Chapter 172 Dragon and Rattan

"The dragon of the dragon, hey, the old man looked for so long, and finally met by the old man!" Return to me! ”

The appearance of the eccentricity of the distracting period made the people in the face change their faces. The giant hand that appeared out of thin air exudes a huge pressure. The younger people who are close to each other are directly oppressed and bleed, if not Each of them is more or less simple, and this one has to be played.

"Go away!"

I don't know who shouted, everyone flew outside. The eccentric shots of the distraction period are not a joke. The people who have been repaired in the Yuan Ying period have been unable to eat, and the Yuan Ying period is a joke in front of the distraction period. The scene suddenly became chaotic, and Beja’s face was ugly. She had long thought that the dragon of the dragon would surely attract some people’s embarrassment. However, she did not expect that it would attract mysterious distracting eccentricity. This scene is even His father's appearance is also uncontrollable.

Just when that huge hand was about to catch the dragon vine, suddenly another ugly cane flew out of the other side of the sky, repelling the dead hand, and the majestic spirits destroyed the entire auction. temple.

"Dragon can not be taken away by you, Wu is strange."Another distracting eccentric has actually shot.

"Zhuang Hong, hehe! Do you dare to rob Dragons with the old man? ”

Wu Laoqi’s angry voice rang in the void, his figure did not appear, and no one knew that he was long. However, the names of Wu Laoqi and Zhuang Hong came out, and everyone smelled it. These two are the famous predecessors who used to be masters of the real world. They are also the masters of the overlord. After so many years of silence, they thought that they had been lying in the coffin. I didn’t expect the appearance of the dragon to open their coffin boards.

"You two are very anxious."There is another old woman who sounds loud, and the voice is very weird. Everyone can imagine what the old lady said from a mouthful of teeth.

"Can you be in a hurry? Dragon of the dragon! I thought that you all went to report to the prince! ”A gloomy voice echoed in the sky.

Mu Yu can't help but scream, how many old monsters are there in the dragon? I have shot a few of them, but I don’t know how many! I really fell down for eight lifetimes, and I was so caught up in myself.

Originally, the Yuan Ying period was hard enough to deal with, let alone the stagnation period. Now, I have jumped out of a few distracting monsters, and let me not let myself escape a little golden glory.

"How many people do we have a dragon vine?"

"Then one is higher and lower, I have long seen that you are not pleasing to the eye."

"One person is missing when you die, I like this decision."

Mu Yu didn't know which old blame had spoken. Anyway, they all hid their heads, only the sound came out. There is no room for him to intervene at all. He only feels that the void around him can't stop the earthquake. It seems that these old monsters are really playing hard. A dangerous atmosphere sweeps away, and it is estimated that there will be no residue left in the sweep. He must find a way to get out of here.

"The spirit array was destroyed."The little handsome shouted.

It can control the flow of Reiki, but it does not yet have the ability to control the aura of this spirit, but this spirit array is immediately stunned by the horror of these old monsters and it is immediately perceived.

"Come on! Going to the place where the trees are. ”Mu Yu shouted. As long as you enter the trees, you will save a lot of things.

Longtan screamed and got up and flew directly outside.

"Give me back! We have not scored a victory, do you dare to run away? ”The old woman found Longtan’s intention to fly out of a ragged dress from the void, and the dress was long and windy. She directly photographed the ten-meter-long dragon vine and trapped the dragon.

Long Teng struggled and found that he could not get rid of this broken and smelly skirt. This dress is an upper-level treasure. It is not that Longtan can break free.

"How long has this old lady not washed her clothes? Are the virtues of hygiene lost? ”Mu Yu smells a sour smell, which is emitted from the dress.

Let him retching for a while, the pungent smell made him almost cry.

"Well, how do we run away? They have all been killed by the cockroaches! ”Xiaoshuai also licks its small nose, this dress has a suffocating smell. Xiaoshuai has been eating enough, and it feels like a matter of time to spit out overnight meals.

Mu Yu drilled out of the dragon's vine and tried to lift the corner of the dress, but the dress was too heavy and he couldn't lift it. Mu Yu stepped on the ground again. This is a real diamond rock. There is no way for Mu Yu to take it.

Mu Yu took the sword and he didn't do it. He wanted to try the sword with the sword, but he didn't dare to use it. This kind of injury is worth a thousand damages. If you can't say whether you can break this rag dress, you can figure it out, and your hand is also abolished.

Just when Mu Yu was helpless, suddenly a corner of the dress was picked up, and the voice of an old man came in.

"Out and out"."

Mu Yu was overjoyed and quickly got out, and Long Teng also followed.

"Don't – don't talk, small – small – be careful."

The place where Mu Yu came out was just facing an exit. He glanced at the stuttering old man. The old man had a green hair and looked a little infiltrated. He was still a stutter.

