159th Chapter Critical Line

The wooden feather arm has broken, he can only hold the Flying sword in his left hand. Ordinary Shadow Sword can be five, the right hand is actually able to use, but with the left hand so that the sword does not have the right hand so smooth, once the right hand fracture, he can play the strength of the lower five layers.

The sound behind it seems to come from the water, because there is a splash of water splashing. Judging from the sound, the size of this monster should not be very large, more like a monster of agility. When the tentacles wrap around the wood feathers, Mu Yu’s heart mourns, and it’s octopus.

But it wasn't right. At the moment when the tentacles were entangled in Mu Yu, Mu Yu had a familiar feeling in his heart. It felt so happy, so true, he didn't feel the breath of death, but let him see a glimmer of hope. .

It is water grass!

I never thought that this time it was a moving grass that attacked Muyu! The other party will move again and be a plant, which is controlled by the plant wood feather. This water grass is also unlucky, it just came to make a fun, who wants to kick the iron plate. When the water grass touched Mu Yu, he knew that he had encountered a nemesis. It did not even have the opportunity to resist and was directly taken down by Mu Yu.

"Save it!"Xiaoshuai said happily.

Mu Yu is also pinching a sweat, the mountain is heavy and there is no way to reconcile, Liu Yuhuaming another village. He immediately pulled up the water grass from the water and estimated it. The water grass is a round body with two fingers thick and covered with barbs. The length is about ten meters. This is a powerful killer. . If there are still long-lost monsters coming over and doing things, they will be directly integrated into the grass, and there should be no surprises.

Mu Yu found that the fire of Lao Tan had not been extinguished, but it was also flickering, and there was also the anger of Lao Tan. Lao Tan is now fighting with a lot of monsters. He knew that he could not afford to stop, and quickly ran to the front. He was covered with water plants, his eyes were looking at the darkness ahead, and he was ready to stop.

At this moment, Mu Yu's eyes lit up and he saw the light in front! A happy heart, immediately stopped. The fire of Lao Tan really ran from behind the wood feather to the front of the wood feather, which means that Mu Yu had just crossed the border of this puzzle.

Mu Yu took a step back, the fire was still in front, and he took a step back, and the fire disappeared.

It is here!

Wood feathers fell down, and he couldn't see anything in the dark, nor could he see the ground. Mu Yu took out the bones left by Xiaoshuai, put a cross on it, and then removed a few pieces of goose soft stone, made traces, and finally groped to the wall, and carved marks on the wall.

Everything was properly marked, Mu Yu stood up, just wanted to run in the direction of Lao Tan, and returned to the cave with Lao Tan to wait for the dawn, but Lao Tan came from a loud voice.

"Wu Yu, if you unlock the puzzle, you must take my corpse out, I don't want to stay here after death!"

Then the fire swayed a few times, and it was extinguished. The surrounding area was re-entered into the darkness, and only the roar of the beasts came and went.

Mu Yu’s heart sank, and Lao Tan was besieged by many monsters. He could not hold on. At this time, it is estimated that it is fierce. Mu Yu wanted to run over to save him, but the black light bonfire, he went to no avail, he did not know where Lao Tan is.

He felt a sorrow, and Lao Tan had an accident, and he felt very uncomfortable. Lao Tan was trapped here for half a year. If he died here in this way, it would be unfair to him.

Mu Yu does not dare to move. If he continues to go on, he will definitely encounter more monsters. He must now find a suitable place to rest, and wait until dawn to make plans.

The wood feather controls the water grass, so that the water grass firmly attaches to the wall, and then the wood feathers make the water grass a hammock and lie on it. He erected his ears and listened to the movements around him. The river banks below had strange and strange sounds from time to time, like the monsters crawling fast, and some monsters are playing and playing.

"These monsters should not climb up?"Mu Yu silently prayed that Lao Tan should not have an accident, and prayed that the monsters would go back to the river to sleep.

It’s okay, it’s true that it’s coming out at night.

This night, Mu Yu must not sleep, he lay on the grass, and some of his heart was too unwilling to go. From time to time, he listened to the sound of the old Tan for help. He would like to hear Lao Tan's cry for help, but at the same time he is very afraid to hear, because even if Lao Tan is calling for help, Mu Yu has no way to save Lao Tan, and will only add to his worries.

"Your fracture has been picked up by me, and it should be fine tomorrow morning."Xiaoshuai licked his big tail, and its efficiency was so high that Mu Yu was relieved. This is the only thing that makes Mu Yu feel unfortunate. At least if there is another monster attack, he can barely cope with one or two. Down.

The valleys in the night are so lively, these monsters did not dare to run out of the water during the day, and at night they were like gatherings, tearing each other and making a variety of sounds.

Finally, when it dawned, Mu Yu saw a lot of places sounding the sound of water, and the water began to sizzle, presumably the monsters crawled back to their underwater nest. Mu Yu waited until the sound of the monster activity was no longer there, and then carefully jumped.

He did not put the plants back into the river, thinking that if the monsters who had the orders were attacked, the plants should still be used. However, the water grass suddenly emerged with a sense of panic. As the day became brighter, the urgency that it conveyed to Mu Yu became more and more intense. It seems that the water grass is very afraid of the day.

"You mean that there are some weird drug lords in the valley during the day that make you feel uncomfortable?"If Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, it is no wonder that a monster was not seen during the day. In the daytime, there were poisonous scorpions in the valley that made the monsters fear. Presumably these poisonous cockroaches are white mist, but Mu Yu is also very curious, because he and Lao Tan did not feel the same in this fog, but it was said that Lao Tan still stayed here for half a year without any accident.

