162th Chapter Sky Demon Tree

Mu Yu had never seen such a large fruit in the tree, not only he, who saw the watermelon so big fruit long in the tree will feel very magical. The branches of this tree are criss-crossed, the leaves are luxuriant, each leaf has the size of a palm, the leaves are green, but the center of the leaves has a white vertical line, which looks mottled from a distance, but has a flavor.

The white fruit is swaying in the wind and looks very light and disproportionate to the bulky volume. There is a faint scent in the air, which makes people feel refreshed. Underneath the huge canopy stood a stone monument with three words: the demon tree.

In this way, these huge white fruits should be no doubt.

"So many days of demon, Xiaoshuai I treat you!"

Mu Yu likes to see the trees. This is the innate sense of intimacy. The place with trees is his world. The demon tree is a plant and he is inevitably controlled by him.

Mu Yu walked onto the wooden bridge and walked toward the trunk. There is a door in the trunk. The color of the door is similar to the color of the trunk, but the surrounding circle is prominent. The trunk of the Tian Yao tree is so thick, and the door must be a huge room. The wooden feather can't wait to see it.

"My stomach is hungry, I will pick one to help you taste it."

Xiaoshuai looked cheerfully at the sky above the head, and jumped from the shoulder of the wooden feather, his tail swayed, and the two small claws caught the demon fruit, and the remaining two calves were still in the air. When he swayed, Xiaoshuai bit his mouth with a big mouth.

Mu Yu was about to ridicule Xiao Shuai when he was ugly. Suddenly, a sewn crack was formed in the middle of the demon fruit. The seam slammed open, revealing two rows of sharp teeth, and biting the body of Xiao Shuai.

"ๅ””-ๅ””-" Xiaoshuaiโ€™s tail trembled, his backs and feet groaned, and he did not know what happened to him.

"The trough, the little handsome, is it the day you eat the demon fruit or the demon fruit to eat you?"

Mu Yu did not expect that the demon fruit is actually alive, but also has a big mouth, seeing this situation is like self-defense, specifically used to bite those who have ideas for the sky. With the speed of the mouth and the strength of Zhanghe, the wood feather is estimated to be a stone that will be crushed by it. Fortunately, Xiao Shuai's skin is thick and fleshy. It seems to be just bitten and has not suffered substantial damage.

"Don't worry, I will save you, and I will say that I will be stunned."

Mu Yu held back his smile and grabbed it toward the trunk in front. As long as he touches the trunk, the tree should be under his control. But another day's demon fruit suddenly bite into the arm of Mu Yu, and Mu Yu instinctively avoids it.

Then Mu Yu remembered what he was hiding! Itโ€™s not good to let it bite, and itโ€™s nothing to bite anyway. He was thinking about simply letting the demon fruit bite again that day, and a branch slammed over it. Mu Yu was beaten and prevented, and the whole person was directly smashed out.

Mu Yu was drawn a little embarrassed, and he had not had time to control the demon tree just now.

"ๅ””-ๅ””-" Xiaoshuai's body has been completely swallowed, leaving only the big tail still exposed.

"Give it to me!"Mu Yu wandered up, this is the first time he suffered in front of the trees, he was not happy, and once again rushed toward the branches. But a tree scorpion suddenly volleyed, and a few sharp leaves on the tree smashed toward Mu Yu.

"Nima will also use darts!"

Mu Yu felt that this tree must be psychic. He hesitated whether he was hiding or not hiding. He chose to pick it up. He didn't believe that the leaves could not go against the sky!

The leaves are really against the sky.


Mu Yu screamed, and a leaf was inserted straight into the arm of Mu Yu, not halfway into it! The blood on his arm rushed toward the leaves, and the white stripes in the center of the leaves suddenly became blood red.

"Mom, it will suck blood!"Mu Yu pulled out the leaves, and his body surged, sealing the wound directly. The good news is that he can control these leaves.

Another few leaves were shot, and Mu Yu quickly sneaked away. The premise of his control of the trees was to touch the body of the tree, but if he wanted to get close, the demon tree seemed to block him with leaves. If he was asked to pick up a few tree darts, he would not want it!

After the leaves fell, they automatically flew back to the tree shrews.

"rub! What kind of thing also comes with recycling, so energy-saving and environmentally friendly? โ€

Mu Yu was thinking about how to get close to the demon tree. Suddenly more branches were drawn like the octopus's tentacles, and the dense leaves were overwhelmingly shot toward Mu Yu. The wooden feather screamed, holding the squirrel, and a few leaves cut through the skin of the wooden feather and landed on the ground. The leaves that did not touch the wood feathers flew back and waited for the next round of attack.

"So smart!"

Mu Yu suddenly saw more trees swaying and seemed to be ready to go. He suddenly thought that if the tree disfigured all the leaves on his body and let all the leaves shoot at him, could he still run?

