of monsters in the caves of the horrible face, and even seen so many dead people in the underground of the school, this bone is really nothing. He walked in and looked at it. The bones in the chest and throat of the man became dark and contrasted with other places.

"Is this fog toxic? Then I have to be careful. ”Xiaoshuai quickly got into the arms of Mu Yu.

Mu Yu turned his eyes, according to his opinion, Xiao Shuai is so thick, the poison is estimated to take it no way.

"This fog is so strange, it is definitely poisonous."

Mu Yu wanted to fly up, and he was shocked to find that he did not know when he could not fly. The spiritual power on him can still work, but he can't fly. There seems to be something around him that suppresses him.

As long as he wants to fly, he suddenly feels like being crushed by a mountain.

"I won't run into the Qimen armor of the Muyou Mozu again?"Mu Yu remembered that he couldn't fly out of the forest when he went to Fulong Mountain last time, but at that time he could fly at least, and now he can't fly.

"Don't that person just go in?" He was not poisoned, and I don't think we are afraid. ”Xiaoshuai calmly pinched his nose and said. This guy's skin is so thick, even if it is poisonous, it doesn't kill it. I really don't know if it covers his nose.

Mu Yu is not afraid of poison, because the poison is nothing more than to destroy the body organs, his body is full of vitality! As long as it is melted into the trees, it is basically detoxified.

Next to the river is a cliff, and the wood feathers see dark green vines on the cliff. He thought that if it was poisoned, he could use this to filter it, so he reached for the vine. Who knows that he was just approaching, the vine suddenly survived, rolled over to him, to entangle him.

"Oh shit! This is live vine! ”

Mu Yu has never seen a moving plant in the past, but Feng Haochen told him that many plants are moving. Some plants are more like animals. They will not only move but also have to be rooted in one place for a lifetime.

When the vines came in, the sharp wooden thorns were erected on the rattan. This live vine usually hunts the prey and then pierces the prey with a wooden thorn, and then gradually absorbs the blood from the prey. It does not know whether it lives in the place where the bird is not shackled.

It is a pity that it is the righteous Lord today. The vines can no longer move in contact with the wood feathers. The wood feathers have already controlled it. The moving vines are also plants. He is the ancestor of plants.

"It's really rough and thick."Mu Yu didn't want to kill it, just cut it down a little and wrapped it around his arm.

"Okay, come back! Pay attention to some of the next actions. ”Mu Yu patted the vines, and the vines retracted in shock, and they disappeared after a while.

"You are not afraid of poison, Xiao Shuai?"Mu Yu asked.

"I am so handsome, what poison can poison me?"Xiaoshuai shook his head, handsome synonym is also called thick skin, Xiaoshuai is not only narcissistic but also poisonous.

Mu Yu stepped into the turquoise fog one step at a time, and suddenly a pungent smell was drilled into the nose of Mu Yu. Mu Yu immediately felt a little dizzy, and he paused, wrapped the vines around his nose, filtered out the toxins, and poisoned the vines.

The visibility of the green and dense fog is even lower. The wood feathers can't even see the river at the foot. He must always pay attention to his side to prevent a monster from coming out.

But fortunately everything is normal around, except from time to time to see the bones on the ground. This toxic fog seems to be just a simple obstacle, killing people and having no other functions.

Mu Yu walked for a long time, the green and green poison mist finally faded, and finally the white mist was restored. The vines in the handle of the wooden feathers were pulled down. The vines had become dark and it seemed to be poisonous. He simply threw it away, and he could replace it with root grass anyway.

"This place is really evil."

Mu Yu had also expected that there were some fish in the river to catch a few to fill the hunger, but unfortunately it seems unrealistic now.

One person and one beast continued to move forward, and the front was still a white mist. After a quarter of an hour, Mu Yu found another skeleton. This skeleton has no signs of poisoning. It is sitting on a cliff and dying. .

