158th chapter of the night’s battle

Because there are loopholes in the plan, Mu Yu and Lao Tan agreed that Lao Tan’s ignition time in this center of the road is half an hour. If half of the time Mu Yu did not come back, he would find a way to get rid of the monster and return to the cave. . Mu Yu must determine where the critical line is in this half hour, then make a mark and go back immediately, and wait until dawn to solve the problem.

This incident is not dangerous. The risks faced by the two are the same, and they can only be distributed in this way. Because the wood feathers cannot last for too long in the hands of the monsters, he cannot be the one who maintains the flame.

"Everything is careful."Lao Tan looked at the sky and slowly darkened, and both of them were a little heavy.

"Old Tan, I want to know what you are here to find the dead wood evergreen?"Mu Yu broke the silence and wanted to find some topic to ease the serious atmosphere.

Lao Tan clenched his fist, and for a long time he slowly spit out a breath, saying: "Get the demon fruit, let the Evergreen Evergreen seniors help me to revenge."

"revenge?"Mu Yu looked at the slightly trembling body of Lao Tan, and did not understand what hatred would make him walk into the valley.

"Kill the father's hatred, take the hate of his wife."Lao Tan’s words are very simple, but these eight words are as heavy as mountains, so that Mu Yu’s heart is not shocked.

"You should know that the Deadwood Valley will be dangerous before you come in?"Mu Yu asked. He himself accidentally came in without knowing it. After all, he had just arrived in the triple continent. He was not very clear about many things in the realm of cultivation. Where did Mu Yu think that this dead wood valley would be so dangerous?

On the face of Lao Tan, there was a lonely cover that could not be concealed. "Yes, this matter has nothing to do with you." I just want to leave here and look for other ways to say it. ”

Mu Yu wants to say something nice. For example, if he comforts Lao Tan to use his own place, he will be generous, but after thinking about it, Lao Tan’s family can not solve the problem of the Yuan Ying period. What is his ability? Going to help others?

The night finally came, and the calm rivers of the day began to burst into squeaks. Many of the monsters began to move around, and even heard some dull snoring, and they were particularly shocked at night.

"Remember, don't entangle with the monster for too long, it will attract more monsters to the past."Lao Tan said.

Mu Yu nodded, and the two jumped down the stone wall.

Lao Tan fired with Dan Fushi in the area designated by Mu Yu, and the wooden feather quickly ran forward. As he ran, he noticed the flame at the back. The penetration of the flame was strong. Although it appeared blurred in the fog, it could still be distinguished. He is heading toward the flames, and the person is facing the darkness. As long as he can see the flame in front, it shows the boundary, so the task is half done.

Mu Yu can hear the sparse and creeping sounds, and the sound of the monsters coming out of the water. He can feel that many monsters move quickly toward the fire of Lao Tan, and he must speed up his steps.

"Oh!"There seemed to be something shattered in front of it. It made people feel sour, and the sound was extremely harsh. Then the sound of the molars and the chewing of the people were heard.

Mu Yu carefully circumvented the birthplace of the sound. He didn't know what the monster was. Just pray that this guy should not find himself, no matter what he eats.

"eight hundred and twenty-five steps!"

He ran forward desperately, and estimated the number of steps in his heart. As long as he ran five hundred steps or so, he should be near the critical line. At this time, what soft things were stepped on the foot of Mu Yu, sticky, almost gave him inverted!

"Wood feathers, there are monsters!"Xiaoshuai suddenly shouted.

Sure enough, the low roar rang in the back, Mu Yu ran a few steps, feeling something entangled in his feet, he was awkward, or fell to the ground.

"What is this ghost thing!"

Mu Yu Fei Jian broke out and felt at his feet with his feelings. The beast seemed to scream, his feet were loose, and the wooden feathers had not been able to be happy. His arms were caught, and the whole person left the ground.

Was picked up.

Mu Yu took out the Dan Flint and let him see the disgusting scene through the fire. It was a huge octopus, five or six meters high, with eight slimy tentacles. His hand was entangled by one of the tentacles. The body of the octopus was dead gray, and it seemed to rot like a mud. A rancid smell came out, almost not to smother the wood feathers. It has two eyes, fierce and fierce, staring at the fire, and it seems that the sudden fire makes it unresponsive.

Mu Yu quickly waved the flying sword and stalked his tentacles and landed on the ground. He rolled around and threw the flint in his hand and threw it away. The octopus blame reacted painfully, and its other tentacle wanted to roll the wood feather again, but the wood feather had already entered the darkness. Dan Flint can only burn for a little while without inputting spiritual power. Wood feathers must leave before other monsters gather.

A thick bucket crossed the side of himself, and Mu Yu felt that it was a giant snake. It did not notice itself but rushed toward the flame. Mu Yu looked at the flames of the old Tan in the distance. He immediately ran in the opposite direction, but he had not run a few steps, suddenly ran into something and smashed himself out.

