Chapter 157 Breaking the Law

It was dark outside, but there was light in the distance, as if someone had set fire. According to the light distance, the man should be across the river bank, and sometimes there are some vague curses. Then there was a flash of green light to flash. It was the flash of the man's instrument, and he seemed to be playing against him.

"That man was supposed to come in with you, right?" He should not fire, and in the evening the Demon Beast of the river climbed up, and he would be besieged. ”Lao Tan said faintly, the people on the other side did not know that there would be a monster in the valley at night. When he ignited, it would be equivalent to completely exposing his position to all the monsters.

Mu Yu didn't know what the so-called monster was, but he was glad that he met Lao Tan, otherwise he is estimated to fight with the monsters tonight. That person is the Yuan Ying period can insist, he is only a golden Dan period, where can persist for so long.

"Can we help him?"Although that person’s attitude towards Mu Yu is very bad, if he can stay together in this ghost place, he will have more chances of surviving.

"help? How to help? If he is wise, he will be destroyed by fire. Otherwise, more and more monsters will be attracted to the past, and then they will die. ”Lao Tan shook his head and returned to his cave. At such a long distance, I can't fly, I can't see the situation, and I don't know when I hit it.

Mu Yu thinks about it too, and now he is really a real fire on the other side. The fire is still there, the man can't get rid of the danger.

Fortunately, after a while, the person seemed to realize the problem. The fire on the other side disappeared, leaving only the light of the implement. After a while, the light of the implement disappeared. I don't know if the person deliberately did not shine or was buried in the mouth of the demon. The surrounding area was restored to silence. Mu Yu sat back in the hole. For the present, he only had to rest first and plan tomorrow.

This night, Mu Yu slept very badly. He turned to the opposite side for a long time before he fell asleep, and then made an inexplicable dream. He dreamed that he had been trapped in this ghost place for a lifetime, and finally couldn’t stand loneliness and wanted to commit suicide. . Then I saw that Feng Haochen came over and stopped him. He had not had time to be happy. The people of Sangong Palace came over. Feng Haochen was taken away by them. Mu Yu reached out and tried to save. Then he touched the wall and hurt him. Woke up.

He turned and went to sleep. After waking up the next day, he couldn't remember the dream at all.

It was a bright day, and there was still a fog around. Lao Tan woke up the wood feather and told him that it was almost noon now. Mu Yu looked outside and thought it was early morning. They stayed in the hole and couldn't open their hands and feet, so they climbed down. On the bank of the river, Mu Yu's eyes widened to see the opposite situation, but the visibility was too low and the vision was severely suppressed.

Mu Yu washed his face to the river, and the river was cold, which made him wake up a little. He wants to try again. Lao Tan tells him that it is futile, but Mu Yu is not reconciled. He is running forward this time, not to mention a circle and back.

"I have tried it many times. This puzzle is too powerful. I have nothing to do with it."Lao Tan said calmly, he was not reconciled. After waiting for dozens of times, he was finally disheartened. Now he has become accustomed to it. He knows that he wants Mu Yu to accept this status quo, only to wait for him to go several times. Let him die this heart.

After Mu Yu went two more times, his mood began to get annoyed, so it was not a way to go on. There are so many times that Lao Tan has gone through. He has more experience than himself, but he still hasn’t gone out. He is so stupid that he is even more likely to go out. He sat down and practiced the dusty method to calm himself down.

Xiaoshuai shook his tail and said: "I remember this kind of formation. If I didn't guess wrong, this array should be a mirror array. I heard the old man with white beard talked a long time ago."

"What is a mirror array?"Mu Yu quickly asked.

Xiaoshuai squinted his head and thought for a long time, then explained: "Popularly speaking, the mirror array is a straight road with a mirror on each end. If you walk along a road, you will go directly into the mirror, then Come out from the other mirror.

Then you will always walk back and forth on this road, you have to find these two mirrors when you want to go out. ”

A bright flash of light in the head of Mu Yu, he suddenly understood how to crack this array!

He deliberately walked around the river bank again. What was different from the previous one was that he calculated the number of steps this time.

He began to sink his heart and think about it. First, he left the green poisonous mist and walked about a hundred steps before throwing the vine away. From the vines to here, it is about 2,646 steps. From here, walking to the vines is 1,350 steps, which means that it is about 4,000 steps to walk around this circle.

Any formation must have a boundary. As long as you find this boundary, it is easy to find a way out. This boundary is the two mirrors of the mirror array that Xiaoshuai said.

But how do you determine the location of this boundary?

When Mu Yu takes a step, he stops to observe the changes around him. If it is a boundary, then the left and right sides of the boundary will definitely leave some flaws, such as the fault of the earth's earth stone.

Mu Yu spent a day searching for 4,000 steps of the ground and wanted to find something wrong, which made him feel a little disappointed.

