Chapter 177 Returning to the Valley

The chaos of the floating cents has passed two months, this one months, the real world as if blown up a pot general, has been preaching a "wooden feather" of the gifted teenager, to the power of the elixir period to become the biggest winner of the floating island event.

The first one walked out of the infamous dry wood valley, and secretly mixed into the floating fairy squad of Yuan Ying, tamed a dragon of the dragon, and when he was distracted by the master of the gods, he took it with one person. The dragon vine escaped from Fuxianyu. Floating on the outside of the island and the yuan in the young hero of the dispute, under siege, to the elixir of the time to fix anger kill nine Yuan Young youth, and then disappear.

No one thought that a guy in the Golden Age period would have such a strong ability to play a group of people who were dozens of times stronger than himself. Finally, he managed to hide himself and let many people want to find him trouble. People are helpless.

The teahouse is always the most widely sourced place. Many comprehensions like to exchange news about the comprehension in the rest, and Mu Yu’s deeds are undoubtedly the most talkative in these news.

In a teahouse in the town on the edge of Fuxianyu, the two comprehensions talked about some things leisurely, and turned to the disappeared wooden feathers.

"Have you heard of Mu Yu?"

"When this time, the wooden feathers that have been raging, who have not heard of it!"

"I don't know where he fled now. No one has found his trace for so long."

"Everyone is saying that Evergreen has saved him, I don't know if it is true or not."

"The dead wood has never been saved to save him. The dead wood is still looking for the boy named Mu Yu everywhere!"

"Why is Evergreen Evergreen looking for him?"

"I heard that when he was out of the dead wood, he left the dead wood of the dead wood, robbed a lot of precious things, and left the dead wood valley. Think about who is Evergreen Evergreen, what is his stuff so good? You said that he can not find this kid? ”

"This kid is really against the sky. Was it the end of the dead wood, let the film organization to hunt down the wood feathers? Does anyone know his origins? ”

"I don't know, this kid is said to wash the two swords of Sword Valley, but there is no such person in the Sword Valley. He even killed the saga of the Sword Valley!" Evergreen Evergreen denies that he saved Mu Yu, is it impossible for people like him to lie? ”

"The nine young people he killed this time are not simple goods. The time of the Dan Ding School is dead. Shiyun is also a fourth-order alchemy teacher. The death of the alchemy teacher from the Danding School is a huge loss. The two swords of Jianjian and Xiaojian, the swordsman of the Suigu, have not been spared. It is a pity to die. This Mu Yu suddenly offended the two major forces in the field of comprehension. I am afraid that I will not dare to show up in a moment. ”

"There is a lot of people who died in the Sword Valley this time!" Just a few days ago, someone discovered the body of the sword god, the body of the far sword. A sword seals the throat and is said to have been killed by an unknown swordsman. ”

"No! Now washing the Valley of Fire, but up and down, angry, looking for the nameless swordsman and Mu Yu two people! Unfortunately, I don’t know if this person named Mu Yu is long, we don’t have his portrait. ”


A similar conversation took place in each teahouse inn. Two months passed. No one knew the whereabouts of Muyu, and the rare dragon was not known. Everyone wants to find out the whereabouts of the wood feathers, and even some people go to the dead wood valley to verify, they are driven out by the dead wood. At this time, the dead wood valley is full of poisonous, and it is difficult for the repairers of the flood season to enter.

The people in the Valley of the Swords also went to find the Evergreen Evergreen. They thought that it was the dead wood and the Evergreen was sheltering the wood feathers. However, the dead wood was not a good person, and his character was moody and unpredictable. The people in Sword Valley sent it.

Simon unfortunately and Luo Wei quietly listened to the talk of the two comprehensions, and they were also looking for Mu Yu, especially Luo Wei. It is reasonable to say that Luo Wei and this younger brother who have no intersection are not in terms of feelings. The reason why Luo Wei cares about Mu Yu is because of the ability of Mu Yu.

A similar ability to Luo Yu.

"This kid is bothering us both."Simon unfortunately shook his head.

At the beginning, Luo Wei broke the wind of the Lonely Gate under the encirclement of several people, and then broke through the encirclement to find Mu Yu, Mu Yu has disappeared. The unfortunate strength of Simon is higher than that of Violet. After the Viola, there is still a lot of work to drag people into the woods to do some shameful things. At this moment, Violet is arrogantly carrying the sword to the world to find him!

Luo Wei cares about another thing. He can be sure that Mu Yu used the power of Muyou Mengling on the same day. This kind of power is unstable. If you are not careful, you will never wake up. The disaster caused by the loss of control is unimaginable. He is now most worried that Mu Yu has been dominated by the main force of Mu Yuling in the body, resulting in unknown whereabouts.

People all over the world are looking for wood feathers, but Mu Yu is like a world where people are evaporating and playing hide-and-seek games.

It’s not that Mu Yu doesn’t want to come out, but he can’t come out at the moment.

Mu Yu was indeed saved by the dead wood Evergreen, and the dead wood was the old man who had escaped from the original wood feather. At this moment, Mu Yu is lying in the dead wood valley, and his body is very disordered. Even Xiao Shuai is helpless.

"little mouse."


"little mouse."


Xiaoshuai and Longteng are two wonderful singers outside the Tianyue tree. The food of Xiaoshuai has long been out of stock. It no longer licks the chicken legs every day, but squabble with Longtan if something is fine. These two words are so poor that the two words will be more and more entrenched, and there will be back and forth. It will always be these two words.