Mu Yu climbed up painfully. He felt that the bones of the whole body were falling apart. I didn't know what was being hit by the monster. Then he saw the size of the two washbasins flashing yellow. At first, he thought it was two small. Lantern, but the lantern suddenly disappeared and lit up again, then he reacted, what kind of lantern is, clearly the eyes of a monster! When the yellow light goes out, it shows that it blinked!

"Sleeping! What is this monster? Big eyes? ”

The eyes are so big, where is the body going to be small? Mu Yu’s heart is cold, this is really an egg pain!

The eyes of the two eyes flashed with light, and their eyes could emit two beams of light. The two beams of light swept around and seemed to be looking for something to hit it. Mu Yu quickly stood up to avoid the two lights. He doesn't understand that the two lights are so bright, why is there no monster to find it trouble?

Mu Yu moved cautiously, and the Dan Flint he had just thrown out was gone. The light of Lao Tan is flickering and faint. It should be fighting the monster, and he is not pleased here. Suddenly, the two beams of light stayed on the wooden feathers, and the wooden feathers were shocked. He took care of nothing and ran away. There seemed to be a whistling sound in the ear. Something swept over, and Mu Yu squatted under it, but there was a pain in his back and he was scratched by what sharp things.

The two beams of light re-sticked to the wood feathers, and then a burst of flame suddenly sprayed over.

"Sleeping! You can also spurt fire when you live in the water! ”Mu Yu cursed and rolled, his clothes burned, and he quickly put out.

"Wood feathers, hedgehog its eyes!"Xiaoshuai shouted in Mu Yu’s arms. Just now, Mu Yu was squatting and almost didn’t squash it.

"I have to stab it!"

Mu Yu’s flying sword stabbed one of the eyes, and then the light of the eye disappeared. A crisp “squeaky” sound, the wooden feather thought it was stabbed, and then the eye re-emerged.

It just closed your eyes!

"Little handsome, its skin is as thick as you!"

Mu Yu took back the sword and once again escaped. This time it was not the flame but the water column. This guy is full of water! What kind of monster is this?

"A sword! Use a sword from Uncle Wolf! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

"That's a sequel!"

Mu Yu knows what Xiao Shuai wants to say. It wants Mu Yu to use the sword that the unnamed swordsman gave him. The unknown swordsman warned him that he would fracture with his arm.

"Fracture, I will cure you!"Xiaoshuai said.

Mu Yu has forgotten Xiaoshuai, a medical beast. After his chest is hung again, he can't take care of it any more. The fracture will be broken!

"My unicorn arm is going to happen!"

Mu Yu screamed, he knows how to provoke the sword, which is equivalent to a seal, as long as the spiritual power is injected into it, the sword will actively integrate into the flying sword of Mu Yu.

"Let's eat it!"Mu Yu feels that his arm is full of explosive power. He urgently needs a vent, and the power in his arm is guided out. The power of the sword was too great. His arm began to faintly hurt. The blood vessels seemed to be stretched out and the bones were squeezed. The unknown swordsman was right. He couldn’t do it with his current repair. Withstood this sword!

Mu Yu Bite The jaw, now also forget so much, the power of the sword so that his hands of the division Shadow, the sword is intended to continue to skyrocket, he knew that the whole arm is ready to burst open, so the left hand tightly hit the end of the shadow sword hilt, then the hands of the Shadow sword out of the hand, mixed with the thousand-June potential, Stab them in the eye.

"Is it stabbed?"Xiaoshuai asked in a small voice. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

"It seems like a hedgehog."Mu Yu found that the two beams were still there, and the monsters did not close their eyes at this time.

"You can also hedgehog!"

"proceed if you can! I can't control that power. ”

The two beams of light no longer moved, and then began to flicker and faint, as if blinking, and finally began to sway and sway, a huge slamming sound, the eyes completely lost their radiance, and the surrounding areas recovered. .

"died?"Mu Yu is a little surprised, isn't it so thick? Why are you so vulnerable?

"What are you doing?" Run! ”Xiaoshuai reminded.

Mu Yu felt that Xiao Shuai made sense. He saw the fire of Lao Tan and then ran towards the fire. Did not run a few steps, a painful pain from the arm, he felt his arm just like a stone has been smashed, the bone has cracked, the whole arm is burning pain, can not move.

"Surely broken!"Mu Yu’s cold sweat has come down. He has not experienced such pain and his eyes are tearful.

"Wow! Comminuted fracture, you are too weak. ”Xiaoshuai’s small claws touched the wooden feather arm, and the woody feather almost pulled it out.

"Weak your sister! Hurry and heal. ”Mu Yu ran a few more steps, and finally he couldn't run and stopped.

"Nothing, good governance."Xiaoshuai said easily.

"how long?"Mu Yu asked.

"You can recover in two or three days."

"What? Two or three days? What if I will meet the monster again? ”

Mu Yu wants to cry without tears, this little handsome is too pit, and thought it could be cured immediately. Because after a fight, he did not know how many steps he had taken.


Just as Mu Yu complained, there was a strange sound behind his back. Mu Yu trembled in his heart, he has no fighting power.

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