The 156th chapter again see Maze

Ghosts in the daytime!

Mu Yu was not willing to go again. This time, he deliberately slowed down and carefully observed the road ahead. As expected, he walked around and saw the dark vines and the messy middle-aged man. He simply turned back in the direction and walked through the misty whiteness, but still saw a calm middle-aged man.

"You are just like walking a few hundred times. It's very weird. I have tried it no less than a thousand times."The middle-aged man looked at Mu Yuโ€™s unbelief and shook his head. In the past six months, he almost touched this road, but he could not find a way out. Just go straight and you will definitely return to the original point.

"Can't go out, is this the site of the Yumeng Mozu?"Mu Yu asked with vigilance.

When Muyou was using trees to set the way for them, he still remembers it very clearly. However, there are no plants around here. It is certainly not made by Mu Youmeng. There is a river next to it, which should be related to the water.

"Youmen Mozu? Hasn't that disappeared for a long time? Of course, this is not the territory of the Yumeng Mozu. Why do you ask this? โ€The middle-aged man asked strangely.

Mu Yu frowned: "Not the territory of the Yumeng Mozu?"

"This is the mystery set by the predecessors of the dead wood, we are trapped in the puzzle."The middle-aged man continued, "You thought you were going straight along the river bank, but you have already circled a circle without knowing it."

"You mean this river is a circle?"Mu Yu is not very understanding. He is no stranger to the formation. He does not say that his own dusty mountains are full of various strong formations. He came to the triple continent and relied on the transmission line of the Yumeng Mozu, not to mention the situation. There is also a sleepy imperial prison that threatens the millions of people in the Mouyama Mountains.

"The valley is straight, the river is straight, even if it is bent, it will not be wound into a circle. We are trapped in the puzzle. What you see in your eyes is not necessarily true. This is the power of this valley. โ€

This explanation is very illustrative of the problem. In the beginning, Mu Yu used the Sinan to indicate the route in order not to be influenced by the Yumeng Mozu's formation. Unfortunately, he does not have Sinan now. Evergreen Evergreen can transform this into a powerful puzzle, which is enough to illustrate the extraordinary of this person.

Everything in the tactics has a way to crack, and it depends on whether the flaws in this array are obvious enough for Mu Yu to perceive. A little helpless, Mu Yu did not learn the knowledge of the Fa from Master. For some reason, Master did not intend to teach him the way.

"What is your name?"Asked the man.

"Wood feather."

"You can call me Lao Tan."

Mu Yu thinks that this old Tan is not like a bad person. He wants to sit down and see the skeleton, or move a few steps to the side.

"What exactly is this place?"Mu Yu asked.

"You really don't know? No one told you that you can't get in here? โ€

Mu Yu shook his head embarrassedly: "I sneaked out, no one told me."

Lao Tan suddenly realized that this kid is estimated to be a disciple who sneaked out to play, but unfortunately entered this place, this life is doomed.

"You haven't heard of Evergreen Evergreen." Evergreen Evergreen is a famous person in the realm of cultivation. It is superb and has a temperament. There is no martial art background. There is no apprentice. Even the eight doors are afraid to provoke him easily. This valley was still a normal place, and the scenery was beautiful. But one day five years ago, a stone monument suddenly appeared on the entrances of the valley. It said, 'There is a valley, and it will be reported.' At the same time, the valley began to show heavy fog. โ€

Old Tan paused, he should also come to the word "thick newspaper", and then said: "The dead wood is eccentric, and many people are unpredictable. He is not a wicked person or a decent person. However, he is a man who must say what he is doing, or a poisonous master. His poison has made many self-cultivators stunned. The realm of comprehension is spreading, and the dead wood is ready to live in this place. He should be looking for a descendant.

So I set these levels in the valley to test. However, he himself did not confirm that the valley can only come in after the expiration period, that is to say, the only one that can come in is the Yuan Ying period. โ€

How is it like the restrictions of the Mou Mountain Range!

Mu Yu snarls, but the Moyun Mountain Range can't even enter the Yuan Ying period, so there is still a difference.

According to Lao Tan, many people are eager to try. The people in the Jinying period of the Yuan Ying period have poured into a large number of people at the beginning, and they all want to find the so-called Tianhui. Some people come to join in the fun, and some people want to really worship the dead wood as a teacher. However, as soon as they came in, the green and green poison mist was first poisoned to the repairers of the Golden Age, and the people in the Yuan Ying period could pass their own cultivation. However, people in the Yuan Ying period were also trapped in the puzzles. Some powerful people broke the puzzle and continued to move forward, but they have not heard of anyone who succeeded.

In the past five years, it has been listed as a forbidden place. Many people in the martial art will warn the disciples that they are not allowed to step into the dead wood valley. However, although I know that there are a lot of people dead here, many people are still rushing in. Some people want to get the inheritance of the dead wood, or like the old Tan, let the dead wood grow up to help him revenge.

Lao Tan should be a deep hatred with someone, and he has no ability to take revenge. He wants to come here to have a chance, but unfortunately he is trapped here.

"We haven't even heard of this place, we just came in and found food and money."Xiaoshuai said innocently.

"As you said, there should be a lot of talents to die, but I have not seen many human bones, only ten."Mu Yu is puzzled.

"When it is dark, the river bank is not safe. The river will run out of the beasts to find food. If you can eat it, you will eat it on the shore. If you can't finish it, you will drag it into the water." Most of the monsters will not go to the blue fog. โ€Lao Tan said that the monstersโ€™ faces were a little scared. They would be scared when they were repaired in the Yuan Ying period. How powerful are those monsters?