It seems that the group of players may have noticed this problem and erased the same.

"Right, find a marker!"

When Mu Yu shot his thigh, he suddenly thought of a way. This section of the road is a straight line, about three steps for one meter, that is, more than a thousand meters. If there is a marker that can be discerned in the center of the road, then you only need to face this marker to go backwards. When you can't see the marker, you will have passed the critical line and return to the starting point. According to the reason, the marker should be behind the back, so that the critical line can be determined.

He quickly told his thoughts to Xiaoshuai, but Xiaoshuai asked with innocent big eyes: "What do you want to be a marker?" The fog here is so big that two meters away from the people and animals, regardless of the six parents do not recognize, you are expected to see what. ”

Mu Yu opened his mouth and was discouraged before he even had time to be happy. Xiaoshuai is right, it is foggy during the day, and you can't see it even if you put a fire during the day! At night, there is still a possibility. The fire on the other side of the river that night, they can see a faint fire in the distance, and the fire is still very penetrating at night.

But there is a monster at night, and the fire will bring the monsters in the river ashore, which means that the ignition must bear the risk of being attacked by the monster. What is the strength of the monster in the river? Mu Yu has not yet learned it, but according to Lao Tan’s description of the monster, the monster in the river is certainly not a vegetarian sheep. This is certain. Ignite at night, no doubt equivalent to playing with fire and self-immolation, the situation will only be worse.

Mu Yu only thought of this method so far, he ran back to discuss his discovery and Lao Tan. Lao Tan listened to Mu Yu for a long time, and finally understood the meaning of Mu Yu’s expression. His eyes suddenly showed the hope of hope.

"You are such a genius! I have been sleepy for half a year and have not thought of this method. Just talk about how your plan is implemented, we can try it. ”

Lao Tan is actually very jealous of the monsters in the river, but he has been trapped for so long. If he can't find a way out, he will be trapped here forever. Instead of it, it would be better to fight! As long as he can go out, he is willing to try anything dangerous.

"The only thing we can do as a marker now is the flame. There are no trees here, so you can only use Dan Flint. Dan Flint needs spiritual power to maintain the flame, which means that one person needs to maintain the flame of Dan Flint in the center of this road. If the flame is too small, it may be invisible, so the flame must be maximized. But this will also bring serious problems, the flame will attract the monster, and the person holding the Dan Flint will be very dangerous. ”

Mu Yu hesitated a moment and pointed out the loopholes in this plan seriously. He can actually control the burning of plants, but if there are many plants that should not exist here, it will cause Lao Tan's suspicion. At any time, Mu Yu does not want to expose his ability to control trees.

His plan is not perfect, because the person who maintains the flame has to bear great risks, and needs to face all the monsters to attack, and even more likely to be buried in the belly of the monster, become a monster food. Once the man had an accident, Dan Flint had no spiritual blessing and was immediately extinguished, and the only marker lost its effect.

And the other one wants to make sure that the critical line must go black, walking in the dark, inevitably will encounter the monster, invisible, the match with the monster will never be better than the other person.

It can be said that the risks faced by these two people are actually the same. Once a person makes a mistake, the whole plan will be lost.

Lao Tan also thought of this, but he immediately realized that the person who maintains the flame must be him. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com The person who maintains Dan Flint is the equivalent of telling all the monsters their own exact position. They must fight with the monsters. His high strength can be persisted for a while under the siege of the beast, and his spiritual power is stronger than the wooden feather, and the flame will be stronger.

But can Mu Yu escape other monsters in the dark? To know that these monsters only come out at night, then their night vision ability is very strong, Mu Yu only has the strength of the Golden Age, can you survive the attack of these monsters?

Neither of them spoke. The risk of this plan is very high, and the consequences of any accident are unimaginable. If the person who maintains the flame has an accident, the person who is looking for the critical line loses the sense of direction. It can't fly here. If you can't find a place to stay in the dark night, you will die. If someone looking for the critical line has an accident, the person who maintains the flame cannot. Determine if the other party has an accident, then should he continue to maintain the flame or find a place to hide?

"The most important point is that even if I found the critical line, I didn't know how to crack it."Finally, Mu Yu said, pushing this plan into a state of dilemma. It's like a semi-final, even if you enter the finals, you don't have enough confidence to win, but you don't enter the finals, you don't even have the hope of winning.

"I have to try it."Old Tan said.

He has been trapped here for too long. If you don't try to get out forever, the aura here is so thin. If you want to practice until the expiration period, you can't reach it for a lifetime. He must try, try or die, but don't try to be sure. Will wait to die.

Mu Yu nodded, he must also try, he still has a lot of time waiting for him to squander, can not be planted in this place where the bird does not pull.

After the two decided, the next step was to discuss more details. After everything was confirmed, they began to recharge and wait for the night.

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