After the dead wood rescued Mu Yu, he did not control Xiao Shuai and Long Teng. Every day, he disappeared from time to time. Recently, there are always a lot of masters to harass, and they have been sent by dead wood.

After two months of recovery, Longteng has a much better spirit. It is also the strength of the Yuan Ying period. It hovered on the bridge under the Tianyue tree every day, and competed with Xiaoshuai. Dead wood is not allowed to leave both of them, so they can only be used to solve the problem.

I don't know how long it took, and the turmoil in Mu Yu finally began to calm down. He opened his eyes and his eyes were full of doubts. His last memory was that he had a fight with a large group of infants. Then the Lord of the Eumundine in the body came to a kick.

He looked around the layout and found it a bit familiar. He looked at the night pearl on the ceiling and immediately remembered that he seemed to be back in the dead wood room.

"How am I here? Was it caught by dead wood? ”Wood feather turned over the bed and tried to open the door and found that the door was sealed. But it is hard to beat him, he directly into the tree and came outside.

"Wow! Mu Yu, you finally woke up? Great, fast, we have to buy chicken legs. ”Xiaoshuai is happy to dance.

"Are you OK?"Long Teng is not as heartless as Xiao Shuai. It is very concerned about the situation of Mu Yu. After all, it is also said that Mu Yu rescued it from those people.

"It is not advisable to stay here for a long time. We rushed. We used to rob people last time. He caught us and could not lick our skin. ”Mu Yu remembered what he had done, and quickly jumped on the dragon's neck, urging the dragon to take off quickly.

The dragon didn't fly, and it snorted: "I tried it with the little mouse many times and couldn't fly."

"Try again, we run away with the demon tree."Mu Yu said.

"You – you guys – everyone – all – can't run!"Just when Mu Yu was going to bring the dragon vine into the sky, the old man appeared strangely in front of the wood.

"Stuttering father, you are! Why are you here too? Are you also caught by the dead wood? Walk around, I will take you out together. ”Mu Yu said very kindly. He still remembers that the last time the green-haired stuttering father rescued himself from the hands of those distracted defenders, thinking that the old man was also caught here.

Xiao Shuu took a look at Mu Yu’s clothes and whispered, “This old man is a dead wood.”

"What?"Mu Yu’s eyes widened and some smiled nervously. “So smart! That, the weather is fine today…"

The dead wood screamed, and he took a deep breath and said, "You, last time, stealing, mine, things." You, pay, generation, price. ”

Every time the dead wood says two words pause, it's such a simple word, and it's been a few hundred years since Mu Yu understood it.

"Master, can you talk a little bit neatly?" I have a meal, I feel so uncomfortable! ”Mu Yu yawned and licked his ear. "I have returned the things I took last time to you?" So we can go now? ”

"Can't."Said the dead wood.

"What do you want?"Mu Yu scratched his head and returned to this depressed place, making him very uncomfortable.

"Master."The dead wood suddenly had two words in his mouth.

"I am not your master."Mu Yu thought that he had got it wrong, and quickly shook his hand. "You are so powerful, I can't be your master."

"I'm. You are, apprentice. ”The dead wood said angrily, he now wants to use simple words to explain, but obviously not very successful.

"Apprentice, do you want to be my apprentice? Oh, I don't accept it! ”Wood Yu smiled and was a little embarrassed.

"I want to accept you as an apprentice. I want to be your master, understand? If you tease me again, I will lift you up! ”The dead wood suddenly finished the words very smoothly.

"what? You are not stuttering? Is your stuttering installed? It’s not good to say that it’s smooth, but I’m tired when I listen. ”Mu Yu shrugged.

Dead wood looked at Mu Yu with some anger, UU reading www. Mu Yu does not know whether it is intentional or unintentional, and has always said that the dead wood is stuttering.

"You – you – you are now — are me – my apprentice."Deadwood strives to calm down his emotions.

"what? How do you stutter again? If you stutter for a while, you will not stutter. What is going on? ”Mu Yu asked strangely.

"piss off! Then take Laozi’s stuttering and say that Laozi will abolish you! ”The dead wood narrowed his eyes and said evilly.

Mu Yu cringed a bit, this strange old man is really moody, how suddenly suddenly swearing? However, if the other side wants to kill him, Mu Yu has long been left with bones, at least it is still safe. He thinks that this old man is a bit interesting, he is not good at speaking, and his meaning is unclear. Once he gets angry, he can say that he is a strange person.

In fact, people who know Evergreen Evergreen know that dead wood is inherently flawed in speech, so every time he speaks, he will say two words and two words, so that he will not stutter. However, in two words, it will be a meal. Sometimes it takes a long time for him to express clearly. No one wants to listen to him. This leads to his personality being very unsociable and not like talking.

Once someone says something about his stutter, he will be very angry. When he is angry, his speech will become more and more interesting, just like normal people. Every time he is similar to him, he will deliberately anger him, so that he can communicate normally. But the price of angering him is also there. Sometimes it will cause him to turn away and not give you the opportunity to speak again. So judge whether the dead wood is angry, just look at him and talk about whether there is stuttering.

These wood feathers were later slowly learned, but he now communicates with the dead wood almost every time he is half-dead, so the dead wood can fully express the meaning.

"I want to accept you as a disciple."Dead wood angrily showed his meaning.

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