Chapter 160 Ways to Go Out

On the cliff wall about ten meters from the ground, a touch of green reflected the eye of the wood feather.

That is a live vine.

The live vine is only one inch long and appears there in abruptly, and the rest of its body seems to disappear from the air. Mu Yu crossed the critical line and looked at the direction of the live vine. The live vine was no longer visible.

This strange phenomenon made Mu Yu think of a possibility at once!

"Is there any way to talk about it!"Lao Tan is fighting again.

"Do you see that live vine? The live vine can only be seen on this side, and the other side cannot be seen. This shows what? โ€Mu Yu said excitedly.

"What does it mean?"Lao Tanโ€™s brain did not have the same aura of wood feathers, and he could not react at the moment.

Mu Yu laughed: "This shows that although the length of the array spans the entire valley, it is only ten meters high. You see the vine, there's only one bar, which means that most of its vines are on the other side, but we do not see the other side, so there is only one explanation, if the critical line is a wall, the living vine is over the wall, we from the other side of the critical line is not see the live vine, because the living vine is not on the other side of the critical line. โ€

"I was fainted by you. You are not saying that it is over the wall. Why do you say that it is not on the other side?"Lao Tan is getting more and more confused by Mu Yuโ€™s tongue-and-mouth explanation.

Mu Yu drew a rectangular box on the ground and continued to explain: "Popular explanation, we are now in a square wooden box. The longer sides of the box are equivalent to the two cliffs of the valley, while the shorter sides are the boundaries of the mirror array. The border has been set up with a powerful array, and no matter which boundary it goes, it can only be circled in the box. If you want to leave this box, you can't walk around the box, but climb out of the box! โ€

He pointed to the live vine on the cliff and continued: "This live vine is supposed to be outside the box, but it was accidentally left out of the wall and extended into the box, which made me think. Way out."

Lao Tan thought for a long time and finally understood. He patted Mu Yuโ€™s shoulder and said with appreciation: โ€œYou really let me look at it, I can think of it!โ€

No one is perfect, and the arrangers certainly did not expect that a live vine would become a flaw in this formation. The arrangers have tried to arrange the critical line of this array as perfect as possible. As long as the critical line is not found, it is impossible to get out of this array. Even if this critical line is found, there is no way to destroy the formation.

This array is only ten meters high. People who enter here can't fly. They don't know how high this method is, so they are more than enough to trap the repairers below the flood season. They don't think they can climb out. However, this array of methods was sold by a piece of live vine, and Mu Yu knew how to escape.

In fact, Mu Yu thinks this is a coincidence, but the intention of the troupe is not to trap people. He is the one who wants to test the incoming squad. This section of the live vine is a hint of the arbitrarily placed there, otherwise it is even wood. If you can't find it, you can't think of it for a while.

"So we have to climb ten meters?"Old Tan frowned, this valley has an inexplicable pressure, can not fly it, if the climb is too high will be greatly oppressed, can not climb very high, they live in caves are not as high as ten meters.

"Can you climb up ten meters?"Mu Yu asked. If Lao Tan can't stand this pressure, then he has no play. Lao Tan said the situation here. If he climbs less than ten meters, he will only look at the treasures at his fingertips but only blink.

"I can barely, I am worried that you can't."Lao Tan tells the truth, he is the Yuan Ying period after all, whether it is physical quality or repair is higher than Mu Yu, Lao Tan climbed out is definitely not a problem, and Mu Yu is a bit difficult. This method was thought of by Mu Yu, and Lao Tan could not bear to leave Mu Yu alone.

This is a huge challenge for Mu Yu, and Lao Tan can only barely climb up, and the hope of Mu Yu is very embarrassing.

However, since I found a way to go out, Mu Yu will try it anyway, even if I can't climb it for a while, Lao Tan can help him.

"To the uncle, where are you going to climb? Is it going to go deep into the valley or climb out of the valley? โ€Mu Yu asked. If you find a way out, then you have two choices. Go deeper, look for the sky, or return to the original road, and leave the dead wood valley through the poisonous fog.

Lao Tan stunned. He didn't think about it. It was a little difficult for him to be a little dull after he was trapped for half a year. After all, he used to come in and find the demon fruit to find the dead wood for his revenge. However, he was trapped for half a year. This half year has calmed him a lot, and he is also wondering if it is worthwhile to come in.

"I am still going out!"

Lao Tan thought for a long time or figured it out. This puzzle is not too dangerous, but it has already made him sleepy for half a year. He doesnโ€™t know what to expect. If he encounters a more difficult test, he may have a lifetime. went. He is looking for a dry wood to do something, but if you continue to be trapped inside, it will not be worth the loss.

