Chapter 173 is famous outside

Many people present at the scene chose to wait and see. It is still the site of Fuxianyu. They will not blatantly want to have any extra ideas about Longtan. They will not choose to help the floating island, which is the business of millions of businesses.

If Longteng leaves the site of Fuxianyu, then they have a reason to fight for it.

Where is Beya promised, she was somewhat upset today, and it was no problem to come to the distracted grotesque to grab things. Even a kid of the Golden Age came to join in the fun, how can this make her hold back?

"This dragon Vine is my million firm to spend huge resources to take out from the Deep mountains, it belongs to all of us." Are you going to take her as your family because your wife was abducted? ”

Mu Yu swallowed a sip, and no one thought that Biya would cite such a vulgar rhetoric. This woman is really fierce! However, this metaphor is a very thorough indication of her position, Long Teng belongs to them, can not be so handicapped because someone has abducted the dragon vine.

"I will."Simon unfortunately said subconsciously.

When Mu Yu heard that Simon was so irresponsible, he almost planted a big heel. Is this guy a pig?

Simon unfortunately always said what he had. His mouth was faster than his brain. When he reacted, he quickly said to the onlookers, "I am not going to be like you." ."

"Pooh!"A few beautiful women have married Ximen unfortunately, and then put their faces away.

The two appearances appeared behind Beyah, and the owner of a million business houses, Mr. Huai and Mr. Ru, arrived.

"I would like to see how you got out of Fuxianyu today."

Beja’s attitude is very tough, and she’s coming, and it’s easy to do. Luo Wei is more powerful, he is only a meta-infant period, not an opponent in the expiration period.

With millions of smiles, I walked forward and politely said: "This is the first wooden feather to walk out of the dead wood valley! Sure enough, since the ancient heroes out of the juvenile, how many people in the infant period can not walk out of the dead wood valley, but let a golden Dane period you come out, the future is awesome! ”

A look at Mu Yu, how does this million people know about this? He walked out of the dead wood valley and Tan Tan did not necessarily know, how did he know? In other words, how does a million people know that they are the ones who walked out of the dead wood valley?

"what? Did he enter the Deadwood Valley during a Golden Age? ”

The people around me were shocked to hear that they had a million dollars. Where are the dead wood valleys, they know some of them. Before they came out to travel, the division door would explain that they were not allowed to get involved in the dead wood valley, because it was impossible to go out during the Yuan Ying period. However, just a few days ago, a message was rumbling in the vicinity. There was a Jindan teenager named Mu Yu who actually got the demon fruit and officially became a descendant of dead wood.

Everyone has expressed doubts about the authenticity of this news. What can't be done by people in the Yuan Ying period, what can a person in the Golden Age period do? But today's sentence is spoken from a million-dollar mouth. Everyone knows what a million people are. He is naturally well-informed as a businessman, and his words confirm the authenticity of the news.

"This kid can walk out of the dead wood valley and still be able to tame the dragon vine. Is this really a golden dandy?"Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is curiously looking at Mu Yu. Many people still don't believe it.

Mu Yu himself did not understand how this thing was transmitted. It is no wonder that someone has been tracking himself for a few days ago. It turned out to be the same thing! Just don't know who will do this, will it really be old Tan? Could it be that Lao Tan is the dead wood, is he releasing this news? But it doesn't make sense. If Lao Tan is evergreen, why is he so easy to get himself a demon, and let him ruin his residence so quickly?

"Oh, little nephew, I didn't expect you to be so powerful!"Simon unfortunately flew over the shoulder of Mu Yu, and the wood feather almost licked him.

"How did you know?"Mu Yu frowned and asked for a million. This incident looks at the reactions of people around me. Some people seem to be aware of this matter, as if he did not know about this party.

"how? You don’t know if you are a sage? The dead wood predecessors have distributed your image to the 'filmmaker' organization. Now many people are looking for you, and want to take you back to the dead wood predecessors to enjoy it! ”Huai million said with a smile.


It turns out that the people who chased Mu Yu in the past few days are so-called filmmakers. He doesn't know what kind of organization the filmmakers are. It doesn't look like a good product. I don’t know if I am being guilty of being wanted. It’s really funny, and I can’t help myself to avoid the pursuit of so many people. It’s luck.

"Then you are also chasing me?"Mu Yu asked.

A million dollars haha ​​smile: "Yin Yin what is this, although I am looking for you everywhere, but I just want to invite you to our Fuxianyu guest. However, my work is not effective. No one can find you. I didn’t expect Yinxian to come in without asking for an invitation. It really surprised me. This is your invitation, you are the first person to enter my floating fairy island as a member of the Golden Year. ”

One million yuan handed a gold-plated red invitation to Mu Yu, and then said: "Yin Yin is so outstanding, but also taming the dragon, then I will carry the boat to the river for personal feelings, and Long Teng will give it to Xian. Hey, the right to sell personal love."

The words of a million are provoked by the people around him. His shots are lavish, and the 90 million dragons are so easy to let him give away. This person is selling well.