He thought of a terrible scene and started a goose bump, and he didn't want to be tied into a hedgehog by the demon tree. It is said that Mu Yu was the first to encounter such a grievance. He clearly controlled the trees, but because he could not touch the body, he was shot by a scorpion tree as a moving scorpion.

"No, I have to get in touch with the trunk."

Mu Yu wondered how close, but another row of tree darts flew over, Mu Yu ran off, while the flying sword was thrown out by him and stabbed to the trunk. Those leaves saw the flying sword attacking the body, immediately gave up the wood feather, and shot at the flying sword, and the flying sword was knocked down to the ground.

โ€œThere is also a sense of protection.โ€

The extent to which the demon tree has evolved to this day has its own ability to act, and there are simple ideas.

"Wu Yu, you can't save me!"

Mu Yu saw that Xiao Shuai himself opened the mouth of the fruit, slammed his head out and screamed hard, obviously it was not easy to open the mouth.

"I have to have a way too!"Mu Yu reluctantly responded, as the ancestors of the plant actually couldn't help the demon tree, which made Mu Yu very humiliated.

"This is not a fruit at all. It is all corrosive acid. If I am handsome, I will be digested."Xiao Shuai whispered.

"It is obviously thick."Mu Yu shouted. Control the flying sword to stab again toward the trunk, and he also ran to the trunk, as long as he touched the trunk, the demon tree would be honest.

But this time, the demon tree wraps the flying sword with the branches, and the other branch draws toward the wood feathers. The wooden feathers do not escape. He hugged the branch and the huge impulse almost did not bleed the wood feathers, but He is still clinging to the branches, he is happy, see you are not honest!

The demon tree is really not honest.

Mu Yuโ€™s hand had already hugged the branches, but when Mu Yu wanted to lose his spiritual power, he encountered a resistance, and the resistance bounced the spiritual power of the wood feather. Mu Yu was frightened to find that he could not control the demon tree!

Is this not a plant?

Mu Yu looked at the tree in amazement. In terms of his sensitivity to plants, this is a plant. Although it is a moving plant, the moving grass is taken down by Mu Yu. Why can't I take this guy? Mu Yu has been exposed to the Tian Yao tree, but he has failed to integrate into the Tian Yao tree. What is going on?

Mu Yu immediately thought of the Evergreen Evergreen, the owner of this valley, where did he secretly manipulate the tree at this moment? If you can't take control of it, then today you have to be a hedgehog with leaves covered with leaves.

But it is not right! Just now I can control the few leaves that are inserted into my arm. What is going on?

Before Mu Yu had not had time to think too much, he was taken out. He fell heavily into the water and splashed a large splash of water.

Fortunately, Mu Yu will swim. He glanced at the bottom of the river. He couldnโ€™t see it at all. I donโ€™t know how deep the river is. He remembered that Tan Tan said that the river had a whirlpool and suddenly became nervous. He can swim and swim, but let him circulate in the river with the whirlpool. He quickly rolled his hands and feet and tried to swim up.

I was really afraid of what was coming. A whirlpool was formed directly by him. The huge suction made him unable to break free, and he immediately took him deeper.

"I won't be angry!"

Mu Yuโ€™s heart mourned, he secretly vowed to go back to learn the evil spells, UU reading www.uukanshu.com He heard the master said that you can cultivate a kind of breath, let yourself live in the water for three days and three nights problem.

But at that time, Mu Yu also laughed at what the turtle would do. He didn't want to be a king. Now think about how old he was.

Wood feathers are constantly struggling and want to catch something. There is nothing around the water, there is nothing to borrow, he can vaguely see a huge monster around swimming, the monster turned a blind eye to this vortex.

When Mu Yu was planning to take out the root grass to save his life, it suddenly seemed that something was entangled in his own feet. It was really a house leaking over the night rain. Wouldn't it be another octopus geek to come and join in the fun?

But a feeling of joy spread from the heart of Mu Yu, he felt the familiar taste of the plant, is a huge water grass! This Nyima is a life-saving grass, and this water grass is not as demon as the demon tree, and the wood feather can completely control it.

When you touch the water grass, the body of the wood feather is immediately integrated into the water grass. He suddenly felt that the whole body was light, and the advantage of blending with the plant was that he didn't have to worry about breathing, because he was a plant that could assimilate the way plants live.

Mu Yu controls the water grass to swim towards the surface of the water, but when it comes to the surface of the water, the water grass does not seem to want to go out, creating a kind of resistance. Mu Yu knows that the fog barriers in this valley are used for the production of water plants, and they are afraid of those white mists.

However, the sun is shining here, the fog barrier has disappeared, and what is the fear of the grass?

"sunlight? Are you afraid of the sun? โ€Mu Yu turned his eyes, and he was the first to hear that plants were afraid of the sun.

He is not awkward, he controls the water to swim to the shore, then breaks away from the water, and pokes out from the water. The grass immediately swims toward the bottom of the river.

"My Hu Hansan is back!"

Mu Yu waved his fist and looked at the arrogant Tian Yao tree.

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