The water grass has begun to tremble, the white mist is becoming more and more obvious, and the wood feathers have to put the plants back into the river. As soon as the water plants fell into the river, they disappeared as if they had left a circle.

"Old Tan!"

Mu Yu ran in the direction of Lao Tan and began to shout at Lao Tan. His voice echoed in the valley for a long time, but did not hear the response of Lao Tan. He stopped at a place full of blood everywhere.

The red and blue blood around it was scattered on the ground, and there were many broken limbs that looked like monsters. Here should be the place where Lao Tan wrestled with the monsters last night. From the bloody level of the scene, it was seen that there was a fierce battle here last night.

Mu Yu resisted vomiting to see the blood clots, and he never thought of seeing a blood clot similar to the human body. Fortunately, he did not find any signs of old Tan when he opened the blood clot, which made him relieved. But soon worried again, is it that Lao Tan has been stunned by the monsters?

Mu Yu tried to get this idea out of his mind. He was unwilling to accept this fact and continued to look around.

However, I haven't found anything about Lao Tan for a long time. Is it really dead in the belly of a monster? He went to the cliff wall and sat down, his heart was very embarrassing. I came up with this method and caused Lao Tan to die. He didn't mention how sad he was. Last night, Lao Tan also screamed in the last breath and let Mu Yu take the old Tan corpse out. Now there is no residue left, how to bring it?


A drop of blood on the wooden feather arm seemed so shocking. Mu Yu stood up in a reflective condition and looked up. Thankfully, Lao Tan was actually on the cliff wall.

"Uncle, are you okay?"Mu Yu found that Tan had inserted two short blades into the cliff wall. He grabbed the two short blades and hanged them on the stone wall for one night.

"Great, you are fine."

Lao Tan opened his eyes weakly and saw that it was Mu Yu. He finally breathed a sigh of relief, then his hand loosened and the whole person fell. Mu Yu reached out and picked it up. However, his hand still had a pain and he couldn't catch it. In the end, he could only apologize and let Lao Tan fall heavily on the ground.

Old Tan suffered a much more serious injury than Mu Yu. He didn't have a good piece of meat in his body, and he was covered with claw marks of various monsters. Many parts of his body were bloody, his chest was bloody, and there were several scratches on his face. At this time, he was already in a coma.

Mu Yu quickly gave Lao Tan the power to help him treat. When he just wanted to take advantage of Lao Tan, he accidentally bumped into the broken hand. Now he began to faintly hurt, and his back and legs were also fleshy. Last night, he borrowed a little aquatic life to heal himself. Then, all the vitality of the water grass is input into the old body.

"Little handsome, quickly mobilize the aura!"Mu Yu said.

"The aura here is too thin, but you can still try it."Xiaoshuai began to dance its big tail, so that the surrounding aura was rich, and Mu Yu quickly and desperately absorbed these auras. His arm hurts for one night and finally got better.

I don't know how many hours later, Lao Tan finally opened his eyes. After all, he was the repairer of the Yuan Ying period. Plus Xiao Shuai's regulation of spiritual power, his resilience is still very strong.

"Is it clear?"Lao Tan struggled to sit up and asked.

Mu Yu nodded, and old Tan Qiang Qiang squeezed a smile, this injury did not suffer. Mu Yu let Lao Tan sit and rest, he is going to find the mark that was made last night, and by the way, he will return the stone. Last night, Mu Yu didn't know what kind of monster he was killing. Mu Yu searched around and there was only a pool of blood. I thought that the big monster should be divided by the monster. He was a bit regretful. I also want to see what a big eyed monster is.

Finally, Mu Yu found the position marked yesterday. The mark made with the bones has been trampled by the monsters. UU reads www.uukanshu.com. So the wood feathers are still marked on the cliff wall, and the wood feathers pass through the cliff wall. The mark draws a line on the bank of the river.

β€œHere is the critical line that we risked to determine?”Lao Tan came over and carefully looked at the two sides of the line, and there was nothing unusual.

Mu Yu nodded, and any method has a limit. The general method of cracking is on the critical line. Mu Yu carefully observed the line on the cliff wall and finally found a place in a place.

There is a small engraving on the cliff wall next to the wooden feather marking line. It can't be seen without looking carefully. This engraving is painted with the same color as the cliff wall. Mu Yu knows this kind of pigment, which is a material specially used for engraving.

Many formations are directly portrayed with spiritual power, but this is too labor-intensive. There is a special kind of material that is ground into powder, which can be used as a spiritual engraving line for depicting the formation. When the old man was found in the array, Mu Yu saw it.

Xiaoshuai likened this method to two mirrors, placing a mirror on each side of a straight line, placing a mirror on one side and a mirror on the other side. From this mirror, it will come out from the mirror on the other side. This is The reason why Mu Yu went back to the starting point.

This mirror covers a large area and actually spans the valley. Fortunately, the distance between the two mirrors is not large, which means that the array is limited.

Mu Yu did not break the way, he wanted to ruin this carving, but the people in the array were repaired higher than him, and he couldn't destroy it at all, even Lao Tan did not have that strength.

β€œSo, even if we find the critical line, it’s useless?”Lao Tan's face dimmed, and it took so long to get such a result. He was somewhat unacceptable.

Mu Yu standing on the line, a few steps back, looked around, looked up at the cliff, his eyes a bright: "is not no way." ”

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