"Don't you want to save us, do you want dragon vines?"Mu Yu asked with vigilance.

The old man was shaking his head: "No – no, I – I – I am looking at you – you -"

"Looking at us handsomely?"Mu Yu answered the words.

"No – no, yes – yes -"

"Is it that I am handsome?"Xiaoshuai squatted on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

The old man with big green eyes widened his eyes and looked at the two narcissistic wonders with anger. It seemed that he was very unhappy because he was interrupted.

"Out-out-out, over there."The old man decided not to explain the reason, pointing directly to one direction.

"Thank you old man."Mu Yu quickly ran towards the exit.

Mu Yu ran a few steps, stopped and turned to ask: "Do you really have no intentions?"But he just turned and suddenly found the old man of green hair disappeared.

"Hidden in the daytime?"Mu Yu looked around and didn't see the old man's trace.

"Oh, let's go!" So much nonsense! ”Xiaoshuai urged.

Mu Yu scratched his head in confusion, then jumped to the dragon's neck, and Long Teng took him directly out of the passage and came over Fuxianyu.

The sky above Fuxianyu is all the young talents who are watching the auction hall in the far-flung atmosphere. When Muyu rides out the dragon vine, he finds something wrong. He is directly exposed to the public!

Everyone was shocked because of the appearance of the eccentricity of the distraction. When they saw the wooden feathers flying on the dragon vines, they suddenly stunned for a few seconds. Everyone did not understand why the imprisoned dragon vines would be from the distracting grotesque hand. Escaped from the inside. In particular, Longtan’s neck is still riding a boy, where is the boy coming from? Is it a distracting eccentricity of a rejuvenation?

"He was the one who was eaten by Long Teng. He didn't die?"At first, I saw the people under the hands of Beiya, who were swallowed by the dragon vines. One of them, the big man, recognized the wood feather.

Long Teng was actually riding on a neck by a Jindanian teenager. Who is this boy? I was eaten by Long Teng and I was alive. Seeing this way I also tamed this dragon. I can do this, only one of the eight gates of the Dihuangmen.

Everyone turned their attention to the rise of the Emperor's Gate, a talented young man who once conquered the bear of the earth in the Yuan Ying period. Xingao knows what everyone is thinking, but he shakes his head and denies: "I don't know this person."

"Catch the dragon vine!"

Beja was also on the outside, she felt the spiritual fluctuations of the humble Jindan period on Mu Yu, and immediately responded, she took the lead to rush toward Muyu.

"Damn! The old man said that this is an export, but he did not say that there are many people here! ”Mu Yu was a big man. In the face of such a multi-infant period, ten of them were not enough to escape.

Ximen unfortunately and Luo Wei were also in the crowd. They also recognized the wood feathers and felt extremely surprised.

"Luo Luo brothers, this kid was coming to you when he was suffocating in the city. I didn't expect him to come in. Do you know this person?"Simon unfortunately asked.

Luo Wei frowned. He didn't understand why Mu Yu left the Moyun Mountain and didn't look for him. Instead, he would appear here. As for his strength in the Golden Age, he ran into a large number of young talents in the Yuan Ying period. UU reading is purely looking for death.

"He is my younger brother. Let me save him first."Luo Wei's figure flashed and stopped in front of Beja.

"Do you really know him? I thought he was joking! ”

Ximen unfortunately turned a blind eye, although he and Luo Yu both have extraordinary skills, one pick one can kill the people present, but if so many people unite to deal with them, they can not afford to eat! However, Ximen unfortunately did not hesitate to choose to shoot, his temper is random, this kid can tame the dragon, it shows his extraordinary, plus Luo Yi said that he is his younger brother, he has more need to shoot It is.

"Luo Wei, what is your intention?"Beyar asked, "Do you want to grab the dragon vine?"

"You can't move this person."Luo Wei said.

“Dragon is part of our million business.”Beja has appeared several people in the Yuan Ying period.

"The dragon of the dragon is wise, and it is willing to let people ride on their neck to show that it agrees with this person."Luo Yu’s tone is very strong.

"Longtan looks like it was tamed by my little nephew."Simon unfortunately also appeared in front of Beja, but also gracefully gave a gift to Beja.

"Ximen unfortunately, you are stinky, how many people are you shouting!"Mu Yu rode to the dragon and quickly rushed to them, Luo Yu will be his head, he is not surprised. Although this cold and raging second brother and he did not meet at all, but after all, they all came from the same sect, especially Feng Haochen also passed them out to help each other.

Ximen unfortunately licked his hair and said lazily: "How many people want to be my little nephew, I have not promised, your child is a sentimental, cheap and sold."

"Hey, your sister!"Mu Yu’s head erected three black lines, and he could not wait to put his sole on the face of the bastard.

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