Mu Yu understands the choice of Lao Tan, and only people who live are the best. He does not intend to continue to go deeper. He has no desire to live his life. He said that he has no desires, but he only wants to eat at a time. He always thought that he came in is an outrageous choice. In the eyes of outsiders, this is simply a danger. If Mu Yu knows that it is so dangerous, he will not come in to join in the fun.

"Which side is the way out?"Asked Tan.

Mu Yu looked at the direction and confirmed the mark. "In the direction I remember, if I climbed from the side of the live vine, I should continue to go deep into the valley. I canโ€™t see the side of the live vine. If you climb, it is the original way back. As long as our sea climbs to the height of the live vine, then we traverse the past and jump on it. โ€

If Mu Yuโ€™s idea is correct, when Lao Tan climbs up and jumps, he should not see Lao Tan below.

However, both of them were seriously injured at the moment, and the wooden feather arm was still faintly painful. It is impossible to climb out directly. Lao Tan is also exhausted and takes a while to recuperate. For the old Tan, he has been trapped in this area for six months, but also not bad these days.

"Let's talk about the injury first! That damn big-eyed scream almost killed me that day. โ€Mu Yu complained that the beast in the water would spurt fire, and he was not afraid to give it a dumb fire!

They took a shower on the riverside. The killing last night made the two people smell like a stench. Although it is strange here, it is good that the dead wood is not poisoned by the river, just not letting people cross the river.

They went back to the cave. Since they already know how to go out, they are not in a hurry. Just wait until they are fully recovered before going to the wall. Mu Yu can finally sleep beautifully at night, and what can be worried about solving the current situation?

The night was shrouded again, and the wood feathers were already asleep. Lao Tan sat there looking at the darkness outside the cave. I was trapped here for half a year, and suddenly I found that I could go out alive. This feeling of excitement made him sleepless. Thinking of his deep hatred, he understands that it is too low to find the demon fruit to make the dead wood grow up. The revenge must be done by himself.

However, at this moment, a black shadow appeared on the bank of the river below the cave. There was no foresight, it was like a ghost. If you didn't look carefully, you couldn't find his trace. There were many lazy monsters on the bank of the river, but as soon as this shadow appeared, all the monsters fled in horror. The monster in the dark seems to be afraid of this person and dare not approach. The black shadow looked up at the hole and suddenly flew up and approached the cave.

He can fly!

Lao Tan suddenly found that the snoring of the surrounding monsters seemed to disappear, which made him feel a little confused. He leaned out and looked down, but at this moment, the black shadow suddenly drifted into the cave and landed in Lao Tan. behind.

The speed of this shadow was so fast, Lao Tan only saw his eyes swaying, and then smelled a strange smell. This strange incense had just been sucked by him, and suddenly his mind became groggy, he only felt the eyes turn around. Then he fell to the ground unconsciously.

The black shadow did not look at the old Tan, but walked toward the wooden feathers sleeping in the cave. Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai are screaming with a slight snoring. They donโ€™t know that the cave has come to an uninvited guest. UU reading www. The black shadow hand waved gently, and the wooden feather in the sleep seemed to be held up by an invisible big hand, and then the black hole brought out the cave.

The black shadow flew to the critical line of the puzzle with the wooden feathers, and then put the wood feathers on the ground. He glanced at the critical line, his fingers made a few complicated handprints, and the critical line slowly turned into a solid wall!

This black shadow is not restricted by this. It knows where the exit is. It can also control the critical line and fly. This completely indicates the identity of this person. It must be the legendary dead wood.

The dead wood was covered with this pattern, and the people who entered the battle were secretly observed. They also witnessed the whole process of the wooden feathers breaking, and then I heard that Mu Yu wanted to return the same way, and I felt very uncomfortable in my heart. Itโ€™s hard to have a person who can crack his array, but this kid has to retreat. How could he easily let Mu Yu leave?

Evergreen Evergreen helped the wood feathers, so that the wood feathers did not have to climb the wall, but the price was that he entered the deeper part of the valley. And the road that came in was blocked by the dead wood, so that Mu Yu had no choice but to go deep.

Evergreen Evergreen glanced at the wood feathers, his figure in the darkness was particularly gloomy, and he could not see his appearance. Then there was a strange sneer in the darkness, and then the shadows began to shake in place, gradually blending into the darkness of the surroundings, disappearing without a trace in a flash.

All of our wood feathers were unaware. He slept very well, turned over, scratched his thighs, grind his teeth, and sweared a few words. Xiaoshuai is also sleeping like a dead pig. From time to time, he licks his mouth, as if he dreams of a delicious chicken leg. It curled up on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and the dead wood grew up and sent Xiao Shuai.

They simply don't know that they have been kidnapped by others.

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