An unknown hunch spread in Mu Yu's heart. He felt that he should not walk into the valley. The valley has seen so many dead people, and they don't know how to die.

"what? How can the repairers of the Golden Age come into this place? ”

A voice sounded, Mu Yu thought it was a skeleton, and he was really shocked. He jumped back and looked around with vigilance.

A middle-aged man suddenly jumped off the cliff wall and landed in front of the wood feather. This man had a repair of the Yuan Ying period, which made the wood feather a big headache. How to meet a person casually is the Yuan Ying period, which makes him very frustrated, can not come to a Golden Dan period to give him a little confidence!

"who are you?"Mu Yu asked cautiously, but I didn't expect anyone to be in such a strange place.

"Don't be so fussed, I can't stop you if you want to kill you."The middle-aged man smiled. He was wearing a black robe, but the clothes were already damaged. They had to be messy, look tired, and the skin was pale and there was no blood.

"How do you feel that you haven't seen the sun for a long time?"

Mu Yu took a step back and the other said that he would not kill him, but who knows what purpose he has? There are no plants here, so if he wants to plot himself, he doesn't have to run.

"Yes! It’s all foggy, the sun can’t find it, I haven’t seen the sun for half a year. ”The middle-aged man sighed.

"Then why don't you go out?"Mu Yu felt very strange, and the sun was not so much in the first half of the year.

"Go out? Oh, I can't get it. ”The middle-aged man looked around. "You are so young that you have the strength of Jindan Jiuzhongtian, which means that the talent is very good, you should not enter here."

"We have our purpose."Xiaoshuai said in his head that its purpose is to find food.

"purpose? Haha! Who has entered the Deadwood Valley for no purpose? Young man, are you going to let the dead wood revenge for your bloody seas or to rehabilitate yourself? ”The middle-aged man sat next to the cheekbone, leaning against the cliff wall, and was afraid of the cheekbones.

"Is this the reason?"Mu Yu does not understand, if you enter this valley, you have to report bloody sea enmity?

"We are here to find food, and by the way, take a lot of money to buy."Xiaoshuai opened his mouth and could not do without eating.

"eat?"The middle-aged man was very surprised. Some of them did not turn around. "Looking for the valley to eat?" Do you know what this is? ”

"The dead wood valley! You didn't tell me just now. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com ” Mu Yu shrugged.

The middle-aged man carefully looked at Mu Yu. He felt that the spirit of Mu Yu should be normal. It seems that he is not joking. Is this kid just entering here?

"To the uncle, you just said that you can get it, can you not go out?"Mu Yu asked.

"I can't get out here, and I can't go back."The middle-aged man looks very down.


"You can continue to walk forward and you will know."The middle-aged man did not answer him positively.

How can I not go out? Mu Yu does not believe, walk along the river bank, so obvious mark, even if there is no way ahead, it is not enough to go back.

Mu Yu looked at the man with a puzzled look, then went on, and the surrounding area remained the same. The river fog and crows sounded, and the river bank seemed to be straight. Wouldn't it be possible to turn it back?

Mu Yu kicked a thing, it was a dark vine, it seems to be familiar.

"Yeah! It turns out that people like me use vines to filter poison! ”Mu Yu blinked and didn't care. He continued to move forward. After a quarter of an hour, there was another figure in front.

"came back?"The figure raised his head, and Mu Yu fixed his eyes and looked at it. He was suddenly stunned. This man is the middle-aged uncle who just met, and he has the skeleton next to him!

"Uncle, how do you run us in front of us? Also moved the dead to dry up? ”Xiaoshuai scratched his head.

Mu Yu looked shocked. He remembered the dark vines just now. Who is there? It is his own. He went around a big circle and returned to the original place!

How did this scene seem to have met each other? Mu Yu remembered that when he went to Fulong Mountain, he was also set by the Muyou Mozu. You shouldn’t really break into the territory of the Yumeng Mozu?

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