"How can this skeleton be kept so complete?"Mu Yu looked at the cheekbones next to the old Tan. There was no bone loss on the cheekbones, and the bones and joints were connected.

Lao Tan sighed and said: "There is a kind of monster in the river called Melt Water Demon. The venom of the melted demon will instantly melt the flesh and blood of this person. This guy is too unlucky. He did not take timely measures at night, so he was The venom of the melted demon is poured and turned into a skeleton."

"It's so dangerous here, how did you escape the attack of the monster?"Mu Yu had heard of the demon beast, which was used to turn human flesh into the purest blood, and then swallowed it again. The skeletons contaminated by the venom are not willing to touch, which is why the bones are so well preserved.

"Did you see above? Someone on the cliff wall cut out a stone cave, where is my place. You can't fly here, and the more you climb, the more pressure you have. โ€Lao Tan sighed. "There are very few people here. I havenโ€™t spoken to people for half a year."

"We just saw a person coming in!"Xiaoshuai said, "But we lost him."

"He estimates that it is opposite the river!"

Lao Tan has some accidents. Since there have been hundreds of deaths here, there is no one in the Yuan Ying period to remember the inheritance of Changmu Evergreen. I have never heard of anyone who has succeeded in this for many years.

"Can you cross the river?"Mu Yu glanced across the river. The fog was too big to see a silhouette. The width of the river was about 100 meters. .

Lao Tan shook his head: "There is a whirlpool in the center of the river. We can't fly here and we can't get rid of it. Fortunately, the water in the river can be drunk, otherwise I lived for half a year. โ€

As long as there is aura, the comprehensible can do not eat, the aura in the valley gives people a feeling of depression, not suitable for cultivation, so Lao Tan can only rely on drinking water to spend the day.

"Is there not a live vine on the cliff? They don't attack people? โ€Mu Yu was also entangled in a piece of live vine.

"of course. Just leave a snack and stay as far as possible during the day. In fact, I am very curious. People who have never had a Golden Age can come here. How did you come here? โ€

Mu Yu smiled, he naturally would not say that he would control the wood, so he said casually: "I am born with no poison."

Who knows that Tan Tan looked at Mu Yu with a look: "Are you a legendary physique?"

โ€œNo physical?โ€

Mu Yu thinks that it is very fun, and he has a very good physique, and he is quite helpless. When the master of the original medicine said that his wood attribute is physique, now that Tan Tan has no physical constitution, what is the constitution without physical constitution?

"You do not know? No body is the physique of the legendary poison, they are naturally resistant to things harmful to the body, they will never get sick. The aura they absorb from the outside world is the purest aura, so their cultivation is very fast. โ€Lao Tan said with amazement.

Mu Yu doesn't care about what is physique. He knows that he is not physique, but it is special, but cultivation is really true. He now wants to know how to get out of here. The uncle has been stuck here for half a year and has not gone out. Can he go out?

The night fell soon. According to Lao Tan, the river bank was already unsafe. Lao Tan was still a good person, and Mu Yu and him were crowded together in the stone cave on the cliff wall. It took a lot of effort to climb to this cave. It is impossible to fly here. The more you climb up, the more pressure you have, and the wood feathers are too tired.

The stone cave is very narrow and is artificially cut. It is only about one meter high and more than two meters wide. Lao Tan has widened it here, about three meters deep. He has only widened this point in the past six months. Hardness is imaginable.

Lao Tan said that the aura is thin and the cultivation speed is slow. Mu Yu thinks that the aura here is not much worse than the Moyun Mountain Range. So Uu can still adapt. The two used Dan Flint to make a fire. Lao Tan had not eaten for half a year. Unfortunately, there was no living monster found here. Otherwise, Dan Flint could be used to roast the prey.

Mu Yu took the last roast goose and gave it to Lao Tan. It was a thank-you for accepting himself. Xiao Shuai was very reluctant. Mu Yu warned it not to mess up and then did not say anything against it. Lao Tan did not see the food for half a year. When he saw the roast goose, he swallowed up.

Although the Yuan Ying period comprehension does not need to eat food, but the food is more able to quickly restore physical fitness than the aura, and eating is the nature of human beings. It doesn't feel bad to eat without feeling for half a year. Xiaoshuai didnโ€™t eat anything for a day. Oh.

The night in the valley is so horrible that there are no worms, no frogs, only strange rustling and river noises, and you can't see the sky during the day, let alone the evening. Mu Yu sat in the hole and looked around in the darkness. I don't know if it was psychological or something. He always felt that something was crawling up and down on the river bank. He looked down and decided to sit back. Lao Tan has been sitting there and does not know whether to practice or sleep, Mu Yu did not go to quarrel with him.

"I don't know if I know it early."Mu Yuโ€™s intestines are remorseful. Others are coming in to find treasure. He just came to find food. He didnโ€™t expect to put himself in. Itโ€™s really making people.

Mu Yu feels that he still has a good night's sleep, and think about how to leave tomorrow. He closed his eyes with the silent, monotonous voice, but he was sleepy at the moment, only those voices in his ears, as if he was not quite right, as if there were other voices appearing outside…

"It's a fight."Old Tan opened his eyes and quickly moved to the hole and looked out.

Mu Yu quickly climbed up and slammed into the top of the hole in a panic. He snorted with pain and shed tears and came to the hole.

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