"Oh, why?"Beja looked at her boss and made such a decision. She was not happy at the moment, but she did not let him continue.

"I am giving you the dragon vines. If you can keep it, you can see your own creation."Huai million said with a smile.

Mu Yu suddenly understood that the old fox was playing an abacus. The appearance of distracting eccentricity meant that even if it was a million, it would not be safe to hold the dragon. The potential of Mu Yu is so large, and the future is naturally infinite. If he sends Longtan out, he can owe Mu Yu a affair. If Mu Yu is brilliant in the future, he can also make a person like Mu Yu. No?

Even if Longtan is taken away by the distracted grotesque today, he can only blame Mu Yu for his inability to protect Longtan. One million has already been sent out, and he has already got his hand in the nominal situation. Mu Yu can't say where he is wrong.

"Thank you for your boss."

Although Mu Yu knows that he has a million minds, he can't say anything. Let's not say that the other party is a master of the stagnation period. It is a good thing for Mu Yu, but he is not good at Mu Yu. Otherwise, he will be able to use Mu Yu Jin Dan and two Yuan Ying period. Where can I escape from a millionaires?

But at the same time, the trouble is not over. There are still a few distracting grotesques in the game. It seems that Longtan has escaped, and no one dares to tell them about it, fearing to be swept by powerful aura. With millions of people publicly announced to give Longteng to Mu Yu, this means that the onlookers of these Yuan Ying period have already had a reason to fight for it. On the site of Fuxianyu, they will be obsessed with a million-dollar feelings and will not do it. If they leave Fuxianyu, then it is a good time for them to start.

Many young people have looked at each other and they are unaware of it. Unfortunately, Simon may be a big problem, and Luo Wei can't be underestimated. But what is the difficulty of entangled these two people and dealing with a wooden feather of the Golden Age?

"In this case, then we will leave."Muyu arches.

"Do not send."I nodded a million dollars and returned with my own people.

Although Mu Yu knows the people around him, he can't stay here, or it will be even harder to wait for the old geeks who find it wrong.

Mu Yu wants to go, Luo Wei also keeps up. He knows the current situation. If he is not accompanied by him, he will not be able to live an hour after leaving Fuxianyu. Simon was unfortunately just joining in the fun, and he followed. The three of them just left, and sure enough, many people have followed up. In a short time, some people have already formed an alliance and how to deal with these three people.

"How did you run out? Those old guys who are distracted can't find you fleeing? ”Luo Wei looked at the people behind him. He was not afraid of besieging him. He was worried that he could not keep the famous younger brother.

"I don't know, there is a stupid grandfather who secretly helped me."Mu Yu felt that it was not easy for the old man to do this, but unfortunately he disappeared too quickly.

"Why didn't you come to me when you left the Dust Mountain?"Luo Wei asked.

Mu Yu turned his eyes. The way he left the Mouyun Mountain Range was strange. He couldn't explain it to himself. If it wasn't for Simon's unfortunate that Luo Wei was here, he wouldn't be idle here. Mu Yudao: "There is an eye-catching guy here, we have to say it privately."

Simon is unfortunately unhappy: "What is it wrong?" Little nephew, you haven’t crossed the river yet, you want to take the bridge, isn’t it kind? Now the enemy is currently our family should be fighting against the enemy to escape. ”

"Who is a family with you? I heard you want to marry a woman today, and you dare to have an idea! ”If Mu Yu is not relying on this guy at this time, UU reads www.uukanshu. Com He really does not want to stay with this thick skin, will lower his quality.

Simon unfortunately made a helpless expression, then patted his forehead: "This thing can't blame me. Who wants the old man of my family and the master of Miss Meng Xin has already ordered a doll for marriage? I can't do anything about it. You have to believe me, I love my sister. ”

"Finger belly is married? Is Meng Xin the daughter of her master? Isn’t Yaomen’s woman not married for life? ”Mu Yu was greatly surprised.

"Meng Xin is the illegitimate daughter of my master and her master. This is a secret!"Simon said unfortunately.

"Wait, what is your marriage? Are you not sold to the brothel at the age of eight? ”

"My old man went to Meng Xin's master, which of course has something to do with me."

"Does your old man refer to the old man you hang or your master?"

"Of course I am old, or how do you mean marriage?"

"Then you and Meng Xin are not half-brothers?"

"Oh no, I said wrong, the old man refers to my master."

"What does the doll have to do with you!"


Mu Yu knew that Ximen was unfortunately talking nonsense. The words that this person said were really unreliable and flawed. They could not justify themselves. It is no wonder that his reputation is so stinky, and he has to be violently displaced by a dirty water. Fortunately, Master Meng Xin did not hear these words, otherwise he would have to carry the knife to chase Ximen unfortunately to the ends of the earth.

"You two don't talk nonsense. Be careful, we have left Fuxianyu. ”Luo Wei reminded that many people followed, and they have been keeping a distance not far from them.

"Several people are so anxious to go where?"A bell smirked, a woman wearing a enchanting stunned the three people's way.

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