Chapter 165

"Is this kid?"

“Looks like, are we going to do it?”

"There are a lot of people here, so wait a minute."


Mu Yu sighed and someone stared at him, which made him very headaches. He quickly stepped up and ran towards the woods, then squatted at other people who hadn't caught up yet, and immediately flew into the trees.

This is already the third batch of people who follow him. Since he succeeded in looting the dead wood's old nest, he fled the valley. He immediately forgot the shape. He went in the wrong direction and ran to a city called Ya Ningcheng. He lived there for a few days, ready to adjust the adjustment state before going to Fuxianyu.

However, the day before yesterday, he was inexplicably attacked by a group of people. The other party seemed to know Mu Yu. He wanted to catch him. The most terrible thing was that there were two Yuan Ying period defenders, which was not what he could compete with.

He used the trees to escape. He just fled the city and met another Yuan Ying period. The repairer wanted to catch him. He almost caught it. Fortunately, the underground is the grass. He just turned to the back of a stone and disappeared. In the grass. The Yuan Ying period of comprehension was still wondering how suddenly the woody smell disappeared, and the whole grass was dug up.

He rushed to Fuxianyu all the way, and finally settled in a small town near Fuxianyu. However, he had just lived for two days. When he went out to visit, he encountered two Yuanying period to follow him.

"what the hell! How do these people seem to know me? ”Mu Yu smashed the two people, returned to the inn, lying on his bed, depressed.

"Why are they asking you for trouble? Did you know about the looting of dead wood property? ”Xiaoshuai has no heart and no way to eat, and it is rare to come.

"I don't know, maybe I am handsome!"

Mu Yu covered his head with a quilt. He determined that no one else in the dead wood valley saw what he was doing. He even knew that he had left the valley, so it was not because of the looting.

"So they should catch me."Xiaoshuai rubbed his eyes, then put down the burning legs in his hand. "Wait, they won't come to me?"

"It is also possible that they will grab the skinny beast and go back and experiment."Mu Yu smiled and then worried again. How can I avoid these inexplicable troubles?

Mu Yu took out the "Xuan Zhen" and looked at it. He was very interested in the law. Her master is a master of the tactics, because they are worried that if they will go astray in the future, they will stand on the side of the Yumeng Mozu, then the human formation will be ineffective for the Yumeng Mozu, so they will not be taught. However, Mu Yu still couldn't help but curiosity wants to know something, because since he stepped into the realm of cultivation, Mu Yu has encountered all kinds of strange and strange formations, and the array of dead wood valleys has been broken by him. This gave him a sense of accomplishment.

When he looked at "Xuanzhen", his attention was drawn to another book.

"Spirit is easy?"

Mu Yu threw a thick "Xuan Zhen" aside and pulled out another book. The book is a bit yellow, and a few pages are about to fall off the page. He also smells a musty smell. This dead wood is too lazy, and he doesn't take the book out to bask in the sun or something. It says "Ling Li Yi Rong" and I don't know what to do.

Mu Yu looked at it and found that this book is to teach the self-cultivator how to use his own spiritual power to change his appearance. His eyes suddenly lit up, and he was squatting on how to escape the tracker! This spiritual power is undoubtedly tailored for him!

"In the beginning, it is best to choose the back of the hand as an object of tolerance, in case of unskilled damage to the skin of the face. Easy to change, that is, to change the shape of the skin, to gather their own spiritual power at a certain acupoint, in order to change the shape of the skin, become another look…"

Mu Yu feels very novel, and the original spiritual power can still be used! However, as a comprehension person, he knows what the consequences of spiritual power in different acupoints. There must be special skills to control the stability of spiritual power.

"Spirit is focused on a certain point,

Is it like changing the shape of the skin? ”Xiaoshuai has a mouthful in his mouth and squats.

"Nah!"Mu Yu laughs and laughs. He doesn't know if this thing is suitable for the beast, but it is definitely suitable for the comprehension. Since there are always some inexplicable people chasing him in these days, he has a good image.

Mu Yu carefully pondered the above method of controlling spiritual power. He experimented first in his hand. According to the guidelines in the book, he concentrated a small amount of spiritual power on Hegu. The result was not controlled. A large bag was directly bulged on the back of the hand. It’s painful to move a little, and it’s still impossible to eliminate it for a while!

"The spiritual knot needs an hour to get rid of it, lying grass, can't I start it at an hour?"Mu Yu touched the back of his hand and hurt his teeth. For the first time, he did not expect to succeed, but the price was a bit big.

Fortunately, this is not the face, otherwise it is ugly to swollen a bag! Mu Yu does not intend to be able to become a peerless beauty man, go out and fascinated thousands of girls, but also does not want to be a ugly, scared everyone away from it. He must be proficient in the cohesion and dissipation of spiritual power to facilitate the restoration of the original appearance.

