The 16th chapter is afraid of the high child

"You have been fallout broken by the masters of the disciple?" ”

The next day, when Mu Yu bid farewell to the deacon, he was surprised to find a deacon. In the past years, a disciple who did not have a gray talent would be seen by the sect, let alone the sect of the sect.

"Master said that my temper is good. Although my talent is not good, I can still follow him."Mu Yu did not say that he is a purple talent, because to prove that it is necessary to expose his ability to have the Yumeng Mozu, even if you say it, no one will believe.

Looking for a deacon, he took a picture of Mu Yu’s shoulder and said: β€œThe Dust Party is a very strange martial art. They never accept the apprentices. Therefore, there are very few people, but the wind is very high, so no one dares to hit their ideas. . In fact, it is said that the Qingsong faction is difficult to enter, but I feel that the dusty faction is the most difficult martial art. Maybe there is something shining on your body that is being looked at by the wind. You have to cherish this opportunity. I don't want you to be in the same school as me for a lifetime. ”

Mu Yu knew that the deacon was actually trying to leave the school. He just had no chance. He said firmly: "Predecessors can rest assured that if I can learn in the future, I will definitely take my predecessors away from this place. I don't have any repairs now, so I can't help you, but I will definitely help the seniors. ”

Looking for a deacon to smile: "You can have this heart is also very good, I hope I can wait until that time!"

It is extremely sad to find a deacon in his life. Not only are he, but those who want to pursue the fairy edge but have no talent. If you can help yourself, Mu Yu will not refuse.

"Let's go!"Feng Haochen slowly came over. If a disciple of a school is to be taken away by a certain sect, it is natural to say something to the deacon.

"I have seen adults."Looking for deacons, respectfully and arrogantly.

"You're welcome, the secular etiquette is free."Feng Haochen also knew that he was looking for a deacon to protect Mu Yu, so he also had a good impression of the deacon.

"Predecessors, there will be a period later."Mu Yu walked to the wind and dust, and the wind and dust had a large sleeve, and the wooden feathers vacated and disappeared into the sky. Look at the deacons looking at their backs, in addition to envy, more is a sad.

Mu Yu stood beside the wind and dust, a flying sword was at the foot of the wind, and the wood feather was completely volley. He felt like an invisible film on his feet, and the scenery below flashed. The face of Mu Yu was a little pale, and he tried to focus on the wind and dust, but his heart was playing drums.

β€œA lot of people will be surprised to see the scenery below when they fly for the first time. How are you so sad?”Feng Haochen saw that there was something wrong with Mu Yu, and he opened his mouth.

Mu Yu blinked and said, "This is so high, if you fall, you won’t be able to fall."

Feng Hao dusty smile: "How? Are you afraid that you will not be able to throw it away for you? ”

"That's not it, but I am a little afraid of it."Mu Yu licked his mouth.

"Why would a small baby be afraid of heights? It is necessary to know that people who cultivate the truth cannot have the fear of heights, because one of the things we do most often is to fly. If you are afraid of heights, what should you do to learn to fly the sword? ”Feng Hao dust said with a smile.

"Whoever falls off the cliff at the age of five will be afraid of height."

Mu Yu remembered that he was a child when he was a child. He climbed to the Big Wild Goose Mountain and accidentally fell off the cliff. He was scared.

Feng Haochen took a step back and let Mu Yu stand on the sword, and then said with anger: "Look, you can still live here, must be saved by trees?"

"Master, you are amazing, this can be guessed."

Mu Yu said with amazement that he was indeed saved by the trees. He was head down when he fell down. He only saw the woods below. He thought that if he could control the trees, he would catch himself. As a result, the tree really formed a soft tree mat and saved him. It was only then that he realized that he had the ability to control trees.

However, he also left a shadow in his heart, and he did not dare to climb to the heights.

"Then I fly a little lower!"Feng Hao dust touched the head of Mu Yu, and then two people descended to the low.

Mu Yu was surprised. He didn't expect his master to speak so well. He asked: "Master, I thought you would tell me to overcome my fears and be a strong good boy!" Why don't you tell me to defeat the fear of heights? ”

If you change to the head of the old cloth, he will definitely tell himself some truth.

Feng Hao smashed the beard and said: "You understand all these reasons. I said that it doesn't seem too much?"

"But why are you so sure I understand these reasons?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

"Even if you don't understand, I don't think you have to overcome it now. Everyone has something to fear, we always face fear, but there are many ways to overcome fear. Why choose when you have no psychological preparation?

Whether it is life or not, UU reads www. Whether it is cultivation or not, nothing can be forced, and it is good to let it go. Everything is step by step. I fly a little lower. You will be safe in your heart. When you can bear this height, we will improve it. This is the way to overcome the fear of heights. ”

The flying height of Feng Haochen has dropped very low, and the trees under his feet can reach out. His words are very simple, but they contain profound truths, so that Mu Yu can't help but respect him. This is a model for men and women. Education should be a curve, not a forced indoctrination.

Mu Yu suddenly fortunate that he met such a wise old man, the apprentice of the old man, certainly not ordinary, his heart is awe-inspiring, and he has more expectations for the martial art he is about to join.

"The practice is actually the state of mind. You are afraid of height because your heart can't calm down. If you can do your heart, then you can handle a lot of things. You have to go a long way in the future. Now tell you. You may not understand this, and slowly you will understand."

"I can't hang up in the future, I have to learn from Master to calm the temper."Mu Yu said seriously.

Feng Haochen shook his head: "It doesn't have to be, what is it or how, naughty and lively is the nature of children, why bother to learn from others?" Just do it yourself. There is no rule in our martial art. What should you do or not? Practice is to break away from the bondage of the world. If it is restricted by the frame, it is difficult to achieve. As long as you don't do something that goes against ethics, you can do anything. ”

Mu Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up. He only heard the key points and could do anything. He had some hopes for the unknown martial art, but now he can’t wait to start his new life.

The door to a new world will eventually open to the wood feathers.

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