"The blockage of spiritual power in the body will cause this result, you are stupid! I will help you guide this spiritual power. ”

Xiao Shuai put a chicken leg in his hand and put a greasy hand on the back of Mu Yu’s hand. Mu Yu frowned at the disgusting, and the little claw was still covered with meat.

Xiaoshuai’s claws were scratched on the bulge, and the back of Muyu’s hand was also polished and smooth, but the spiritual power on the bulge suddenly accelerated, and the original force that blocked the meridians slowly flowed into the veins. The drum kit also disappeared.

Mu Yu is also blameless. Anything related to spiritual aura, Xiaoshuai always has a way to sigh. Although I was rubbed with oil, I solved the problem.

With Xiaoshuai, the process of learning to be easy is much easier. Mu Yu experimented dozens of times on the back of his hand and finally found some feelings. He decided to try it on his face.

"I will get a double eyelid first."Mu Yu took a mirror and tested it against the mirror.

"The two eyes are not the same size, are you being stung by bees!"Xiaoshuai laughed and leaned forward.

"Do not talk nonsense, this is a new trend of fashion. Make your nose sharper, make your mouth a small cherry mouth, and do you want to make your chin sharper? What about a snake face? ”

"That's a girl, you big boy who got a snake face. Who do you want to use under the bazaar?"Xiaoshuai sneered, "Moreover, the girl is not as ugly as you are. If you go out like this and are not recognized by those people, you will be caught by the soldiers here and affect the city. ”

"No hurries! I will change one again. ”

Mu Yu looked at himself in the mirror and found that it was really unsightly. He removed all the spiritual powers on his face and returned again.

One person, one beast, so there is a face there, and Xiao Shuai gesticulating at the side, giving no constructive opinions. And Mu Yu is also dissatisfied with his own tolerance, has been repairing and modifying, tossing for a long time, finally came up with a face that barely can see.

"No my handsome. A bit dull. ”Mu Yu shook his head and narcissistically felt that he was better.

"What about the hair? Do you want to dye your hair? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

"There is definitely a tolerance for the eyebrows of the hair, I am looking for it."Mu Yu opened the book again, and turned to the last line with only one line: "It is recommended to use hair dye with the use of hair, and the hair dye can refine the pigment through plants."

Mu Yu shook his head, and Yi Rongshu was not a perfect thing. He didn't have any hair, but it was very good to change his appearance, at least he could cope with the troubles at hand.

Mu Yu looked for it again. He said that the first time he tried to make himself unable to speak, the little guy laughed and couldn’t speak. Solved the trouble.

The second time, Mu Yu turned his voice directly into a sweet and greasy sissy, a word that was amazing, and felt like a goosebump that could be heard from the ground. Xiaoshuai had already laughed and rolled on the ground.

"Easy to handle this thing is really hard! This is not the case, I think we can't just evade, we have to catch those people to interrogate why we should follow us. ”Mu Yu said seriously. He can't figure out who he is offended, how can he be followed? Those who are looking for their own troubles are rushing.

"Do you want to seize the repair of the Yuan Ying period to interrogate?"Xiaoshuai asked with a sigh.

Mu Yu took a look at his own repairs in the Golden Age, and then picked up the mirror if nothing happened: "Forget it, let's discuss the things that are easy!"

He tied his hair into a killer. After dampening with water, he slammed his hair into the sky. UU read and found that it was too eye-catching, just looking for a hat to wear, and then changing his clothes. When he had done all this, he packed up and left the inn.

On the street, I saw two Yuan Ying repairers who chased him from another inn. They seemed to be checking in at home. In order to test the effect of his own tolerance, Mu Yu walked over them in front of them, and the result turned out to be gone!

"The effect is not bad."Mu Yu is very fulfilled, and he is going to find a few hairs to make a beard stick. It is a pity that Xiao Shuai is all white hair, otherwise he will directly pull the handsome hair.

This town is not far from Fuxianyu. Outside the town is a huge lake named Boxian Lake. Fuxianyu is an island, but it does not float in the water, but floats over the center of the lake.

"Two people are beside the town of Boxian Lake outside the town!"

“The competition here is generally an outstanding young man in the Yuan Ying period?”

"Really, the Simon of the evil faction is unfortunately playing Miss Meng Xin of Yaomen!"

"They both fight?"

"That's not the case, but the windy road of the lonely door is not fair and Simon is unfortunately hit."

"Who has an advantage?"

"This is hard to say! The evil west gate is unfortunately notoriously powerful, and the wind is not vegetarian. This wind is said to be the genius of the lonely gate. ”

When Mu Yu ordered the food in the inn, the two comprehensions next to him discussed the major events in the realm of cultivation, most of which was about the gathering of the floating fairy islands. One of them just came back from the outside and brought back such a message.

Simon is unfortunate!

He is coming too? It’s great. It’s a reality to go to Fuxianyu for the repair of Muyu Jindan. He knows Ximen’s misfortune and must find a way to let Ximen unfortunately take him in.

Mu Yu immediately picked up the little guy who was still licking his thigh and rushed out of the town.

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